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Volume V, Issue 22 · Early November, 2010

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Class of ‘59 Glenn sails away

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Dam demolition Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

Riverton Dam: a political and historical perspective

Despite post-drowning ‘fast track’ old dam came down on schedule
import, Burke said.
In 1904 the town purchased the
wooden dam and flour and saw mill
built by Thomas Kenner in 1877 for
development of hydroelectric power.
The concrete dam was built to re-
place the original dam in 1906. The
dam was last used to this or any pur-
pose in 1930.
After a couple of months of hem-
ming and hawing, on March 22 the
Front Royal Town Council unani-
mously approved acceptance of a
$123,000 grant from federal and state
wildlife departments to facilitate the
dam’s demolition. While the town
attempted to “fast track” the demo-
lition following Ryan Warner’s June
29th drowning, in the end the dam
is coming down pretty much on the
schedule initially anticipated once
Relatives of 9-year-old Ryan Warner, the last drown- Significant pieces of the dam near the north bank the grant money was accepted.
ing victim of the Riverton Dam, try to find peace as were gone within an hour of work commencing
Alan Weaver of the Virginia Department of Game & Memorial drive
around 10:30 a.m. on Oct. 25.
Inland Fisheries acknowledges all the reasons the
dam’s removal will benefit citizens across the com- taken down. Demolition was per- veloped in Virginia, permission to As acknowledged two issues ago,
formed by Atkins Excavating, Inc. – demolish it would have been harder a local citizen with no personal con-
and boy over the course of the week to attain due to the added historical nection to any of the drownings at
By Roger Bianchini not save himself, he saved his two I was impressed with those guys.
Warren County Report children with whom he was fishing at Historical documentation is to be

For over a month we kept looking

the time. The dam has a long history
of life-taking during its 80 years of
provided by John Milner Associates,
Inc. The total project is anticipated to Haircuts $9.99
east as we crossed the North Fork
Bridge to try and see if the demoli-
inactivity and deterioration.
Finally after all state and federal
require two weeks.
Blue Ridge Barber Shop
tion work on the 104-year-old con- permits were acquired pretty much Historical perspective Royal Plaza Shopping Center
crete Riverton Dam had begun. After on schedule and Historic Resource
all, our “day-late, dollar short” town bureaucracies satisfied themselves At a September 7 work session Credits Cards Accepted / Gift Cards Available
council put the demolition on a “state
of emergency” fast track following
that the dam’s economic and struc-
tural histories would be officially
town Director of Environmental Ser-
vices and now Interim Town Man-
Open 7 Days A Week
the June 29 drowning of 9-year-old recorded, work began on Oct. 25, ager Steve Burke gave an update on 415 - B - South St. Front Royal, VA
Ryan Warner of Bunker Hill, West
Virginia. Warner was the second
following a brief ceremony acknowl-
edging the dam’s history and the rea-
the status of the demolition effort to
bring the dam down almost entirely
drowning at the dam in less than sons for removing it. at state and federal expense. In re-
three months after an eight-year lull. By Oct. 28 the dam was complete- counting the dam’s history, Burke
On April 7, Iraq war veteran Mark ly demolished from bank to bank, noted that it appeared the Riverton
D. Grand, 51, drowned while kayak- though the debris bridge created up- Dam missed out on being the state’s
ing with a friend near the dam. The
last previous drowning was Thomas
stream to allow the heavy machinery
to cross the river for the demolition
first hydroelectric producing dam
by about a year or so. Had it been
Walker in 2002. While Walker could remained to the south and final side the first such hydroelectric dam de- “I’d like to WELCOME Jeff and his many years of sales experience to our staff”.
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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Dam demolition
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

the Riverton Dam is leading an initia- urrect her idea first broached at a late for Nov. 27 at The Lucky Star Lounge demolition. At work sessions during upstream. State and federal officials
tive to include a memorial to all who summer town council work session on East Main Street in Front Royal. council’s fall and winter 2009-10 dis- are also determined to improve the
have lost their lives at and around and announced the first fundraising Messer said she believes cost of the cussion of the dam’s status and pros- migration pattern of river life, includ-
the dam as part of the historical ac- effort to create a bench and plaque memorial she wants to place will be pects, Virginia Department of Game ing American eels who return to the
knowledgement of the dam’s role in acknowledging lives cut short by the around $1,400. & Inland Fisheries Regional Fisher- river after traveling down the Atlan-
local history. Part of the condition often unstable waters around the Ri- ies Manager Larry Mohn called the tic Ocean to spawn in the Sargasso
of the grant money for the dam’s de- verton Dam. Now Messer is deter- Relative perspectives dam “a high-hazard” structure with Sea, before returning to the river.
molition is placement of a historical mined that 9-year-old Ryan Warner virtually no potential of future use. State and town officials are antici-
marker commemorating the dam’s of Bunker Hill, West Virginia, and all It figures the notion of a memo- Mohn explained that assessment was pating an approximate 5-foot drop in
place in the history of this commu- those who lost their lives around the rial to the people who were unwilling a largely a result of reduced water the river’s level upstream for a mile
nity near its soon-to-be former site dam are remembered, as is the eco- parts of the history of the Riverton flow at the dam as a consequence of or so following the dam’s removal.
just east of the North Fork Bridge. nomic and utility infrastructure his- Dam, rather than the economic and increased public water usage from Only a foot difference downstream to
On Sept. 27, Wanda Messer met tory of the Riverton Dam. infrastructure history of dam itself, the river by communities upstream. the confluence with the South Fork
with the media near the dam to res- A fundraising concert is planned would come from a citizen rather Mohn also told council removal of of the Shenandoah River is forecast.
than a public official. the dam would improve recreational
In fact as 2009 turned into 2010, the uses by allowing canoe launch and An ill spring wind

