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Inspiring excellence awakening brilliance

Welcome Message
from the

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah’s Philosophy

As Malaysia races ahead to become an industrialised nation, we at Sunway University College
are proud to be among the frontrunners in providing an all-encompassing education catering
not only to the aspirations of today’s students but also to the future needs of the nation.
Sunway University College is recognised for producing individuals equipped with both
academic credentials and a sound understanding of the world around them. This stems
from one of our major objectives to mould individuals who will contribute to the country’s
progress in every field.
With our programmes specifically designed for a broad section of our youth, we are
dedicated to becoming a world-class tertiary institution with superior tutorship and
up-to-date facilities in a university campus environment. This complemented by our
pioneering efforts of a decade ago that have resulted in twinning degree programmes
with several eminent universities in the UK, USA and Australia.
This dedication has been rewarded by the excellent academic results achieved by our students.
Among the accolades they have won are prestigious awards and citations from the principal
universities. Pass rates exceeding 95% are not uncommon in our international programmes.
Our commitment to excellence in education stems from the firm belief that education
provides the foundation for an accomplished nation. It is the main reason for our
perseverance in our determination to provide education of the highest quality to all who
pass through our doors.
Thank you.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO

Quality Education
Over the years, Sunway Group has given generously to society through education which the
organisation views as a vital medium to enrich and improve lives. The Sunway Education Trust
Fund was established in March 1997 to manage and administer operating surpluses from Sunway
University College and its group of colleges for the benefit of students.
To date, more than RM55 million in scholarships have been awarded to thousands of deserving
Malaysian students in various fields of study.
To continue this legacy of giving, the Sunway Education Trust Fund officially became the Jeffrey
Cheah Foundation on March 18, 2010 and in doing so, crystallises Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s vision and
aspirations into a timeless commitment to benefit future generations to come.
The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation is founded based on the very same philosophy that has governed the
Trust Fund - giving to society. Be it through the Trust Fund or the Foundation, operating surpluses
are ploughed back into the institutions or disbursed as scholarships and research grants, ensuring
that sustainable, quality education is a priority.
As a result of its special corporate structure, the Foundation is able to continue in perpetuity Tan Sri
Jeffrey Cheah’s vision and legacy of giving; and in time, become the catalyst for others to contribute
to the shared cause of education.
With the advent of this special purpose vehicle, four main education institutions are transferred to
the Foundation; namely Sunway University College, Monash University Sunway Campus, Sunway
International School and the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine.
Governed by a distinguished board of trustees, the Foundation aims to safeguard these institutions
for the purpose of providing and sustaining quality education for present and future generations
of students. In line with the spirit of the Foundation, a good education at the highest level should
not be denied to those deserving; and for those that come from disadvantaged backgrounds, there
should be a means, through scholarships, for them to succeed.
This unique structure is a first-of-its-kind in Malaysia for private education institutions, modelled
after some of the oldest and most eminent universities in the world.
Foreword by

The stated mission of Sunway University College includes a devotion to the advancement,
transmission and application of knowledge. We believe that higher education is vital to the progress
of the nation and we are dedicated to becoming a world-class tertiary institution that provides
of the highest quality.
It is therefore very pleasing that in the recent SETARA exercise, conducted by the Malaysian
Qualifications Agency, Sunway University College achieved a Tier 5 or “Excellent” rating. This rating
places us on par with the foreign branch campuses and the best public and private universities in
country, in terms of the quality of our teaching and learning.
While teaching and learning is fundamental to any higher education institution, our mission statement
recognises that, like all true universities, we must engage not just in the transmission of existing
knowledge, but in advancing and applying knowledge. In this way we not only arrive at a better
understanding of existing knowledge, but we also contribute to the discovery and development of
knowledge, new ideas and new applications of our knowledge.
The world of today faces many challenges that need to be addressed and solved in an intelligent,
informed and logical way. These include economic challenges, the need for technological innovation,
poverty, overpopulation, the risk of dangerous climate change, and so on. The problems are very
complex and a sound education plus careful and rational inquiry is needed to properly understand
and address them. It is in all our interests that we strive to better understand ourselves and gain
insights into how we can improve our own lives and those of others.
Academic staff members at Sunway University College are expected to keep up to date in their chosen
discipline areas and be actively involved in the ongoing development of their discipline or profession.
Many academic staff are involved in research and this is becoming an increasingly important part of what
we do (see the next page for some of our research achievements). Our research programmes directly
benefit our teaching programmes and enhance the reputation and standing of the degrees we offer. It
is notable that Sunway University College is so far the only private university college to obtain a 2 Star
in the Malaysian Research Assessment (MyRA) exercise.
Sunway University College is also unique in that we are the only institution to operate under a non-
profit foundation, namely the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, which is modelled on the John Harvard
Foundation. This reflects the aspiration of our founder Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah that Sunway
University College should become “the Harvard of the East.”

Professor Robert J. Bignall

A Culture of Research
Research is an integral part of a first-class institution of tertiary education and in Sunway
University College, we are committed to the proliferation of a culture of quality research.
Through generous internal and external grants, Sunway University College researchers
have undertaken many Research Projects where the findings have been beneficial to the
community. Some recent works are highlighted here.

