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proper manner even after Passover. While it is preferable to 28 Iyar, the 52nd anniversary of the reunification of
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again chairing the Food Drive for the ARK food pantry. Information about the Four Special Torah Readings was
Thanks to everyone who brought items for the ARK. sent out in the previous newsletter.
Purim - Yasher Koach to Rabbi Benzie for reading the Shabbat Hagodol - April 13th is Shabbat Hagodol.
Megila three times, and to Larry & Judy Weinger for It always takes place the Shabbat before Passover. The
organizing the Purim Seudah. message of this Shabbat is the maturity of the Jewish people
Adele Goldblum Women’s Council in their slaughtering a sheep, the primary Egyptian deity, as
Upcoming Events. the Korban Pesach, which led to their deliverance.
Pesach Project - See inside back cover for details on buying The Omer, or period of counting 49 days between
items for families in need. Passover and Shavuot, is a solemn period when twenty four
Women’s Shalashudos - Our first Women’s Shalashudos thousand students of Rabbi Akiva, all rabbis and leaders of
of the spring/summer season will be announced soon. Stay Israel, passed away. We begin counting (“Sfira”) the night
tuned for more details. of April 20th. One should count after sunset. If one forgot
Past Events to count at night, count the next day without reciting the
Thanks to Cookie Goldrich, Brenda Kahn, Larry Weinger, blessing. If one forgot the entire day, the blessing may not
Sharon Friedman, Carmella Bega and Larry Rosen for be recited for the rest of the Omer, even if one counts at
serving at Café ARK on March 6th; and to Brenda Kahn, night. During this time we refrain from celebrating
Larry Weinger and Larry Rosen for serving on February 6th. weddings, having haircuts, purchasing new clothing and
hearing live music. On the 33rd day of the counting, known
Congregation B.H.H. Kesser Maariv A.L.
as Lag B’Omer, this year corresponding to Thursday, May
4341 W. Golf
23rd, the students did not die. As a result, it is a day of joy
Skokie, IL 60076
and celebration. Marriages, which are ordinarily prohibited
(847) 679-9800
during the sefira period, are permitted on Lag B’Omer, and
fax (847) 679-5041
field trips and outings take place. In Israel, the day is
marked by the bonfires and pilgrimages are made to the
grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, whose Yahrzeit is on
Rabbi Louis A. Lazovsky Lag B’Omer. Shavuot begins on Saturday evening June 8th
Steven D. Goldrich, President and ends on Monday evening June 10th.
Associate Rabbi & Executive Director MAOT CHITTIM
Passover is a time of the year when we remember those who
GOOD & WELFARE are not as fortunate as others. The "Shulchan Aruch - Code
Mazel Tov to: Maury & Tina Pressburger on the birth of a of the Jewish Law" reminds us of our obligation to help all
granddaughter, Lena Miriam, born to Eli & Avital Jews celebrate Passover, our festival of freedom. Please
Pressburger in Israel...Gilda Allswang on the birth of a give generously to those in need so that they too can have
great-grandson, Shmuel Allswang, in Israel...Rabbi Dr. Matzos, Wine, Maror and all other basic Passover needs.
Pinchas & Pauline Eisenbach on the engagement of their The Shul distributes Maot Chittim to people who need it.
daughter Mimi to Meir Perry of Jerusalem...Dr. Ed Kaplan Donations may be sent to the office or given to Rabbis
on his engagement to Lisa Weider...Joe & Iris Fagan on the Louis, Ben Zion or Eli, and they will be distributed.
engagement of their son Avi to Yael Schwartz...Dan & Faith "Kol Dichfien Yasay V'yaichal - Whoever is needy, let them
Harris on the marriage of their son Mike to Nessa come and celebrate Passover with us." -Haggadah
Spector...Natalie & Oleg Meerovich on the birth of a PRE-PASSOVER PREPARATIONS
granddaughter, Liv Abigail...Danny & Adina Torchman on Pre-Pesach Shiurim at Kesser Maariv
the engagement of their son Ben. All these classes are open to men and women.
Refua Shleima to: Shelley Schwartz, Alvin J. Goodman,, Haggadah Shiur - Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik TBA
Alan Slodki. Original Explanations and Themes of the Haggadah
Thank you to our recent Kiddush Sponsors: Marlyn & Shabbat Hagodol Drasha - Rabbi Louis Lazovsky
Leonard Fensterheim; Jeff & Mila Zaretsky; Lazovsky Shabbat, April 13 at 5:30 pm
family; Howard & Barbara Pomper; and anonymous Pesach in Halacha and Hashkafa
sponsors. Laws of Pesach - Rabbi Benzie
Thank you to our recent Seudat Shlisheet Sponsors: Wednesday, April 10 at 7:35 pm (after Maariv)
Lazovsky and Allswang families; Aron Lavon; Mike In addition, many of Rabbi Ben Zion’s previous classes are
Wishner; Arkady & Ellen Kats; Jeff & Eleanor Greenspan; available on
Mitzvot of the Seder Night: Reciting the Haggadah; 4) The Prohibition of Eating Chametz begins at 10:11 am on
Matza; Maror; Four Cups; Reclining; Hallel: Friday morning April 19; (direct link) 5) The Seder - We cannot begin the seder until after
Preparing for Pesach: Bedikat Chametz; How to Kasher nightfall (8:00 pm). In each and every generation we must
