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Public Relations Society of America l Rowan University l Glassboro, NJ l March 2019

President’s Piece
By Anya Mourovannyi, AJF-PRSSA President

hope you are all taking this time to relax and catch up on some sleep. This
spring break I took a two-week vacation to San Fransisco with my family
and it has been fantastic! Apparently, the Golden Gate Bridge is actually
orange?! It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end. In a few
short months, current seniors will move on to the next chapter in their lives.
Additionally, PRSSA welcomes its newly elected 2019-20 executive board!

President: Griffin Gallagher

VP Professional Development: David Halbert
VP Special Events & Philanthropy: Grace Coulthurst
Special Events Chair: Jenn Cruz-Gallo
Philanthropy Chair: Kristen Maiorini Anya Mourovannyi
Recruitment Chair: Marisa Brownstein
Treasurer: Breyanna Chiles-Gaines
Fundraising Chair: Carli Poeta
Secretary & SGA Rep: Enzo Ronchi
Editor’s Note
By Carlo Lingesso, Publications Editor

Promo Editor: Kelly McGarry
Communication Director: Camryn Hadley ello, everyone! Here we are,
Firm Director: Alyssa Bauer closing out the month of
Assistant Firm Director: Ciara Sikking March in our spring semester.
I can’t believe how fast this school
Congratulations! year is flying by. I hope you’ve uti-
lized your spring breaks fully, resting
As a sophomore, I remember admitting to my roommates that I had up and recharging to close out your
no idea what I was doing with my life. Keeping myself active and busy, I 2018-19 school year.
decided to sign up for an on-campus internship. My internship coordina- March semester is the time for
tor, and the person who pointed me in the direction that changed my life, us students to truly begin exploring
Colleen Scott, suggested taking Intro to Public Relations with Professor career options post-graduation and
Novak.Colleen mentioned that someone told her she had a “PR brain.” And summer internships. I recommend
I thought that sounds like a great brain to have! Could I have a “PR brain,” dedicating a majority of your time to
too? I went to my first PRSSA meeting for extra credit (Thank you Prof. your classwork while actively apply-
Novak!). I knew very little about PR and PRSSA, but I wanted to be more ing to opportunities intriguing to you.
involved and take on a leadership position. Little did I know that a single In the March edition of PRomo, we
decision would change everything. PRSSA opened doors for me I did not have included some tips on job hunting,
know existed and created a reliable network of PR professionals all over networking and interviewing. I hope
the country. I wish you all the best, and I hope that next year’s board con- you all find these tips to be useful as
tinues to help this organization grow. You may not realize it, but you could you begin these processes yourselves.
change the life of a lost college student like me. With that said, keep on keeping on!
We’re almost finished the school year.

Finding my Passion in PRSSA
By Alexander Belli, Co-Director of Recruitment

ver the last two years I’ve had the pleasure and wonderful oppor-
tunity to attend three PRSSA conferences. This coming spring my
journey as an undergrad student will come to an end. I decided that
while in Austin I needed to take in every last piece of advice conference
has to offer before I head out into the real world. One of the sessions I
attended to help gain insight was “InterVIEW Your Strengths and Weak-
nesses” presented by Jane Dvorak, president of JKD & Company, Inc.
I went into this panel assuming it would be more insightful than enter-
taining. As the session began I quickly realized my assumptions would be
wrong. A session that could have easily been a snore, Jane Dvorak presented
in a way that was intelligent, but also hilarious. She called people out for
their lack of knowledge when it comes to interviews, but in a way that was
also humorous and easy to learn from. The first piece of advice she gave the
audience before going to the interview was, do your homework. Research
the company’s competitors, learn all about the company so you know exactly Alex Belli
what you are talking about. Also stalk the company’s employees on Linke-
dIn, learn as much as you can about the company to help give you the extra
leg up. She also emphasized the importance of a firm handshake because it
gives the impresion that you are serious and mean business. Connect with PRSSA!
One of the best pieces of advice I believe she gave in the session was
about the “Tell me about yourself” question you usually receive in inter-
views. She told us never repeat your resume, but instead ask back “What Twitter
would you like to know?” Always have three topics picked and be able to
relate them back to how it will benefit your possible future employers. The
last piece of advice she gave us was “Dazzle Time.” This is the last part of @RowanPRaction
the interview — should the company pick you and why? Dvorak reminded
us that we need to remind the employer how we can benefit them and what Facebook
we can add to their team.
A session that I thought I’d fall asleep in ended up being my favorite.
The advice Dvorak gave is something I will use for a lifetime.