Residential Satisfaction in Klang Valley, Malaysia Neural Network Systems in benchmarking

Researchers: Dr. Tan Teck Hong and Dr. Khong Kok Wei, Customer Satisfaction and Services Quality
Sunway School of Business in Malaysian Commercial and Islamic Banks:
An understanding of the factors that facilitate a satisfied or Manifestation of computational modeling of
dissatisfied response to residential environment can play a critical cognitive processes and behaviour
part in making successful housing policies. Housing satisfaction Researchers: Dr. Lim Tong Ming, Dr. Leow Soo Kar
is a complex construct, affected by a variety of environmental and and Dr. Khong Kok Wei, Sunway School of
socio-demographic variables. The researchers examine households’ Computer Technology
satisfaction with their dwellings and neighbourhoods and at the same
Neural network is a network of neurons referred to
time, develop the housing satisfaction index for the country.
in the modern sense as artificial neural networks
(AFN). These artificial nodes interconnect to
Discrimination of lexical tone and tone languages by monolingual
simulate biological neural networks. The AFN is
and multilingual infants
used as the underlying framework to design the
Researchers: Woo Pei Jun and Elaine Yong, Sunway Dept. of
cognitive architecture of customer satisfaction. In
Psychology; and Dr. Karen Mattock, Lancaster University, UK
short, the AFN is the agent of the architecture. This
How do infants understand tone? A research is being carried out agent is temporal in nature and act as the model-
to investigate tone language perception by infants especially based reflex agents. Within this architecture, the
those exposed to a bi-lingual, non-tone or one-tone language (for researchers try to assimilate the constructs of
e.g. Mandarin and Malay) and infants exposed to multiple tone psychology and processes. From these models,
languages (for e.g. Mandarin and Cantonese dialects) and comparing a standard benchmark for customer satisfaction
them to infants that are raised in a monolingual tone language in a form of an Index can be ascertained via the
environment. Understanding such knowledge, would give insights algorithm from the cognitive models.
into understanding the learning of multiple languages and whether
there are critical periods in the child’s development when multiple Behavioural problems in dogs:
languages can be learnt. The relationship between reported
behavioural problems, causal attributions,
Tourism image of Langkawi Island: Visitors’ perception of the and ineffective discipline
legendary island for tourism development Researchers: Wong Poh Wan and Cheong Sau
Researchers: Suhaini Ibrahim and Dr. Goh Hong Ching, Sunway School Kuan, Sunway Dept. of Psychology
of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management
Many studies show the benefit of the human-dog
In order to benefit economically from the popularity of a tourist relationship to both parties. However, many dogs
destination, it is important to determine the position and status of the are abandoned or relinquished to shelters because
destination from the perception of its visitors. As such, the researchers dog owners cannot deal with the dogs’ behavioural
study the image of Langkawi by understanding the perception from problems. Dog owners who think that the dog’s
the visitors who throng the place. This project would assist in the misbehaviour and other behavioural problems
future directive planning of Langkawi as a tourist destination thereby, are permanent may use ineffective disciplining
enabling the island to maintain its expected contributions from methods which then lead to more reported
tourism. behavioural problems.
The results of the research suggests that
Using interactions with Public Display Systems
programmes designed to reduce pet
using mobile devices
abandonment caused by behavioural problems
Researchers: Daniel Leow, Terence Le Grange and Sophia Latt, Sunway
should focus on changing the belief of dog
School of Computer Technology
owners. The results highlight that behavioural
Interactive mobile systems are not just the in-thing now but are problems can be reduced through proper training
increasingly becoming a necessity for savvy users especially in relation methods. It is also proposed that more access
to gauging traffic on the road. This particular research will assist in to pet training facilities be provided as well as
providing applications that will enhance interactions between mobile promoting the need for proper training for dogs.
systems and information publicly displayed on a large screens.
Sunway University College was formed with the belief
and understanding that higher education is vital to
the progress of the nation. We are dedicated to
becoming a world-class tertiary institution in
providing education of the highest quality.
Our aim is to create a pathway for tomorrow’s
generation and stepping stones to a
brighter future.
Expansion and Growth
In 2001, we achieved National Industry
Export Excellence Award 2001 by the
Official Opening Sunway Education Ministry of International Trade & Industry.
of College Trust Fund In 2003, Suway College opened a branch
We received a promising Our institution’s Founder in Ipoh. That year we achieved:
start in 1987 when we were and Chairman of the Sunway • H ighest Enrolment of Foreign Students
officially inaugurated by Group, Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Award that was awarded by the Private
the late Sultan Salahuddin Dr. Jeffrey Cheah placed us Education Department.
Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj under the Sunway Education • Premier Plus Status Award (2003)
Ibni Almarhum Sultan Trust in 1997, under the by ACCA, UK
Hisamuddin Alam Shah eminent Board of Trustee • MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management
Alhaj, Sultan of Selangor Chairman the late Y.A.Bhg System for Tun Hussein Onn Library
Darul Ehsan. Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin. by SIRIM Malaysia

19 19 20
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93 99 04

Moving In Achieving University

By December 1992, our
MSC Status College Status
overwhelming number of We proudly achieved In 2004, another branch was
students encouraged us to MSC status by being opened in Johor Bahru. We also
move to the new 22 acres of a full-fledged private launched the Sunway Academic
prime land in Bandar Sunway, institution that uses Journal. Sunway TES was appointed
Petaling Jaya. On April 29, 1993, multimedia as the approved training partner
our new campus was officially technologies that for ICAEW ACA which made us the
inaugurated by Tun Dr Mahathir enhance our only body to be recognised in the
Mohamad, the 4th Prime product and services. Asia Pacific Region. Meanwhile,
Minister of Malaysia, unfolding Sunway College was conferred the
a new era in our journey. University College status by the
Ministry of Higher Education, which
marked a milestone for our campus.
Platinum Status An Award-Winning Year
In 2007, the Sunway College A glittering year with more high profile
branch in Kuching, Sarawak achievements:
was opened. We achieved the • Launch of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation
Platinum Approved Learning • Industry Excellence Award 2009
Partner Award by ACCA, UK. We (Export Excellence Award 2009)
also achieved the Outstanding • Putra Brand Award-Gold for Education
Local Recognition Support Recognition Award and Learning
In 2005, we were recognised that was awarded by the • Rated EXCELLENT in the Rating System for
for our excellence in education British Malaysian Chamber Institutions of Higher Learning (SETARA)
by Malaysia Qualifications Agency
and were duly awarded the: of Commerce and the Public
• Partnership with SAS Institute Inc. USA
• MATRADE Export Excellence Services Department (JPA)
(SAS) to run a specialisation in Business
Award for Services 2005 by for providing Business
Intelligence and Data Mining in its
the Ministry of International Management training modules
BSc (Hons) Information Systems
Trade and Industry to senior government officers.
• Partnership with the renowned
• Excellence in International The winning of the Brand
Le Cordon Bleu
Student Enrolment Award Laureate Award for Education
by (University Category 2005) Tertiary for a private institution
Ministry of Higher was a significant achievement
Education, Malaysia for us.
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05 07