your home; Selling Chametz; How Matza is Made feel as if we are re-experiencing the exodus from Egypt. Accordingly, we must delve into the Haggadah to remember
Thoughts on the Hagaddah. the suffering of our ancestors and to learn of the greatness
LIST OF COMMUNITY PESACH PREPS of Hashem. We must involve our children in this process
cRc Pesach Fair, including Hagalas Kaylim (Purification and realize that each part of the Passover Seder has great
of Vessels for Passover) will be on Sunday, April 14 from meaning and significance. In addition to reciting the
2 pm - 5:30 at HTC, 7135 N. Carpenter, Skokie, (also knife Hagaddah, special mitzvot of the night include drinking four
sharpening and Shaatnez checking) cups of wine or grape juice, eating Matza, Maror and a Yom
Hagalas Kaylim at Kesser Maariv on Sunday April 14 Tov meal. We must eat the Afikomen by 12:50 am.
from 7:30pm-9:00 pm! 6) First Day - On Shabbat morning April 20 we have a Yom
Hagalas Kaylim - at Telshe Yeshiva, 3535 W. Foster, Tov service in Shul, followed by a Yom Tov meal. Note
Chicago: Sunday & Monday nights April 14-15 from 7:30 that we may not eat a meal after 6:05 pm in preparation for
pm-9:00pm. Big orders must reserve 773-727-5241. the second seder. Seudat Shlisheet should be eaten before
Shaatnez Testing - available at Star Cleaners, 3704 then, and will not be served in Shul.
Dempster, year-round. 7) Second Night & Seder - We cannot begin to make
Skokie’s Spring Greening on April 14, 2019 from 10:00 preparations or begin the second seder until after candle
a.m. - 2:00 pm at Niles North High School, 9800 Lawler, lighting on Saturday evening April 20, which is not before
Skokie. You can drop off batteries, tires, paint, shred 8:20 pm. Recite the mini-Havdala “Baruch Hamavdil Bein
d o c u me n ts a nd mu c h mo r e . Details at Kodesh L’chol” at that time then light candles. Remember to transfer the fire from an existing flame; and let that
Free Document Shredding & Some Electronics candle burn out by itself, as we may not extinguish flames
Recycling - Sunday April 7 from 1 pm- 5 pm at 7530 N. St. on Yom Tov. We do recite “Shehechiyanu” at candle
Louis in Skokie (south of Howard). lighting; some have the custom to have a new fruit for the
Proper Disposal of Shamos - Sunday April 7 from 1 pm- second night. After this, you may cook/warm up food, set
5 pm at 7530 St. Louis, Skokie, (charge based on volume). the table and then begin the Seder. The Seder is very
Shamos should not be brought to Kesser Maariv. Note: similar to the first night’s Seder. There is a special Kiddush
Likutei Pshatim (and similar publications) may be double- that includes Havdala (known by the Talmudic acronym
bagged and placed with the regular garbage pickup. YaKNeHaZ) and all Hagaddas include it. It is preferable to
Burn Chametz on Friday morning April 19 from 8:00 am use clear, incandescent light bulbs in your room as the
until 11:00 am, at various locations in Skokie. Everyone candle for Havdala. One should not light a havdala candle
must perform Bitul (nullification of) Chametz and recite the because we are not permitted to blow it out on Yom Tov. If
Kol Chamira before 11:30 am. you don’t have clear incandescent bulbs, hold 2 regular
Selected Laws for Passover 5779 candles together for Havdala and then set them in holders to
Preparing for Passover is always difficult. I will attempt to burn out by themselves. The Afikoman must be eaten by
briefly cover 13 areas but urge you to either review the laws 12:50 am.
from the original source materials, attend any of the many 8) Second Day After Shul we have a Yom Tov meal. We
classes being offered by competent rabbinic authorities, recite a basic Havdalah over wine only after Yom Tov.
including at Kesser Maariv, or call me with any questions. 9) Chol Hamo’ed begins after Havdalah and continues until
(See laws of Kashering on next page) Thursday night, April 25.
1) We Search for Chametz on Thursday night, April 18 10) Seventh Night - April 25 - Candle lighting at 7:23 pm
after sundown. We follow all of the procedures and Make sure to make an Eruv Tavshillin before candle
customs including reciting the blessing and Kol Chamira lighting!
(renunciation of ownership) upon conclusion of the search; This allows us to cook food on Yom Tov for Shabbat, which
2) The Fast of the First Born is on Friday morning April 19. begins immediately after Yom Tov. A special bracha is made
Fathers fast for their first born son under Bar Mitzvah. A over two matzot and a cooked food, commonly a piece of fish
Siyum can be attended if fasting is difficult. We will hold a or chicken. The Bracha is “Baruch Ata Ad-nai (G-d’s Name)
siyum that morning after our 6:00 am minyan; El-heinu melech ha’olam asher kidishanu b’mitzvotav
3) We Burn Chametz on Friday morning April 19. Burning vitzivanu al mitzvat eruv.” The accompanying B’din Eruvah
of the Chametz will be available that day, from 8:00 am declaration (see ArtScroll Siddur p. 654) should also be
until 11:00 am, at Or Torah and Chovevei Tzion. Everyone recited. This food is set aside and eaten on Shabbat.
must perform Bitul (Nullification of) Chametz and recite the We do not make “Shechiyanu” at Candle Lighting.
