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Brisxlife Ateez Interview

I tried my best to get everything that they said during the interview but my
hearing isn't great so I know I missed some things. I added times in the [] so you
can kind of see where these parts are in the video.

[Starting at 0:32]
Bris: Hello Ateez!
Ateez: (cheering/clapping)
HongJoong: Hello Terry!
Bris: I'm honored. I appreciate you guys so much for having this time right now
with me and the whole gang here.
(followed by Bris giving a shoutout to MyMuiscTaste for making the Ateez Tour in
the United States possible.)
Bris: So we are going to start with some interview questions, and then maybe a
small challenge...if thats ok.
Ateez: (noddding and agreeing)
San: I love it!
Bris: Right, ok cool. When I got introduced to you guys it was the dance
performances that you were doing. Famous Dex, Cardi B, and the Desiigner dance
performances. Which one was your favorite one?
HongJoong: I will tell you first. My favorite cover is Famous Dex's Pick It Up.
Bris: That's mine! Anybody else have a favorite?
San: I like Outlet, Desiigner.
Bris: You guys were like in a stadium or(not sure what is said here)
Ateez: (Nodding, someone said "yeah yeah" not sure which)
Bris: Can you tell us more about the story of the music videos?
(Translator repeating question in Korean)
HongJoong: Do you know that our...two music video has a linked story(Bris kind of
talked over him here so not sure how exact that is). Say My Name is prequel of
Treasure, and Pirate King. So, I hope you guys will watch it, music video so that
you are pointed in relationship and connection
Bris: So is there an Ateez universe?
Ateez: Oooh and Yeah (kind of drown out the rest of the question.)
Bris: Yeah? Oh perfect! I can't wait for that. So months and years they are gonna
be all kinda linked?
HongJoong: Maybe. Our next song is maybe have a relationship too.
Bris: Secret! Not too much. Ok
Bris: So what was the biggest challenge for you gusy as a band, and did you
overcome those challenges?
(Translator repeating the question)
(HongJoong also speaking to the members in Korean)
(Jongho with a lengthy reply in Korean)
Translator: So the core of their team is obviously teamwork, but obviously it's 8
people living together, so at first living together was difficult. But as you spend
more time together you bond, you know that thing that was hard is now their
greatest strength.
Bris: Oh, wow.
HongJoong: But now we are not team, we are more than team-
San and WooYoung: Family! YEAH
Bris: That's amazing. I've seen 8 members, 1 team
San: 8 makes 1 team!
Bris: But now, it's 8 members 1 family!
Ateez: (Agreeing and being adorable)
Bris: Can you describe the music making process? Like, how does it go from you
writing the song, or composing a beat for it to all come together? Like, is it hard
is it easy? Who does what? Can you elaborate on that?
HongJoong: Maybe you already know, me and Mingi write our own lyrics and I
continually participating in songwriting and producing more and more.
Bris: It's amazing.
HongJoong: We also participate our song too, our opinion, our decision like that.
Bris: Got you, ok good. So it still comes, even though it's separate things you all
still come together and it just becomes great. Got you.
Bris: So being in America, how long have you guys been here so far, how many days?
(Translator repeating the question)
HongJoong: Ah, just 4 days.
Bris: 4 days? Do you have a favorite American food?
San: (almost instatly ;D) Oh! I love In and Out!
Bris: In and Out?
San: Yeah!! I love it!
Mingi: Jack in the Box!
Bris: What is your favorite feature about the person next to you?
(Determining the direction they are going to go)
HongJoong: Let's go, let's go! Ok, Yeosang, ah I like his beautiful face, and his
expression is also very good.
Mingi: Handsome guy!
HongJoong: I love his facial expression.
Bris: I've seen when you guys were practicing and you guys were performing for some
of the judges and stuff, I love the facial expression you guys did while you
danced. You guys do the wink, stick your tongue out, I love that!