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06 08

Affiliation with Global Recognition

Lancaster University In 2008, Y.Bhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah,
Y.Bhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Chancellor of Sunway University College received
was officially installed as the University’s the Officer of the Order of Australia appointment
Foundation Chancellor on September from the Right Honourable Kevin Rudd, Prime
19, 2006 in the presence of His Royal Minister of Australia at the Australian High
Highness Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Commissioner’s residence in Malaysia.
Sharafuddin Idris Shah AlHaj. In 2006,
We received accolades for being the best in the
a MoU for the affiliation was signed
education industry. These awards included:
between Sunway University College
• Canadian High Commissioner’s Award 2008 -
and Lancaster University for Lancaster
Malaysia Canada Business Council
University to validate Sunway’s University
• Gold Award for Good Corporate Citizen 2008 -
College degree programmes.
Malaysia Canada Business Council
We have achieved:
• Gold Award for Industry Excellence in Education
• Gold Award for Industry Excellence in
2008 - Malaysia Canada Business Council
Education 2006 - Malaysia Canada
Business Council

The Main Campus building evokes a sense of openness with its bright and airy space. It is
fitted with 24-hour wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access, making it conducive to study at the many
study areas. This is complemented by round-the-clock security by the campus’ Auxiliary Police
and Security personnel.

The Tun Hussein Onn Library is the largest library in a Malaysian private institution
of higher learning. The vast two-level space houses more than 118,000 books, an exhaustive
collection of other publications, and special function areas. It is a comfortable haven to study,
read and relax.
More than 120 Classrooms and 15 Lecture Theatres where lectures are held in air-conditioned
comfort. All lessons are sharp and crisp as these are all equipped with top range teaching devices.

Cafeteria is a short stroll from the foyer with warm meals and cold snacks to satisfy all taste
buds at an affordable price.

Computer and Multimedia Production Laboratories have practical PCs and

artistic Apple Macs as hardware to all the cutting edge software which facilitates teaching and
learning. Computer labs also allow students to print, scan or photocopy their assignments.

Language Laboratories make learning English and other languages exciting with
computerised assessments combined with the latest techniques.

Psychology Laboratories are facilities to watch, observe and learn which encompass
observation rooms and practical laboratories including a Pet Lab to observe behaviour of small-
sized animals, often rather similar to that of small children.

Nursing Laboratories are made to look and feel like a clinical facility with simulated
wards and skills laboratory to train future nurses in a real-life setting.

Science Laboratories are modern and well-equipped to handle the curious minds
dabbling in the practical aspect of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Hospitality and Tourism students are given the best training in culinary kitchens for
production, preparation and pastry that churn out delicious delights for their five-star training
restaurant and the delicatessen. Mock-up hotel suite and travel bureau keep practical training real.

Performance and Media holds court at their very own Roof Top Theatre which
showcases cutting edge audio-visual production equipment to complement the award-winning
acting, writing and directing.

Art and Design Studios are a number of spacious creative outlets for exhibitions and
practical work in design, print-making, ceramics, painting, drawing and photography.

Recreational Facilities for sports include the Olympic-sized swimming pool, courts for
tennis, badminton and basketball, field for football, rugby and cricket, and a jogging trek.
Safety & Security
Security is non-negotiable. That is why we have a committed team of security personnel
working around the clock to ensure that every day is a smooth and peaceful one. The 24-
hour security team is made up of security and auxiliary police and security personnel who
are accorded full-fledged police status. They provide a comforting presence when patrolling
the vast campus or directing campus traffic.

A cough, a sneeze, whenever a student feels under the weather, they can make their way to
the sick bay. Endearingly known as Nightingale Bay, it is situated near the cafeteria where a
matronly Registered Nurse is on duty and well-equipped to handle minor ailments.

Student Services

Student Centre is the cosy place to chill out between classes with a game of foosball,
ping pong or pool. Whatever a student needs, it is available there: the sick bay, counselling
services, a travel bureau, souvenir shop, photo processing centre and dance studio.

Extra-Curricular Activities come in the form of over 50 clubs and societies for all types
of interests - intellectual, sports, religious, cultural - under the guidance of a teacher adviser.
From taekwondo to tennis, anime to Model United Nations, Korean to yoga; get involved
- balance work with play!

Student Council acts as a link between students and the management of Sunway
University College. It is an opportunity to step up, represent and be a student leader. By
students for students, the Student Council also organises exciting activities year round.

Counselling Unit understands how scary and lonely it can be settling down in a new
place, and how stressful life can sometimes get. Students’ mental and emotional well-being
are the utmost importance to Sunway and this is a place that they can always go if they
need someone to talk to.

