lByKatharine' Welch~ ,RMT

Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata

This is a list alphabetically of 22 of the people who are known to have been initiated by Hawayo Takata during her lifetime. There may very well have been more, but these 22 are generally recognized by Reiki people the world over as being initiated by her.

George Araki Dorothy Baba Ursula Baylow Rick Bockner Barbara Brown Fran Brown Patricia Ewing

Phyllis Lei Furumoto (Takata's grandaughter) Beth Gray

John Gray

Iris Ishikura

Harry Kuboi

Ethel Lombardi

Barbara McCullough

Mary McFadyen

Paul Mitchell

Bethel Phaigh

Barbara Weber Ray

Shinobu Sai to

Virginia Samdahl

Wanja Twan

Takata's sister

Your Reiki Lineage

Reiki First Degree:

Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Hayashi

Mrs. Takata

Phyllis Furomoto Claudia Hoffman Mary Shaw Christine Henderson Bruce Way

Ariane McMinn

Rev. Jennifer Tittle Katharine Welch

Reiki Second

Third Degree:

Dr. Mikao Usui Hawayo Takata Barbara Weber Ray Marsha Smith Barbara Roberts Claudia Senter Katharine Welch

Dr. Mikao Usui Hawayo Takata Ethal Lombardi Gail Fayhe

Ed Michaund Barbara Roberts Claudia Senter Katharine Welch


This handbook contains everything you need to know in order to practice Reiki immediately. Now your personal progress depends only on your own dedication to continue practicing and learning from your experiences. It is up to you to expand into your maximum potential.

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Love and light to you always,

Katharine "Kit" Welch

Introd uction

This book was written in the hope that it will help those who are starting out in Reiki to be able to use and teach it more effectively. As many people are aware, there is some disagreement within the Reiki community as to what is the proper way to do and to teach Reiki. I will not get bogged down in any discussions of what is "correct" or "traditional" Reiki as it is my belief that all healing is good and is of great value no matter what name is used for it. My Reiki lineage is listed on the previous page and shows that I am only a few people away from two of the Reiki masters that Hawayo Takata is said to have initiated during her lifetime. (see list of Takata's Masters.) Therefore, I have been taught as "traditional" a form of Reiki as there is.

However, practically speaking, I have changed some things as I have used my Reiki healing on clients. Some I have been led to do intuitively, others have come about because of the lifestyle we are experiencing in this decade of the 90s. I am specitically ret erring to the writing of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own, and are not necessarily in line with those who attuned me to Reiki. It was my decision to publish this book, even though in "traditional" Reiki, nothing was ever allowed to be written down and it was all handed down orally.

Becoming a Reiki Master initially cost $10,000.00 when it was first introduced in the United States and necessitated spending a year with a Reiki Master in order to learn every thing first hand and orally from him. Neither of these is practical in this day and age and thus I have written this book. It is controversial in some respects, but one other book has already been written by Diane Stein (Essential Reiki) which includes the symbols and how to do an attunement so I am simply adding my way of doing it. Diane says in her book that she does not do "traditional" Reiki but adds many other things in with it and I feel that any good healer will do the same. Many massage therapists use Reiki ,alon,~ with.the type of massage that they do and I feel that this just adds immeasurably to what the cuent receives. Does that mean that they are desecrating or in some way demeaning Reiki? Not in my opuuon,

I personally am a certified hypnotherapist also and I use that when I give a Reiki session too. I can't NOT do it because it is part of the way that I speak and relate to people on a day to day basis, so am I diluting my Reiki because of it? I think not. Readers, of course, are free to form their own opinions about anything that I write in this book and that is one of the things that I feel makes this country so wonderful. We have freedom of speech and freedom of thought and that is what I invite you to do with this book. Peruse it and if you find something of value in it, then I will have accomplished my purpose.

I have included a page with blank spaces so that you, the purchaser of this book, may write in your own Reiki Credentials, that is, who attuned you to Reiki I, II, and III. In the back of this book is a template which you may use to make your own certificates to give to those that you attune to Reiki. Instructions are included there. It is to be understood that Reiki will not work without the proper attunement from someone who has received the attunement herself, and in all practicality, the attunement procedure won't make any sense to anyone who has not received it herself. As a matter of fact, it sometimes is difficult to understand even after it has been explained, and that is why any Reiki Master worth her salt is always available to the newly initiated for any questions. I frequently called Marsha and Ed both with questions when 1 was first starting out. Happy healing!

~ilij - Wliat is it?

For those who may not know what Reiki is, it is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Force Energy. Being Japanese instead of German, it is pronounced "Ray-kee" and is similar to "chi" in Chinese. It is Leiki in the Chinese character system and the calligraph (or Kanji) for it is exactly the same as the Japanese one since they both originated from Tibet. (You can check this out for yourself by looking in any old Chinese dictionary.)

The top of the Japanese word, Rei, means spirit, ghost or soul. The Chinese interpretation, Lei, means subtle influences, the force, ethereal, supernatural power. The original Tibetan source sees it as the spirit of an entity that acts on others, is supernatural, efficacious and clever.

It is my opinion that every human being on earth does Reiki already. Think of it - if you hit your head on a kitchen cabinet, what is the first thing that you do instinctively (along with cussing and fussing some maybe)? You put your hand on it! lust try to stop yourself from doing that next time it happens and see if you can. Why is this such a universal reaction, transcending cultures and climates? It's because your hands have a natural healing ability and all Reiki does is amplify this.

