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Joyful, Joyful (From Touchstone Pictures’ “SISTER ACT 2: BACK IN THE HABIT”) For SATB and Piano with Optional sme Accompaniment Performance Time: Approx. 3:45 Adapted by LUDWIG VON BEETHOVEN ROGER EMERSON Arranged by MERVYN WARREN Male or Female Solo Freely (d=63) B Opt. 4} lib, gospel style Joy-ful, joy - ful, Lord. BbIC C9 Piano ° Pedal freely we adore Thee. God of glo - ry, Lord of love. DFE Fmaj/G G9sus G7 BbI3 Fm6/Ab C/G at Hearts un-fold like flow-ers _be-fore Thee, hail Thee as the Bb13 Fm6/Ab C/G DFR BICC BbIC C9 Fmaj9 a ak includes parts for Trumpet | & Ml, Tenor Sax, ‘More movement rit. i crese. F nS s. sun a-bove, Melt_ the clouds. of sin and sad - ness, Go9sus4 G HC C Db7D7DIFE G = GIF CIE G_GF_ CE of drive the dark of doubt _ a-way. Giy-er of im - G Am9 = D9S Gm C13 Bm7b5 Dm E13E7b5(b9) Am7 D/F# — Gsus4 mor - tal glad - ness, fill us with the light. Fill us with the light. Oh, Fimaj9 BbI3 BbO CIGCTIFE Fm9 Fm6 E75 G6IA Cfdim7 Pee 3p rit, 20] nip Hop shutne (J = 10809 =f) End Solo = fill us with the light Dm9 — F#m7b5 FOG a Soprano 26 nf = Joyful, joy - ful. Lord, we a - dore_ Thee. Unis, es i Bbm7 Eb9 Abmaj7 God of glo Lord _ Heartsunfold like. flow - A F7 Ab/Bb Bb7 Bbmi1 Db/Eb Eb Abmaj? Eb/Bb Bb/Ab Eb/G FO JOYFUL, JOYFUL - SATB