Mom’s Country Kitchen

Front Royal Town Council appeared retrieval site connections both up
poised to accept a long discussed and downstream of the dam’s loca- But so much for scientific data as
$123,000 grant through the federal tion. Responding to questions, Mohn a fading winter brought the breeze
“There is no udder place like Mom’s” and state Departments of Game & said removal of the dam would have of a spring, town political campaign
˜ ™ Inland Fisheries to pay for the dam’s minimal impact on recreational uses to the fore. Several months of inde-

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Dam demolition Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

cision and hot air blowing followed, any chance of accessing funds to save the possibility of having state and been rejected. the dam at minimal expense to the
including whether to even allow the the town the expense of removing the federal money pay for the demoli- town ($3,000 in administrative fees).
demolition grant application process dam, then Town Manager Michael tion, Sayre indicated a belief the dam, Third world country? Two weeks prior to a scheduled pub-
to proceed. Graham assured council that con- unused and un-maintained since lic hearing on the dam demolition,
Con Feb. 22, citing “new” informa- tinuing the application process did 1930, remained useful and could be However, the two spring coun- citizen David Howard Benner added
tion from fellow Republican council not commit the town to accepting repaired at a reasonable cost to the cil candidates weren’t the only ones his voice to the call to save the dam
candidate and former town electric the money and removing the dam if town. During the council campaign calling for a halt to efforts to remove despite local, state and federal assess-
department director Joe Swiger, new information justifying its repair Swiger cited his professional exper-
Town Councilman Thomas Sayre at town expense came to light. With tise in the power industry to dispute
argued against the demolition and that information in hand, on Feb. 22 both state damage assessments and PASSAGES TRAVEL & CRUISES
voted against allowing the applica-
tion process for the grant money to
council approved allowing the grant
application process to proceed by a
repair and upgrade costs estimated
at $500,000 to a million dollars. The PASSAGES
Come with US for 7TRAVELdays of FUN
In the face of Sayre’s initiative to
5-1 margin, with only Sayre dissent-
town would have been responsible
to foot the entire bill of any repair ef-
& “We
Do Everything But Pack Your Bags”
kill the grant application process and In arguing to kill the process and fort had the demolition grant money 7 day Bahamas Cruise from Baltimore, MD
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benefits a scholarship fund
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to those in need by serving as a collection point
for donations. Tangible gifts may be dropped off Experienced in
as follows. Please note that we cannot accept gifts caring for the
of cash or checks. health needs
of adults
Collecting for: Local Food Pantries
Patricia Daly, MD, FACE
Accepting donations of: Non-Perishable Food Board-Certified in Internal Medicine
and Endocrinology

Gauthami Gondy, MD, MPH

Collection dates: Oct 15th-Nov 12th Board-Certified in Internal Medicine

Thomas E. Patteson, III, MD, FACP

Collection location: 21 Lee Street; 986 John Marshall Hwy; 115 North Royal Ave, Board-Certified in Internal Medicine
Front Royal, VA and Gastroenterology

Welcoming new patients

Hosted by: Front Royal Edward Jones Offices
Call 540-635-0800 to
schedule an appointment
(Please note our new phone number)


315 West 10th Street • Front Royal, VA

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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Dam demolition
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