“Research the company’s competitors,
learn all about the company so you know
exactly what you are talking about.”

How to Speed Network
By Ronnie Fante, Assistant PRaction Firm Director

n Wednesday, March 27, PRSSA is hosting its annual Professional
Join a pre-professional
Networking Event. This is an excellent opportunity for many students, organization dedicated
especially students studying public relations, advertising and commu-
nications, to interact with local professionals.
to jump starting your
First impressions are everything. Dress accordingly based on the event, PR career!
which is necessary to stand out, and come prepared with questions you might
have about the real world. Learn from those who practice communications
everyday and how they got to where they are now.
If you are attending you might want these helpful tips to get you through
the event. PRSSA
What to Wear:
Deciding on an outfit is always the hardest part. Your outfit makes the
Gives YOU
first impression, so make sure it is suitable for the event. Usually the event
calls for business professional attire. Below is what you should consider on
wearing to the big event.

Men: Opportunities
Solid color, conservative suit, long sleeve shirt, conservative tie, dark
socks, professional shoes. to ENHANCE
Solid color, conservative suit with a coordinated blouse, moderate shoes,
Your Education
limited jewelry, light makeup and little to no perfume
What to Ask:
It’s always important to show up to a networking event with questions Your Network
already in mind. You always want to ask strong and professional questions.
Examples of great questions to ask at the networking event is:

What type of internships did you have as a college student?

What do you like most about your job?

What experiences best prepared you for your job?

I hope these help make your speed networking worth while!

“Speed networking is an excellent

opportunity for students to interact
with local professionals.”

The Job Hunt is Upon Us
By Jeremy Tsonton, Director of External Communications

or our graduating seniors, many of us finally began the dreadful
hunt for a job. Resumes are now our second language, and our
outgoing email boxes are flooded with job applications. However,
while we feel like the search is impossible, now is the time to think out-
side the box and stand out amongst the crowd.
Recently, I was fortunate enough to secure a full-time position with
Coyne PR upon graduating this May. While my situation was unique, how
I earned the interview with Coyne is what separated me from the unsus-
pecting pack.
While websites like LinkedIn and CareerBuilder show many oppor-
tunities, don’t be afraid to think differently while searching for jobs. Our
time at Rowan developed great relationships with PR professionals in the
area, and they are here to help and guide us during our fledgling careers.
Don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional like I did and ask for advice.
My connection led to emailing someone at Coyne, asking if they had time
to talk about the company and job hunting. In my email, I explained where Jeremy Tsonton
and why I’m looking for certain positions and if he had any tips success-
fully job-searching. I didn’t expect my email to make waves like it did,
but my willingness to show my value and my interest in their company led
to an interview the following week.
Employers are looking for you to stand out and to make their hiring
Best Places
process easier. If you’re debating on following up with an employer or To Look for Jobs
think an extra phone call would make a difference, don’t hesitate. Remem-
ber, Rowan isn’t the only school with graduating PR students, and show-
ing your passion in PR will make you the needle in the haystack. Carlo Lingesso

Jeremy Tsonton
On the company’s website
Ronnie Fante

Claude Desinor

Kelly and Jeremy recruiting potential AJF-PRSSA members!

My PRSSA Story
By Nina Stark, Strategic Communications Director

oming in as a freshman, I attended a few PRSSA meetings to try and
branch out and meet some new people. I did not really know what
public relations was or if I was certain that would be my major. After
I declared my major as public relations, I started coming back to meetings
the end of my sophomore year. I decided to join the special events commit-
tee and help plan the annual Induction Brunch and Spring Gala event. By
doing this I grew a second family and lifelong friends that I will cherish
forever. This club has something to offer for everyone, even if you’re not
a public relations major. I knew I wanted to get involved and be apart of
something that would help me grow professionally and as a person.
As my senior year of college was approaching, I decided to run for an
executive board position. I ran for the Communication Director position and Nina Stark
have loved every second of it. It has been a great time using my creative side
to design flyers and social media posts as well as learning how to effectively
utilize social media in a professional manner. About PRomo
Although my time here at Rowan is coming to an end, PRSSA has given
me everything I could ask for. It has been a great opportunity to network, The Anthony J. Fulginiti
gain industry experience and prepare myself for the real world. I have bene- Chapter of the Public Relations
fited tremendously from being a part of PRSSA and hope everyone joins to Student Society of America
get the same experience I did! publishes PRomo as a
monthly newsletter.

