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August 2019

News from Room 222

Mrs. Johnston’s
Weekly Newsletter


 Students are expected to manage their
CLASSROOM FOCUS WEEK 1: own supplies and be prepared for class
Students will brainstorm classroom rules with the daily.
teacher and learn their importance.
 Students will be allowed to use communal
The type of classroom management I most relate supplies, but must obtain permission from
to is the Behavioral approach. I find it to be Mrs. Johnston. Once these items are used,
important to hold our students to high standards they are to be promptly returned.
and push them to preform to their full potential. By
setting the expectations at the beginning of the  If and when the unlikely event that supplies
year, students will have a clear understanding of go missing, they will not be replaced.
the standards and can adequately be held
accountable for their actions. Students may rely on  Parents, any and all donations to the
me to give constant and encouraging feedback, classroom will be greatly appreciated.
engaging lessons, and clear behavioral

Positive and negative consequences arise naturally

as students make choices; this is an effective CLASSROOM TRANSITIONS
strategy I will implement in my classroom. For
reoccurring misbehaviors, I will have students Classroom transitions, such as entering/exiting the
complete a reflection sheet, on which they decide classroom, changing subjects or activities,
the reasons for their behavior, identify the movements within the classroom, etc., will be
consequence, and create a plan for improving their managed in a way that encourages students to be
behavior. independent, safe, and self-motivated. I believe
that transitions should be seamless as we move
throughout our day and students should be able to
switch gears efficiently. Some strategies that I will
incorporate to help my students with this are:
STAY INFORMED! implementing a daily code word (picked by a
student each day) that will indicate teacher
instruction is complete and students may begin
Weekly Newsletters, News from Room working on their series of directions, implementing
222, will be sent home with students silent transition to limit social time and get students
every Friday. If you ever have any to quickly proceed with their transition, and utilizing
attention grabbers (when I say “1, 2, 3, Eyes on
questions, please feel free to call or me,” students say “1, 2, Eyes on you”).
email me.
August 2019

News from Room 222


We have four main classroom rules. Each rule has
been implemented and umbrellas over numerous All students will be expected to follow classroom
concepts. Students will brainstorm ideas with me to rules and model desired behavior. For my students
“create” the classroom rule to fully understand the who have special needs and/or an IEP, I will work
expectations. with them one-on-one to ensure they understand
the expectations and are given the necessary tools
Be Safe to be successful.
 Make sound judgments to ensure safety to
yourself and others around  One-on-one regular meetings
 We will not bully or tolerate any bully  Private communication on appropraite
behavior behavior
 Follow directions the first time  Regular review on rules and expecations
 Visual checklists
Be Responsible  Provide strategies that do not disrupt others
 You are free to make your own decisions,  Alternate assignment options
but you are not free from their
 Allow brain-breaks when needed
 Allow body-breaks (movement time) when
Be Respectful needed
 Respect thyself
 Respect others STUDENT BEHAVIOR & A SAFE
 Respect the teacher LEARNING ENVIRONMNET
 Respect all school supplies
In order to achieve postive student behavior and
Work Hard implement a safe learning environment, I will build
 Give full effort in all that you do personal realtionships with all students, work one-
 Complete work neatly and turn in on time on-one with each student, laugh often, provide
 Do not distract others from completing their options for success,model kindness, promote an
work open-door policy, and post student work.

Behavioral Ladder

1. Verbal Warning
2. Behavior Reflection Slip
3. One-on-One Converstaion with Student
4. Once Student Recieves 5 Behavior
Reflection Slips, Email or Call to
August 28th: MEET THE PARENTS - Parents will have the opportunity to meet the
teacher and faculty.

September 2nd: PARENT/STUDENT IMPUT DAY – Parents and Students will always
be encouraged to provide feedback; however, today will focus on the
structure of the classroom. Together we will create a positive and
encouraging learning place for all.

September 13th: SPECTACULAR STUDENT SHOWCASE - Students will have the

chance to share the work they are most proud of with the school and
their families.

September 25th: PARENT VOLUNTEER DAY - Parents come join and get involved in a
day full of learning!


Please feel free to reach out at any time with any question, comment, or concern!
Parent participation is highly encouraged, and I believe that a united front is the best
way to encourage and support our academic superstars.


Phone Number: (951) 555-5555