ments of its danger and lack of future

Citing past Christian missionary
work in Africa and Asia, Benner
pointed to the importance of dams
in Third World countries (with its
foreclosure rate I guess Front Royal
qualifies as Third World). Rather
than demolish the local dam termed
“a silent killer” which had gone un-
used for 80 years, Benner suggested
the town utilize its attraction as
a fishing and recreational spot by
charging a licensing fee for permits
to boat near it as a means of revenue
generation. Benner went so far as to
dismiss the notion of the dam’s gen-
eral public danger by suggesting that
records of drownings at the Riverton
Dam be checked for the blood alco- A citizen watches work from the bank above on day
hol content of past drowning victims two of the demolition.
– a slightly different and we’d say less
land Fisheries official Mohn several ing this archaic, costly, and danger-
Christian perspective than Wanda
months earlier. ous obstacle to recreation, tourism,
“It doesn’t make any sense to keep safety and fish habitat removed at the
Fortunately Sayre, Swiger and Ben-
it,” Trace Noel told council. Noel Commonwealth’s expense,” Hart told
ner’s perspectives were in the minor-
referenced 20 years in business on council.
ity at the close of a March 22 public
the river and an even longer com- Citizen Jerry Scholder asked coun-
hearing on the advisability of the
mitment to the river’s health. “It is cil to abandon the notion of commis-
demolition. It also appeared no evi-
amazing that at no cost to council sioning a $3,000 consultant study of
dence supporting Sayre and Swiger’s
you would leave this silent killer in the dam’s potential and condition in
contentions about repair costs and
place.” an attempt to contradict the infor-
potential uses of the dam were forth-
Others urging the dam’s demoli- mation provided by state officials.
coming to town officials in the month
tion included Chapter Secretary and Another citizen and longtime lo-
between Sayre’s attempt to kill the
Media Chairman of the Northern cal volunteer fireman Patrick Har-
project and the public hearing.
Shenandoah Valley Chapter of Trout vey drove the final nails of common
Unlimited James Hart. “I am here to sense home to council.
Majority Report
strongly request that you vote for When was the dam last used by the
the removal of the Riverton Dam … town? Harvey wondered.
During that March 22nd public
I request that you provide consistent
hearing other citizens with direct
professional and personal connec-
and commonsense leadership by hav- See DAM, pg 32
tions to the river called for the dam’s
demolition and supported the evi-
dence presented by state Game & In-


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Town Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

Town announces MANDATORY Water use restrictions

surfaces. 2. Operating only fully loaded dish- The current flow rate of the Shenan-
3. The operation of any ornamen- washers and clothes washing ma- doah River is 335 cfs. If sufficient rain
tal fountains, unless the water is re- chines. does not occur and the 14-day roll-
cycled. Municipal ornamental foun- 3. Take short showers instead of ing average drops below 240 cfs, the
tains shall be cleaned and closed baths. Town will enact EmergencyWater
within two (2) days of the manda- 4. Turn off the tap while shaving or Conservation measures as specified
tory brushing teeth. in the Town Code Section 134-81.D.
4. water conservation restriction 5. Use two basins when washing Based upon the river’s current flow
declaration. dishes by hand, one for washing and rate, this could occur within two
5. The filling of swimming and/or one for rinsing, rather than letting weeks.
wading pools, except that filled pools the tap run. Thank you for your assistance in
may be topped off to maintain the 6. Reduce all non-essential water us- conserving our water resources dur-
appropriate levels for use. age. ing this low river flow time period.
The river is down at the boat launch just east of the 7. Repair or replace all water fixtures Please monitor your local media
North Fork Bridge. This photo was taken at 12:45 The Town’s permit for water with- with reduced flow fixtures. sources for future reports of water
p.m. on Oct. 28 - what’s missing? Oh, the dam. drawal from the river issued by the conservation efforts in the Town of
Virginia Department of Environmen- Conserving water will not only as- Front Royal. If you have any ques-
By Roger Bianchini be PROHIBITED from the follow- tal Quality stipulates certain river sist during this drought period, but tions about this project, please con-
Warren County Report ing: flow rates require various conserva- will also save consumers money on tact the Department of Environmen-
tion measures. their utility bills. tal Services at (540) 635-7819.
Perhaps ironically on the day the 1. The watering of shrubbery, trees, Violation of any of these mandatory
demolition of the Riverton Dam be- lawns, grass, plants, or any other water conservation activities can be
gan, the Town of Front Royal issued vegetation from Town water supplies punished by a fine up to $1000 per
the following press release related to (except indoor plantings, greenhouse offense committed. In addition, each
decreased river levels unrelated to and commercial nursery stocks, and day that a violation occurs can be
that demolition. Rather, the manda- new plantings less than one year old) punished as a separate offense. Water
tory restrictions and request to con- between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and users are urged to comply with these
tinue voluntary reduced uses of water 4:00 p.m. efforts.
relate to long-term and ongoing is- 2. The outdoor washing of auto- Water users are requested to con-
sues with reduced precipitation lead- mobiles, trucks, trailers, boats, air- tinue to reduce water usage through
ing to decreased river levels. In fact, planes, or other types of various other water conservation
this reporter noticed that it appeared 1. mobile equipment, except in a measures. Voluntary water conserva-
water levels at the boar launch just commercial vehicle wash facility. tion practices include the following:
downstream of the dam demolition 2. The washing of private streets,
seemed lower on Oct. 28 than they driveways, parking lots, service sta- 1. Serving drinking water in restau-
did at the outset of work on Oct. 25. tion grounds, or other paved outdoor rants only upon patron request.
The Town of Front Royal Depart-
ment of Environmental Services has
Front Royal’s