The word Reiki is about as generic as you can get - it is simply the "stuff" we are made of, whatever it is that makes us alive. Therefore it can be manipulated and enhanced, and that is what a Reiki therapist learns to do in class. What the attunement does is magnify the natural healing power of your hands. It is really that simple.

What does Reiki look like?

In order to help the reader understand what Reiki is, here is a picture of it. This was taken with Kirlian photography, a method used to take pictures of energy fields. Because this kind of photography uses only the energy field itself as it's light source, it frequently uses the same film plate for multiple exposures. I first placed my fingers down on the photographic film, which showed my normal energy, and then I moved the middle finger of my right hand over a bit while I activated the flow of Reiki energy. The resulting picture shows the increase in energy that takes place with Reiki.

What does Reiki feel like?

Now that you have seen what Reiki looks like, a far better question to ask is "What does Reiki jee/ like? Trying to describe Reiki is like trying to describe a hug to someone who has never experienced one. What is it about it that makes it feel so good? What gives it the ability to comfort, heal, revitalize and calm someone down? It is so easy to do but so difficult to explain! Hugs simply have to be experienced to be comprehended.

It is the same way with Reiki. Although reams have been written about it, until the warmth of a Reiki therapists hands have soothed your body, you cannot understand - it too has to be experienced.

Reiki is an ancient art form that taps into and directs this life giving universal energy and allows the practitioner to channel this force in a way that brings the mind, body and spirit back into harmony, back into a healthy, balanced way of being. Reiki therapists never "heal" anyone - they simply allow the person's body to heal itself which it already knows how to do. Balance and harmony are our natural way of being and dis-ease comes from imbalances in our bodies. The really great thing about Reiki is that, since it has to come through us to get to others, we get a "healing" or balancing also! What a wonderful win-win situation, and everyone can be a part of it.

Where did Reihl come from?

The next two sections will give you an overview of the history of Reiki, beginning with bow it was introduced into the United States and then continuing with the rediscovery of Reiki by a monk named Usui in the mid nineteenth century in Japan. As you will discover, it is really a very ancient system that has been in use for many centuries by people on a spiritual quest, not necessarily those who were looking for physical healing.

CR.§ikj - Jl_ History

Hawayo Takata - 1900 - 1980

No history of Reiki would be complete without mention of Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who is credited with bringing Reiki from Japan into the Western world. She was born in Hawaii of Japanese immigrant parents and was named after the country of her birth. She was widowed at the age of 29 with two small daughters to raise. Because she was small and delicate and was working so hard to care for her children, she became quite ill. At age 35, weighing 97 pounds, she had appendicitis, a benign tumor, gallstones, and asthma, so she could not undergo any surgery which required anesthesia. She heard a voice say to her three times "First, get rid of all your illness. Just like that you will find health, happiness and security." It just didn't happen to say how.

To add to her problems, one member of her family died each year. Her parents had just returned to Japan for an extended visit of a year at their family home when her sister died. She felt that this news had to be delivered in person so she took her children and went to Japan herself to tell them. There it was decided that she should try to regain her health by resting and eating well, after which she would be strong enough to undergo surgery. She went to see her friend Dr. T. Maeda at the Maeda Orthopedic Hospital in the Akasaka district of Tokyo. She and her two daughters stayed at the hospital there.

After 21 days she was deemed strong enough to undergo the surgery she needed. It was scheduled and she was taken to the operating room and prepped for surgery. Again she heard a voice say three times to her" Do not have the operation. It is not necessary." She got up off of the table with the sheet wrapped around her, causing quite a stir among the nurses there, and inquired of Dr. Maeda if there was any other form of treatment she could use. He replied that there was but it would depend on how long she could stay in Japan. He could not say whether the treatment would take two weeks, two months, or a year. She answered two years, so he told her to get dressed and he called his sister, Mrs. Shimura, who was then the hospital's dietitian, to come see her.

Mrs. Shimura, she later learned, had been in a coma, dying of dysentery a few years earlier when a schoolmate of her daughter had told her about the Reiki Master Dr. Chijuro Hiyashi. She went to rum and, to everyone's amazement, Mrs. Shimura came out of the coma and made a complete recovery. Thus, Mrs. Shimura took Mrs. Takata to Dr. Hiyashi's offices, where two of his practitioners worked on her. She could feel warmth coming from their hands and looked under the table and at the ceiling to discover where the electrical cords were coming from. Finding none, she surmised that they must have something up the sleeves of their kimonos and therefore grabbed one of the sleeves. The startled man thought she must need a tissue and thoughtfully handed her one. She said that she wanted to know where he hid the machine that produced the heat in his hands. He started laughing and Dr. Hiyashi came over to see what the commotion was about, because Reiki is usually done in silence or with quiet talking when necessary.

Dr. Hiyashi tried to explain the energy to Mrs. Takata. "All I know is that I have reached this great Universal Life Force and it comes through me into you to balance your system. These (he held up his hands) are the electrodes. It is similar to the radio waves that are sent out from the station and


are picked up by the local receiving station which is the radio. We can't see them but we can experience their effect."

In three week's time, with daily treatments, Mrs, Takata was so much better that she wanted to learn how to do this Reiki. In four months time, she was completely healed of all of her ailments and asked to be able to learn how to do the treatments. Dr. Hayashi, though, was reluctant to teach her since he felt that it should remain secret within Japan, as they had already given much of Japanese culture to the Western world. Mrs. Takata then went back to Dr. Maeda and requested his assistance, which he gave. He wrote to Dr. Hiyashi on her behalf and the doctor finally agreed to let her come in and work with him, after calling a meeting of the directors of the association who gave their permission.