Kol Chamira at this time; That night we eat a Yom Tov meal.
11) Seventh Day - April 26 -we read about the miracle of the Ovens: Run a self clean with the oven racks inside. If it is
Splitting of the Sea. After Shul we eat a Yom Tov meal. not self-clean it is Kasherable, but ask me for instructions.
12) Eighth night - April 26 - we light candles (from an Rangetops Gas: Burners should be on for thirty minutes
existing flame, like paragraph 7 above) by 7:24 pm, since with the grates in their normal position. Afterward, the
we may not transfer a flame on Shabbat. Also, if one wishes grates must also be covered with foil for Pesach. Electric
to warm up food, it must be on the blech (etc.) before this ranges need to be red-hot for at least 30 minutes. Often you
time. We include Shabbat in the Blessing but do not make must put a brick on the burner for it to turn red-hot. Glass
Shehechiyanu, and eat a Yom Tov meal. top ranges have slightly different details; please ask me.
13) Eighth Day - April 27 - at Shul we read King Solomon’s Dishwashers: May not be kashered for Pesach.
Song of Songs, and recite Yizkor, a custom that began in the Sinks: Stainless steel sinks may be kashered with hagala
Middle Ages in Europe. Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik feels (pouring scalding water on them). Sinks must be clean and
Yizkor on Festivals (as opposed to Yom Kippur) was begun with no rust spots. Boil water in a container until there is a
to remember family members who were killed in Pogroms rolling boil, and carefully pour the water on all parts of the
and whose absence is sorely felt on Yom Tov. sink and faucet. Cast-iron sinks cannot be kashered. Still,
Remember to eat your Eruv Tavshillin food. one must pour boiling water on the cast-iron sink as
We will have Seudat Shlisheet in Shul. described above, and additionally one must cover the
We make a regular Havdala, and after Havdala surface of the sink. One possibility is to buy a dishpan that
please be careful and put away all your Pesach utensils fits in your sink and drill a hole in it to drain (but be careful
before bringing Chametz into your house. And remember, the sink should not back up into the dishpan).
there is a big Mitzva to eat Matza with enthusiasm and Silverware: Can be kashered if they are rust free with
gusto on the First night of Pesach. There is no mitzva to eat Hagala. You can drop them into a pot of boiling water one
Chametz after Pesach!!! at a time, or go to the cRc Pesach Fair (Sunday 4/14 from
Please call me at home (847) 676-0556 or at the 2:00-5:30 pm at HTC, or at Telshe on Sunday & Monday
synagogue (847) 679-9800 if you have any questions about 3/14-15 from 7:30-9:00 pm. Or at Kesser Maariv on
these or other issues, including how to “kasher” appliances Sunday April 14 from 7:30pm-9:00 pm!
and utensils for Pesach (Rabbi Ben Zion’s shiur on this topic Anything with small holes or crevices cannot be
is online at or see the summary below). A Kashered.
Chag Kasher V'samayach, and on this Pesach, may we merit Pots: Pots that are usually used for cooking liquids may be
the ultimate redemption. kashered by Hagala, provided they are
clean and have no
crevices. For details, see one of the
Shabbat Hagodol Drasha Shabbat Afternoon April 13 at 5:30 pm bring it to the cRc Pesach Fair. Frying
Search for Chametz - Bedikat Chametz Thursday night, April 18 pans and roasting pans cannot be
Fast of the First Born-Taanit Bechorim (Siyum after minyan) Friday, April 19 kashered.
Prohibition of eating Chametz begins at 10:11 am Friday, April 19 Dishes: Cannot be kashered.
Burning of Chametz before 11:31 am Friday, April 19 Countertops: The cRc Passover
Sedarim Friday evening, April 19 & Saturday evening April 20 Guide has an extensive list of
Eat the Afikomen no later than 12:50 am April 19 & 20 countertop materials and if they may
First two days of Yom Tov Shabbat April 20 & Sunday April21 be kashered. Even if your countertop
Chol Hamoed (Intermediate Days) Monday April 22-Thursday April 25 cannot be kashered, clean it well and
Last Days of Yom Tov- Thurday evening April 25 - Saturday evening April 27 cover it – some people cover it with
boards, some use Contact paper with
light adhesive and some use aluminum
Brief Laws of Kashering Your Kitchen for Pesach foil. Wh a t e ve r you use, cover it well
so that food will not touch the
by Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky countertop. Clean and cover your
Kashering your kitchen for Pesach is never easy. Below are backsplash too.
some main points on Kashering. Please ask any Rabbi Refrigerators: Must be thoroughly cleaned with soapy
Lazovsky for more details or even to see if your situation water. Does not need a 24 hour waiting period beforehand.
differs from what is listed below. We are always happy to Small appliances like coffee makers, Keurig machines,
help people understand what they need to do to Kasher their crock pots, instaPots, blenders and food processors cannot
kitchen. be kashered for Pesach. For any other items advice or
Most items and appliances must be clean and idle for 24 assistance, please ask me - email
hours before Kashering.