Fussell Florist
observed that as of October 25, the
14-day rolling average stream flow
rate of the South Fork of the Shenan-
doah River has dropped below 340 &RPPHUFH$YH$FURVVIURPWKH)URQW5R\DO)LUH'HSW

Plan ahead
cubic feet per second (cfs), or ap-
proximately 220 million gallons per
and order your
Prohibited actions
As a result of this reduced river
flow and in compliance with the is-
sued withdrawal permit, all users of
the Town of Front Royal’s municipal
water system are requested to ob-
serve. During periods of mandatory
water conservation, all users of Front
202 E. 2nd St.
Royal municipal water system shall

Town announces 6th St. and Crosby Rd. closing

Railroad crossing work will close streets Nov. 9-10
The Town of Front Royal has been notified by Norfolk Southern Corporation that improvements to
the railroad crossing on 6th Street near Crosby Road are being planned for Tuesday, November 9 and
Wednesday, November 10. This work will require closure of this section of roadway.
Traffic will be detoured to 8th Street from Commerce Avenue and to Belair Avenue from 6th Street
during this work. Truck traffic is advised to use exit 13 on I-66 for deliveries to Happy Creek Road. As
additional information is provided to the Town about the exact dates of this work and its duration, the
Town will issue further notices.
If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Department of Public Works at (540)
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“Designing and building is my passion. I try to use all that I have and make the best of it. I anticipate the
Community cure in the future. While it’s getting harder … for me everyday physically, I am doing all I can … I hope I’m
an inspiration to other people. This ship will be my legacy.” – Glenn Mikulak

An improbable tale of the high seas

A captain among men, Glenn Mikulak sails toward a brighter shore
Jordan mirrored my own reaction.
“That’s awesome!”
“Glenn, that’s incredible – did you
draw a picture of it first?” “No, I just
started building it,” Glenn replied.
“I couldn’t do that if I had my

Royal Family

Bowling Center
Behind Gateway Plaze
Rt. 522 So., Front Royal
Last May Glenn Mikulak shared his “ship of dreams” His captain’s hat and mascot frog Bloomy atop 540-636-3113
with his WCHS Class of 2010 classmates. Many Glenn’s 10,000 K’NEX piece “K’nector of the Seas” $2.00 game Monday
seemed not only awed by the achievement, but aware prior to the start of Oct. 23 Memorial Service.
of its implications within the context of the life of into an astonishing reconstruction since it is made of approximately
their classmate. of a cruise ship. On April 28th 10,000 K’NEX pieces, for display
By Roger Bianchini syndrome Muscular Dystrophy on Glenn brought his ship, appropri- in the Warren County High lobby.
ately christened “K’nector of the The reactions of classmates, teach-
Come out & play in the dark
Warren County Report Oct. 19, we reprint a portion of that
story with brief comments added Seas of the Royal K’nibbean Line” ers and even Principal Ernestine Friday & Saturday 11pm-1am
If the above headline rings a bell below: Bowl & Lunch Special
it may be because it was used this
spring just prior to the gradation of
the WCHS Class of 2010. We fea-
For most people, me included,
memories of a nice trip, whether
Tuesday’s 11am - 3pm Monday-Friday
F R E E Shoe Rental
tured soon-to-be-graduate Glenn
Mikulak’s display of his creation of a
it be on a ship or by another mode
of transportation, are generally re-
Special! Bowl 2 Games • Choice of
Lunch Combo Meal
10,000-piece model ship of his own corded in our sometimes flawed
$9.49 per person
design at his school. On Oct. 24,
memorial services for 18-year-old
memory banks or on photographs
soon to be curled and yellowing in Kids Eat All for

We are now a
Glenn Michael Mikulak were held some forgotten scrap book.
at Maddox Funeral Home in Front But for Warren County High se- nonsmoking facility with a
Royal before a crowd of several nior Glenn Mikulak, the memories smoking lounge
hundred. In tribute to Glenn, who of a 2006 trip with his late grand- 1 free kids meal per adult meal purchased
died of respiratory failure result- mother, Linda Hogoboom, on a Ca-
ing from his battle with Duchenne ribbean cruise ship were translated 135 Crooked Run Plaza Front Royal, VA
(540) 635-7400

RENT-A-LANE $10 per

I-66 & Rt 522
Sat & Sun ONLY 12 noon-2pm
Hobby Hutt
North of 540.636.2901 2 HOURS UNLIMITED Bowling
Front Royal
Up to 8 people per lane
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- HELIS Mondays!
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$99.50 processing fee, tags, taxes & title extra. subject to prior sale
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(540) 635-2156
Glenn’s legacy to all of us is the example of achievement under duress; of hope where hopelessness might
seem the answer; of life lived to the fullest under the constant shadow of death. Glenn was dealt a lousy
hand physically – but spiritually he carried a full deck.

