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International Research Journal of Engineering and Management Studies (IRJEMS)

Volume: 03 Issue: 03 | March -2019 e-ISSN: 2395-0126



Department of ECE, Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute Of Technology, Guntur.

Traffic congestion is a problem in driving area. The growing use of traffic
many metropolitan cities. Traffic signals are lights attests to their effectiveness in
the most convenient method of controlling directing traffic flow, reducing the accidents
traffic in a busy junction. Present traffic and most recently to their utility in
signals fail to control the traffic effectively controlling the flow of traffic through
when a particular lane has got more traffic metropolitan areas which have been used
than other lanes. In this project we propose a together with computer systems. In the
functional algorithm for responsive traffic conventional control system it may be
light system using sensors. This system observed that the time of the signal light
measures the traffic density on each road by glowing for a particular road will be always
counting the number of vehicles and then constant. Sometimes it may happen that, one
takes the decision. The lights[Green, particular lane may be crowded more than
Yellow, Red] ON and OFF time depends on any other. In such cases conventional system
the density of the vehicles and specific fails to give priority to the heavy traffic
priorities which can be decided by the logic lanes.
program. This reduces the waiting time,
congestion and monitors the traffic density PROBLEM STATEMENT:
through road networks. This overall progress
In metropolitan cities with huge
is governed by SCADA system which
population handling the traffic is the most
monitors the process happening in the PLC.
complicated task. Handling traffic manually
Key words: PLC, SCADA in such regions involves constant man power
with continuous monitoring with
INTRODUCTION: conventional traffic control system which
makes system to be more complicated and
Traffic signaling is one of the most difficult. So switching over to the advanced
important public facilities that plays vital in controllers like PLC which is having the
resolving congestion. Traffic signaling is ability the to automatically monitor and
used to control the movement of vehicles control the traffic according to the program
and passengers, so that the traffic can flow developed by the user makes the traffic
smoothly and safely.Traffic signal lights are management an easier task. In order to
relatively simple and common in places , replace the man power supervisory systems
they are critical for ensuring the safety of the

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Management Studies (IRJEMS)
Volume: 03 Issue: 03 | March -2019 e-ISSN: 2395-0126

like SCADA comes into the picture which to control the traffic effectively when a
will do the constant job of monitoring the particular lane has got more traffic than
congestion 24*7 and makes it hassle free. other lanes.

The SCADA will be constantly feeds inputs

from the PLC through sensors connected to
it which is used to measure the traffic INPUTS POWER SUPPLY
density at the particular lane which reduces
the response time.
To understand the structure and
operation of PLC and study the ladder logic
design and their programming technique and
also how to make the interfacing to the PLC.

Our main aim is to design a system that can

control congestion when particular lane has
So, in this method we intend to measure the
got more traffic than other lanes. To achieve
traffic density by counting the number of
this, we integrate sensors and relays to form
vehicles in each lane and then diverge them
an efficient system that monitor congestion
accordingly. It is so difficult for the traffic
in a 4-lane.
police to monitor the whole scenario round
COMPONENTS: the clock. So, this system can be
implemented on heavy traffic roads.
 SCADA Software
 Sensors The traffic control system using
 Relays microcontroller which are troublesome in
 SMPS daily usage and microcontrollers need
 Push Buttons regular maintenance so that the future
 Connectors investment cost increases. So, here the smart
congestion control system is a sustainable
way to replay the microcontrollers and also
they are easy to adapt. Here we are using
BLOCK DIAGRAM: congestion control system that will monitor
Traffic signals are the most convenient the traffic density and control the delay of
method of controlling congestion in a busy traffic signals automatically. Infrared
junction. But, we can see that the signals fail sensors are implemented to find out the
traffic density. This overall progress is

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Management Studies (IRJEMS)
Volume: 03 Issue: 03 | March -2019 e-ISSN: 2395-0126

governed by the SCADA system. SCADA medium used for this RS232.This means
stands for supervisory control and data point to point communication.
acquisition. Which means it can be used for
application control and monitor. So here it TABULATION:
monitors the process happening in the PLC
The following tabulation gives the
and sends response to the SCADA system.
reading for a particular lane example. When
So if traffic intensity changes it displays the
lane 1 is having more than two vehicles all
intensity of the traffic and inform the user on
the lane vehicles are supposed to wait for 15
the other end with the time delay changed.
seconds . As shown in the below table.

Density Lane Red Orange Green

>2 1 Off 2sec 15sec
2 15sec off off
3 15sec off off
4 15sec off off
Similarly, it is same when any other lanes
has got more traffic density.

The designed and implementation of
The main objective of this project is to this technique ids directly targeted for traffic
control and monitor the status of the traffic management so that emergency vehicle on
light and to adjust automatically with the road get clear way to reach their destination
intensity. This project consists of relay in less time and without any human
module that converts the sensors output to interruption. The main scope of these smart
24volts which acts as a supply to PLC and a system is to have the traffic lights mimic the
SMPS that to step down and regulate the human intelligence thus eliminating the need
power supply for PLC and to output of having traffic officers control traffic on
indicators. Here there are 12 indicators to the roads. These intelligent systems provide
represent the real time traffic lights and a way for the lights to change from red to
infrared sensors to identify the intensity. The green based on current traffic conditions.
one more important in this project model is The sensors are interfaced with delta PLC
the Com Cable(Communication module. This interface is synchronized with
Cable)which transfers the data to the the whole process of the traffic system. This
SCADA system. For interfacing SCADA method will help to reduce congestion on
and PLC we are using a 3rd party roads and would help in coping traffic at
intermediate driver. So that each can junctions and accidents.
communicate one other. The communication

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Management Studies (IRJEMS)
Volume: 03 Issue: 03 | March -2019 e-ISSN: 2395-0126

Traffic signals help to control the flow [1] Mohit Dev Srinivas , Prerna,Shubhendu
of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles by Sacin3,Sumedhasharma4,Utkarsh
giving "right -of-way" to the various Tyagi"Smart traffic control system using
movements in an orderly manner. Signals PLC and SCADA" ijrset vol.1
that are properly located ,designed and issue2,December 2012.
maintained can:
[2]Barz C,Oprea C, Erei z,Pop-Vadean A
 provide for orderly movement of and Petrovan F 2014 The control of an
traffic. industrial process with PLC,Inernational
 reduce frequency and severity of Conference on Applied and Theoritical
certain types of crashes, especially Electricity(ICATE)Craiova,Romania,pp.1-4
right-angle collisions. October 23-25.
 Provide for continuous movement of
[3]"PLC Based intelligent traffic Control
traffic at a definite speed along a
System",Muhammad Arshad Khattak
given route.
International Journal of Electrical and
 interrupt heavy traffic at intervals to
computer sciences.
permit other vehicles or pedestrians
to cross. [4]"Smart traffic control system based on
 effectively perform the traffic vehicle Density using PLC" by Nikhil,
management R.Chitragar, Ramesh IJIREEICE,
 Overall ,traffic signals help us get December 2016.
where we are going and in a timely

 The main advantage of PLC is w can
add nearly 31 slave devices in this
particular communication medium
which can be used to automate a
whole city traffic.
 Wireless SCADA can also be

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