The first guide is the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) Guide to Passover for 2018/5778. They posted some acceptable lipsticks:

Another guide is the Star-K Passover Directory & Medicine Guide which is available
Pet food p. 104.

Q u i c k p e r s o n a l i t e m s ( i n c l u d i n g t o o t h p a s t e )

Quick medicines (like OTC pain relievers)

Short Excerpt from Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik’s

Hagaddah Shiur - 2015
transcribed by Rabbi Benzie

Shemos 6:6 mentions four terms of redemption: vehotzeisi (I will take you out), vehitzalti (I will save), vega’alti (I will
redeem) and velakachti (I will take). Coresponding to these we have four cups of wine. Vilna Gaon goes on to say that’s
why we have four questions and four sons.
Why the four sons? There is a law “a slave has no pedigree.” That Halacha is based on the fact that children of
slaves were sold away from them. So at the Seder we focus on the child-parent bond. That demonstrates Cheirus (freedom).
Regarding the four questions – in a free society we may ask questions. In slavery we can’t. The psychological ability to ask
questions is demonstrative of freedom.
What is difficult about these four leshonos is that the medieval commentator Rashbam (Pesachim 99 s.v. velo)
mentions the four expressions in a different order than in Torah: Vehotzeisi, second is Vagaalti (in Torah is third), third is
velakachti (fourth in Torah) then vehitzalti (second). Why did Rashbam change the order? I think he identified each term
with the content of each stage of the Hagaddah. In Kiddush we say zecher litzias mitzrayim – vehotzeisi. Second is “asher
g’alanu” so he corresponds it with vegaalti. Third cup, in bentching in Yaaeh veyavo we say “vezichron amcha kol beis
yisrael lifanecha - the memory of all your nation Yisrael shall be before You,” which corresponds with velakachti. In Hallel
(fourth cup) we say “li yehoshia - a salvation to me”; also in Nishmas we mention G-d “saved us from death - mecherev
The four cups are identified with pesukim that correspond to specific points in the hagaddah That means part of
undergoing cheirus to Rashbam is to drink them in the proper place in Hagaddah. Why? Simple: We say “vehigadta levincha
- tell your son” about the Exodus. Malbim points out “haggadah” is distinct from “Amirah.” (Amirah is mentioned by Pesach
– va’amartem evach pesach hu Lashem) but Amirah means “to say”; haggadah is to communicate. The Jew who brought
bikkurim (first fruits) to Jerusalem starts off saying higadti hayom. How can he say “higadti - I said” if that is his first word?
Malbim (Devarim 26:13) says it means “I communicated.” Because he marched into Jerusalem with his Bikkurim in a parade,
that was communicating a message. Rashbam holds the cheirus isn’t just saying but demonstrating. Rambam (Laws of
Chametz 7:5) says we fulfill the mitzva of Hagadda not just by saying the Haggaddah, but by communicating the four cups
of wine. So the cup must be associated with the content in the Hagaddah.
FOR YOUR SEDER...RABBI MOSHE 3) The Rambam states one should maximize mentioning
SOLOVEICHIK’S 2nd HAGADDAH SHIUR - 2000 the explanations of the Sages in the Haggadah. Why? The
Haggadah is dedicated to the Mesorah [transmission of the
Rabbi Soloveichik usually develops a theme from several Oral Law], and the Sages (Chazal) are in the chain of the
questions on the Haggaddah. In this shiur from 2000, Mesorah - see Rambam’s introduction to Yad Hachazaka.
which was given in addition to the regular shiur, Rabbi And this is also the reason the Zohar says Pesach is “peh
Soloveichik made several brief points on the Hagaddah. sach - a mouth that talks.” What is peh sach? The Oral
I transcribed this, and errors should be attributed to me. Law; the Mesorah [which must be transmitted orally, not
–Rabbi Benzie just in written form]. What relation does the Mesorah
have to Pesach? Pesach is about the linkage of generations
1) What was the great thought of Rebi Yehuda who (Rabbi Soloveichik developed this theme in an earlier
abbreviated the ten plagues to Detzac”h Adas”h B’acha”v? shiur the same year - Ed.).
What is the purpose of the Haggadah? One of the
purposes is to teach the children. But there are two ways 4) What is going on with the argument between Rebi Yosi
to teach: A lecture which is very entertaining yet the Haglili, Rebi Eliezer and Rebi Akiva regarding the number
lecturer doesn’t say anything - the people are no more of plagues on Egypt and on the sea? One of my teachers,
educated when they leave than when they began the Rabbi Chaim Segal, answered because the Torah says “All
lecture. And the second way of teaching is to teach the the sufferings I put on the Egytians I will not put on you,”
listeners something new so they leave more educated. The so these Sages wanted to say what happened to the
mitzvah on Pesach is that the children should remember Egyptians so it won’t happen to us. The problem with that
what they are taught. The Gemara at times, when it asks answer is that not every plague was a machala. Therefore
many questions or mentions many opinions, gives a I think the answer is when someone does something for us,
