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Questions 1 – 10 are based on the text. The first and last lines are correct.

For the remaining lines, there

is one grammatical error in each line.

The text below is about Shahrir who becomes incapable because of an accident.

Underline the error and write the correct word in the space provided. An example has been given. The
correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling errors in this text.

Shahrir is a fourteen-year-old teenager. He used to be the school track king. His

nickname was ‘Kilat’ because he can really run like the wind. No other athlete in the
0 could
district could match her speed. He was so popular that a group of boys will copy the
1 __________
way he walked or talked. Everybody knew his superb potential in running and many
2 __________
of them was his fans.
3 __________

All that changed, however. He is incapable of run now. Shahrir 4 __________

alias ‘Kilat’ sit in a wheelchair, thanks to a drunk driver. The car knocked him down 5 __________

as he is about to cross the street after practice one afternoon. 6 __________

7 __________
Many student who showered him with praises now make unkind
8 __________
remarks about him. Suddenly, he is impopular. Nevertheless, he puts up a brave front
9 __________
and ignores the impolite stares he receiving as he struggles to led a normal school
10 __________
life. Only his close friends stand by him. Truly friends in need are friends indeed.

[20 marks]
Section B

[ 20 marks ]

[Time suggested : 25 minutes]

Questions 11 – 24 are based on the flyer below.