PRePARE is the campus career centre that helps students prepare for the working world.
With its motto: eQUIP, eNHANCE and eMPOWER, the centre gives career guidance, trains
students on how to write proper CVs, provides job placement opportunities through their
extensive network and career fair, and helps students explore the career of their dreams.

Alumni Office fosters long-term connection between Sunway graduates and the
institution. Even after graduation, update, share and enjoy the great benefits of an extensive
alumni network for social or professional purposes. Also, help inspire a whole new generation
of students.

Other Services
• Insurance service (local and international students) for accident-related injuries.
• Campus bus service of several different routes within the Klang Valley.

* Updated information can be obtained at

Investing in the Future

12-storey New Academic Block

with 2 Basement Levels and a Mezzanine Floor as well as a 2-level Basement Car Park

Car Park Plans are on the drawing board to construct this project is ongoing and the targeted completion
a new 12-storey academic block and a 2-level date is end of 2013. Adhering to the government’s call
basement car park. The 12-storey academic block for more environmentally friendly buildings, the 12-
will house the interdisciplinary undergraduate and storey academic block and multi-level basement car
new graduate programmes. The more than 550,000 park is going for the Green Mark Singapore and Green
sq. ft. academic block is planned to accommodate at Building Index (GBI) Certification.
least another 9,000 student population. The 2-level The environmentally friendly design and concept in
basement car park is constructed below the soccer construction incorporates energy and water efficiency.
field. This basement car park consists of about 1,000 It also includes innovation for good natural lighting
parking bays. This parking facility will be available to and ventilation systems for a sustainable green
both staff and students. The design development of environment.
The Harvard Centre
As the institution’s striving motto is to be the “Harvard of the East” and to provide world-class learning experiences,
plans are also in place to construct a Harvard Centre on campus. The Harvard Centre will be the focal point for Harvard
Alumni to house their conferences and programmes. This centre will consist of a 120-seat lecture theatre and a semi-
circle seating auditorium for 80 people with some break out rooms for discussion purposes. It will also be equipped
with up-to-date facilities and audio systems.

Auditorium The Multi-Purpose

The construction of a 5,000-seat prestigious Sports Complex
auditorium will be equipped with the most modern
A Multi-Purpose Sports Complex will be built
and premier state-of-the-art facilities and AVA system.
adjoining to the 5,000-seat Auditorium. This Sports
This auditorium will be one of the most outstanding
Complex can be used for both indoor sporting
in Malaysia to house graduation ceremonies and
facilities and Sunway University College exams and
world-class events like the Cats musical, Il Divo and
events appropriately. The Sports Complex will have a
grand soprano performances similar to that of the
seating capacity of 1,000 people.
late Pavarotti as well as symposiums.
Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

Cambridge GCE A-Level (A-Level)

Canadian International Matriculation

Programme (CIMP)

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)

Sunway Foundation in Arts (FIA)

A global variety of bridging
programmes to cater to
your learning styles
AUSMAT Australian Matriculation
We have been the largest Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) programme provider in Malaysia. The 8-10 months AUSMAT
programme prepares students to sit for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) for admission into all
Australian universities and a range of other universities throughout the world, including those in New Zealand, UK, USA,
Canada, Russia, Germany, Singapore and private universities in Malaysia.


The globally-recognised A-Level qualification places emphasis on knowledge, understanding, reasoning abilities and skills.
With our established tradition of academic excellence and track record of good results, many of our A-Level graduates
have been accepted by premier universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, London School of Economics,
Durham, Harvard, Princeton, Boston, Stanford, Duke, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Monash and the National University
of Singapore.

CIMP Canadian International Matriculation Programme

The Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) was first offered in 1990, and since then, we have grown to
become one of the largest Canadian Matriculation programmes in the world. A flexible curriculum, based on continuous
assessment and evaluation, CIMP is designed with the goal of ensuring that graduates gain the skills necessary to compete
successfully in a global environment and rapidly changing society.
MUFY Monash University Foundation Year
The Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is the university pathway programme that provides the academic bridge for
students to transit successfully into undergraduate studies at Monash University. Recognised by all Australian universities,
our success is attributed to the high rate of students gaining admission into degree programmes at Monash University.

FIA Sunway Foundation in Arts

The Foundation in Arts programme charts out a direct pathway for students to pursue our undergraduate courses. The
Foundation programme broadens students’ general knowledge, develops their communication skills and enables them to
reflect on their understanding of individuals and groups.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

AUSMAT 8-10 months January, March

A-Level 1½ years January, July

CIMP SPM, O-Level or equivalent 1 year January, March, July

MUFY 9-10 months January, March, July, August

FIA 1 year January, March, July

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

KPT/JPS (KR 8757) 04/13, KPT/JPS (KR7670) 10/11, KPT/JPS (KA7535) 7/11,
JPT/BPP (U) (KR10889) 10/14, KP/JPS (KA6381) 03/11
School of Business

School of Computer Technology

School of Creative Arts & Communication

School of Health & Natural Sciences

School of Hospitality, Tourism

and Leisure Management

American Degree Transfer Program

Equipping the next generation
School of Business
Emerge as a leader

Our business programmes aim to provide students with a broad understanding of the various aspects of business.
We focus on producing graduates with a comprehensive knowledge of various fields of business such as accounting,
finance, economics, marketing and management so that they are sufficiently equipped to contribute to the effectiveness
and efficiency of a business organisation. Students are exposed to both technical and conceptual aspects of business
subjects. We also incorporate studies on ethics and good governance to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and
ethical behaviour among our graduates.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Diploma in Business Administration SPM/ O-Level or equivalent 2 years 4 months January, March, August