mnemonic/abbreviation to remember all the we thank him for it. However, psychologically, the more
questions/opinions. Rebi Yehuda is teaching us this idea things he did for me the less I’d thank him because
that upon leaving the seder everyone should remember someone does not want to be in another’s debt. However,
what they learned. the Torah says we must mention everything about the
Exodus, even the number of plagues at the sea and the
1a) According to this explanation, we understand the Dayeinu [which list things that occurred after the Exodus].
midrash which says Detzac”h Adas”h B’acha”v was
inscribed on the staff of Moshe. I think the Midrash is 5) Why doesn’t the Rambam list the argument of Rebi
figuratively expressing something from Parshas Bo: Yosi Haglili, Rebi Eliezer and Rebi Akiva in his
Hashem said “I have hardened Pharaoh’s heart and the Haggadah? I saw mentioned in the name of my uncle
hearts of his servants so my signs may be well known in [Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik] that on the Seder night we
their midst” - because we needed to tell our children, G-d are only interested in what happened on the night of the
brought the signs [meaning the plagues, but “signs” also Exodus. If so, why do we mention the miracle of the
refers to the mnemonic]. It is the future affecting the past splitting of the sea if it didn’t happen for another seven
(see Halakhic Man page 116 - the teleological view of days? I think the answer is that we want to emphasize G-d
history -Ed.). was trying to establish a relationship with us. When you
see etzba you see a finger, and when you see yad you see
1b) With this we can also understand “The Torah speaks the entire hand. At the sea the Jewish People saw the
to the four sons”- the purpose of Yetzias Mitzrayim was so hand, while upon leaving Egypt they only saw a finger.
we could teach our children about it and about G-d. Sometimes our later experiences give us a better
perception about what happened beforehand. So while we
2) The Gaonim (Babylonian sages in the years 700-1000 saw the “hand” at the sea, it helped the Jews understand
CE) spoke strongly against those who mentioned the what happened a week earlier at the Exodus. The Jews
verses in the Haggadah without also mentioning the sang a song at the sea but not upon leaving Egypt for while
explanations by the Sages. The reason for this could be they were in Egypt they saw the plagues but not the One
that at that time the Karaites (who did not accept the Oral behind the plagues. And this argument of Rebi Yosi
tradition of the Sages) were powerful and if someone Haglili, Rebi Eliezer and Rebi Akiva about how many
didn’t mention the sayings of our Sages he was identifying plagues G-d brought upon the Egyptians and the sea does
himself with the Karaites. not have to do with what happened on the night of the
The Prisoner's Hagaddah: Minimum and Maximum in point to a maid and say we were slaves like her. Pantomime
Hagaddah by Rabbi Benzie can be used to enhance the Hagaddah if someone will learn
The First Lubavitcher Rebbe in his Shulchan Aruch more from pantomime, but verbal sayings are also required.
Harav 473:53 cites an incident of a prisoner without access The mitzvah of Haggadah is V'higadta (verb for tell) — not
to a hagadda but he had chumash and read on the Seder v'amarta (say). Telling is more than just words.
night the Torah passages about the Exodus. Just "there was The Chinuch gives a different reason why we must
an incident." Did her fulfill his obligation of Hagaddah? verbalize the Hagaddah: Hearing those words will cause us
My uncle sees several possibilities. 1. Perhaps the to feel free and understand it more. We thereby see that on
standardized form of hagadda is so deeply rooted as The Pesach night we must have a feeling of freedom. This is
Way to do sippur, that the poskim can not say when you're part of other mitzvos as well — like mourning or being
in prison do it differently. They lacked the power to make happy on Yom Tov. Rav Ahron Soloveichik and his brother
such a statement [so he did not fulfill his obligation] 2. The argued about it, though. Ray Ahron held the feeling was
prisoner in fact did not fulfill his obligation. Reading from internal, and the actions are external manifestations fo the
the chumash without the droshos is not enough. But it was Inner feeling. The feelings gush out and cause the action.
a nice thing to do. 3. It is a psak. This is what you do in Rab Yoshe Ber held the opposite; the actions are performed
such a situation. in order to cause a certain feeling in the heart. These two
My reaction: Rabbi Kasher in Hagaddah Shleima approaches are also offered with respect to Hagaddah. The
and Rabbi Ki-Tov in Sefer Hatodaah bring down opinions Chinuch certainly holds like Rav Yoshe Ber, that the verbal
how old the Hagaddah is, some of the shitos seem Haggadah makes us feel free. However, I feel the Rambam
farfetched. Some point out the Anshe Knesses Hagedolah holds that the feelings of freedom cause us to do certain
made some of the text, and that does make sense. (Rav actions. Rambam's Hagaddah in Avadim hayimnu says
Yoshe Ber Soloveitchik said the text when the Beis Maarich - because of your emotions you gush and are
