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The Power of Simplicity

By Sudhir Soni
What is Tally ERP.9
• Tally's software is mainly used for vouchers,
financial statements, and taxation. More
advanced capabilities are found in
its enterprise resource planning package
(Tally ERP.9)

By Sudhir Soni
What is ERP
• Enterprise resource
planning (ERP) is a business
management software—usually a
suite of integrated applications—
that a company can use to collect,
store, manage and interpret data
from many business activities,
including: product planning,
costing, manufacturing or service
delivery, Marketing and Sales
By Sudhir Soni

By Sudhir Soni
What is need of ERP
• Think of ERP as the glue that binds the
different computer systems for a large
organization. Typically each department
would have their own system optimized for
that division's particular tasks. With ERP,
each department still has their own system,
but they can communicate and share
information easier with the rest of the
By Sudhir Soni
Who Provide this Service
• Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd provides This
service into more than 100 countries in the
• Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore-based
software company S. S. Goenka was the
founding chairperson of Tally Solutions
Private Limited.

Mr. Goenka Also awarded with lifetime achievement award by NASSCOM

By Sudhir Soni
History and Version
• This Business accounting software has
dynamically transformed to Tally ERP.9 from
simple Tally Software. Every improvement
in the software is referred as version
– Tally 4.5 – DOS based Software
– Tally 5.4 - Windows Based Software
– Tally 6.3 - Maintain Inventory
– Tally 7.2 – Statutory Operation (VAT, ST, TDS)
– Tally 8.1- Multilingual
– Tally 9.0 – International Taxation and Payrolls
– Tally ERP.9 - Advance Inventory, Taxation Banking,
Security Function By Sudhir Soni
Salient Features of Tally.ERP 9
1. Complete business solution-
2. Integrated accounting and inventory
3. Flexible and easy to use
4. Speed
5. Real time processing
6. Versatility
7. Multi-platform availability
8. Online Help
9. Remote Access
10.No accounting codes
11.A leading accounting package By Sudhir Soni