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Video by Marc Stevens, Atty

“Without standing there is no actual or justiciable controversy and court will not entertain such
cases.” Clifford S. v. Superior Court 45 Cal.Rptr.2d 333, 335.

Complaint/Ticket is NOT synonymous with cause of action.

Purpose of government “governments . . . are established to protect and maintain individual


Purpose of the court “to protect and maintain individual rights.”

— Violation of a legal right. —

“. . . standing is a necessary component of subject matter jurisdiction” Raines v Byrd (1997) 521
US 811

“. . . standing is perhaps the most important [the jurisdictional] doctrines . . . standing represents
a jurisdictional requirement which remains open to review at all stages of the litigation . . .”
NOW, Inc. v Scheidler (1994) 510 US 249.

“The requirement of standing however, has a core component derived directly from the
Constitution. A plaintiff must allege personal injury fairly traceable to the defendant’s allegedly
unlawful conduct and likely to be redressed by the requested relief” Allen v Wright (1984) 468
US 737, 751.

“Personal Injury” is required.

“A plaintiff must allege personal injury.” Allen v Wright (1984) 468 US 737, 751.

If you go to trial, ask the officer:

Did you filed a valid cause of action?

How many elements are in a valid cause of action?

Ask these questions to the Court on Conflict of Interest:

Am I entitled to a fair trial?

Can I get a fair trial if there is a conflict of interest?

TRAFFIC courts are
scams run by criminals
Who do you represent here in this court room?

“In all trial court proceedings, a judge shall disclose on the record information that the
judge believes the parties . . . might consider relevant to the question of disqualification,
even if the judge believes there is no actual basis for disqualification.” California Judicial
Canons 3(E)(2)

Judge represent the “state”, the pretended plaintiff.

The judge is representing a party to the action.

Common sense dictates if a judge is acting on the behalf of a party, a fair trial is not possible.

Impossibility of a fair trial:

“An independent and honorable judiciary is indefensible to justices in our society.” Canon 1.
Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct.

“A judge shall perform judicial duties without bias or prejudice.” Canon 3(B)(5), Arizona code
of Judicial Conduct.