Hamikdash stands is different than our text. One of the maarich. We must act free - drink 4 cups, recline. (Their
questions then was on every night we eat meat cooked uncle Rav Yizchak Zev Soloveichik discusses acting free is
however, but tonight only roasted meat, because the part of seder or a separate Rabbinic mitzvah.)
Korban Pesach was only roasted. Rambam holds there were In the Gulag, Mendelevitz did lots of preparations
5 questions then; The Vilna Gaon holds we can only have for the seder — saving potatoes, making raisin wine, and
four questions, so one of the current four was omitted. So saying as much of the Haggadah as he remembered. See
there is not one absolute, correct text.) Did he fulfill his
Rabbi Zevin in Festivals in Halacha brings a obligation of Hagaddah? As long as he verbalized it and
tshuvos hageonim that if you read the pesukim without the mentioned Torah Shebal Peh, Yes. A prisoner in the
drashos Chazal (as we have them in our Hagaddah) you are punishment cell is able to — not everyone can, but some
suspected of being a heretic (of not accepting the Oral can — have the feeling of being free.
Law). The Rambam also says vedoresh m'arami oveid avi And this answers why Moshe isn't in the Hagaddah
(your must expoind in the manner of the Oral Law). So the — he isn't mentioned by name, but because Hagaddah is
drashos are part of the hagaddah, My feeling is that to only Oral Torah, it includes Moshe because all Oral Torah came
say the written Torah about the Exodus does not fulfill through Moshe.)
Hagaddah, there must be Oral Torah also, and that's why So the minimum of Hagaddah includes Torah
we read the drashos and say things ourselves; that's why verses and Oral Law explanations of them, and feelings of
Rabi Akiva, Rabi Yehoshua, Rabi Elazar ben Azarya etc freedom. The maximum is up to you. There is no
spoke, they were learning Oral Torah (some even have maximum. (And see commentators why Rabbi Akiva and
girsa hilchos hapesach kol halayla - those halachos are from everyone spoke all night.)
So the prisoner did a good thing with what he had,
but it wasn't complete.
Can one do a pantomime Seder? If you think of
the Hagaddah and don't verbalize it, do you fulfill your
obligation? No. Chinuch says no. Rambam (7:5) says no -
he brings the statement of Rabban Gamliel that you must
say Pesach Matza and Maror. In 7:3 he says if you are
alone you have to ask the four questions to yourself.
Thinking of the question isn't enough; you must verbalize
it. Why? One reason is Hagaddah is Oral Torah, so it must
be verbalized.
This Oral Torah isn't limited to being oral. Using
props is mentioned: Rambam — for a yourng child you
How to do your Pesach Cleaning Cheerfully in Oven If you do not have a self-cleaning oven, it is
Less than One Day by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner possible to kasher it, but please ask a Rabbi.
Rav Aviner is Rosh Yeshiva of Ateret Yerushalaiym in the Old Stove - Grates: Clean and cover the grates with as much
City of Jerusalem. He is a very respected Religious Zionist aluminum foil as possible. Use aluminum foil that is thick
posek. Rabbi Benzie edited this post from his site enough not to tear, but thin enough to bend and shape. What a waste of time and effort! The best thing is to use special Pesach
eaning_05.html burners.
Some of his rules are not what I usually recommend, but this is Bottom Pan (where everything falls): In general, if
a very helpful article. -Rabbi Benzie aka -Ed. some food falls into it, we do not pick it up, and it is considered
If you want to do a spring cleaning, this is certainly "treif;" nevertheless, put aluminum foil on it.
possible, but not before Pesach – this is not the appropriate time. Knobs: Wipe them clean.
Pesach vacation is for taking trips, playing with the kids, being Refrigerator Clean it, but it does not have to be a lot
happy, dancing and preparing stories for the Seder...You can of work. Clean it. It is best to eat up all chametz before Pesach,
take trips, enjoy yourself, and arrive at the Seder rested in order but if expensive chametz food products are left over, i.e. frozen
to make a beautiful Seder and inspire the children. foods, they may be wrapped up well, labeled "chametz," stored
A husband does not have to help his wife nor does a in the back of the freezer and included in the list of chametz sold
wife have to help her husband. Rather, the two of them have to before Pesach. Cover the shelves with plastic. Similarly, you
clean together since this is a shared home, and it is a shared life must clean the door's rubber seal as well. If it is old, sometimes
as well. it is easier to replace it.
Children's Clothes There may be cookies in your kids' Food Pantry Do not clean. It is a waste of time. Seal,
pockets. Even the crumbs must be removed, since a child may put sign or sticker not to use and include it in sale of chametz.
put his hand into his pocket and then into his mouth. You only Cabinets of dishes, utensils, pots and pans
have to check the clothes you will be wearing that season. It is Dishes, shelves, and drawers that will not be used on Pesach
unnecessary to check any clothes that are put away and will not may be sealed, and need not be cleaned. There are those who are
