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National News Monday, April1,2019

Arroyo meets with Chinese Premier Li,

cites Ghina's development lessons
irr, i.&@iri80{&${01{i{Fl"i(iii:t:: tions throughout Asia to share their universally and that the diversity of ago, it has transformed itselt it is the from poverty China is on the verge.ol
thoughts on the mostpressing issues in historical conditions determines the world's leading growth, unmatched becoming the largest economy in the
/,-rl peaker Gioria Macap4gal Ar- t}te region and the world. development paths that countries could in history 400 million people lifted.out world," she said.
\ royo, along with other officers of Arroyo, who is on her second year take.
I \ the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)
X/said she hada "valuable" meet-
as a member of thci Board of the BFA,
hailed China's leadership in promot-
"Cfina has given us the
lesson'that ther€ isjust not one
tt ./.Jy'\are -,T'
ing with Chinese Premier Li lGqiang' ing the Belt and Road Initiative or path fo;' development because
dwing the recently concluded BFA An- the "GlobaLization V2" which aims to prior tb China's experience, it
nual Convention in Hainan, China. fosLer cooperation and development. was thought that the only way
The fotmer President cited that She cited the current Chinese lead- to development is the Western
their discussion with Li zeroed in on ership's implementation of Deng Xiaop- style model of Jeffersonian
the direction China is taking on its 40th ing's so ialism with Chinese character- democracy and cor.rpled with a
year ofreforms and its ties with the rest istics. free market," Arrbyo said.
of the world. Arr'ryo attributed China's remark- "But China has shown the
Li's meeting with the BFA officers, able growth, particrilarly during the world that you can have your
including Arroyo as a member of the past two decades to "its own model of own model of development
Boanl, was one of the highlights of the development using yow own historical using your own historical
BFA Annual Conference 2019. experience." experience, especially China
The BFA gathers leaders in govern- Shenoted that China showed that no in the last 40 yea$. Since the
ment, business and academic institu- development rnodel can be "applied opening of China 40 years