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max. Monday, Oct26, 2015 on 1pm to Mr. Ali/Mr.Joko

Printed on paper: the simulation & result

Simulate these problems by Simpowersystems,

with a = 2 last digits of your Student ID number!
1. Create a model to this circuit & answer
these questions!
a. Show the sketch of the graph from the (?)
b. What quantity/parameter will be shown by
the scope? 5 ohm
c. Explain by your-own words about this
circuit (include about the quantities shown aX10 Vrms
Vpeak 30 ohm
by u1, i1, product, etc.) 50 Hz 25 mH
100 F

2. Simulate this power system single-line diagram, and show :

a. The sketch of voltage in bus 1 & 2 (just in 3 cycles of wave)!
b. The sketch of current at the transmission sending-point & used by load A & B!

Note :
 The use of multimeter component can give us a more efficient place than current
measurement dan voltage measurement.