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13 Sept 2006

“Art as Self Expression: GARDEN OF EMOTION”

A Solo Art Exhibition by Malaysian Artist
Until 13 Oct 2006
Artseni gallery, Muse Floor, Starhill Gallery
The exhibition, organized by & runs at artseni gallery, Muse Floor (TopFloor), Starhill Gallery,
Kuala Lumpur, until 13th Oct, 2006.
18 acrylic on canvas paintings are on display introduction by PhillipWong, Founder of
artseni gallery. They are works created by Azman Hilmi.

Azman Hilmi (1968) earned his bachelor’s degree in fine art and studied for his diploma in art
education from Universiti Teknologi MARA. Since 1983, he has participated in numerous
exhibitions in Malaysia as well as Thailand and Korea. In 2001, he held his first solo exhibition at
Art Salon, Kuala Lumpur. Today, his theme of nature, still life and interiors, benefit from his
polished technique and skill in using palette knives, scrapers and brushes. His paintings are an
expression of intense happiness and the aesthetics he appreciates.
Now to showcase her LATEST art pieces in the years 2006.

Art as Self Expression: GARDEN OF EMOTION

‘Garden of emotion’ expressed Azman Hilmi personal emotion through the mimesis from interior forms of decoration,

colours, gardens and nature. The significance of these forms through his observation and imagination being transform

onto the canvas.

The images of forms and shapes united subconsciously with his emotion. Formalistic elements through exaggerated

brush strokes and colours dominantly represent the intrinsic meaning of his works. Spontaneously, the choice of

mediums and the techniques explored created his style. Style as a constant elements, qualities and expression are the

strength of his paintings. Nature, garden, simple daily activities and objects from interiors were exploited through

aggressive brush stroke with bold, strong and vibrant colours.

Roger Fry stated that significant form should behold emotion in art appreciation. Thus, Azman Hilmi paintings projected

a balance composition and dynamic structures that demonstrate the beauty and happiness. One could see that his

works generously portrays the beautiful home environment that has much influence his feeling, love and enjoyment he

had in his life.

Aesthetically the artist self expression are represented in the qualities of combining, selecting and adjusting his ‘Garden

of Emotion’. Azman Hilmi ‘Garden of Emotion’ is his special garden of emotions in his life that brings mystery, love,

satisfaction and fulfilment. Looking at his paintings has made me realized that expressions of colours, lines, shapes and

forms are the universal language of an artist in interpreting ones feeling and emotion. I conclude that Azman Hilmi

‘Garden of Emotion’ blossom intrinsically from the window of his heart in the search of happiness.

By Fadilah Abdullah-Lecturer - Department of Liberal Studies, UiTM

The exhibition is open to the public until 13 Sept, 2006.
Admission is free. Gallery hours are from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm.
For more information, kindly contact Phillip Wong, founder of artseni gallery also artist, at
(03) 2144 0782, email , or http://www.artseni .com