She spent months studying and eventually went out into the field to help others. Unbeknownst to her, full reports of her progress were sent back to Dr. Hiyashi, who finally decided that she could become a full Reiki Master. Her parents had gone back to Hawaii after a year's stay in Japan so after they left, she moved into the Hiyashi household to continue her studies. She stayed there for a year, doing Reiki treatments every day.

In the summer of 1937, Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii where a few weeks later, Dr. Hiyashi came to help set up classes for Reiki in Honolulu. Later, as the threat of war became more apparent, Dr. Hiyashi knew that he would be called to serve since he was an officer in the Naval Reserve. Being a devout Buddhist and the Reiki Grand Master, he could not kill people so therefore he had decided to set a time for his own transition to OCCUf,even though he was only 62 years old and in perfect health. He invited many people to come and at the agreed upon time, he peacefully passed on. His body lay in state for seven days at the Reiki center and not one sign of deterioration was observed. He had decreed that Mrs, Takata was to be his successor as Grand Master since no one in his immediate family wanted to take on that daunting task.

Mrs. Takata wanted to go back to Hawaii long enough to see her daughters raised and on their own and then she would come back to Japan and take over the Reiki clinic there. In the meantime, World War II erupted and the two lost contact. Afterwards, Mrs, Takata returned to Japan to find that the Reiki Center was the only building left standing in the midst of ruin all around it. With that, it was decided that she would go back to Hawaii and spread Reiki to the rest of the world from her center there. Thus, through the intervention of war, this healing technique was brought from the East to

the West and the number of practitioners has been growing ever since. .

The Rediscovery of Reiki

The story of how Reiki was rediscovered by Mikao Usui has been given to us by Mrs. Takata. There are some discrepancies in some parts of it, but in my opinion, that in no way takes anything away from the healing abilities of the art.


:;Vl rs. Haiuayo Taf(ata ~eiRj 9rand:Jriaster 1900 - 1980



rDr. Cfiujiro 'Hayashi 1879 -1941


'['lie ~discovery of ~ikj

Reiki was rediscovered and revived by Mikao Usui in the mid 1800s, of that there is no question. It has been said that Usui was a Christian monk and the Principal of a Christian seminary in Kyoto, Japan but there have been no records found to support that as of this date. However, many records were destroyed or lost during World War II and it may be that this is what happened here. He reportedly was asked by his students at the seminary why they could not heal the way that Jesus had said they could and when he had no answer, he resigned from the seminary and left to study Christianity more in depth until he could find the answer.

He purportedly went to the University of Chicago and obtained a doctor of Theology there but again, no one has been able to find any records to substantiate this. In my opinion, it is more likely that he was a Buddhist monk and he was fluent in several languages, including Japanese, Chinese, English and Sanskrit. He searched Chinese scripts to no avail and eventually went to India and studied their Holy writings.

Later he returned to Japan where he discovered some Sanskrit formulas and symbols in ancient Buddhist sutras which might have held the answers to his quest. He had discovered some symbols but he did not know what to do with them or how to use them. He was living in a monastery in Kyoto at the time and he decided to go to the holy mountain of Kuriyama to fast and meditate in order to gain clarity on his question. He fasted and meditated for 21 days with the help of 21 stones which he placed in front of him and discarded at the rate of one per day to help him count the amount of time he spent there. He was hoping to gain contact with the level of consciousness which was described in the Sanskrit formula he had just found.

During this time Usui read in the Sutras, sang and meditated and nothing at all happened to him until the morning of the last day. Just before dawn, he saw a distant light and it appeared to be rushing toward him. He realized as he sat there that it was going to strike him in the forehead and he allowed that to happen. He saw millions of little colored bubbles of light in all the colors of the rainbow and a great white light then appeared. Large transparent bubbles then appeared to him, each containing one of the symbols which he had discovered in the Sanskrit teachings. They paused long enough for him to be given the instructions on how to use them, and when he had committed it to memory, they then moved on. In this way, the Usui system of Reiki was rediscovered as revealed to him by the Buddhist Sutras.

It was several hours later when Usui returned to a normal state of consciousness. He was elated and felt a great strength and energy and so started rushing down the mountain to tell of his great news. In his haste, he fell over a rock and realized that his toe was bleeding. He instinctively grabbed it in both of his hands, and as he did so, the pain and bleeding stopped after a few minutes. He had received his first validation of his new healing insights 1

Usui was of course, very hungry after his fast and he stopped at a wayside inn and ordered a large meal. The innkeeper, seeing his beard and dirty array, knew that he had been fasting and tried to get him to eat less but U sui was able to eat all of the food with no adverse effects at all. The food was served to him by the innkeeper's granddaughter who had a bad toothache at the time. Usui asked


permission to put his hands on her swollen face and when he did, the pain immediately ceased and the swelling went down, giving him further validation of his new healing method.

Usui returned to the monastery but decided that the best use of his newly found skills would be to go to the slums of Kyoto and heal the beggars there so that they could go out and earn a living instead of having to beg. He did this for seven years until he noticed that the same faces were showing up in the slums again. When he inquired of one of them why he had returned, the man answered that it was easier to beg than to try to work for a living.