be worn now. Running the clothes through a washing machine strict to clean even the things which are used for chametz, but
will not necessarily get rid of all of the crumbs. The clothes must one can be lenient on account of three reasons, each of which
be checked. would be enough:
Toys must also be checked. However, you may put 1. We sell all the crumbs together with the sale of chametz. 2.
some or all of the toys away, and buy new toys as a present for The dishes are clean -- nobody puts a dirty dish away in the
the holiday! This serves a double purpose of saving work and cabinet. 3. Even if there is "chametz dirt," it is definitely less
making the children happy. than a "kezayit."
Bathroom Cabinets may contain chametz items, such Microwave It can be kashered by not using it for
as alcohol derived from wheat. What a waste to clean it. Close twenty-four hours, cleaning it for five minutes and boiling water
and tape the cabinets and include it in the sale of chametz. in it for half an hour. All food cooked or baked in it on Pesach
Couches You have to check between the pillows. It is should be placed in a covered utensil. (The glass in the
an interesting experience to find lost objects. microwave cannot be kashered for Pesach. -Ed.)
Books There is no need to clean them, just do not put Counters It is possible to cover them with thick
them on the table on which you eat. The custom is not to check aluminum foil, and then there is no need to kasher them at all;
books for the crumbs that remain in them, but to rely of the just wipe them with a rag. Sometimes it is complicated to cover,
nullification. Clean the books which you will want to read at the and then one can kasher it. Where there are holes, pour floor
table on Pesach, or clean a few books for Pesach. bleach in them and then pour water from an electric kettle which
Dining Room You do not have to clean everything, just is still boiling. It is good for two people to do this: One to pour
the place where people eat, i.e. the chairs and the table. and the other to unplug. (See cRc guide for list of Kasherable
Chairs: If the chairs are clean, there is no need to clean countertop materials –Ed.)
them. If the kids throw cereal or other things on them and they Sink Regarding the kitchen sink, there are a few
do not look clean, clean it with a wet rag. solutions: 1. Put a plastic bin inside. Just make sure there is still
Table: There are two options: 1. Kashering with boiling a direct flow down the drain (and the sink does not back-up into
water (if the material can be Kashered. Otherwise...). 2. the bin -Ed.) 2. Thoroughly clean and kasher the sink like the
Covering with several layers of plastic and cloth tablecloths. counters. (If it made of a kasherable material - Ed.)
High Chair: If it is plastic, it may be immersed in a tub Car You have to clean it. Take out the mats and gather
with boiling water and cleaning agents. Clean the cracks with a the "chametz dirt" – there is no need for a vacuum cleaner -- and
stiff brush. It is unnecessary to take the chair apart, because clean the compartments and containers. There is no need to pour
whatever is in the cracks and holes is inedible to a dog. water or dismantle the seats. In general, there is no need to
Kitchen This room must be thoroughly cleaned and not dismantle anything with screws. Any way you look at it -- if the
one crumb of chametz left. A crumb is not nullified even in a chametz is accessible, you can take it out without a screwdriver,
thousand times its volume. and if it is not accessible, it will not come out on Pesach either.
Dishwasher It is preferable not to kasher a dishwasher. A Happy and Kosher Pesach to one and all!!!
You can do the dishes by hand as in previous generations. It is
also possible to use disposable dishes.
Date Candle Lighting “Erev” Mincha Shacharit Shiur Mincha
Shmini (Parah) 3/29-3/30 6:53 pm 6:55 pm 8:45 am 5:45 pm 6:45 pm
Tazria (Hachodesh) 4/5-4/6 7:00 pm 7:05 pm 8:45 am 5:50 pm 6:50 pm
Metzora - Hagadol 4/12-4/13 7:09 pm 7:15 pm 8:45 am 5:30 pm 7:00 pm
1st Day Pesach 4/19-4/20 7:16 pm 7:20 pm 8:45 am n/a 7:20 pm
2nd Day Pesach 4/20-4/21 8:20 pm 7:20 pm 8:45 am tba 7:25 pm
7th Day Pesach 4/25-4/26 7:23 pm Eruv 7:25 pm 8:45 am tba 7:25 pm
8th Day Pesach 4/26-4/27 7:24 pm 7:25 pm 8:45 am tba 7:20 pm
Acharei Mot 5/3-5/4 7:32 pm 7:35 pm 8:45 am 6:25 pm 7:25 pm
Kedoshim 5/10-5/11 7:39 pm 7:45 pm 8:45 am 6:30 pm 7:30 pm
Emor 5/17-5/18 7:47 pm 7:50 pm 8:45 am 6:40 pm 7:40 pm
Behar 5/24-5/25 7:53 pm 7:55 pm 8:45 am 6:45 pm 7:45 pm
Bechukotai 5/31-6/1 7:59 pm 8:05 pm 8:45 am 6:50 pm 7:50 pm
Bamidbar 6/7-6/8 8:04 pm 8:50 pm 8:45 am 6:55 pm 7:55 pm
1 Day Shavuot 6/8-6/9 9:07 pm 7:55 pm 4:35 am & n/a 8:10 pm
8:45 am
2nd Day Shavuot 6/10-6/11 9:08 pm 8:10 pm 8:45 am tba 8:10 pm
Naso 6/14-6/15 8:10 pm 7:00 pm 8:45 am 7:00 pm 8:00 pm
Beha’alotcha 6/21-6/22 8:10 pm 7:00 pm 8:45 am 6:55 pm 7:00 pm
Shlach 6/28-6/29 8:11 pm 7:00 pm 8:45 am 6:55 pm 7:00 pm
If you have a chiyuv - obligation to daven or require an Aliya, please inform Rabbi Lazovsky before Shabbat.
Early Shabbat will begin after Shavuot, on June 14. Light candles by 7:25 pm and Repeat Shema.

