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The Business Blueprint

Blueprint To Financial Success

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1. The copyright holder must have a
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2. The person who is allegedly
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3. The duplication of the copyrighted
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The legal penalties for copyright

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1. Infringer pays the actual dollar
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2. The law provides a range from $200
to $150,000 for each work infringed.
3. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees
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4. The Court can issue an injunction to
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5. The Court can impound the illegal
6. The infringer can go to jail.

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Any sales trashing on my thread will revoke

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Now since you bought this guide I’m assuming

you read through my whole thread where I
state this isn’t something that’s going to make
you thousands overnight with no work at all. Do
not fall for those get rich schemes. Nothing
comes easy. Yes this will require some work.
However The results will be big if you succeed.
I’d say around 95% of people who make a living
online make a living through a website. If you
want to make a living online or want to make A
LOT of money then you need a website. You
could become one of the 5% who don’t own
websites, But that is very very hard.

Many of you may have heard of the popular

growing website If you look at
H.F Alone there are many people who post in
the bragging rights section posting about their
shopify earnings more than anything else.
Now you may be wondering “How do these guys
make so much money”

Well that is what I will be showing you in this

I will be teaching you the tips and tricks on how
these sellers are netting in almost $1000 per day.
Yes that is right. $1000 per day!
Now you are not going to make that much
instantly. However you will be able to make a lot
lot of money if you put in the time and effort into
driving traffic.

Now first things is first. We want to get hosting and

we want to get a namecheap domain since a
domain is cheap to get.

You can get free hosting and you are able to get a
free site name. But if you want to make your
website look more professional I suggest getting a
good .com domain name.
The more professional your site looks and the
more time you spend on it the more money you
will make in the long run.

So what we will do now is get your 14 day trial on


go to this website ^

You get a free 14 days of shopify per email.

Everything else is self explanatory and then you

name your shop.
You will be using your own niche you specialize in
or your own niche that you decide to choose.
You are able to look on
For niche items to sell.

oberlo app ^

Use the “Obelo app on shopify to quickly add and

import items to your shopify store
I will be showing you how to get traffic later on in
the guide. But for now what we will do is focus on
getting a niche for you.

I will be finding my own niche on

After the buyer buys you can ship the item to the
buyer through aliexpress.

The great thing about shopify is that you can either

use paypal/if you don’t have paypal you are able
to use shopify to get payments and then the $ will
transfer all the way over to your bank account.

The example that I will be using on aliexpress is


Fashion is a popular niche. The great thing about

this guide is that there are millions and millions of
different niches that you can choose and everyone
thinks different so everyone will have a different
type of product/item that they will be selling. So
there is a 0% chance of saturation for this method.
I suggest trying to think outside the box.
Here are popular fashion items.
We will be targeting women when we try to get
traffic since these are womens clothing.

On aliexpress the items are cheaper than they are

for retail. We will be selling the items for around
2x the price. The items are already on sale so this
makes it even better for you.

Now note that you are able to use other sites rather
than aliexpress. However the only site that I use is
aliexpress. However I am also sure that there are
tons of other sites out there that may be better.
Then you will go to add product and you will copy
the title and the description of the post.
Then you will add the picture and price/etc..
I sugesst putting the price around 1.5-2x the
amount that the item is going for.

As for the picture it should let you left click on the

picture from the website and download it but in
some cases it may not so you may have to find the
picture on google or you may have to take the
picture from your phone.
Now that we have set everything up we finally
have our first product up for grabs.
I do not think I need to go through this process
again for other products so I will leave it at one
and go on to the next step.

Now that we got our 1st product out we can either

Buy a domain or we can keep the free shopify
domain that we have been given.
Now if you want your website to look more
professional then I suggest getting a brand new
domain off namecheap or off of

It will show you all the website names that are

available. I suggest getting a .com domain to look
more professional.
Now once you buy the domain you will go to
domains on your control panel on shopfiy and you
will transfer the domain over by clicking “Add
existing domain”

I suggest buying a domain off namecheap instead

of shopify so you can save $.

Now once the domain transfers over we are all set

and ready to go!
here is a vid showing you how to transfer just in
case you get lost.

Make sure to at least have around 4-5 products

that are related to your niche.

Now you store should be 100% setup. If you want

some gfx you can look around for gfx either on
fiverr/h.f/other types of websites.

Now what we will need to do is get traffic.

There is absolutely no way at all that you can make

money without driving traffic. There are literally so
many ways that you can drive traffic. I will be
showing you the most effective and least cost
efficient ways. You can also use ad services such
as google ads/etc..
The 2 that I will be using is
-google ads
You can also use facebook ads/other types of
advertising ways
video on how to use google ads ^

how to use youtube ads ^

how to use facebook ads ^

Now note that you need to get targeted traffic!

Now for twitter what you will do is make a brand
new account similar to your website

So the example I will be using is fashion so your

account on twitter will be named with the word
fashion in it.

I did not give much thought to the name/etc.. of

this since this is just an example.

So you will put your website link in your bio.

You go to edit profile and you can edit all of that.
Once you do all that I suggest getting a good
cover photo and a good background photo for
your twitter.

Once all of that is done then you will start getting

your traffic.

For this you can either use a bot or you can do this
A bot is good but remember it costs $ for a twitter
You are able to google around and you will find
many and many twitter bots.
Now I have typed in “Fashion” on twitter and I
have gone onto a fashion page.

Now what we are going to do is steal this persons

followers. Not literally steal but we will follow the
people who follow this fashion page.
You will go to the people who are following the
account and you will follow them
You can do this via the bot as well.
Now majority of these people will follow you back
since they are interested in fashion.
Make sure to posts tweets about the products that
you are selling before you start getting followers.

Now you will keep on following people from that

page or from other pages and stealing their

This is 100% legit to do and other pages do this

method all the time.

Now you will find other fashion pages and try to

work with them
Try to find pages which have over 5k+ followers

Do not message the pages that have like 10 million

followers! Those pages are an already established
business and will not be interested at all in
working with you.

Now do this over and over again on many pages.

Even finding 1 page aka 1 lead can net you around
hundreds/thousands and thousands of dollars in
profit depending on how long the partnership lasts
and how long the partnership is for.
If they agree what you will tell them is
“ I am able to give you a coupon code for my
website” I will give the people 10-20% off the
order and everyone who uses your coupon code I
will give you 10-20% of that profit.
Once they shout out your product and they get you
sales then either send them the $ through paypal
or send them the $ through btc. There is no point
at all in scamming the people who are willing to
work with you!! That is pointless.

Now twitter many not be the most efficient. You

can think outside the box and use
fb/Instagram/other types of social media as well
and advertise on diff places. If I went on with all
the places that you cold advertise then this guide
would be 1000+ pages long. I’m sure that you get
the point by now on how to get traffic. Remember
this is going to be a long term process and once
your business gets rolling it will pretty much be on
autopilot. Once the person orders you will just get
the item off Alibaba or you can ship items yourself

These are my earnings in the past 3 and a half

months. You will get to making this much in no