At this news, Usui was deeply troubled and felt himself to be a failure. He realized that he had forgotten one of the great principles of healing and that is the attitude of gratitude towards it. Thus in the days that followed, he came up with the Reiki principles which are:

Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger Honor your parents, teachers, and elders Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude towards all living things

Soon thereafter he left the slums and began traveling around Japan teaching Reiki. To attract to himself the right kinds of people, he would stand on a street corner holding a lighted torch in the middle of the day. Having thus gotten the attention of the people around him, he would invite them to attend a meeting that night if they really wanted to learn about light. Thus he was able to spread his teachings about this marvelous method of healing, as many who came then wanted to learn how to do it. Usui is now buried in a Kyoto temple with the story of his life written on his gravestone. It is said that his grave was honored by the Emperor of Japan.

One of his most dedicated students was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a Reserve Naval Officer, who was initiated into Reiki in the mid 19205. He was given the title of Grand Master upon the transition of Mikao Usui and opened a clinic in Tokyo. Dr. Hayashi was from a prominent family and thus was able to attract the affluent and educated segment of Japanese society, even some of the nobility. So in just one generation, Reihl went from the slums of Kyoto to the palaces of Tokyo. This is where Mrs. Takata came in 1935 to eventually become the future grand master of Reihl and to bring it to the western world.

Dr. Hayashi, sensing that a great war could not be averted in 1941, planned his own transition and gathered everyone around him for it. Since he was an officer in the navy, he knew that he would be called up for this war and after doing so much healing, he knew that he could not participate in killing. So he called everyone around him and died peacefully on a day of his own choosing so as to not be faced with an unsolvable dilemma. His body rested in state for many days and did not show any signs of deterioration before his actual funeral. He did this after helping to firmly establish Reiki in Hawaii in 1938 through Mrs. Takata and thus ensured its proliferation. Had he not done this, Reiki might have been lost during the war which ensued.

~iki and CJ(a/(u-1(ei

Raku-kei is the art and science of spiritual self-improvement which was practiced by the Tibetan Lamas and it comes from ancient Tibet. Reiki comes from Raku-kei where Raku means the vertical flow of energy, and Kei (or Chi in Chinese) is the horizontal energy. These two words, or calli graphs, were painted upon large wall hangings and were the focus for enlightenment for Tibetan holy men. Participants sat on a four legged wooden stool which was placed in the center of an earthenware container. This container was oval in shape to represent the Akasa (etheric egg), and it had three inches of water in it. The stool was made of wood with pure silver inlays going up the sides of each of the four legs and connecting with a silver inlay cubicle on the seat.

One wall of the temple was made of copper which had been polished to the highest sheen possible. Behind the aspirant was an angled wall which contained the Lama's prayer and the calligraphs of the Reiki symbols. These symbols were reflected by the copper wall, and the initiate would meditate upon them as he sat upon the stool. The idea was to implant them deep into the brain through concentration and thus raise the consciousness and awareness of the individual while purifying the mind and body. This was a very esoteric science, passed on by word of mouth only, and it eventually disappeared. It was the symbols for this meditation practice that Mikao Usui rediscovered in the ancient Sanskrit texts.

These Reiki calligraphs were used only for self development and spiritual purification in the beginning. With Usui's rediscovery of the system, many changes have taken place, and although the calligraphs remain basically the same, some revision of them has been made to appeal to the Western mind. The true system takes many, many days of intense concentration and memorization together with exercises and postures.

The system may vary slightly from teacher to teacher (even Mrs. Takata did not give the same symbols to everyone), but all teachings ofReiki have validity and are "right". Whichever teacher you are drawn to is the perfect teacher for you and her system is the right one. There are individual variations in both teachers and students and some have gifts that others do not. You should utilize all abilities that you have in respect to Reiki.

The science of molecular biology can be applied to the concept of Reiki also. The Reiki symbols have minute electrical energies that emanate from them. The second degree symbols have a powerful effect on the mindfbody connection, and the third degree symbol has an emanate quality of its own. All of these can be further influenced by the practitioner's own mental abilities and the power of concentration in the formation of mental imagery.

Quantum physics has shown us that all of matter is really just energy and almost an geometric designs emit energies of various frequencies, even when just drawn upon paper with a pen or pencil. Designs such as spirals, cones, crosses and abrupt right angles have some molecular-electric influence on the neuromuscular system of the body. The Reiki symbols also have this effect on the physical structure. They are very powerful and should not be taken lightly.


Cfiannefing ~ikj CEnergy

Reiki is healing energy that is transmitted through the hands of a channel who has been attuned (connected more directly to the Source through an initiation process). Reiki energy comes from Source or the Creator, whatever name you want to call it. You as the practitioner should simply allow the energy to pass through you into the receptor, or client. You should keep your own energy out of the way and just allow the Reiki energy to pass through you. HA \IE NO ATTACHMENT TO RESULTS. This is very important because if you allow the self to get in the way, the energy disconnects, and you will experience what is termed an EMPATHETIC DRAIN. Your own energy will be zapped and you will be of no use to anyone. Thus, the mind of the channel should remain null and void of the physiological or mental attitude and condition of the recipient. You can not take away the free will of anyone, and if it is for someone's highest and best good to remain ill or diseased, then we have to respect that. A person who receives Reiki is always helped, even if the outcome is not what we as channels want. Anyone and everyone can benefit from Reiki channeling.

Of course, this is easier said than done, especially when we have a vested interest in the person we are trying to "heal", By the way, we as Reiki practitioners never heal anyone. All we can do with the energy is balance the person's body so that her own immune system can do the job that it was created to do.

