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No. Title 1 How I became a quant : insights from 25 of Wall Street's elite 2 Fischer Black and the revolutionary idea of finance Starting your career as a Wall Street quant 3 : a practical, no-BS guide to getting a job in quantitative finance and launching a lucrative career Frequently asked questions in quantitative finance 4 : including key models, important formulæ, common contracts, a history of quantitative finance, sundry lists, brainteasers and more 5 The complete guide to capital markets for quantitative professionals Learning, creating, and using knowledge 6 : concept maps as facilitative tools in schools and corporations 7 The call of Cthulhu and other weird stories 8 The foundations of scientific inference Advances in computational intelligence 9 : theory & applications 10 Uncertain inference 11 Submodular functions and optimization 12 Natural language understanding 13 AI game programming wisdom 2 14 AI game programming wisdom 3 15 Principles of artificial neural networks 16 Nanophotonics with surface plasmons The physics of low-dimensional semiconductors 17 : an introduction Better looking, better living, better loving 18 : how chemistry can help you achieve life's goals 19 Surfaces, interfaces, and colloids : principles and applications 20 Electrochemistry : new research 21 Theories and techniques of crystal structure determination 22 Handbook of single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy Confocal and two-photon microscopy 23 : foundations, applications, and advances Role of lipid excipients in modifying oral and parenteral drug delivery 24 : basic principles and biological examples 25 Handbook of technical writing

AUTHOR Richard R. Lindsey Mehrling, Perry. Jiu, Brett.

Publisher John Wiley & Sons John Wiley & Sons Outskirts Press

Year 2007 2005 2007

Wilmott, Paul. Kuznetsov, Alex. Novak, Joseph Donald. Lovecraft, H. P. Salmon, Wesley C Fei-Yue Wang Kyburg, Henry Ely Fujishige, Satoru. Allen, James Steve Rabin Steve Rabin Graupe, Daniel. V.M. Shalaev, S. Kawata. Davies, J. H. (John H.) Emsley, John. Myers, Drew Magdalena Nũnez Shmueli, U. (Uri) Gell, Chris. Alberto Diaspro Kishor M. Wasan Alred, Gerald J.

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[POSTECH NewBooks : October 17th, 2007]

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