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You’ve heard of lightning bolts, you’ve heard of thunder claps, you’ve heard of Bob Boldt--now hee-re’s....

January 1999 Issue

in this issue Messages from

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Messages from Bob
Bob Boldt
Golf Course News
Director of Golf
Year in Review
PGA and Senior Tours
Boundary Oak Golf Course The savings to the City is in the
Notes From the Editor
Walnut Creek M.Blakemore
form of reduction of administra-
Walnut Creek, California 94598 Wow, and here I thought things had "A three star rating by golf digest tive costs (25 to 30%), resulting in
3800 Valley Vista Road never been better at Boundary Oak.. The and the lowest green fee structure a total saving of over $450,000 on
U.S. Postage
Bulk Rate Boundary Oak Golf Course course looks great. The improvements of any three star golf course in all these projects. This money
are awesome. There is not a comparable Northern California," this is what I will be put back into the course.
course with green fees as low as ours. I This is one of the reasons we have
have been trying to achieve for the
guess there’s always somebody with a three star course with a green fee
past twenty years. I could not be
nothing better to do, huh?
more proud of our facility and our structure half that of comparable
I’ve got some great things planned for
staff. It is unfortunate that indi- courses.
the Boundary Oak web site for ‘99.

Upcoming Special Events to Remember Keep an eye out for them and don’t be
shy about letting us know if there’s any-
vidual agendas have surfaced in
the media. The only response that The brown areas that you see in
thing you’d like to see on the web site. I can make is that our facility and our fairways and around the
Send suggestions or comments to staff speak for themselves, and we greens are kukuyu grass that has
March 9-12 Mike Stead Motors PGA Pro-Am Shootout appreciate your support. gone dormant due to frost. It is
Here comes a professional event at very playable but ugly. We will be
Featuring Stars from the PGA, Nike, Hooters and local Tours boundary Oak! See calendar on back verti-cutting our kukuyu and
We will be starting our tee level-
(Appoximately $50,000 in prize money) ing in February, which will arresting its growth to a limited
include 80,000 square feet of tee degree in 1999. We will be spray-
area, 13,000 square feet of ing areas around the green and
drainage in our bunkers and an reseeding with bent for a smoother
Free Golf Clinics (Q&A, Demonstrations)--Everyone Welcome
8300 square foot championship chipping surface.
Every Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm putting green to be installed at the
(Compliments of Bob Boldt, Director of Golf) driving range, at a total cost of 1998 Review
$164,930. The contract was given
Please visit our website at to Roger Larson Inc., saving the Wow! What a year...El Niño, La
City over $80,417. My staff and I Niña, frost, the largest recession in
We recommend and appreciate Soft Spikes--we can change them for you too! will be supervising the installation the golf industry (with Callaway
Next issue soon in the same manner we supervised the leader in losses), large man-
the irrigation and cart path project. agement companies downsizing