This was brought home to me very clearly once when I was first starting to do Reiki, A close friend of mine came over for a session and I was very anxious to "fix" him. I started the session and was determined to do an that I could to help him get well. I began to put my own energy into "seeing" him well and within 5 minutes I was on my knees on the floor, unable to stand up on my own at all. He had to get up off of the table and help me! I was totally useless to him or myself for the rest of the day. He had taken all of my energy because I allowed him to do so by opening myself up and "trying" to help him. Simply allow the energy to flow and to go wherever it wants to go. It has an intelligence of its own, just as our bodies know when to quit healing a cut as well as when to start healing one.

How to Perform a Reiki Session

A normal Reiki channeling session lasts about one hour, or in severe or extreme cases the session could last longer. The recipient takes otfher shoes and lies down upon a massage table. At times a chair, couch or bed could be used. However, a table provided for the specific purposes of performing Reiki usually works best. The Reiki channel then sits or stands, depending on individual preference, at the left side of the receiver and places his hands across the client's body, with no pressure and no manipulation. The hands stay in the one place until the area being treated stops drawing the energy. The energy flow will adjust itself automatically to the needs of the recipient. If the area under the hands requires a lot of energy, the flow will be felt very strongly. If the requirement is small, the flow will be almost imperceptible.

! I

The channel (practitioner) moves his hands to the succeeding positions (as shown in the treatment section), covering the whole front of the body trunk and, if the practitioner wishes, the chest including the heart is also covered. The practitioner starts at the head of the massage table and covers the appropriate positions on the head including the eyes. At this time the practitioner would be sitting or standing at the head of the table behind the head of the recipient, so that his fingertips would be pointing toward the recipient's feet when the hands are applied properly. The fingers are tightly together at ali times. Finally, the practitioner asks the recipient to turn over and then covers the positions upon the back (as shown in the treatment section). These positional treatments can be done singularly or as a team effort.

There is some disagreement as to whether jewelry or metal worn by either the giver or the recipient has any effect on the flow of energy. You will notice that in the pictures demonstrating the hand positions, I wear my watch and rings. It is my opinion that this does not affect the energy at all. If I had to worry about metal disrupting the flow, I could never give a treatment on a Reiki table because of all of the screws, nuts, bolts and cables involved in holding it together, nor could I do it indoors because of all of the nails and other metal in the roof of the house. If you feel that you need to cleanse aU metal worn, you should remember these also as they are directly in the line of the Reiki energy coming into you as the channel. I therefore leave it up to the individual to decide if he would like to remove all jewelry or not.

What does it feel like?

The recipient of a Reiki session may feel nothing at all, depending on how sensitive to subtle energy she may be. Others feel it as a warmth, similar to a hair dryer or something like that, coming into their bodies from the practitioner's hands. The therapist herself usually feels the energy as a warmth or heat, sometimes as a tingling sensation, similar to the "pins and needles" effect you feel when your leg falls asleep, only this is not at all uncomfortable. Sometimes it may feel "mint-like", as in a sort afhot/cold feeling together. One practitioner I know feels it as a coolness in her hands rather than as heat, and all of it is perfect and right because there is no wrong way to feel the energy. Reiki is always flowing when intention is set for it, whether either party feels it or not.

If the recipient is very much out of balance, the energy will be felt very strongly by the practitioner. If the energy is very light, that means that not much energy is needed and therefore the therapist will move his hands sooner. It takes about a minute to determine if the energy is going to be strong or not, but if after that amount of time, the practitioner feels no energy is being taken, then he should move his hands to another position. If the therapist is not aware of any feeling of energy at all, then staying at each position for approximately 5 minutes is a good rule of thumb to adopt.

Most of the time I personally feel the energy only in my hands, and sometimes only in certain parts of my hand, such as certain fingers or the palms of my hand. At other times, the client has been so out of balance that the energy can be felt past my wrists or elbows, and with one person, I even felt it up to my shoulder! At those times, I was very glad that I was connected to Divine Source or else I would have been sick for many days afterwards. Always guard your own energy well during a Reiki session.


The client should be advised to rise slowly up off of the table because many times lots of energy has been moved and he may feel very light headed for a few minutes. Reiki can be very powerful and care should be taken to allow plenty of time for the client to adjust to it afterwards. A glass of pure, filtered water would be an excellent offering to him also, and he should be encouraged to drink plenty of water as this will help him to assimilate toxins that may be released from his body because of the session.

Be aware also that many times a Reiki session can result in sending a client into what is referred to as a Healing Crisis. This will be when the client seems to get worse instead of better. When someone finally releases pent up energy that has been held in the body for many years, the body has to adjust to it and many times it is thrown out of kilter for a few days while it does this. It could take the form of diarrhea, or a "cold" or something like that which is really nothing more than the body's way of detoxing itself This is nothing to be alarmed about and is actually a good sign, although uncomfortable for the client. This particularly happens to those who want to get well "immediately" and aren't willing to give themselves time.

We literally hold issues in the tissues of our bodies and if something has been there for a long time, it will most likely take a long time to release. When dis-ease has been around long enough to reach a chronic stage, it will take time for the body to come back into harmony. If it has reached a terminal stage, it is doubtful that Reiki will be able to reverse it.

Accidents that have not yet had time to become cellular memory are easy to treat with Reiki. lance burned myself on the heating element of my dishwasher by reaching down for a wayward spoon as I was unloading it. The place on my hand turned very red and had started to blister up when I began to Reiki it. After about five minutes, it quit hurting and the blister was totally gone. It was a little bit pink for a few hours and by the next day I couldn't even tell where the burn had been.

