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Lyrids meteor shower APELILA (APRIL) SKIES AT 8 P.M.

‘Akau (north)
lux) to Puana (Procyon) to
‘A‘a (Sirius) and finally down

will peak in late April to Keali‘ikonaikalewa (Cano-

In the midst of the setting

on au

Hokupa‘a starline is the dynamic

riz ol

By Chad Kalepa Baybayan Following the arc toward

ho o‘
North Star

u ho
planet Mars, which will


H riz
and Emily Peavy the south, the next constella-

(N nu

o‘ on
Milky Way stand out in the sky with its

ol )
‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii tion is Me‘e, a trapezoid con-

Nahiku distinctive reddish color.
stellation also known as

Big Dipper Near the end of April, ob-
pril welcomes the Corvus. Drawing a line
Hikukahi servers will be able to catch
spring starline, Kaiwi- through the center of Me‘e Dubhe Hokulei the Lyrids meteor shower,
kuamo‘o (the Back- and down toward the south- Hikulua which peaks on April 22.
bone). Seen as a genealogy ern horizon, we come to Ha- Merak
Hokule‘a Makali‘i This annual meteor shower
of stars, this north-south naiakamalama (“cared for by Arcturus MARS Pleiades is the result of the long pe-
starline is best identified by the moon”), also known as
riod comet C/1861 G1

Komohana (west)
the northern constellation the Southern Cross. This KAIWIKUAMO‘O Nanahope

Hikina (east)
Kapuahi Thatcher passing through
Nahiku (the Seven), com- constellation is important Pollux
Alderaan the inner solar system, and
monly known as the Big Dip- for establishing the latitude Hokupa KEKAOMAKALI‘I
Leo averages around 10 shooting
per (Ursa Major). The first of the Hawaiian Islands. The Heiheionakeiki
Puana stars an hour at and near its
two stars in the bucket of the navigational technique em- Orion
Hikianalia Procyon peak.
dipper, Hikukahi and Hikulua ployed for this is called equi- Spica
(Dubhe and Merak) point to- distant pairs. When the A‘a
Sirius Morning observations
ward Hokupa‘a (Polaris), the cross is upright or on merid-
Me‘e At around 5 a.m., the
North Star. Hokupa‘a is a ian (in April it will be upright Corvus bright planet Jupiter will be
variable star, meaning that between 11 p.m. and mid-
high in the Southern sky as it
its brightness fluctuates. night), the distance between
sits right in front of the bulge
There is a common miscon- the upper star, Kaulia (Ga-
M (S

of the Milky Way. To the east

riz na
an E

ception that the North Star crux), and the bottom star,


ho Ko
u hor

of Jupiter will be the fainter

M izo

is the brightest star, but Kamolehonua (Acrux), is Canopus

W u
al n

(S an
planet Saturn. At the same
an )

there are approximately 48 6 degrees, or approximately


time, the planets Mercury

other brighter stars. 2-1/2 fingers in width. When
and Venus will begin to rise
Following the sweep of there is equal space between
out of Manu Malanai. The in-
Naiku’s handle toward the the upper and lower stars of Hema (south)
tense brightness of Venus
east-northeast in the direc- the Southern Cross (at its HIGHLIGHTS
March moon phases makes it easy to spot and its
tion of the star compass upright position), and the >> Starlines: While Kaiwikuamo‘o (the Backbone) frequent proximity to the
house, ‘Aina Ko‘olau, we space between the lower rises in the east, at 8 p.m. Kekaomakali‘i (the Bailer horizon makes it the object
come to the red giant and star and the horizon is equal, of Makali‘i) will be setting in the west. While our
winter starline is setting we will still be able to that is most frequently mis-
fourth-brightest star in the you are at the center latitude
make out its essential parts in the early evening. taken for a UFO. Mercury will
night sky, Hokule‘a (Arc- of the Hawaiian Islands. The stunning open cluster of Makali‘i (Pleiades) NEW FIRST FULL LAST be just beneath Venus and
turus) in the constellation To the east of Hanaiaka- will be setting in Manu Ho‘olua in the early 4/4 4/12 4/19 4/26 the best morning to observe
Bootes. Following the arc malama is the constellation evening. Also setting into Komohana will be the
recognizable shape of Heiheionakeiki (Orion, the Mercury will be on April 11,
from Hokule‘a and crossing Nakuhikuhi, the Pointer This star chart is oriented for an
hunter). As the belt of Orion lies on the celestial
observer looking up and facing south. when the planet is at its
the celestial equator we next Stars that show the direction equator we can observe Orion setting exactly in
In this orientation, the Hikina (east) greatest western elongation.
come to Hikianalia (Spica) in to the Southern Cross. Na- Komohana. The larger arc of the bailer will stretch
horizon is on the left and the Komohana
the constellation Virgo. kuhikuhi consists of two over our sky going from Hokulei (Auriga), through
Nanamua (Castor) and Nanahope (Pollux) to Puana (west) horizon is on the right.
In oceanic wayfinding, stars, Kamailemua (Beta (Procyon) to ‘A‘a (Sirius) and finally down to ———
Hokule‘a is the zenith star Centauri) and Kamailehope Keali‘ikonaikalewa (Canopus). Chad Kalepa Baybayan
for Hawaii, and passes di- (Alpha Centauri). Kamaile- >> Mars: In the midst of the setting starline is the (Kalepa.Baybayan@hawaii.
dynamic planet Mars, which will stand out in the
rectly over Kau on Hawaii is- hope is the third-brightest sky with its distinctive reddish color.
edu) serves as navigator-­in-
land. Hikianalia passes just star in the night sky and is residence and Emily Peavy
south of the Marquesas Is- the closest star and plane- (
lands. To the west, between tary system to our solar sys- Source: Polynesian Voyaging Society Archives Astronomy Center of Hawaii as planetarium technician
Hokule‘a and Hikianalia, is tem. Both Alpha and Beta support facilitator at the ‘Imi-
the star Kau‘opae (Regulus) Centauri are triple star sys- loa Astronomy Center of
in the constellation Leo. To tems, appearing to the naked Evening observations will be setting in Manu lestial equator we can ob- ­Hawaii, a center for informal
the naked eye Kau‘opae ap- eye as one star even though While Kaiwikuamo‘o rises Ho‘olua in the early evening. serve Orion setting exactly science education at the Uni-
pears as a singular star, but three separate stars com- in the east at 8 p.m., Kekao- Also setting into Komohana in Komohana. The larger arc versity of Hawaii at Hilo
it is a a system of four stars prise them. The Southern makali‘i (the Bailer of Maka- will be the recognizable of the Bailer will stretch over showcasing astronomy and
organized into two pairs. Cross and Pointer Stars will li‘i) will be setting in the shape of Heiheionakeiki our sky going from Hokulei Hawaiian culture as parallel
These three stars make up be visible after 10 p.m. in west. The stunning open (Orion, the Hunter). As the (Auriga), through Nanamua journeys of human explora-
the Spring Triangle. April. cluster of Makali‘i (Pleiades) belt of Orion lies on the ce- (Castor) and Nanahope (Pol- tion.

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