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance March, August
BSc (Hons) Business Management
BSc (Hons) Business Studies STPM, A-Level, Australian
Matriculation, Canadian
Bachelor of Business Matriculation, MUFY, 3 years February & July
(Twinning programmes 3+0) Sunway Foundation in Arts,
(Accounting, Banking & Finance, UEC or equivalent
Financial Risk Management,
International Trade, Marketing)
Victoria University,
Melbourne, Australia

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

JPT/BPP(U) (KR10787) 08/14, KPT/JPS (KA7818) 06/12, KPT/JPS (KA 6489) 04/11,
KPT/JPS (KA 5978) 05/11, KPT/JPS (KR 9924) 3/14
School of Computer Technology
Engage and connect in a borderless world

Designed to provide broad-based subjects, we ensure that graduates receive a strong academic foundation in building
knowledge on technology and advancing changes towards the digital frontier. Specialisation subjects are provided as
part of the training to ensure that our graduates become experts in a specific field of technology. Graduates will acquire
knowledge in systems analysis and development, soft skills and critical thinking skills for ICT involvement.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Diploma in Information Technology SPM/O-Level or equivalent 2 years 4 months January, March, August

BSc (Hons) Information Systems STPM, A-Level, Australian 3 years March, August
BSc (Hons) Information Technology Matriculation, Canadian
Matriculation, MUFY,
Sunway Foundation in Arts,
UEC or equivalent

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

JPT/BPP (U) (KR 10725) 11/14, JPT/BPP (U) (KR10788) 10/14, JPT/BPP (U) (KR10760) 08/14
School of Creative Arts &
Opportunities in ideas

Department of Performance & Media

This programme provides students with a strong background in theatre, media and film history and theory to
enable them to conceptualise and communicate ideas. They will also learn relevant practical skills in Performance
and Video at industry entry-level standards.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Diploma in Performing Arts SPM/O-Level or equivalent 2.5 years March

Department of Art & Design

Our students generate creative ideas with the aid of visual languages. They also gain knowledge of art history
and appreciation. The programmes offer practical skills in aiding them in the development of concepts and
analytical and critical art evaluation skills.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design SPM/O-Level January, March, August
Diploma in Interior Design or equivalent 2.5 years January, March, August
Diploma in Fine Art March

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

KPT/JPS (KR10221) 04/14, KPT/JPS (KR8678) 7/13, KPT/JPS (KR8679) 3/13, JPT/BPP(U)(KN2397) 08/10
School of Health &
Natural Sciences
Education in the art of caring

Department of Psychology
The study of human behaviour and the application of psychology are the fastest growing careers in the developing world
today. It has applications in Medicine, Education, Business, Social Policy and Technology. As societies advance, intelligent
lifestyles require greater control over emotional, behavioural and mental abilities. Thus, an undergraduate degree in
Psychology is the first step towards personal and career advancement.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

BSc (Hons) Psychology STPM, A-Level, Australian Matriculation, 3 years March, August
Canadian Matriculation, MUFY, Sunway
Foundation in Arts, UEC or equivalent

Department of Nursing
Our nursing faculty is led by experienced nursing professionals who have vast clinical exposure to nursing and have acquired
professional skills in different specialities. Students will learn and practise their nursing skills through our simulated ward and
skills lab before going for clinical postings at healthcare institutions. The practical experiences they gain are linked to both
private and public healthcare settings.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Diploma in Nursing SPM, UEC, STPM or equivalent 3 years April, July

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

JPT/BPP(U) (KA10607) 07/14, KPT/JPS (KA 8253) 02/13

School of Hospitality, Tourism
and Leisure Management
Merging professional experience with classroom learning

Sunway’s Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management programmes offer a wide range of management and specialist
subjects to equip students with the expertise they need to manage a successful international hospitality, tourism and
leisure business. This unique combination of functional, academic content and industry based approach allows our
students to meet the needs of the largely diverse service industry.
At the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management, we offer two levels of studies i.e. Diploma and Degree
programmes. The diploma programmes developed and conducted by the School are validated by Le Cordon Bleu
Students who successfully complete the programmes will be recognised as graduates of Sunway University College
and Le Cordon Bleu.
The uniqueness of the diploma programme is that students are able to earn a high quality French degree provided
by an established and reputable Malaysian institution of higher learning which has high relevance to the Malaysian/
international job market. In addition, course consultants from Le Cordon Bleu work closely with Sunway University
College to ensure that the standards and quality of teaching at Sunway University College are equivalent to those
maintained at Le Cordon Bleu, a world leader in culinary and hospitality management.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Diploma in Hotel Management SPM/O-Level or equivalent 2 years + 20 weeks January, March,
Diploma in Events Management of internship August


Diploma in Culinary Arts SPM/O-Level or equivalent 2 years + 20 weeks
Diploma in Tourism Management of internship

March, August
BSc (Hons) International STPM, A-Level, Australian 3 years + 20 weeks
Hospitality Management Matriculation, Canadian of internship
Matriculation, MUFY,
Sunway Foundation in Arts,
UEC or equivalent

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

KPT/JPS (KR7536) 10/11, KPT/JPS (KR10498) 06/14, KPT/JPS (KA9327)09/13, KPT/JPS (KA 6948) 05/11
American Degree
Transfer Program
Shaping holistic thinkers

With over 140 majors, our program provides the opportunity for students to choose the arrangement that best suits
their needs. Our students learn through a flexible and holistic American education experience, combining interactive
intellectual endeavors with creative extracurricular pursuits. Apart from universities in the US, they also have the
flexibility to transfer credits to other reputable universities in Canada and Australia.
Sunway students have successfully transferred to New York University, Cornell University, University of Michigan-Ann
Arbor, Purdue University, Western Michigan University, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Waterloo,
McGill University - Montreal, and more.