“Designing and building is my
passion,” he told us. “I try to use
all that I have and make the best of
it. I anticipate a cure in the future
and while it’s getting harder and
harder for me everyday physically, I
2007 Chevrolet Impala LTZ 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer
am doing all I can. It’s discouraging LTHR, Sunroof, Remote Start, GM 4X4, Leather, Fully Loaded, PWR
at times but I am still creating and Certified, 43K Running Boards, 42K
building. I hope I’m an inspiration #30631 $15,991 #30629 $22,541
to other people. This ship will be
my legacy.”

New duty station

But Glenn was wrong, at least

in part. It isn’t his ship that is his
legacy. Rather, as repeatedly com-
mented on by emotional friends,
Glenn’s parents, Glenda and Robert Mikulak, and family, and classmates at his Oct. 2011 Chevrolet Malibu LS 2009 Chevrolet Equinox LS
sister Robin after Glenn’s ship was carried to Front 24 Memorial Service, it is Glenn’s Full Power, Keyless Entry, GM Certified AWD, Full Power, GM Certified
spirit that is his most enduring
Royal’s Town Gazebo following Memorial Service at ONLY 2,000 Miles!!!!! 48K
legacy. Yes, that spirit allowed him
Maddox Funeral Home.
to create that model ship that was
#30637 $17,991 #401231 $18,991
whole life to finish it,” one student Duchenne, an irreversible deterio- a glimpse into Glenn’s professional
exclaimed. ration of the muscular system. As potential in a design profession had
The fact Glenn oversaw the event a consequence of his condition, he not been given a short pass for
from his wheelchair underscores Glenn has a reduced life expectan- leave on this particular shore. But
perhaps the added awe with which cy and must face that fact each day that ship is simply a physical mani-
his classmates viewed his achieve- of his life. festation of a spirit called “Christ-
ment. Glenn suffers from a form Glenn’s outlook is an inspiration like” by one officiating minister, 9 Commerce Avenue • Front Royal, VA 22630
of Muscular Dystrophy known as to all. We asked him how he does Father Fasano from St. John’s Cath- Tax, tags, title extra, plus $95 processing fee.

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But that ship is simply a physical manifestation of a spirit called “Christ-like” by one officiating minister, Fa-
Community ther Fasano, who displayed a photo of Catholic Saint Padre Pio, who bore the Stigmata of Christ’s wounds
for many years, in detailing his own recently developed relationship with Glenn.

olic Church. In fact, Father Fasano ress; of hope where hopelessness Please take your next duty station Estimated K’NEX pieces used Playground being developed near
displayed a photo of Catholic Saint might seem the answer; of life lived on the bridge of another ship of – 10,000 Fantasyland as an equal opportu-
Padre Pio, who bore the Stigmata to the fullest under the constant dreams, a ship without unwanted Visit online nity gathering place for children
of Christ’s wounds for many years, shadow of death. anchors, a ship sailing into a port of both with and without disabilities.
in detailing his own recently devel- Glenn was dealt a lousy hand call on a distant and shining shore. In lieu of flowers, the family Information on making such dona-
oped relationship with Glenn. physically – but spiritually he car- asked people to make donations in tions can be gathered by calling the
Also officiating at the Memorial ried a full deck. Facts about Glenn’s ship: Glenn’s name for the development Warren County Parks & Recreation
Service was Hospice Chaplain, Rev- His hand played out on his moth- Length: 8 feet 6 inches of the county’s Freewheeling Way Department at 635-7750.
erend Dr. Kitty Hahn. er’s birthday, Oct. 19, 2010 … Cap- Width:  1 foot
Among the emotional testimonies tain, permission to leave the bridge Height: 2-feet-5-inches
given were those of Glenn’s “Team”
of caregivers, all youngsters not far
of the “Royal K’nibbean Line’s
K’nector of the Seas” is granted.
Build Time: 6 weeks in 2006
Upgrading time 2010: 3 weeks - Public Notice -
$500,000 Jewelry
from Glenn’s age themselves; and
all of whom described an emotion-
al and inspirational experience with
Mountain Mystic
Invventor y Must Be
Glenn. Their comments echoed
those of all friends and family who
Trading Company
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both the Memorial Service and a
later gathering hosted by The Lucky
Star Lounge and catered by McAllis-
ay Bills!
ter’s Deli. One musician who played
at both the service and post-service
Nothing Held Back! Entire Inventory
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cki told those present that Glenn
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including a nice Hendrix/Dylan more one of a kind items!

