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Physics Lesson Plan

Teacher: .......o i.............
Class: 9/C Date: 14.05.2018
Course: Physics 9th grade (FIZICĂ clasa a IX-a) Duration: 50 min.
Chapter: 3, Coservation laws GOALS: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to;
Subject: Work- kinetic energy theorem 1- define mechanical energy and kinetic energy,
2- write formula of kinetic energy
Materials: Book, computer,smart board - projector, presentation, worksheet 3- comprehend work-kinetic energy teorem
4- apply work-kinetic energy teorem
Teachig Methods: conversation, definition, derivation, problem solving,
Evaluation Methods: Formative assesment and lesson end test

The Events of Teachig to Reach the Goals Teacher Students Interactions Didactic Timing
Lesson Stages
A) 1- Greetings 2- Attendance 3- Preparing the students to A) Greeting, check A) Greet, A) T-S A) Observation 5 min
the lesson 4- HW check. attendance, engage B) T-S, S-T B) Conversation
B) Revision: Questions to remind mechanical work use google the
classroom to lesson.
check HW! B) Students
Warm up
B) Teacher asks answer
questions about teachers
the previous question
lessons . s to
A) Write the title on the board. A) teacher writes A) write thei A) T-S A) Conversati 5 min
B) Ask what the energy in general, mechanical energy and B) question - r notebooks B) T-S, S-T on
Checking for
kinetic energy are. answer B) question – B) Questionin
answer g,
A) Energy: Write definitions of energy, mechanical energy A-D) Teacher A-D: Write A-D) T-S, S-T A-D) Explanation 15 min
B) Define kinetic energy, write on the give
C) write the formula of kinetic energyasw Ec=1/2 *m*v2. board, and gets definitions
D) write its units feedbacks E: a student
E) Work energy theorem: Demo1: use a swinging mass E: carries out helps teacher E) T-S, S-T E) Discovering
attached on a stand to show that mechanical work and demo. for demo.
kinetic energy are related. Demo2: Toy car on a horizontal
surface attached on a mass pulling it down
F) Teacher F) A students F) T-Ss, S-Ss F) Derivation
F) Derive L=ΔEc, using a figure: a mass on a horizontal prepares a derives
frictionless surface and a force parallel to ground applies diagram to equation.
on it. Mass speeds up from initial to final position. derive
G) Generalise: LT =ΔEc=Ecf-Eci G) writes final G) write G)T-Ss G) inducing
H) Obtional Part (depends on students performance): equations makes equations,
Reference frames and kinetic energy. Reference frames interpretations give
and work-kinetic energy theorem, H) discusses feedback.
with students
H) discuses H) T-Ss, S-T H) Questioning,
with teacher Deducing

A) Solve exercises: use smartboard to reflect the problems. A) Shows the A) Students A) S-Ss, S-S A) Exercising 10 min
problems on the solve Ss-S
Applying smartboard. prob. on
(exersising) the
for what we board.
learned: the
A) Revising what we learned A) gives questions A) Ss anwer A) T-S, S-T A) question - 3 min
B) A test is applied to evaluate learning. B) Delivers and B) students B) T-Ss, B) individual 10 min
Evaluating the applies the test solve Q’s individual work
performance: and applies individuall work
A) Assign questions from manual. A) Assigns A) Note A) T-Ss 2 min
problems from them to
manual. solve at
Teacher’s Note
(after lesson):