Majors available with the Sunway ADTP:

Business, Engineering, Science, Aviation, Communication, Computer Science, Arts, Forensic Science, Actuarial Science,
Architecture, Psychology, Biomedical Sciences and more.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

American Degree Transfer Program (ARTS) Minimum 5 credits in 3.5 - 4 years January, March,
American Degree Transfer Program academic subjects only, May, August
(Science/Engineering) including English Language
and Mathematics, in SPM/
O-Level/UEC or equivalent

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

KPT/JPS (KR 8463) 10/12, KP/JPS (KR 9456) 12/13


Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Institute of Chartered Accountants in

England & Wales (ICAEW)
Accounting adds it all up
Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA)

We have been ranked as the key player amongst tuition providers of professional accounting programmes in Malaysia
and in the Asia-Pacific region. With experienced and dedicated staff, both academic and administrative, we have been
achieving great success. We are consistent in producing high achievers who are awarded World and Malaysian Prizes.
We were one of the first institutions in Malaysia to be awarded the Approved Learning Partner - Student Tuition, the
Platinum Status. To achieve the Platinum Status, we were assessed by ACCA on five performance indicators – tuition,
pass rates, materials, facilities, students’ support and course management. Our pass rate surpasses the World Pass-Rate
of at least 75% of the papers in each exam sitting.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Certified Accounting Aged 16 years and above, 1 year - January, March

Technician (CAT) minimum of 5 O-Level or SPM 1 years 4 months April, July,
credit passes including English September
or Mathematics or equivalent

Association of Chartered Aged 18 years and above, 2 - 3 years January, April,

Certified Accountants (ACCA) STPM, A-Level or equivalent July, September

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

KP/JPS (KR7555) 06/12

Institute of Chartered Accountants
in England & Wales (ICAEW)

The ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant) qualification is a globally recognised

qualification and is acknowledged as the most valuable financially based business
qualification, and not just a premier professional accounting qualification. ICAEW
graduates with relevant approved practical experience can act as Public Accountants,
both locally and internationally. The CFAB was launched by ICAEW in September 2008 in
the UK as a new stand alone business qualification. It provides essential knowledge in the
fundamentals of finance, accounting and business and can be used as an entry route into
the ACA programme. Sunway University College is the ONLY PROVIDER in the world to
offer CFAB as an accelerated route to the ICAEW for school leavers.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Certificate in Finance, SPM or O-Level, with a 1.5 years January, March, July
Accounting and Business (CFAB) minimum of 5 Distinctions,
including Mathematics and English

Institute of Chartered Accountants Aged 18 years and above with 3 - 5 years April, October
in England and Wales (ACA) one of the criteria below:
• Degree in any field of study from
a nationally accredited university
• Professional accountancy

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

JPT/BPP(U)(KA 5630) 11/10


Business Masters

Computing Masters
The top reason people
give for choosing a
Masters programme

Business Masters programmes are aimed at professionals intending to move into senior leadership roles in organisations.
All programmes are delivered through a mixture of face-to-face classes facilitated by tutors who are experts and
authorities in their fields. The Computer Masters programmes, whereas, is specially designed for those wishing to enhance
their knowledge and skills in the field of Computer Science and for career development in research-based organisation.
Students may opt to pursue this programme on a part-time or full-time basis.

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Business Masters
Masters in Money, Banking and Finance Honours Degree with 2nd 2 years March, August
Masters in Management class upper or equivalent

Computing Master
MSc in Computer Science (By Research) Honours Degree with 2 years March, August
CGPA 2.5 and above

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

KPT/JPS (KA9463) 01/14, KPT/JPS (KA 9464) 01/14, KPT/JPS (KA9465) 01/14, KPT/JPS (KA9654) 03/14
Victoria University,
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Sunway University College offers this internationally recognised MBA programme in partnership with Victoria University
Graduate School of Business.
Designed to provide business management skills to managers from diverse backgrounds who are graduates of Commerce,
Business, Engineering, Science or Humanities.

Programme structure
(12 modules)
• Accounting for Management
• Business Finance
• Business Statistics
• Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Marketing Management
• Strategic Human Resource Management
• Operations Management
• Work and Organisation Systems
• Management Information Systems
• Economics for Management
• Law for Management
• Strategic Management and Business Policy

Entry Requirements* Duration Intake

Masters of Business Administration • Recognised bachelor degree 18 months Depends on

(MBA) or professional qualification commencement date
• Minimum 2 years of work of each module
• Proficiency in English

* Please refer to individual programme brochure for detailed entry requirements.

English Language Programmes

Unlocking potential through language

The Language Centre of Sunway University College offers English language programmes, designed to equip students with
the language skills needed for other academic programmes. A flexible placement test ensures that students are properly
channeled to the level most suited to their needs.
Students are provided with the best resources; international textbooks and multimedia language laboratories, and the most
dedicated teaching staff who also provide pastoral support. Learning activities are varied and practical including reading
programmes, research and presentation skills, project-based learning and field trips.
The English language programmes are validated by Lancaster University, UK.

Entry Requirements Duration Intake

Intensive English Programme (IEP) Post-SPM students who wish 10 weeks with January, April,
A full-time intensive English to improve their language 200 hours per level July, September
proficiency and preparatory proficiency. (Full-time)
programme, the IEP equips students International students with
with a study programme in some English language
English at the college level. proficiency.