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The Front Royal Rotary Club Vegas - St. Luke Community Clinic zations that the Front Royal Rotary raffle tickets or tickets to the Vegas Club of Front Royal, or by contacting
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“I think if it had been left to us students, we had enough leadership in that class that we
WCHS’s Class of ’59 would have policed it, and would have made it work without too much trouble.” – 1959
Class President Mike Berryman on integrating WCHS

Lost no more – the WCHS Class of 1959 graduates

A long overdue recognition of children abused by the tide of history
segment of society classified as infe-
rior due to their race and historical
past abduction into slavery – Virgin-
We feel the local event, like simi-
lar ones around the state in simi-
larly affected communities, was not
an undeserved recognition as some
critics have alleged. Because it was
not these graduates who were trying
to avoid the integration of Virginia’s
public school system. As 1959 Class
President Mike Berryman com-
mented during last year’s state-spon-
sored Town Hall Meeting at the new
WCHS, which revisited the impacts
of Virginia’s legislative doctrine of
“Massive Resistance”, “I think if it
had been left to us students, we had

Better late than never - happy grads flash their 1959 Emotions were particularly high for those who picked
WCHS diplomas after a wait of 51 years. up diplomas for those no longer with us. Here, the Beauty Designs
By Roger Bianchini ments – everything high school can
late Warren Miller’s wife Janice, right, and daughters
Lisa Bennsky, left, and Mary Kenney with Warren’s
by Lorie
Warren County Report mean to a student – jerked out from
under them by the tides of history. diploma and photo. Fall Nails by Terri

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I was thinking “just another assign- Until now they were characterized ignorance, fear and prejudice of cracies, and sometimes even in their Speci
ment” and one on a Saturday morn- as the “Lost Class of 1959” – but no people who should have known bet- own homes.
ing at that – until the members of the longer; now they are found. Their ter – their elders. Those elders were For as our nation began by law to
Warren County High School Class personal sacrifices and often lifelong everywhere to be found, in the halls move away from imposing just such Full manicure set or fills for new comers or if you bring a friend!
of 1959 began taking their reserved emotional scars carried since the of local and state government, in the a kind of victimization against some 10-A Cloud St. Front Royal
seats at the front of the recently reno- age of 18 have now been publicly ac- local and state public school bureau- children, indeed against an entire 540-636-1280
vated auditorium. That’s when it first knowledged by a community, a coun-
began to hit me, the emotional and ty government and the school system
historical import of the moment. that allowed it to happen in the first
These high school graduates had place.
not waited an anxious week to gradu- What exactly was it that hap-
ate, but 51 years. For these long-ago pened?
high school seniors had the crowning A segment of this community’s
event of their undergraduate educa- children were made pawns and al-
tions, their collective athletic achieve- lowed to fall victim to the bias,


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Not to be combined with any other offers. Expires 11/30/10 HVAC Commercial and Residential
635-7064 Commercial Refrigeration
203 E. Main St. Kitchen Equipment Repair / Maintenance
Coupon also available at
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“It points out once again that as adults we need to be mindful that some of the decisions we make have a
lasting effect on our children…We may have conflicts as adults, but in acting those out we could alter what
happens to future generations forever.” – WC School Board member Jim Wells
WCHS’s Class of ’59
initially revisited late last year at the across town. “It’s unreal. I never thought it would
new WCHS during statewide 50- be like this, never expected the turn-
year retrospectives on the impacts of ‘Student’ reactions out, all of this,” an emotional Cook-
Massive Resistance on Virginia. And sey gestured at the post-graduation
some of the same faces from that We asked class member Sam Cook- ceremony crowd milling near the old
event were here as well. In fact, War- sey what the day meant to him. school’s front entrance outside the
ren County Public Schools Superin-
tendent Pamela McInnis told us that
2009 event was the genesis for the
idea for this attempt to, if not make
things right, at least try to apologize
and bring closure and inclusion to
the WCHS Class of 1959.
“That kind of gave us the idea,”
McInnis said of last year’s “Massive
Resistance” Town Hall meeting at the
new WCHS. “There were more kids
hurt than we originally thought. So it
was emotional. I was more emotional
than I thought I would be. But it felt
really good to be able to do this and
1959 WCHS Class President Mike Berryman shares a to let them know that we thought of
moment with current WCHS Principal Ernestine Jor- them and that we cared.
dan following graduation ceremonies - you were right “All those kids were affected. It’s
Ernestine, the walls were talking. still emotional after 51 years and I
enough leadership in that class that said there will be no racial equality
can certainly understand why. The
school meant so much to them – and
we would have policed it, and would here and we will use our children to all of a sudden, you can’t come back?!
have made it work without too much make our point. Hence the birth of And I can certainly see how the Afri-
trouble.” “Massive Resistance” and the clos- can-American students felt too when
If only they’d been given the op- ing of federally-ordered integrated they couldn’t even walk in the door.
portunity. public schools in some communities It was a sad time – I’m glad we did
But enough of Virginia’s conser- around the commonwealth. this,” McInnis concluded of the day’s
vative, racist, right-wing leadership As noted above, the moment was events grown out of the 2009 event