Carlo Lingesso,
Professor Lynn,
and Dr. FitzGerald

Contributing Writers:
Anya Mourovannyi
Carlo Lingesso
Alexander Belli
Ronnie Fante
Jeremy Tsonton
Nina Stark
David Halbert
Nina and some AJF-PRSSA friends!
Dr. Novak, Dr. FitzGerald,
“I grew a second familiy and lifelong Professor Schoenstein
friends that I will cherish forever. ” and Gloria Barone Rosiano

Why I Chose PR
By David Halbert, 2019-20 VP of Professional Development

ho would have known as a senior transfer student in college that I
would land the title of Vice President of AJF-PRSSA? Here’s my
PRSSA story.
The first step was to go to general meetings. I attended the first meeting of
the semester, where Dana Maconi, the Special Events chairman, stood up and
instructed all interested attendees to write down their emails and meet after for a
committee meeting. I did and before you know it, I became a part of the com-
mittee responsible for Induction Brunch and Spring Gala. I tried to be involved
as much as possible by attending every meeting and decorated for the events.
My dedication was acknowledged with the Above & Beyond award for out-
standing contributions in Event Planning for Induction Brunch. In the Spring, I
could not attend general PRSSA meetings due to class, but still went to commit-
tee meetings.
Throughout the spring, I realized I enjoyed the organization so much that I David Halbert
wanted to interview for one of the Executive Board positions. Event Planning
is my niche in PR, so I decided I’d try for the Vice President of Special Events
and Philanthropy position. Thankfully, I was offered the position in March
and from then until Spring Gala, the reins were slowly handed over. Due
to this, I was awarded the Colette Bleistine Memorial Scholarship from the How Did
Bleistine family, in honor of Colette Bleistine who was in this position when
she was a part of PRSSA. E-Board Spend
Their Spring Break?

Gianna Intile
Went to Marco Island, FL!

Ronnie Fante
I did absolutely nothing and
loved it.
Jeremy Tsonton
I too did absolutely nothing,
I loved it as well.

Sarah Jablonowski
I went to Italy and drank wine.
David (bottom right) and other future E-Board members!
Carlo Lingesso
I did nothing, with Ron.
Loved it.
Interested in writing for our next issue of PRomo?
Please email Carlo Lingesso at
for more information!

A Few Tips to Interviewing
By Carlo Lingesso, Publications Editor

ith spring semester nearing its end, now is the best time to ac-
tively look for summer internships and (for graduating students)
job opportunities. The interview process can be quite intimidat-
ing, but I believe I have some useful tips to make it easier.
Don’t Be Intimidated
Going into an interview, nerves are to be expected. You’re meeting with
an unfamiliar person at a typically unfamiliar place. Most of all, these peo-
ple are trying to read you. The most important bit of advice I can give here
is to not be intimidated. These people and their companies need and want Carlo Lingesso
people like you. Remember that. Without bright students like yourselves,
their companies would not be able to survive. Internship Opportunities
Do Your Research
When interviewing, there is not much more appealing to a potential im-
ployer than a candidate who is well-read on their company and the indus- Central Jersey:
try they are involved in. Make sure to do your research. Research doesn’t
have to be too intense, often times I find that being able to recall tidbits Adrenaline PR
from their “About Us” website sections and a few industry trends goes a Dandelion PR
long way. Make your interviewer believe you are hungry and passionate to
Princeton Partners Inc.
become a part of their team.
MRB Public Relations
Be Yourself
Cliché? Maybe. Necessary? Absolutely. Do not allow the pressures of
interviewing to scramble you or make you act differently. Interviewers are
interested in you, so sell them yourself. Being professional is one thing, it
is definitely necessary, but don’t be stiff. Don’t be afraid to present your
personality, most likely, it is exactly what they are looking for. Remem-
North Jersey:
ber, being yourself and doing things interesting to you (on your resume) is
exactly what got you into the interview in the first place.
Evergreen PR Inc.
The Marcus Group
R&J Public Relations, LLC
The S3 Agency

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Marisa Sargenti is the Internship Coordinating Assis- Alice Paul Institute
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