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4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

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insider claimsmakers
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4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

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4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers 3/19
4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

Types of claimsmakers Insider claimsmakers –

Claimsmakers who have easy access to publicity and
people in positions of power. ¡ Lobbyists, Interest Groups
(NRA, NAACP), Majorpoliticalcontributors(e.g. Kochbrothers),
governmentofficials 3 4/19
4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers 5/19
4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

Financing and Results 5

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4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

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4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

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4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

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4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

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Unformatted text preview: Social Problems Week 4 – Monday, January 25, 2016 Insider Claimsmakers 1 2 Claimsmaking by insiders Media Insider
Claimsmakers Public Policymakers Source: Best 2013 Types of claimsmakers 3 Insider claimsmakers – Claimsmakers who have easy access to
publicity and people in positions of power. ¡  Lobbyists, Interest Groups (NRA, NAACP), Major political contributors (e.g. Koch brothers),
government officials 4 Important Term ¡Polity – Groups and individuals who have easy access to policymakers, those already well connected to
policymakers. Financing and Results 5 Insider Claimsmakers, 6 Outsider Strategies 7 RESOURCES The power, status, contacts, education, money
that actors involved have and bring to influence every stage of social problems process. MEDIA SOCIAL PROBLEMS POLICY
understood in various ways and be reconstructed to fit the concerns of actors involved at that stage. 8 Class Poll In U.S. political elections, the party
with the most money is more likely to win. A. I agree B.  Neither agree nor disagree C. I disagree 9 Class Poll In U.S. political elections, the party
with the most money should win. A. I agree B.  Neither agree nor disagree C. I disagree 10 Supreme Court Case Citizens United v. Federal Election
Commission (2010) ¡   PRIOR TO CITIZENS UNITED, campaign spending was regulated; laws prohibiting corporations from spending money
on: 1.  Communications that advocate for election or defeat of a candidate; made independently of candidate or political party’s authorization,
cooperation, request, suggestion. 2.  Electioneering communications that refer to candidate for federal office, are distributed before election, targeted
to relevant electorate. Source: California Common Sense 11 Supreme Court Case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010) ¡  
Citizens United created a film about Hillary Clinton while she was a candidate in the presidential primary, set to release within 30 days of election.
¡   Citizens United argued that the electioneering communications ban and financial disclosure requirements violated free speech protections of
First Amendment. ¡   In 5-4 decision, Supreme Court ruled prohibition of corporate spending for independent expenditures and electioneering
communications was unconstitutional. Source: California Common Sense After Citizens United 12 501 (c) (4) Anonymous Shell Colbert PAC
Corporation (Political Action Committee) “Institute” financial Political Party donations and/or Colbert Super Candidate PAC SHH Institute Colbert 17/19
4/1/2019 insider claimsmakers

Super PAC the publico educate - Less restrictive than PAC - Result of Citizens United financial contributions from Super PAC Anonymous,
Corporations wishing to remain anonymous no limit about their political support contributions Shell Corporation 13 Campaign Finance Reform 14
15 Next Lecture ¡  The role of the media Social Problems Week 4 – January 27, 2016 The Media 1 2 Media Coverage Attention from mass media
outlets, such as newspapers and television, that can bring claims to the attention of a wide audience. 3 Bias A tendency for media workers’ personal
beliefs and views on an issue to interfere with balanced and impartial coverage. 4 Media Coverage ¡  Primary Claims – One of the initial claims,
usually presented by activists or experts, that begin the social problems process. ¡  Secondary Claims – The media’s transformation of a primary
claim. 5 Arena A public venue where social problems claims are presented. ¡   Carrying capacity - The number of issues that can receive attention
in an arena. 6 News Work The job of locating and presenting news to the larger public. 7 News Work ¡  Important, “newsworthy” ¡  Interesting
¡  Visual ¡  Typifying examples ¡  Novel ¡  Balanced ¡  Follows competitors’ lead 8 Satire & Ebola Coverage Start: 7:15 9 Audience
Segmentation Targeting media presentations for particular audiences. 10 Landmark Narratives A typifying example that dominates news coverage
of a troubling condition, shaping the terms in which the problem is covered and how the news audience understands the problem. 11 Packages A
familiar construction of a particular troubling condition, including specifications of its causes and solutions. 12 Condensing Symbol A shorthand
element—such as a landmark narrative, typifying example, slogan or visual image—that evokes a package. 13 Agenda Setting Choosing which
claims will receive the attention of media or policymakers. Media’s Role in Social Problems Process 14 Cultural Resources (values, symbols,
images, etc.) News Makers Audiences Claimsmakers Entertainment Media Practical Considerations (budgets, formulas, target audiences, etc.
Source: Best 2013 15 Next Lecture ¡  Measuring public opinion Social Problems Measuring Public Opinion6 1 2 Measuring Public Opinion ¡ 
Population – All those described by a statistic. Total U.S. Population = 319,233,205 Source: U.S. Census (as of 11/9/14 4:09PM) Source of Map:
NYT 3 Measuring Public Opinion ¡ Sample – A subgroup used as a basis for statistical generalizations about a population. ¡ Representative sample –
A sample that accurately reflects the diversity of the population. For U.S. population of 3 million: ¡ Poll sample of 1,000 will be accurate ± 3%
about 95% of the time. ¡ Poll sample of 10,000 will be accurate ± 1% about 95% of the time. Measuring Public Opinion 4 ¡ Sample survey – A poll
administered to a sample in order to generalize about opinions or other characteristics of a population. 5 Polling Problems ¡ Sampling Problems: 1. 
Screening calls (answering machines, caller ID) 2.  Refusal to participate 3.  No landline, only cell phone (costs more $$ to contact) ¡ Survey
(instrument) Problems: 1.  Wording of a question 2.  Funders of polls (claimsmakers who have agendas) 3.  Oversimplified questions/results Role of
Public Opinion 6 1.  Public opinion is a product of claimsmaking and media coverage. Effective claims make public aware and concerned about
social problems. 2.  Policymakers are assumed to be responsive to public opinion. If issue has high public concern, something will be done about the
problem. Impact of Public Opinion 7 1.  Public opinion polls can help claimsmakers determine if their claims are effective or not. 2.  Policymakers
often follow poll results, elected officials, might respond to widespread concern about troubling condition. Measuring Public Opinion 8 ¡ Focus
group – A set of people that researchers select to discuss certain topics in order to learn what the public is thinking. 1.  Popular wisdom 2.  Personal
experiences 3.  Media discourse The Public Role in the Social 9 Problems Process CLAIMSMAKERS Feedback: support, indifferencePolicies
Claims opposition PUBLIC POLICYMAKERS Coverage Feedback: audience interest Opinions: Polls & other comments MEDIA Source:Best
2013 10 Next week 11 ¡ Policy and policymakers (Mon) ¡ Class presentations (Wed, Fri)

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