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As  we  notified  students  earlier  this  summer,  the  University  of  the  Arts  is  requiring  each  member  of  the  first-­‐
year  class  to  complete  two  online,  interactive  programs  aimed  at  helping  students  think  critically  about  their  
activities  and  behaviors.    (Transfers and Graduate students are NOT required to complete
these courses).    Below  are  the  instructions  for  completing  both  the  AlcoholEdu  for  College  and  the  E-­‐
Checkup  To  Go  programs.    Failure  to  complete  the  course(s)  is  considered  a  violation  of  the  University’s  
Student  Code  of  Conduct  and  will  result  in  a  $250  fine.    Additional  answers  to  questions  can  be  found  online  
CONFIDENTIALITY:  All  survey  responses  are  strictly  confidential;  the  school  will  only  receive  information  
about  the  student  body  as  whole  and  will  never  see  individual  students’  answers.  You  can  feel  confident  that  
providing  truthful  answers  –  no  matter  what  they  are  –  will  not  put  you  at  any  risk  for  repercussions.      
  Part  1:  Approximately  2  hours  and  must  be  completed  by  September  21,  2010  
1. Between  August  26  and  September  21,  2010  go  to:      
2. Under  New  User,  enter  the  following  Login  ID:  10C215105FIRSTYEAR.  
3. Click  “Sign  Up”  
4. On  the  registration  page  you  will  have  the  opportunity  to  create  your  AlcoholEdu  for  College  account  
using  your  email  address  and  a  password  of  your  choice.  At  this  time,  you  will  also  need  to  enter  your  7  
digit  Student  ID  number,  which  you  will  find  on  your  Student  ID  card.  If  you  do  not  enter  your  official  
Student  ID,  you  will  not  receive  credit  for  taking  this  course.  
5. At  the  conclusion  of  the  course,  you  will  need  to  take  the  test  (you  will  need  to  get  a  75%  on  to  pass  the  
course  and  receive  credit)  and  Survey  2.  
6. You  may  log  in  and  out  of  the  course  at  the  end  of  each  section.  Section  ends  are  marked  with  a  “Next”  
button.  DO  NOT  log  out  until  you  click  the  “Next”  button  or  you  will  have  to  repeat  the  section  you  
have  just  completed.    
Part  2:  To  be  completed  approximately  30  days  after  completing  Part  1  
7. You  will  receive  an  email  asking  you  to  complete  Part  2  (takes  approximately  15  minutes  to  complete),  
which  must  be  completed  by  Tuesday,  November  2,  2010.  
8. When  you  return,  log  in  as  a  Returning  User  and  enter  the  same  email  address  and  password  you  
created  when  you  first  logged  into  the  course.  
E-­‐Checkup  To  GO    
All  of  the  E-­‐Checkup  To  Go  program  must  be  completed  to  fulfill  the  requirement;  it  takes  roughly  10-­‐15  
minutes  to  complete.  Web  access  to  begin  taking  the  course  will  become  available  on  Thursday,  August  26,  
2010,  and  the  deadline  for  completing  the  course  is  September  21,  2010.  
1.  Between  August  26  and  September  21,  2010  go  to    
2. Follow  the  log  in  directions.  
3. Be  sure  to  write  down  and/or  printout  a  copy  of  your  user  ID  number  for  E-­‐Checkup  To  Go.  
4. After  completing  the  program  students  are  able  to  use  the  electronic  verification  of  completion  feature  
to  inform  the  Dean  of  Students  office  of  their  status,  by  sending  to    Please  
Note:  The  EVC  program  does  not  transmit  student’s  responses  to  the  Marijuana  E-­‐Checkup  To  Go  
questions  nor  their  confidential  marijuana  use  profile.  The  EVC  only  verifies  that  a  student  completed  
the  program.

Should you experience any difficulties or require support, the AlcoholEdu Online Technical Support Center is
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply click on the “Technical Help” button located in the upper right-
hand corner of every AlcoholEdu for College screen. You do not need to be logged into the course to access the
Help Site or you can call their toll free number at 1-866-384-9062.

If you have questions about UArts' implementation of AlcoholEdu or eCHECKUPTOGO, feel free to contact the
Dean of Students' office at 215-717-6617. Thank you,

DO’s  &  DON’Ts  for  taking  the  course:  

DO have the minimum system requirements DO NOT use the “Back” button on your
installed: Flash 7.0 or higher and Internet
Explorer, Firefox or Safari. AlcoholEdu is not browser.
compatible with the AOL browser.

DO click the “Next” button at the end of each DO NOT have other browser windows open
section to save your progress.
(IM, Facebook, etc.)

DO DISABLE all pop-up blockers and DO NOT play music or run other video clips
uninstall any toolbars. These can cause
problems with the media files and cause them on your computer (CDs, MP3s, ITunes,
to loop over and over. YouTube, other Web sites, etc.).

If you experience difficulty:  

1. Go to MyAlcoholEdu and choose “Audio Only” on the Course Settings page.
2. Try another browser. We support Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
3. If using wireless, connect directly to the Internet for a faster connection.
4. Reboot your computer.
5. Try another computer.
6. Try a different internet connection (i.e. school lab or library, your home or home of
friend/relative). If using dial-up, find a faster connection (i.e. DSL or Broadband).
7. Try a different time of day (during non-peak hours, i.e. morning).

DO’s & DON’Ts for the Exam:

DO take the Exam in one sitting – if you log out during DO NOT have other applications or browsers open
the Exam, the course will assume you are complete and with course review information. This may cause errors
assign a grade. with your Exam score.

DO contact the Student Technical Support Center if DO NOT use the browser’s “Back” button when taking
you experience a problem with the Exam. the Exam.