Who are the Channels?

Reiki practitioners come from both sexes and all occupations, races, religions, and income levels but they all have one goal in common: they wish to help others. They are those who have received atunements, or energy amplification keys, from a qualified Reiki Master. It does not matter that someone is "only" a Reiki I or II therapist, as these can be just as powerful as Reiki Masters, and sometimes are more so. Level III practitioners should be those who want to teach and pass the information about Reiki on to others and there should be no stigma attached to those who just desire to do healing work instead of teaching it. Both the teachers as well as the therapists who use Reiki are those who are predestined to purify the planet, in my opinion. The more this healing art is spread around the world, the better our earth will be. Those who are drawn to this and other healing modalities are those who listen to the whispers of the high self, or the still small voice within, instead of the shouting and boasting of the ego.


Points to Consider in 1feafing witli CR.§ikj Therapy

Use your intuition, you know more than you think you do. Follow your impressions, even if you think they might be weird. Many times the source of the pain or discomfort is somewhere far away from the actual site of it. There is a polarity within the body where the right wrist corresponds to the left foot, the right elbow to the left knee, and the right shoulder to the left hip and vice versa. Be aware of what is going on both in your hands and in your client. People need to ask for this type of healing, and they need to accept this method.

This was brought home to me quite clearly one time. My family of origin does not get into this type of stuff at all. My brother is a fundamentalist Baptist and my sister is an atheist so they really don't understand what I am doing. My folks are very supportive of me in that they can see that what I am doing is making me very happy, so they therefore tentatively approve. However, they will not try it.

I was down at my folk's place over Thanksgiving a few years ago and my stepmom started having problems with the sciatic nerve in her left leg, so much so that she couldn't walk without pain. I offered three times to do some Reiki on her, as that type of sudden onset pain responds very wen to Reiki as opposed to chronic pain which has had years to become imbedded in the tissues of our bodies. Three times she refused and instead opted for the prescription drugs. I had to bite my tongue and just bless her and let her go, knowing that she was chasing her own path, no matter how different it was from mine.

It was a lesson in practicing what I preach and admittedly, it was difficult to see her in so much pain for the bulk of the weekend. I thought for a minute of going into a back room and just sending her the energy anyway, but that would not have been right. She had declined the energy and I had to be OK with it. That is why I surround myself with my «family of choice" instead - like-minded individuals who think the same way that I do. It does make life easier.


The energy knows what to do, it has an intelligence of its own. It comes from an INTENT to heal and the people come from an intent to be healed. Always ask for permission to do hands-on healing with anyone, as some people are uncomfortable with being touched.

Do not be attached to results and do not question whether you are doing it right. You cannot make a mistake in the application of the energy. On the physical level, when you touch, you heal. When you take your hands off, it stops. Therefore, when doing a session, try to keep at least one hand in contact with the client at all times when moving from one position to the other. Also keep the tingers together (although not necessarily the thumbs), as this concentrates the energy and spreading the fingers apart dissipates it.


Remember that you are a receiving station to bring in energy. There is a massive continual exchange of energy when you work on another body temple. The energy will automatically go where it is needed, you do not have to direct it.

The law of attraction is: When someone comes to you, they are drawn to you, therefore you are the perfect person for them at that time. Do it from your heart chakra. You are ready, and you have all that you need. Turn it over completely to God and just let it happen. You know nothing and there are no rules. Rest assured, you have done it lifetimes before, and all you have to do is remember.

First Healing

The left side on most people is receptive and the right side is sending. That is why if you are standing in a circle and holding hands with everyone, you should have your left hand up to receive the energy and your right hand down to pass it on. ("If it were left up to me, I'd w-right it down" is a good way to remember this.) Just as an aside, there is a law in physics called the rule of right thumb to know which way cogs in wheels should go. If you curl the fingers of your right hand counterclockwise, your thumb is up and that is which way the energy goes. If you curl them clockwise by turning your hand upside down, your thumb is pointing down and the energy is being grounded. So if the intent is to raise the energy in a group, the hands should be held as described above. This will move the energy counterclockwise around the circle formed by the group, thus raising the energy. If the intent is to ground the energy, the opposite way should be used.

This is the reasoning behind sitting or standing on the left side of the client while giving a Reiki session but it does oat make a whole lot of difference. If the table can be situated so that the client's head is pointed to the north, that is preferable but again it is not essential. Place your hands on the client according to the instructions in the treatment section of this book and then use your intuition to judge how long to stay in one place aod which positions to utilize

Do not believe "nothing is happening" - something is happening at all times. Stay out' of the way, and do not concentrate on what you are doing. Do not try to PUSH OR FORCE the energy. When you try, you close down the process. Keep your own consciousness out of the energy channeling procedure and just put everything out of your mind.

The body's suffering is a mask to hide what the mind is suffering. When you remove the cause, there shall be no effect, and all dis-ease comes from emotional sources. It is the body's way of trying to get your attention to let you know that something is amiss. Encourage your clients to listen to their own bodies and quit trying to put band-aids on issues that need to be addressed. Covering them up does not cure them. By balancing the energy centers in the body, the emotions can be more readily handled and healed (integrated into the body).