Yeosang: (responding in Korean about San)
HongJoong: (translates to english it was really hard for me to make this out but
they were talking about his Charisma, particuarly during HALA HALA I think)
Bris: Ah, perfect.
San: I think he's(WooYoung) so sexy.
WooYoung: AND! AND!
San: And, he's on the stage, he's very powerful.
WooYoung: Ah, and! And!
San: And! And, end.
WooYoung: The end! And the end!
WooYoung: I think Yunho, I like his cool face...sooo...handsome boy! And his cool
(can't make out the following word). Aaaand he's very tall! High!
Bris: Like me!
WooYoung: Same, same, yeah!
Yunho: Charisma(Seonghwa). On the stage very good, great, awesome, and he's
handsome guy.
WooYoung: Beautiful!
Seonghwa: I think Jongho, on the stage powerful vocal. Main vocal, and powerful
broken fruit. But sometimes youngest cutie.
WooYoung: And he's very strong!
Bris: He's very strong? I'mma find out.
Jongho: (About Mingi) His voice is very good.
San: (mimicing Mingi's deep voice) Say my name, say my name!
Jongho: And he has very beautiful body.
WooYoung: Mingi is Yunho, same...very tall!
Bris: Oh yeah, tall.
Jongho: Beautiful body!
Bris: From head to toe, yeah definitely.
Bris: (to Mingi) So you know you are doing me now.
Mingi: Ah, yeah. Hair is very...(can't make the rest out but i'm assuming something
along the line of cool). Oh...handsome guy!
Yunho: Tall guy! Tall guy!
WooYoung: Ateez is 9 members.
Bris: 9 members!
Yeosang: You Ateez!
Bris: I'm the 9th member?! Bris gang, they said it! I'm the 9th member!
Yunho and Seonghwa(I think): 9 makes 1 team!
Mingi: HongJoong I think, uh...
San: Long hair!
Mingi: Long hair! And voice high.
Bris: Can you teach me to sing a note?
Translator repeating question
HongJoong: Ah,'s better than me, Jongho
Jongho: Ahh
WooYoung: Let's go english, yeah.
HongJoong: (says something in Korean I think)
Jongho: Ok. Low tone, low tone sing is...
Bris: Low tone, yeah I got a low tone.
Jongho: (Busting out the super low voice) Deep in my Heart! (Then very high voice)
Deep in my heart! Deep in my soul!
Bris: (repeating in very high voice)
Ateez: YEAAAH!!
WooYoung: Terry is 9th member!
JongHo: Is prepared...
HongJoong: He's stretching his voice like...
Bris: Ok. It's Deep in my heart but trying to stretch it.
San: So high, so high
Bris: Let me hear you sing and I'll do it.
Jongho: (with those beautiful vocals) Deep in my heart!
Bris: (bless his heart trying to repeat it)
WooYoung: Same! Same! Terry, Jongho same!
HongJoong: Let's go, recording.
WooYoung: Jongho is stretching, that before song, singing, he say
"Eomma" (Korean for mom/mommy)
(Insert lots of repeating of this. There is a lot of chaos following this so I
can't get it exactly. They are ridiculous I love them.)
Bris: Screaming for mommy. (wtf Bris ;D)
Jongho: Eomma! MOMMY! (this made my day, I laughed so hard) MOMMY!
HongJoong: Stretch like this.
Jongho: Stretch.
Bris: I learned something today.
WooYoung: We said(in response to Jongho saying Eomma) yes! Yes!
(Lots of high pitched yes')
WooYoung: Baby! (I think, unsure)
Bris: If you could choose a superpower..what would be your superpower?
HongJoong: Ok ok ok. Maybe, I would choose, uh power of stop time.
Bris: Stop time. Matrix!
HongJoong: Because I want to have more time than other people.
San: I want teleport!
Bris: You know X-Men, Nightcrawler?
Bris: Yeah, teleport!
Seonghwa: (Answering in Korean)
Translator: He wants the power of when he wakes up he's already cleaned up and
WooYoung: He's very clean boy!