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“Like Mike (Berryman) said, as kids we lost a lot. Some lost their way to college, some
WCHS’s Class of ’59 just lost their way. And for everybody this brings some closure.” – Sam Cooksey, Class
of 1959

The walls are talking

“My first impression is these walls

are talking. And it points to the his-
torical significance of both buildings,”
Current WCHS Principal Ernestine
Jordan said. “I met Mr. Berryman last
year when he came into our building
for the programs that we had about
‘Massive Resistance’ and the emo-
tions that happened there. So today
it just connected all of those. And I
just walked around and kept think-
ing, ‘if the walls could talk,’ and now
the walls are talking.
“And thanks to last year’s program,
as emotional as it was – and I know
there were a lot of mixed feelings –
my feeling is that the (WCHS) build-
ing that we’re in now was allowed to
be a part of what was, and all that his-
Emotions were running even higher than usual at this The old school sports a new name and a new front tory.”
high school graduation. door - but this majestic view has the memories. And the emotions must, indeed,
have run deep for a woman, who
auditorium. “Like Mike (Berryman) didn’t have one. And now they’ve that play that I mentioned [Huckle- erything that we did totally revolved
while principal of the new WCHS
said, as kids we lost a lot. Some lost resolved that,” Berryman said, paus- berry Finn by Mark Twain]. That was around the school, the family and the
with her own administrative ties to
their way to college, some just lost ing emotionally, “and it really meant a four-act play – the book was about church.
the old high school building, could
their way. And for everybody this something to her. And a lot of people that thick,” Berryman gestured with “Kids today, I fear, are losing some-
not have attended any Virginia public
brings some closure.” in the class for different reasons – it’s his fingers. “It took us three months thing because of the iPods, texting on
high school prior to 1959 because of
“It’s been amazing, some of the peo- the same thing. almost, rehearsing that and memo- cell phones and the internet, which I
her race.
ple in this class, one girl in particular “As I said in the short speech that I rizing those lines and trying to get it think all of it is good in some ways.
“And some of what these walls
had five siblings graduate from here made, in the 1950’s a school, whether done. So we were here at the school But in other ways it takes away the
know was brought over into the other
and they all had a diploma. And she it was an elementary school or this three or four nights a week, and try- face to face and the personal contact
building. So, it’s still Warren County
had lamented for a lifetime that she school – that really was a haven for us ing to keep up with homework and and emotions and friendships and
High School. It was very emotional
was the only one in her family that ... and things are different now. Like whatever else we had to do. But ev- love for one another.”
for me today,” Jordan said. “And I
know if I had not had that experience
last year, meeting you,” she said with
Goldizen, Riley & Co. Real Estate When I say "good," a nod to Class of ’59 President Ber-
ryman, “and everyone else who was
you say "neighbor." a part of this program, it would not
have meant the same thing. And I felt
like today this is where I needed to
Powers Insurance Agcy Inc Now that's teamwork. be. So, it’s wonderful to see the build-
Bill Powers, Agent CALL FOR A QUOTE 24/7 ing renovated … it’s really exciting
Front Royal, VA 22630 and I feel blessed to be a part of all of
Bus: 540-635-2825
this that has been happening in War-
P097314 State Farm Home Office, Bloomington, IL ren County.
“And I do want to tell you that as
of last night we even had a group re-
hearsing for a play, so they’re still in

the auditorium several nights a week,”
Jordan told Berryman, drawing some
Big Bertha’s Babies laughter of relief that there is some

Tractor Trailer Parking Back to basics

Infant care
continuity of extracurricular activity
from past to present. “And last night
6am - 6pm Mon - Fri
Openings for Infants 6wks -6mos