International Test 10 weeks with January, April,

Preparation Programmes: 30 hours July, September
These are programmes designed to
prepare students for the following
English language examinations which
meet the language entry requirements
for overseas tertiary education.
• International English Language
Testing Systems (IELTS)

Vacation English School (VES) 3 - 4 weeks Subject to availability

Scholarships & Financial Aid

In 1997, the Sunway Education Trust Fund formalised the status of Sunway University
College as a not-for-profit educational institution. All surplus funds from the institution
are reinvested for scholarships and research as well as upgrading of campus facilities. We
have continuously contributed scholarships and education funds to deserving students
through the following awards:

The Chancellors
Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Sri Dato’ Scholarship Tun Dato’ Seri
Seri Dr. Jeffrey Seri Dr. Jeffrey Seri Dr. Jeffrey of Sunway Omar Ong
Cheah Entrance Cheah Continuing Cheah Scholastic University College Community
Scholarship Scholarship Award and Lancaster Scholarship

University College ACCA/ World/Malaysian
University College - The Star
Sports Sunway TES Prize Winners’
CIMB ECA Achievers Education Fund
Scholarship Scholarship Awards

Nanyang Sun-
Sin Chew Bumiputra Kuok
Tertiary MAPCU
Education Fund Scholarship Foundation
Education Fund Scholarship

Siblings University College
EPF PTPTN Discount
Music Scholarship

* Updated information can be obtained at

A Tradition of Success
We have a proud tradition of being the stepping stone to success. Many of our
graduates have successfully moved on to further their studies at renowned
universities or pursue rewarding careers of their choice.

I had the opportunity to mix and mingle with a whole lot of different people and lecturers
which built my soft skills. Today, I would say soft skills are far more valuable and relevant in the
working world than most people actually realise.


Sunway-TES ACCA graduate
Currently Audit Senior at Sim & Teo Chartered Accountants and Chief Operations Officer of
Sinar College.

Through CIMP, I caught the attention of a university recruiter

and was offered a scholarship to study in Canada. I received the
scholarship not only due to academic abilities but importantly,
through involvement in a wide range of extra-curricular activities
in CIMP.

Canadian International Matriculation Programme, 1999;
Master and Bachelor of Science, Trent University, Canada.
Currently a Research Associate I at the Ontario Cancer Institute,
Princess Margaret Hospital, part of the University Health Network.

My lecturers stressed the importance of mastering our coursework and taking

pleasure in our learning instead of focusing on exams only. The programme was
at just the right pace that I was able to juggle between my studies and extra-
curricular activities.

GCE A-Level
Winner of CIE Outstanding Achiever Awards 2009: Top in Malaysia for
Biology Cambridge International Fellowship Awards: Top in the World for Physics
(Jun09 AS Level)
Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, 2010.
I have been with Sunway University College since 2000 and was taught by very
experience and caring faculty members who have vast teaching and industrial
experience, and supported by excellent facilities especially the excellent library.


Graduate of Sunway University College
[MBA Victoria University, 2007, Victoria University Bachelor of Business, 2003,
Monash University Foundation Year, 2000]
Currently Marketing Director of Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Café and Youth &
Business Director of Junior Chamber International Kuala Lumpur.

The education from both ADTP and the US made a better man out of me.
Besides the academic qualification, it was the experience, knowledge and
in-depth holistic understanding of subjects that mattered more.

American Degree Transfer Program; Bachelor Degree in Integrated Supply
Chain Management, Western Michigan University, 2007
Currently the Planning & Development Manager of City-Link Express, the
number one privately owned courier company in Malaysia, and in the process
of completing a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, Michigan
State University.
Worldwide Connections:
University Partners
Success is a culmination of teamwork and strong partnership.
We have long been in alliance with some of the most accomplished
institution of higher learning to ensure that our students get the
best in education.

Lancaster University Affiliation

Sunway University College is affiliated with Lancaster University, UK, a world-class
institution of higher learning which has consistently maintained its high rankings
over the years in numerous reputable league tables.

Established by Royal Charter in 1964, Lancaster University enjoys a world-class reputation

as a centre for excellence in teaching, scholarship and research. The institution is
currently ranked as a top 10 UK university in the Times Good University Guide 2011, 8th
in the Independent’s Complete University Guide 2011, 6th in the Guardian University
Guide 2011 and 124th in THE World University Rankings 2010 – 2011.

Lancaster University is also a member of the prestigious N8 Group which consists of

eight (8) of the most research intensive universities in northern England. The institution
continues to sustain its reputation for teaching and research excellence both nationally
and internationally by bringing universities, businesses and communities together. An
example of this is the InfoLab21 at Lancaster University, which is an award-winning
international centre of excellence for research in information and communication
technologies and has a successful history of working with Microsoft, BT Labs, Orange,
Cisco, Nokia and Ford. Additionally, the Lancaster University Management School
(LUMS) is a triple-accredited, world-ranked management school, consistently among
the UK’s top five.

The degree programmes developed and conducted at Sunway University College

are validated by Lancaster University, UK. Our students who successfully complete
these undergraduate programmes will be awarded two certificates, making them
graduates of both Sunway University College and Lancaster University.

photographed by Jill Jennings

Le Cordon Bleu
Le Cordon Bleu awards are a badge of honour that represent both quality
and a rich history of tradition in the culinary world. This famed global culinary
organisation has achieved such revered stature due to its proud tradition of
success through an enduring 110-year history. Having evolved from a Parisian
cooking school into an international network of culinary arts and hospitality
learning institutes, its broad reach makes it the world leader in culinary and
hospitality education.
The fostering of the partnership between the historically-recognised
excellence of Le Cordon Bleu and the scholarly rigour of Sunway University
College signals the strong raft of fresh culinary educational opportunities
for students in Asia.
With Sunway, Le Cordon Bleu is validating three diploma programmes:
Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Culinary Arts, and Diploma in
Events Management. These are typically 2.5 year programmes and they
provide strong technical skills and sound management principles. Learning
materials for its validated programmes have been revised and adapted to
ensure their relevance to current and anticipated industry needs.