Bris: Thats a good power. Yeah, I think I need that power too!
Jongho: Um, I...
Other members: Hulk? Hulk!
Jongho: Hulk!
HongJoong: He want to be more powerful
(I can't quite make out the following bit.)
Bris: My favorite Marvel character is the Hulk.
Bris: Before we do the challenge, a secret challenge, what does Atiny mean to you?
HongJoong: Atiny is our treasure, because we find them after we debut. Yeah, is big
meaning to us.
Bris: Anybody else?
Seonghwa: (in Korean)
Translator: It's their purpose, their reason.
Bris: Ah, pushes you every day to do better. Got you.
WooYoung: Atiny's(I think, not sure. Kind of sounded like Ateez instead) my heart,
breathing(?). Deep in my heart. Yeah, my Atiny.
Yunho: My everything.
Jongho: Atiny is my destiny. (Follows up with something Korean)
Translator: (Explains but I can't really hear what he says)
Bris: Wow! Wait wait wait, (name that I can't make out) just told me they are
destined to meet eachother anyway, So it was going to happen. That's amazing.
Treasure, fate, your heart, everything...amazing amazing.
Bris: Um, I have a challenge after this but I just really want to thank you guys
for coming. While we are all sitting here right now before we do the challenge. And
I also want to thank My Music Taste because without them we might have not met. But
I don't know you guys said it might have been fate to meet Atiny, so you know it
could have been that.
So let's do the challenge! (Talking to Jongho) You have all the challenges but
there is a challenge I want to do with you. You guys were telling me that he's good
at breaking fruit. One second, let me grab something.
(Orange appears)
Ateez: Ohhhhh!
San: Squeeze?!
Bris: Break, squeeze whichever one.
HongJoong: repeating in Korean and gets some kind of response.
Bris: You want to squeeze? Maybe we should spread out a little bit.
San: Jongho I'm thirsty!
Yunho: Orange juice please!
Yeosang: Orange juice!
WooYoung: (As Jongho rips apart the orange) Broke!
Ateez: Yeaaaaaah!
(I honestly can't belive Bris took that orange juice and just freaking drank it
but....I probably would have done the same. ;D)
Bris: One more! (really two more but who cares right) Apple, that might be a hard
one! (pfft bris please)
Jongho: Oh, it's very small! (omg i'm dying help XD)
Bris: It's very sm- Oh, its small!
(Apple gets ripped apart, didn't stand a chance)
Bris: What?!
One of them: It's easy, magic!
WooYoung: So easy!
Bris: So last one, ok? You do this one, I'm a believer.
(I can't believe he pulled out a damn squash. I didn't even realize it was fruit,
but googled it...the more you know I guess lol)
San: WHAT?!
Ateez: What is it?
Bris: I have no idea
(Come on Bris you never had squash??)
WooYoung: Hit! Hit!
Bris: Don't hurt yourself! People, they would be mad a me!
Jongho: Yeah yeah yeah, ok ok!
WooYoung: (Taking care of the baby maknae making sure he doesn't hurt is fingers on
the ring) It's big ring.
San: (I think) Be careful!
(Everyone going bananas over the squashed squash)
Bris: I was not expecting that! I thought we were just going to laugh and throw it
(Looking at the squash) What the heck, what is this?
Bris: Thank you for the interview guys, I appreciate it. I'm going to seey you guys
perform tonight here at The Globe theatre in LA. And I just want to thank you.
HongJoong: Thanks to you too. Cause first time we watched your video, reaction
video you are so amazing cause we never met you but you told us like very good
group and...
Bris: I see you guys already as veterans not rookies. Like you guys are that good.
(bless you bris for telling it how it is). I know you guys are humble and modest
and very kind but you guys are amazing. Amazing. And I'm so glad I met you guys.
HongJoong: Thank you so much.
Bris: Appreciate it guys. Last hug! Bring it on, everybody!
(Lots of noisy boys in the group hug lol)
Bris: 9th member Ateez!

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