THUNDERBOLDTS • Boundary Oak Golf Course Newsletter © Copyright, 1999 Bob Boldt Golf Shop THUNDERBOLDTS • Boundary Oak Golf Course Newsletter © Copyright, 1999 Bob Boldt Golf Shop
first stage site. I asked Howard Boldt Sr. or Rob Boldt Jr., who is back, legs tight
Messages from Bob why he was qualifying. He stated
he had only made $2,300,000 and
now off the tour and will be work-
ing full time teaching. Our les-
that would not qualify for all of sons are guaranteed--no results; no Trivia Quiz
continued from front page... the Senior Tour events. Wow! pay. Have a great golfing 1999.
Custom Fitting-New Clubs Guess what spot Howard qualified Q: A player holed a short putt by
Repairs-Rentals in the finals? Last Place, number Don’t forget to mark your calen- squatting behind the ball (not on
personnel and capital revenues, anywhere without notice-lucky for 8. One shot more and he would dar for the Mike Stead Motors an extension of the line of the
American Golf, the leader in him! (925) 938-1044 be playing a limited schedule! PGA Pro-Am Shootout putt) and striking the ball with the
course operations losing 50% of March 9-12 bottom of the clubhead, using a
their '98 profits and Orlimar, a Senior PGA Tour Best of luck to John. He will be motion similar to that used in
small Oakland-based company that It is extremely difficult to keep
visiting us during the year and I Bob Boldt Tip of the week playing a shot in billiards or shuf-
I have known since my college your playing privileges on the
I hosted a Pro-Am event in Las will be following his career in fleboard. Was the player in breach
days at Cal, going from a 2 mil- PGA Senior Tour. It takes over 2
Vegas this month with my former Thunderboldt's. As for yours of rule 14-1(which states, “The
million dollars in career money 1. Hand Gripper = extra 10 yards
lion dollar gross business to over roommate on the PGA Tour, John truly, I will be playing a very lim- ball shall be fairly struck at with
earnings and you must finish in 500 per day each hand
100 million in one year!! 1999 Jacobs (the Senior PGA driving ited schedule and I plan to start the head of the club, and must not
will be the year-of-the-consumer the top 31 in yearly earnings. This
distance leader, with an average of teaching again. Anyone that be pushed scraped or spooned.)?
creates a situation where a 2. Loose grip, tight arms, tight
for prices on golf merchandise and 290 yards!). 35 amateur friends of brings this copy of Thunderboldt's
younger player like John can grip only in the impact area
golf fees at the higher end public John and customers at Boundary to me will be eligible for a 50% A: Yes. Such a manner of moving
facilities will be a thing of the stumble. By having just one bad
Oak, the Boldts (Rob, Jason, discount on a lesson with Bob the ball constitutes a push in golf.
year he will be gone and back to 3. Do not move lower body going
past. myself), George Claus and Marty
qualifying school.
Foster, a Walnut Creek profession-
PGA Tour al, played in a Pro-am at Rio Seco The Only Million Dollar Teaching Staff in Northern California
I played with Howard Twitty in
golf course and the Paiute last
the qualifying school. He shot 12
You will be seeing different names week--Jan. 10 through the 12th. Bob Boldt--PGA Tour, Senior Tour Mike Jordan--Left-handed teaching, club-fitter
under on a tough golf course at the
as the younger Nike players and All had a wonderful time. Rob Boldt--PGA, Nike, Hooter’s Tours Jeff Cassidy--PGA Apprentice, club-fitter
qualifiers emerge into the winner's Mark Blakemore--PGA, Long Drive Champion Sean Albright--UC Davis, Mini-Tours
circle. Tiger Woods, will he domi- Wayne Cavazza--Teacher of Champions John Bajek--PGA, Las Lomas Golf Coach
nate? No. Why? Too many dis- Craig Elliott--PGA, Course Record 65
You can set up an appointment with
tractions for a young man trying to Aly Trompas--3-time S.F. City Champion one of our teaching professionals or
live a normal life with celebrity Dave DeLong--PGA, Nike, Canadian, Asian Tours get more information by calling (925)
status. Your life is really not your Jason Boldt--Nike, Hooter’s, Mini-Tours 945-0995
own once you elevate yourself to
this level of public and media
demand. When I was playing the Bob Boldt’s Golf Shoppe F o r d Wa l n u t C r e e k
Senior Tour I didn't realize why
the stars didn't go out for dinner at
the hosted parties after play. I For all your golfing needs Mike Soria
quickly found out when dining Sales and Leasing
with Arnold Palmer. The people
not only requested autographs, but Check out our specials 100 North Main Street
they also freely asked every ques-
tion you could imagine. As soon There’s always (925) 932-2900
Fax (925) 934-4961
as a star steps out of his hotel
room he is on stage and he'd better something on sale
be cordial and friendly to everyone
Visit our website at and let us know what you think.
that greets him. David Duvall is a For great prices and excellent service see
perfect example of an unrecogniz- The website is an ongoing project with many exciting things planned for the (925) 924-6211 Mike Soria at Walnut Creek Ford.
able star that could blend in almost future. We look forward to your feedback.
THUNDERBOLDTS • Boundary Oak Golf Course Newsletter © Copyright, 1999 Bob Boldt Golf Shop THUNDERBOLDTS • Boundary Oak Golf Course Newsletter © Copyright, 1999 Bob Boldt Golf Shop