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Treasurer of the Philippines

To efficiently and effectively

manage the financial resources of the
government by maximizing revenues
from available funds and minimizing
costs of financing whenever

To be a pro-active manager of the

public funds characterized by active
duration management, minimization of
interest rate risks, and hedging of
financial risks.
I am a Civil Servant to the Bureau of the Treasury.
As such,
I believe in the Spirit of Service.
It is my cherished principle and purpose.
I value the trust and confidence reposed on me.
I offer back my loyalty to the institution.
I value my integrity and professionalism.
I commit to protect them.
I value the talents bestowed on me by God.
I endeavor to sharpen them always and must bear fruit.
I value my colleagues and my co-workers.
I strive to lead, inspire and be selfless.
I give my whole in carrying out the duties and
responsibilities entrusted to me through,
competence and diligence in my work;
Refinement in my words and deeds;
Justice and fairness in my decisions;
Openness and teamwork in dealing with others;
Accountability for all my actions.
All this I will promote and nurture through my work,
in the service of my beloved Bureau,
my country and God Almighty.


Step 1 Prepares & TOO receives, reviews/checks com-

submits the pleteness of documents
following: (5 mins)
1.Application for Bond (GF 58A) Step 2
2.Request for Bonding (GF 57A)
3.Other documents on the checklist
A. Informs Client of insuffi-
ciency of documents and
provides checklist of require- A. Are requirements
ments complete?
Receives Letter of B. TOO prepares and issues B. Is Risk Safe?
Step 3 Letter of Denial, duly signed
Denial by the RD

TOO computes the amount of bond

premium, prepares ATAP and trans-
Step 4 mits the same to CTOOII for review
and approval
(10 mins)

CTOO II reviews, approves and returns

Step 5 ATAP to TOO
Presents ATAP to (3 mins)
for payment of
Step 7 Bond
TOO records the approved ATAP in the
logbook and issues the same to Client
Step 6 (2mins)

Presents proofs of pay-
Step 8 ment of Bond Premium
to TOO 1.Validated deposit slip/ - TOO assigns risk number & registers
2.Validated ATAP
the name of the Bondee/s in the
Step 9 Registry of Bonded Public Officers
- Prepares Confirmation Letter
(8 mins)

CTOO II reviews, initials & transmits

Step 10 Confirmation Letter to RD
(5 mins)*
TOO - Treasury Operations Officer
CTOO II - Chief Treasury Operations Officer II (District/Provincial
RD approves and signs Confirmation
Office) Step 11 Letter Returns CL to CTOO II
RD - Regional Director (3 mins)*
- Allocated time excludes transmission of documents from Pro- CTOO II returns Confirmation Letter to
vincial Office to Regional Office. Step 12 TOO
(2 mins)
- Processing time differs for Batch transactions.

TOO releases Confirmation Letter to

Step 13 Client
(2 mins)

Step 14 Confirmation Letter
National Capital Region
Time Responsible
FRONTLINE Office/Unit/
needed to
complete the
Steps/Processes Person
transaction Contact No.
(limited to face to face Chief Treasury Operations
I. Processing and Approval of Bond Application:
transaction between II (CTOOII)
clients/agency personnel (1) Receive the following documents required from clients/applications for fidelity bonding: Treasury Operations
and most availed of by a) General Form No. 57 (A) Request for Bonding and/ or Cancellation of Bond of Accountable Officials and Em- Officer (TOO)
clients) Fiscal Examiner (FE)
ployees of the Republic of the Philippines - in two (2) copies;
NCR District I
b) General Form No. 58 (A) Application for Bond of Accountable Officials and Employees - in two (2) copies with (Manila, Mandaluyong,
Bonding of all two copies of identification pictures (passport size) taken for the last three (3) months; San Juan)
accountable c) Authenticated copy of duty Sworn and Notarized Statement of Assets and Liabilities (old form - RA 6713) of
NCR District II
public officers the date of application - if not applicable, applicant`s Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the preceding year
(Quezon City)
20 mins may be submitted; and,
of NGAs, GOCCs
d) List of Bondable Public Officers in BTr prescribed format certified by the agency officer in charge of Adminis- NCR District III
and LGUs trative and/or Finance Department, Service, Division or Unit. (Makati, Marikina,
Muntinlupa, Pasig, Taguig)
pursuant to (2) Check completeness of documents and evaluate data.
Public Bonding (3) Prepares and issues Letter of Denial for unsafe risks. Provides checklist for incomplete documents/requirements. NCR District IV

Law (4) Set amount of bond and compute the corresponding bond premium due. Prepare Authority to Accept Payment (Pasay, Parañaque,
(ATAP) and transmit the same to CTOO II for review and approval. Caloocan, Malabon,
Navotas, Valenzuela)
(5) CTOO II reviews, approves and returns the ATAP to TOO.
(6) Records the approved ATAP in the logbook and issues the same to the client.
(7) Present approved ATAP to LBP/DBP/PVB for payment of bond premium.
(8) Present validated deposit slips/LDDAP-ADA and ATAP to TOO as proof of payment of bond premium.

(9) Assigns Risk Number and registers the name of Bondee/s in the Registry of Bonded Public Officer. Prepares Confir-
13 mins mation Letter (CL). CTOO II/TOO/FE
(10) Reviews, initials and transmits CL to Regional Director.
3 mins (11) Approves and signs CL and returns the same to CTOO II. Regional Director
(12) Returns the approved CL to TOO.
(13) Releases CL to the Client/Applicant
(14) Receives the CL. Client/Applicant
II. Approval of Bond Cancellation:
(1) Receives General Form 57 (A) from client/applicant and check if duty accomplished
5 mins TOO/FE
(2) Prepares Confirmation Letter indicating effective date of cancellation
(3) Records bond cancellation

(4) Reviews, recommends and transmits bond cancellation documents to RD. CTOO II/RD

5 mins (5) Signs CL and returns the documents to the CTOO II

(6) Release CL to client/applicant TOO/FE

III. Renewal of Approved Bond Application:

(1) Receives the following documents from client/applicant:
(a) Duly filled up General Form No. 57(A) Request for Bonding and/or Cancellation of Bond of Accountable Offi-
cials and Employees of the Republic of the Philippines - in three (3) copies;
5 mins TOO/FE
(b) List of bonded public officers whose bonds are subject to renewal certified by the agency officer in charge of:
Administrative and/or Finance Department, Service, Division or Unit.
(c) BTr Confirmation Letter reflecting the applicant`s previously approved bond application.
(d) Authenticated copy of latest Statement of Assets and Liabilities (old form)
35 mins (2) Same as step 2 to 14 of part I - processing and approval of bond application RD/CTOO II/TOO/FE

IV. Increase in Accountability:

(1) Receives the following documents from client/applicant:
(a) General Form No. 57 (A)
(b) Special Order increasing the amount of accountability
15 mins CTOO II/TOO/FE
(c) List of Bondable Public Officers in BTr prescribed format certified by the agency officer in charge of Adminis-
trative and/or Finance Department, Service, Division or Unit.
(2) Compute the bond premium due based on the increase in accountability, Prepare ATAP, record in the logbook and is-
sue to client/applicant.
25 mins (3) Same as step no. 5 to 14 of part I. In addition to step 9, cancel the previously assigned risk number of the applicant. RD/CTOO II/TOO/FE
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