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Navila Phillips

Yesterday I had two dreams, in one I was a little child pushing a car to a river by

myself. The atmosphere was very dark and I felt that I was very far away from

home. Also I was shure that I wasn’t going back ever again. I kept having the

feeling that someone was searching me. Rather than giving me hope, being

searched by someone apparently unkown, made me feel harassed and angry. I

was confused, alone, and just wanted the situation to stop.

The second dream was different though. In this one I was sitting on a bench with

a beautiful person chatting about ancient Chinese traditions. He was also telling

jokes about postmodernism and David’s Lynch music. When I woke up I felt like

we laughed for hours, but it was only a dream.

I like writing my dreams, it helps me keep track of my life. Also it is important for

my psychoanalysis sessions. Sometimes we can ignore feelings or thoughts, but

when we start dreaming every fear or judgmental thought disappears and we

allow ourselves to think and feel whatever we want to.