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Name __Carmen Cecilia Leal Oviedo Date

Sitcom: You’re late.

A. Complete each sentence. Circle the correct time:
1. Cheryl says it’s ______. 2.06 6.02
2. Bob says it’s ______. 5.55 5.06
3. The Mozart concert is at ____. 7.50 7.30
4. The ball game’s at _____. 7.00 7.15

B. Complete each statement with the correct answer.

1. Bob is ____ minutes late.
a. Two b. Ten c. Fifteen
2. Bob’s birthday is _____.
a. On March 3rd. b. on Saturday c. in January
3. Cheryl wants to go to a _____ .
a. Party. b. French movie c. baseball game
4. In the end, Cheryl and Bob go to a _____.
a. Talk b. play c. baseball game

C. Circle the prepositions you hear in the video episode.

1. There is a Mozart concert (at / on) Saturday.
2. There is a great French movie (on / at) the Avalon theater.
3. There is a play (in / at) the Arts Center (at / in) 8.00 pm.
4. There is a talk by the writer Ellen Lee (at / on) the University (on / in) Saturday night.
v v
D. Check the person who says each line.

1. “You’re late”

2. “I’m not late”

3. “Is your birthday on Saturday?”

4. “It’s your birthday.”

5. “Would you like to go to a baseball game for your birthday?”

Interview: Do you Know what time it is?

Watch this video:

A. Circle the time each person says.

a. 5.00 a. 11.30 a. 4.15 a. 12.10

v vv
b. 6.00 b. 10.30 b. 4.50 b. 11.50
v v
B. Complete each statement with the correct vanswer.

1. The movie is at _______.

a. 5.30 b. 5.45 c. 6.00

2. Alexandra says, “It is _____ now.”

a. 5.30 b. 5.45 c. 6.05
3. The interviewer says. “You’re _____”.
a. Very early. B. late c. right on time.
v v

4. The date is _____.

a. v September 30th b. September
v 29th c. November 29th

C. Write a short answer to each question.


I could not tell _It’s ten minutes for the twelve

_I can’t It is 5:30

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