* Dr Cointreau (left) and Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah (right) with the cake that marked the “Mariage” of the partnership.
Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
Founded in 1916, Victoria University (VU) was once known as Footscray Technical School. It successfully
merged with several technical and further education (TAFE) colleges in the western Melbourne suburbs
and thus, became officially known as VU since 1990.
Today, VU is one of only five multi-sector Australian universities offering both TAFE and higher education
courses. With its sprawling 11 urban campuses, it is also one of the most culturally diverse institutions of
higher learning with strong links to the local communities, government and industry.
VU was given a five-star rating for cultural diversity in Hobson’s 2007 Good Universities Guide. In both
2005 and 2006, the university was rated the maximum 5-star for educational experience in the Good
Universities Guide by VU graduates. The university also has the best student-to-teacher ratio as noted
by the Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee Report in 2005.
Victoria University’s Faculty of Business and Law is one of the largest and most prestigious business
schools in Australia. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s financial district, it specialises in business
education, research and consultancy.
Sunway University College has been in partnership with this faculty to offer the notable VU Bachelor of
Business degree since 1994 where many local and international students have graduated and moved
on to successful careers.
Your Home Within University Community
On-campus living makes it easy to get up and about to and from classes every day. It is a home
away from home where students get to meet new friends, learn new cultures and experience
living independently.
Situated in an established township, everything is within walking distance from Sunway University
College - hospital, shopping mall, theme park, restaurants and banks. Units are partially furnished
and campus security is present 24 hours a day. A caring hostel master is on hand to oversee the
welfare of every occupant.

Students Accommodation
Sun-U Apartment
Every unit is made up of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common lounge, a pantry equipped with a
refrigerator and internet ports.
Every student is provided with a study table and chair, cupboard and a single bed with mattress.
Other facilities available at the Apartment are an air-conditioned common study room with internet
access, launderette, convenience shop, prayer room, hostel management office and badminton courts.

Also included, a weekly cleaning service of the common area of each unit.

Sun-U Residence
Every unit is air-conditioned, and made up of one single room and three twin sharing rooms. Each unit
is equipped with hot water heater, dining table with chairs, lounge settee, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator
and internet ports.
Every student is provided with a study table and chair, cupboard and a single bed with mattress.
Other facilities available at the Residence are two air-conditioned common study rooms with internet
access, launderette, convenience shop, Olympic-sized swimming pool, squash and badminton courts.
Also included, a weekly cleaning service of the common area of each unit.


Education Group SUNWAY COLLEGE
Sunway University College is made up of the main campus in JOHOR BAHRU
Bandar Sunway, Selangor, and its group of colleges in Ipoh,
Johor Bahru and Kuching. The Sunway International School is
within the main campus ground.

Sunway College Ipoh

(A4P2018[PK P.518)

No. 1, 3 & 5, Persiaran SCI 2/2

Sunway City Ipoh
31150 Perak, Malaysia
Tel (605) 545 4398

Programmes offered:
Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Business
Information System
Diploma in Accountancy
Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Graphic Design
Cambridge GCE A-Level

Map to Sunway University


Sunway College Sunway College Kuching Sunway International

Johor Bahru (Q4P2002)
(J/4/P/1/SRJ/210) (BIF8071)

No. 3, Jalan Austin Heights Utama Lot 7487-7492, 2nd & 3rd Floor No. 3, Jalan Universiti
Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru Block 16 Timberland, Rock Road Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Johor, Malaysia 93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel (607) 359 6880 Tel (6082) 236 666 Tel (603) 7491 8622
Website Website Website

Programmes offered: Programmes offered: Programmes offered:

Australian Matriculation Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Canadian Grade 11
Cambridge GCE A-Level Association of Chartered Canadian Grade 10
Monash University Certified Accountants (ACCA) Canadian Grade 9
Foundation Year London Chamber of Canadian Grade 8
Bachelor of Business, Commerce & Industry (LCCI) Canadian Grade 7
Victoria University Computer Programme (City & Guilds)
Diploma in Business Administration Practical English Programme
Diploma in Computer Studies (Elementary Level)
Diploma in Hotel Management English Language Programmes
Diploma in Information Technology Software Applications
Certified Accounting
Technician (CAT)
Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA)
International English Language
Testing System (IELTS) Preparatory
• Australian Matriculation
• Cambridge GCE A Level
• Canadian International Matriculation Programme
• Monash University Foundation Year
• Sunway Foundation in Arts


• Diploma in Business Administration
• Diploma in Information Technology
• Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design
• Diploma in Interior Design
• Diploma in Fine Art
• Diploma in Nursing
• Diploma in Hotel Management
• Diploma in Tourism Management
• Diploma in Events Management
• Diploma in Performing Arts
• BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance
• BSc (Hons) Business Management
• BSc (Hons) Business Studies
• BSc (Hons) Information Systems
• BSc (Hons) Information Technology
• BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management
• BSc (Hons) Psychology


(Majors in Business, Actuarial Science, Communication,
Forensic Science, Biomedical Science, Psychology,
Engineering, Aviation, Computer Science, Architecture)


(Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia)
• Accounting, Banking & Finance, Financial Risk Management,
International Trade and Marketing

• Masters in Management
• Masters in Money, Banking & Finance
• MSc in Computer Science (by research)


Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia


• Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
• Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
• Certificate in Finance, Accounting & Business (CFAB)
• The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW)


• Intensive English Programme (IEP)
• International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS)


Governed and owned by Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (800946-T) Operating Company: Sunway Education Group Sdn Bhd (145440-K)
No. 5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel +6 (03) 7491 8622 Fax +6 (03) 5635 8630 Email:
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