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Pakistan is the country with population 197 million. But 9 million people in this country are elderly
people, which means it accounts for 4.5 percent of the Pakistan’s population. Elderly care has
become a thorny issue. In this situation, the HealthRobo came into being. A healthcare robot takes
care of elderly person. People of any age can get benefits from this robot.

In today’s busiest life, people do not have time for taking care of their own health. Patients suffering
from a disease, sometime forget to take medicine which may results death. In all these situations,
HealthRobo is beneficial product.

Project Scope

This project will consist of creating a marketable robot which is for taking care of health of the user.
The customer, of any class and any field, can get benefit from this robot, because everyone wants to
take care of his/her life. The project will be completed by May 2019. The HealthRobo is useful for
homes, offices and every place because we need to take care of our health at any place and all the

Customer/User of Project

This project is helpful for people belongs to any country, have any gender and age. But the priority
user of this project are elderly people. Because a person is needed for elderly people for taking care
of their health.

Features Analysis

The functionality of the robot consists of the following features. First, it tells the user how many
glasses of water he/she must drink in a day based on the analysis of temperature and humidity.
Besides this, it also reminds the user to drink water after regular intervals. It also tells which type of
dress he/she should have to wear. Second, it consists of a blood pressure sensor. User just touch on
it and it will tell you whether your blood pressure is high, low or normal and which type of food you
can eat. The third functionality of this robot is to recognize user mood and play music according to it.
Fourth, it will remind user to take medicine.

Requirement Analysis

• Tools Required: Tools required for this project are 3D printer, electronic equipment kit,
mechanical equipment kit.

• Components Required: Components consists of ABC plastic filament for 3D printer, screws
for joint and to assemble parts, positional servo motors with metal gears, Raspberry pi 3, Raspberry
pi 8mb camera, Li-ion 12V powerful battery, some male-to-male and male-to-female connectors.

• Person Required:

- Electronic Engineer

- Mechanical Engineer

- Software Engineer

- Parts Designer
Financial/Budget Planning

Some tools in this project are very expensive. To balance the cost/benefit equality, expensive tools
are taken on lease. While other tools that are inexpensive are bought. 3D printer is taken on lease to
print the body components of the robot.

The Approach

In this project, Prototyping process model is used. The reason of using this model is that, HealthRobo
is the product that will produce and implemented first time. The first prototype will contain few
functionalities. In the first version, feedbacks will be collected from the users of HealthRobo than
more features will be added in next version.

Visibility Plan

This project is not for a specific user or company. The problems that are solved by this product are
collected and analyzed from general public, personal experience and from hospitals and patients.
Then combining all of these features, HealthRobo project is planned.

The team members consist of electronics, mechanical, and software engineers. All persons will work
together so that product should be produced as actual idea.

Marketing Risk Analysis

The first problem that can be seen that people may not buy this product, because of improper
knowledge about robotics. They may consider it useless. This problem can be solved by good
marketing and advertisements. The second problem is that some countries are facing bad schedule
of electricity load shading. The robot needs to be recharge after 36 hours. So, the countries facing
problem of load shading will not buy this product. This problem will solve by using powerful
batteries that needed to recharge after 1 week.

Project Deliverable

The user manual of this project also prepared with this project. This manual consists of all the
information, a person needed to use the robot, safety precautions, working. This manual contains
detailed description of all parts of robot and their working.