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a) Proposed sources of candidates / job applicants

SCS has its own recruitment departments with a dedicated sourcing function with the
focus, training and expertise to source effectively. We regard the sourcing function as
success critical and that is why we have a ratio of 2:1 - two sourcing consultants to
support one recruitment consultant.
Our sourcing strategy involve the following:
1) Web: All the channels are searched for the potential manpower and recorded
2) Overseas Man power agencies: We have a tie up with companies from the sub-
continent and Far east & Africa for screening and recruitment profiles.

3) We already have a database of engaged candidates that fulfill the skills that match
the roles they are recruiting for so that it covers the current and future hiring needs

4) We are always looking out and hiring new talent for diversity to meet long term
recruiting goals concentrating in Oman
b) Methods of advertising and recruitment
Our method is by the following:
1) Newspaper
2) Employment agencies and our appointed overseas agents
3) Local job fairs
4) Ministry of manpower

c) Selection process for candidates including verification method of applicant details

SCS has an evaluation form that helps streamlining the candidates. In addition to that we
have the following tools:
1) Candidates CV
2) Selection Interviews
3) Assessment tests
Our Practice:

1) Identifying the job success criteria: This consists, based on an analysis of the open
position, in determining which criteria will be decisive in order to achieve professional
success in this position
2) Professional Skills; training background, technical kno rofessional skills:
 Training background
 Technical know-how
 work experience
3) Personal skills:
 Personal balance
 Resistance to failure
 Negotiation skills
4) Refrences
5) Evaluation form

d) A copy of Tender’s Human Resources policy (ies) or procedure(s) applicable to the

Services (as a minimum showing allowances payable, leave policy, medical, travel,
expenses, employer’s insurances, employee’s insurances, visa policy and the like)
e) Procedure for obtaining labour clearance, visas and residency
Our office PRO carries out the above with all the company’s papers through Ministry of
manpower & ROP immigration as per the current labor laws (attached)
Once the employment visa is issued, the residence permit automatically follows that
f) Candidate travel, reception (‘meet & greet’), accommodation and attendance at
interviews All arranged by our HR department
g) Sources of accommodation and transport for Contractor Personnel
h) Sample employment contracts between Tenderer and Contractor Personnel
i) Details of insurances that will be procured by Tenderer for the Contract
j) Others as necessary.
Tenderer shall also submit the following details to demons