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PROFESSIONAL FELLOWS ‘Terms and Conditions 1 EHNiMAal MACUME FL _ asa participant in the Professional Fellows Program (PFP), agree to allthe terms and conditions, az set forth below: L Participation As PFP is a professional experience. Participants are exoected and required to take the entire PFP experience, including the pre- departure orientation, arrival orientation, fellowshia position, and the Professional Fellows Congress seriously and to perform the duties required in a conscientious and professional manner. Participants are exoected and required to work regular hours in keeping with those worked by others in the fellowship site. Participants are expected and required to attend and participate in all sessions at the Professional Fellows Congress at the end of the Program, ‘Maintain positive relations with your hosts. ‘American Councils is responsible for providing particivants with adequate housing. Perticipants will be housed with host families and are expected to treat their hosts with thought and respect. IFany problems or concems arise during the home stay, participants should discuss them immediately with their host family and American Councils. Every effort should be mace to resolve the problem as scon as possible. Please be mindful of the hospitality and goocwill that ‘the host family shows by opening their home to participants. if host family is not aveilable, American Councils will provide alternative housing arrangements. Keep the lines of communication open and communicate with respect. Please inform American Councils of any eroblems, concerns, comments or successes that occur over the course of the progrem period. The earlier we are aware of e problem, the sooner we can work with you and involved perties to solve the problem. Please keep in mind that you should always communicate in a professional manner with the staff of American Couneils, and ‘that we expect fellows to maintain the level and type of communication befitting mid-career professional. Participants should inform American Councils of the highlights of their experiences, which ere regularly shared with the US. Department of State. Complete the program reports as requested. Participants are responsible for completing program-related online surveys. The reporting process will be fully explained upon arrival to the United States. Failure to submit ¢ report wil be considered failure to participate in the program and will have consequences. Know the laws and obey them. Participants must obey all U.S. laws including but not limited to J-1 vise regulations. In particular, under the terms of the program and under the laws governing the J-1 visa required for participation in the PFP program, participants must arrive to the US on a programmatic J-1 visa at the beginning of the program (dates set by American Councils) and return to their home country immediately upon completion of the fellowship. PEP Participants are not allowed to travel to the US and’ use their issued J-1 exchange visitor sin advance of start of PFP Program. Issued J+1 exchange visitor vise and associated with it Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) should be only ke activated upon arrival to the US in accordance with PFP start date. PROFESSIONAL FELL@WS Usage of recreational drugs and other controlled substances. The possession, sale, or use of marijuana and other controlled substances is illegal under U.S. Federal law, and these activities are proactively discouraged. Even in jurisdictions where such activities are permitted by State or local law, violation of Federal laws regarding marijuana and other controlled substances can jeopardize your future eligibility for acquiring a visa to the United States. In addition, violation of Federal laws regarding marijuans and other controlled substances may result in cancellation of issued US visa, suspension of visa status, termination from a program, and/or removal from the United States, Obtaining a U.S. visa is required for participation, Participation in this program is conditional upon the participant's receipt of the necessary visa authorization (J-1) for entrance into the United States. American Councils staff will provide necessary instructions on completing the visa application. American Councils will reimburse participants for travel and accommodations (for participants ‘who live outside of the capital) to acquire a U.S. visa. Booking of travel and hotels must be coordinated with the American Councils staff to be eligible for reimbursement. American Councils will not cover the cos: of obtaining a passport or photographs to obtain a passport or visa. ‘Working a job other than your fellowship is prohibited. Participation in the PFP program carries an obligation for holding a full-time fellowship in a US. state legislature, Congressional office, city council or other government or non-profit office. As + ‘Lvisa holders, participants are not permitted to be otherwise engaged in any form of employment while in the United States. You are not allowed to travel independently without American Councils advance permission. Participation in fellowship assignments, seminars, excursions, meetings with mentors and local coordinators, participation in internet-based communication with other fellows via the PEP program web site, and other program activities is mandatory. if participants wish to travel, they must receive approval from American Councils, their worksite and host family (if applicable). If travel ison a weekend, only permission from American Councils and the host family is required, Permission to travel must be requested from American Councils using the Travel Request Form, at least 4 days prior to departure date. Only work-related travel will be permitted during work days. Participants must receive approval from their fellowship supervisor (if travel is on a weekday) and final approval from American Councils. Participant also understands that in no circumstances will they be permitted to travel to the United States before the beginning of the program or to stay in the United States after the close of the program. Every PFP Program participant is required to travel to/from the US on transportation arranged by American Councils. ‘American Councils has the right to remove you from the program if your behavior is, unacceptable. American Councils reserves the right to withdraw a participant from the program ifit decides that such action would be in the participant's best interest or in the best interests of the Program. ‘American Councils will initiate withdrawal actions only for the following reasons: (1) gross nonperformance of professional responsibilities; (2) breakdown of physical or mental health that would seriously impeir the fellow’s participation; (3) evidence of dishonesty with regard to PROFESSIONAL FELL®WS some material fact or withholding of obviously relevant information in dealings with American Councils whether before or after selection for participation; (4) violation of a US. law or (5) other action that might damage the reputation of American Councils, the U.S. Department of State, or the host organization, which includes speaking publically in a manner that is either unbefitting a fellow or could damage the reputation of American Councils, the Department of State, or the host orgenization. You are responsible for filing your own taxes. ach participant agrees and understands that she/he will be responsible for filing an income tax return for money received both from American Councils and from outside sources during their stay in the United States. Participants should be aware that U.S. tax law is subject to change, and policies affecting participants may vary depending on their home country and existing tax ‘treaties, Participants should understand that if they earn more then $10,000 during a celendar year not including tuition and book allowances, the income is taxable and the participant may be required to pay taxes on the amount before leaving the United States. Each participant must understand thet American Councils staff are neither quelified nor permitted by law to answer questions regarding texation. Participants may obtain all pertinent information at an office of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or at a public brary. Family members are net allowed on the program. Family members, including but not limited to spouses, children, partners and fiance or others will not be permitted to join participants on the program. Under no circumstances will family members be permitted to stay with U.S. host families. Family members or partners are discouraged rom visiting fellow during the program as it conflicts with the purpose of the program which is to encourage participants to fully engaged and immerse themselves in their local use communities during the program. |. Obligation not to engage in dangerous activities or to drive an automobile while in the United States. Don't engage in activities posing significant risk to life and health. Participants agree to avoid life-threatening activities including, but not limited to: parachuting, gliding, bicycling without a helmet, skateboarding or roller-blading without safety guards. Participants understand that the life, health, and accident insurance provided by American Councils does not cover injuries or death due to the aforementioned activities. Participants will receive a detailed description of the insurance policy to learn the full list of activities not covered by the insurance. Fellows may not drive automobiles while in the United States. Exceptions may be made for participants to who can obtain appropriate insurance coverage, have a valid international driver's license, and seek written epproval from American Councils. American Councils cannot be held liable for any death, injury or damage sustained while driving, Failure to obtain appropriate insurance and authorization from American Councils can result in termination from ‘the Program. . Participation in follow-on program activities is mandatory. ‘The two post-U.S. program components are as important to the PFP program as the U.S.-based work experiences. As such, all PFP participants are required to submit a competitive application {or participation in the Outbound American portion of the program, as well as parti {general post-fellowship activities. See Section IN for more details