Wlien ~ikj Wi{{ Not Worf(

There will be times when Reiki does not seem to flow through the client, and the client does not seem to get "better". This can be due to a number of reasons - one being the fact that we expected a certain kind of reaction to occur, and then the natural Law of Karmic Exchange took over and brought about something else. Even though you may not see a result upon the surface of the client, this does not mean that something much deeper has not happened. Sometimes the energy simply allows certain repressed feelings or attitudes to surface later, where they can be handled in private. After all, not everyone likes to talk about their inner life. Also, often the client consciously has no idea what brought about her dis-ease. The subconscious mind holds the key to healing efficacy at all levels. When this is the case, counseling and guidance become necessary adjuncts to the Reiki treatment being performed. Encourage your cleint to listen to her own body and to just be aware of any new patterns of energy that may arise. Many times changes are very subtle and are missed in the frantic pace of daily life.

Therefore, do not feel disappointed should your expectations not be fulfilled with some clients. With Reiki, nothing is achieved by pure force of wilL Our Egos have to take second place and make room for the Higher Self. As a Reiki channel, you are not doing the healing itself but are simply a facilitator of the client's own healing. When Reiki seems to not work, subconsciously the client does not want to be healed for whatever reason. Many people cling to illness as a way to get attention and sympathy. Others may need to learn the lessons that the dis-ease provides and may not be open to that yet. Or they may need to do it slowly, in gradual stages.

For the above reasons, never try to persuade someone to let you treat them with Reiki. Simply tell them what it is and how it works. If they want it, fine. If they do not want it, that is okay also. At other times a client may take Reiki with good results from another Reiki channel, and not you. This usually involves a Karmic incurrence of some kind, and should not be a cause for concern.

Sometimes clients will come to you to prove to themselves and to you that a method such as Reiki has no possible effect upon any condition whatsoever. If this is their belief, guess what? They would be right! If that is their rnindset, they will lie upon the treatment table full of tension, fear, doubt, and skepticism, resisting every flow of energy and pleasant sensation. They are also fighting any kind of harmony within the body temple. Therefore, when a client comes to you for treatment, provide them with information and offer the possibility of Reiki. Do not press it upon them. Everyone has free will, and you should respect this at all times. People have to be open to this energy for it to work. Do your work well, and simply remain open for what is about to occur.

Someone convinced against his will, Is of the same opinion still.


Treatinq Plants and Jlnimafs Witli CJ<§ikj

Reiki consists of the same Universal Life Energy that makes every living thing alive. Therefore it will "heal" plants and animals also. Neither of these can be cured by any psychological trickery, as they know nothing of faith healing or religious belief systems. When using Reiki upon an animal, you will notice that they get quiet. Many times they will come to be near you when you are giving treatments to others, and especially when you are treating yourself. My cats come from out of the woodwork seemingly when I lie down to do Reiki on myself. They cuddle up next to me as if they were reveling in the energy. Reikiliterally flows into animals exactly as it does people. When treating domestic animals, a good way to begin is to put your hands behind the ears at the point where dogs and cats like to be stroked. After this initial contact, then proceed to the afflicted areas of the animal's body. It is as easy as that.

Sometimes animals will let you know when they need healing, as in the case with my cat Smokey. She was a feral cat, having grown up in the wild, and it took us two years to get her to let us touch her, let alone pet her. She has never been a lap cat and endures hugs with stiff legged resignation as the price she has to pay for free food. She now likes to be petted, but only on the floor, not in my arms or on my lap.

One day I was sitting at my kitchen table, intently working on a project, and Smokey came up and jumped up in my lap. Sometimes she wants to sit in the chair I happen to be sitting in, so I just put her down and said, "No, Smokey, I'm sitting here now". She immediately jumped up again and once more I put her down, as I was very busy. The third time she did it, I took her face in my hands arid said, "What is it that you want?" Then I noticed it. She had cut the corner of her eye somehow and it was bleeding just a little. After cleaning it off and ascertaining that it wasn't serious, I kept her in my lap and did Reiki on her, while she just sat there and purred up a storm, which was very unusual for her. After a bit, she jumped down and went on her merry way without bugging me anymore. All she had wanted was a little bit of healing. Animals know that it works and sometimes they ask for it

If you want to treat fish, you must place the aquarium between your hands and let the energy channel through for 15 or 20 minutes. It is as simple as can be, yet very effective.

When you start channeling Reiki into plants you will be impressed by the positive results you get - such as strong healthy growth and a profusion of buds and blossoms. To empower seeds with Reiki, hold your hands a few inches above them, much as though you were blessing them. In one sense of the word, this is exactly what you are doing. You can hold seeds in your left hand and give them Reiki with your right hand. Cut flowers standing in a vase may also be kept stronger and healthier with Reiki, Potted plants are best treated through the root system. You do this by holding the pot between your hands near the bottom.

Trees can be given Reiki also. Trees take Reiki in through the trunk. You can even hug the tree and tell it how much you love it while you are channeling the Reiki, Trees also reciprocate energy-wise.


As you give; so shall you receive. I managed to salvage my poor spider plants which I totally forgot to water for a couple of months and they are doing fine now. _

If you have attained Reiki II, you will have symbols that enable you to make use of absentee healing and a mental method to use upon plants and animals with equal success. The only practical way to send healing to a wooded area or herd of animals would be through the use of the Absentee Healing Symbol and Power Symbol,

There is a plane of energy-consciousness where plants are able to express their gratitude for your channeling. Be aware of this other type of plane-consciousness factor, and open yourself to it. Even upon the higher planes, there can be an exchange of energy. There are twelve planes of consciousness with which to work. So give it all you have.

Other uses for Reiki

Everything in the world is just a form of energy, as quantum physics has shown us now. Therefore, Reiki energy can be used on anything. I try always to bless my food before partaking of it by putting my hands over it for a bit as I say a prayer of thanks. Water can be filled with energy as those whohave learned Reiki III know. I have even "fixed" recalcitrant computers and cars with this energy. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and many times it has actually helped.

