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Classroom Management Plan for Kindergarten

Kendall Kowalski

Azusa Pacific University

Classroom Management Plan for Kindergarten


When it comes to rules in my Kindergarten classroom, they will need to be very clear and

concise so that there is no misunderstanding from the get-go. ​Considering that Kindergarten is

the first time that most of the students will be in a classroom atmosphere for a long period it is

very important to set the bar for the expected behavior that you expect of them the very first day.

I hope to create a welcoming environment, that is also structured and respectful of important

rules.​ The rules that I will set for my Kindergarten classroom will be the following:

1) You have the responsibility of listening when someone is speaking

2) You have the responsibility of following directions when asked the first time

4) You have the responsibility to be helpful to your friends

5) You owe it to yourself to always do your best work


Consequences in my classroom will not be harsh and will always maintain the dignity of the

student. Maintaining the dignity of the student will be a huge focus of mine because I am

technically their first real teacher and I do not want them to start off their experience in school as

something that they are scared and feel inferior to. I want them to come into school with the

feeling that even though they make mistakes they trust that I will try help them to learn and grow

in a positive way. Since I will be teaching a kindergarten class, they will be new to the classroom

environment and will need a lot more assistance than consequences for their actions. I will focus
more on the encouragement of positive reinforcement and progress as a student and child (Heidi,

2009). Although I will focus on positive reinforcement, I will still have a set of clear

consequences for the students if they are continually acting out defiantly. The negative

consequences that I will have for my classroom will be:

1) Lose free time

2) Lose snack recess

3) Call home to parents

4) Conference with teacher, parent, and principle


As far as rewards for the classroom, I will have lots of rewards that will help each student

to be encouraged to be on their best behavior and to do their best work. I will incorporate small

daily rewards, as well as monthly larger rewards for the students to look forward to as well as to

work towards.

Individual Rewards​: For individual rewards, I will have the basic daily reward of making sure

that I am stating positive reinforcement to the students individually on behavior and work that

they have done well and correctly. Here is a list of some Individual Rewards that I will give for

great behavior and effort as a student.

1) Be first in line for snack time

2) Choose the music for the class to hear during individual work time

3) Earn extra IPad time

4) Earn play money to be able to buy treasures

5) Earn a positive call home to parents or caregiver.

My philosophy on individual rewards will be adaptive to the student and their personality, since

not every would be encouraged by the same rewards. I will choose the reward accordingly, and I

am sure that I will have to create or get rid of some of these reward ideas as the years go by as a

teacher and as the students’ interests change.

Whole-class rewards​: For whole class rewards I will decipher what will be beneficial and what

will not be depending on the behavior of the class. If I have a class that is energetic and does not

follow rules easily, their rewards may be different from a more mellow class that would take my

rewards more seriously. Here are some of the whole-class rewards that I will use in my

kindergarten classroom:

1) Replace reading time with an educational game

2) Enjoy a class outdoors for the whole lesson

3) Break into a short dance to the class’s favorite song

4) Pizza Party

5) Favorite toy day

I will explain to the class in the beginning of the year what would be expected of them to be able

to achieve these privileges class. Although I do love my own ideas for whole-class rewards, for

the second half of the year when the class comes back from Christmas break I also think that it

would be fun to create a new list of whole-class rewards for the class to choose from to work

towards for the last half of their first real school year.

For procedures in the classroom, I intend to create very simply clear and concise ones for a

5-year-old to understand. I do not want the students to feel overwhelmed by the procedures that I

expect of them for simple tasks. My intention is to create clear procedures that the students

respect and understand. Here are my procedures that I will enforce in my kindergarten class:

Entering Classroom

1) Do morning handshake with teacher

2) Walk in slowly and quietly

3) Place your backpack on hook

4) Put your homework packet in your basket

5) Make your lunch choice

6) Start morning activity


1) Raise your hand showing two fingers

2) Quietly get up

3) Use restroom

4) Always wash hands after

5) Return to your seat quietly

Taking out/putting away/caring for supplies

1) Always share group supplies

2) Recap markers and glue

3) Neatly place all supplies back where they belong

Lining up for snack time

1) Sit Quietly in seat

2) Wait for your color table to be called

3) Grab your snack

4) Walk slowly and quietly back to line

5) Leave classroom with snack slowly

Sitting on the carpet

1) Sit in your color box

2) Keep your hands to your body

3) Eyes on teacher

4) Ears listening

5) Keep your brain focused


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