Minyan Times - Minyanim meet in the Classes
Kaufman Bais Midrash • Sunday Morning at 9:15 am: Parsha Class in the Weekly
Sedra. Given by Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik
Shacharit • Wednesday night after Maariv: “Gemara Brachos.” Given
Sunday: 8:00 am by Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky.
Monday-Friday: 6:00 am • Shabbat afternoon two hours before Mincha - Parsha
Class. Given by Rabbi Eli Lazovsky.
Mincha-Maariv • Shabbat afternoon one hour before Mincha - Parsha Class
Sunday– Thursday: 10 minutes before (after Pesach on Pirkei Avot). Given by Rabbi Lazovsky.
sundown • For more learning opportunities, contact Rabbis Benzie or

Malamud Reference Library – Come and Learn from any of the hundreds of titles in our library.
Lending Library – Members may borrow books from our Lending Library, located on the south side of the
Social Hall.
Tape Lending Library – We have tapes & digital files on many topics including Chumash, Talmud & Mussar.
Pesach 2019 Chesed Project- Kesser Maariv
Help local families in need by providing them with the food items which they have requested for Pesach. All items need
to be marked with a "P" and must be acceptable by CRC standards (examples: CRC, OU, OK, Kaf K and more!)

How does this project work?

Please email or call Barbara Sachs with the item(s) you would like to purchase. Even if multiple amounts of the same
item are requested, let Barbara know how many you intend on purchasing. Barbara's contact information is:
847-679-3669 or Be sure that these items have not already been purchased by somebody else by
getting the "ok" from Barbara. Purchase the items and then bring them to the Shul where they should be put in a
designated box in the social hall.

The best time to drop off the items are Sunday through Friday during Minyan hours. Other times are available upon
request. All items must be brought in by Wednesday April 10th. Thank you in advance for your participation in this
project. Tizku L'Mitzvot.

The List: 2 chocolate syrups

3 containers white sugar Canned fruit: 2 pineapple
2 packages brown sugar Canned fruit: 2 peaches
2 jars honey Canned fruit: 1 fruit cocktail
5 marinara sauce Canned fruit: 1 pear
2 low sodium marinara sauce (if available) 1 package mixed fruit
9 ketchup 1 package prunes
11 tomato sauce 3 salt
3 jellied cranberry sauce 2 pepper
3 mayonnaise - low fat 2 paprika
2 extra virgin olive oil 2 garlic powder
4 chocolate syrups 2 onion powder
Canned soup: 2chicken 2 cinnamon
Canned soup: 2 tomato 2 bottles apple cider vinegar
Canned soup: 2 vegetable 8 sugar-free jello- cherry
1 container chicken soup base 2 regular cherry jello
14 Chunk tuna in water 2 cake mixes with matza meal
1 bag chopped walnuts Brownie mix- 6 with matzah meal
1 package ground almonds 2 matzah farfel
3 regular instant coffee 5 potato pancake mix
1 decaf instant coffee 2 potato starch
2 box regular tea 3 lemon juice
1 flavored box decaf tea 2 packages of mixed fruit
Yizkor is always recited on the last day of Passover. This year, Yizkor will be recited on Shabbat April 27. The
congregation will continue to observe Yizkor for all who have a plaque. For those that do not have a plaque who want
Yizkor recited, please make certain that we properly remember the names of our departed loved ones. In order to do this,
we request that you fill in the HEBREW first name of your departed loved one, as well as the HEBREW first name of
their father in the space provided below. You can submit as many names as you need, just make extra copies of the form,
or write all of the names on a separate piece of paper and return them to the rabbi in the enclosed envelope.

Please remember that in the Yizkor prayer we recite that the soul of the departed should rest in eternal paradise on the
merit of charity given in their name.

Please write the Hebrew Name of the Deceased and the Hebrew name of the deceased’s father.
Name Father

_________________________________ BEN/BAT _________________________________

_________________________________ BEN/BAT _________________________________

_________________________________ BEN/BAT _________________________________

_________________________________ BEN/BAT _________________________________


Any "Chametz" which an individual desires to use after Passover must not only be stored in a separate place in the home
where it is not seen during the holiday, but it must also be considered as not belonging to the individual for that period.
This is effected by authorizing the Rabbi to sell the "Chametz" and the place where the “Chametz” is found to a non-Jew.
Rabbi Lazovsky is available to sell the Chametz at his home, at the shul or by special appointment. Please call (847) 676-
0556 to make the necessary arrangements.

While it is preferable to do this in person, in response to those who have requested a written authorization because of
their inability to do this in person, the following form may be used. The form must be received by the Rabbi no later than
Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Fill in the date, your name, home and business addresses, and sign the form.

` `` ` ` ` ` ` ` `Detach & Return ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

City: ___________________TIME ZONE:________hours ahead/behind Chicago

I ____________________________________ her eby authorize Rabbi Louis Lazovsky as my agent with the power of
attorney to sell all foods and items of Chametz in accordance with the requirements of Jewish Law, including leasing all
the area(s) in my possession where there is Chametz. This sale includes, but is not limited to, Chametz found at the
following addresses:

_________________________________________________Ci ty_____________State________ Zip _______

_________________________________________________Ci ty_____________State________ Zip _______

_________________________________________________Ci ty_____________State________ Zip _______

_________________________________________________Ci ty_____________State________ Zip _______

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ____________________