Gifts and letters sent through the mail can be empowered with it, and the symbols learned in second degree Reiki can be used to clear rooms of negativity, such as when traveling and staying in hotels and motels. Crystals, gems and stones can be enhanced through the energy also.

As you become more proficient and comfortable with Reiki, you will discover many more uses for it. Reiki is like a muscle - it will atrophy with no use and grow stronger the more times it is utilized so don't hesitate to use it as often as possible. Every time you use it, you help to heal the planet so if nothing else, practice it on yourself every day and see how much better your life becomes as a result.



For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word chakras, this is just a brief outline to give you an idea of what they are. The word chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel" and these energy centers exist as circular patterns in the subtle body, which is the nonmaterial counterpart of our physical one. There are many different systems which say various things about how many there are and what colors represent them, but nearly all of them agree that there are at least seven chakras. The lower three represent the fundamental needs and emotions of humans (earth energy) and vibrate at a lower frequency, thus being cruder in nature. The finer energy of the upper four correspond to man's higher mental and spiritual aspirations. Excess or blocked energy from emotional causes in any of these can result in dis-ease in the physical body. It is necessary that all chakras be balanced, as they are all equal in value. Too much emphasis on the upper four results in not being grounded, or being a "space cadet", and too much attention on the lower ones leads to being very ego centered and not spiritually oriented. I am going to go over these seven and use the colors from one of the systems. If you desire more information about this, there are many excellent books available on the subject.

1st Chakra, Root or Base (Red)

The first chakra is the survival center, the ability to draw abundance from the planet, and is located at the base of the spine. It is the seat of physical vitality and it regulates those mechanisms which keep the physcial body alive. It governs both survival and abundance issues. The kundalini, or life force for survival, is located here and if not properly utilized, it results in fear, the constant fight or flight syndrome. This force lies dormant until the higher self can learn to properly release it and use it on both physical and spiritual levels. It is the endless source of power from the Infinite Spirit of which we are an integral part in Oneness. The root chakra's expression of energy is directly related to one's quality of health. Holding on to old patterns causes imbalances here. The glands and organs it represents are the Suprarenal glands and the kidneys, bladder and the spine.

2nd Chakra, Sacral or Sexual Center (Orange)

This chakra is about two inches below the naval and is the center of sexual energy. the seat of creative power, feelings and emotions. First impressions and old emotional pictures are stored in this center. It is the proving ground for relationships. Creative vitality extends to aU aspects of your life, not just to human reproduction, and a block in this area leads to relationship problems, as well as keeping you from realizing your good or your full potential in life. This center provides the pathway through which our spiritual co-creative powers take physical form. This is also the location of the Reiki point center, also known as the Hara or the Tan Tien if you are familiar with any of those from the Eastern martial arts, such as Aikido. It represents the gonads, reproductive organs and legs.


3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus Center (Yellow)

The Solar Plexus is located just below the sternum, in the hollow between the two sides of the rib cage. It is the physical center of the body, the place where physical energy is distributed. It is the seat of the will and some intuition, as when we say "1 had a gut feeling" about something. When we have conflicts between the upper and lower chakras, we often feel it here, as a tightening of the stomach, quite literally. It is the center of unrefined emotions and the power urge, therefore it is the power and wisdom center. This is the connection to your own uniqueness within the universe and your greater purpose. It is also where you process your own psychic development. This one represents the adrenals, the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and the digestive system in general.

4th Chakra, Heart Center (Green)

This is the connection between the upper and lower chakras, the intellect and emotions respectively. It is the seat of devotion and compassion, through which love of all kinds (both conditional and unconditional) flows. Through it also flows the energy of connectedness with all life. This chakra is also depicted as a rose color sometimes. This represents the thymus gland. and the organs it covers are the heart, the liver, the lungs and the circulatory system in general.

5th Chakra, Throat Center (Blue)

The Throat chakra is the seat of communication, self-expression and creativity. It holds the master blueprint of physical wellness. Many colds and sore throats are the result of not speaking your truth, or not speaking up for yourself, especially for women. This is also where you hear the "inner voice", as in "the voice in the back of my mind", and where the voices from extrasensory realms enter (through the back of the neck). It is representative of the thyroid gland and the throat, upper lungs, arms and upper part of the digestive tract.

6th Chakra, Third Eye Center (Indigo)

This chakra is in the middle of the forehead between and slightly above the eyebrows. It is the seat of clairvoyance and telepathy, higher consciousness, emotional and spiritual love. This is where we visualize things and seek for mental clarity. It is the center for psychic connection and the understanding of the Oneness of the Universe. The sinuses are where we let go of old stuff. This is colored violet in some systems. It covers the pituitary gland, the spine, the lower brain, the left eye, the nose and the ears, as well as the hypothalamus and the autonomic nervous system.

7th Chakra, Crown Center (VioJet)

This represents the highest level of consciousness attainable by mankind, enlightenment or the I AM consciousness. It is the seat of direct spiritual vision and intuition that far exceeds the ability of clairvoyance, and is our direct connection to Spirit. This is white instead of violet in other systems. This represents the pineal gland and the upper brain as well as the right eye.


The CliaJtras

()----7th, Crown Chakra (Violet) 6th, Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) 5th, Throat Chakra (Blue)

eart Chakra (Green)

olar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) . eral Chakra (Orange)


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