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Royal, VA 22630
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“All those kids were affected. It’s still emotional after 51 years and I can certainly understand why ... And I
can certainly see how the African-American students felt too when they couldn’t even walk in the door. It
was a sad time.” – WCPS Superintendent Pamela McInnis
WCHS’s Class of ’59
we had the hall of fame (Shifflett Ath- school reborn from the ashes of the emotional thing. They had waited 51 sure for them as well,” Fox said of one We may have conflicts as adults, but
letic Hall of Fame ceremonies at half- long-neglected physical plant of old years for this day and to have it actu- of the more emotional aspects of the in acting those out we could alter
time of the football game). So we had WCHS. ally come.” day. what happens to future generations
about a hundred people come back “You said the word – this is a his- Some in that audience were chil- forever. And we have to be mindful
last night who were parts of teams toric event and it brought closure dren accepting diplomas for parents A lesson learned? of that today, that the decisions we
from before. And so there’s still some for so many people. And I’m just who did not live to see the day come make are going to effect a generation
of that despite the earphones and the happy to be part of this. I know the to pass. “Not being a native but having or more of our citizens.”
iPods. So we try to keep that alive.” class members were choked up; I was “To represent their parents in heard the emotions over the years, Hopefully that is a lesson learned
I asked current WCMS Principal choked up. I looked out at the au- something their parents had waited it’s nice to finally recognize a part by us all 51 years down the line – a
Alan Fox how he felt observing the dience and people were – it was an for, for so long I’m sure marked clo- of what’s happened,” current War- lesson to leave our egos and personal
event in a building he once gradu- ren County School Board member prejudices out of the way as we at-
ated from, and which he now leads and past chairman Jim Wells said. “It tempt to direct a new generation to-
administratively into its new incar- Dear Editor: ernment will pass a new tax or onerous points out once again that as adults ward a future of promise and oppor-
nation as a state-of-the-art middle regulation which will make it harder to we need to be mindful that some of tunity in a nation created as a melting
On November 2, keep their doors open. What our con- the decisions we make have a lasting pot for all, regardless of race, creed or
2010, my family, stituents and their families so desperately effect on our children. In all of gov- national origin.
Jennifer along with families need in this time of economic uncertainty ernment we need to remember that.
Hensley throughout Warren, is for the Federal Government to return
Frederick and Fauquier County, will be to its founding principles of limited gov-
going to the polls to elect a Congressman ernment and permit the entrepreneurial Engle’s Angle: “Trick or Treat?
to be our voice in the Nation’s Capital for spirit of the American people to lead a
By Kevin S. Engle that sends chills up and down
the next two years. In representing our sustained recovery by creating new jobs
region in the Virginia General Assembly, free from fear of Government interven- Warren County Report ” my spine. Items that have been
pushed to the back and forgotten
I have always found Frank Wolf willing tion.
“Nah, that couldn’t be right. about for several months. Yuck!

to assist our mutual constituents when a Frank Wolf will continue to fight those
Could it?” I can now add another item to
federal issue arises. in Washington who advocate even more
I was on my way to Church on my list. Flea market flu shots.
The Virginia General Assembly has de- expansion of the Federal Government
a recent Sunday morning when That just doesn’t sound right.
veloped a bi-partisan pro-jobs strategy financed on the backs of our children.
it caught my eye. Have you ever And that raises a few ques-
to deal with the Great Recession based Only through the election of a majority
seen something but didn’t quite tions.
upon attracting new employers to Virgin- of Congressmen, like Frank Wolf, who
PINOCCIOS ia through financial and tax incentives for share Virginia’s limited government pro-
believe it? That was the case First of all, who’s giving them?
CLOCK REPAIR here. I thought I’d read the sign Is it a doctor or nurse trying to
new employers to come to Virginia. In job philosophy, will the struggling small
correctly, but I was skeptical. make a few extra bucks by set-
■ Authorized Service addition, by maintaining a smaller State businesses risk hiring our out of work
Center for Howard Miller A few hours later, I remem- ting up shop at the flea market?
government and lower State taxes while constituents. Rebuilding our National
& Sligh bered it when my wife and I were I have my doubts.
■ Licensed and Insured promoting individual responsibility and economy through private sector growth
individual freedom as our Constitution as the founding fathers intended is the headed to lunch. It’s probably the same guy
■ House Calls Available
■ Antique or Modern intended, Virginia has consistently been only sane avenue left for the Country to “Tell me what it says.” who’s selling old tires and other
■ Serving the valley for
rated as the best State to locate a new dig out of the worst economic recession “Where is it?” junk he’s had packed away in his
over 36 years
business. As a result of dealing with this in a generation. “On the end. It’s bright yel- garage for 10 years. Isn’t that
(540) 636-7369 recession in the Virginia way, our unem- We need a change in our current fed- low.” comforting? ployment rate, although still too high, eral big government philosophy, there- I slowed down as we got clos- Next question. Where did he
is 3% lower than the national average fore I encourage all of my constituents to er. get the vaccine? I don’t think you
and is improving while most of the rest support Frank Wolf for re-election as our There it was. can buy them in bulk at Walmart
“Flu shots!” my wife an- or an online drug store.
WANTED: of the country still has double digit un-
employment. Unfortunately, the Federal
Congressman on Tuesday, November 2,
2010 so that Frank can help lead us out nounced. And lastly, and most important-
Government has continued to print more of this recession the Virginia way. Bingo. Exactly what I thought ly, who’s getting their flu shot at
Front clip for money thereby devaluing our currency it said.
What’s the big deal? Flu shots
the flea market?
Would you?
a ‘89 Ford and adding to the national debt our chil-
dren will inherit. Frank Wolf agrees with are a normal thing this time of When I drove by a week later,
Ranger. me that the growth of the Federal Gov- year.
They are.
the sign was even bigger. And
ernment over the last several years has Delegate Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, Jr.
Please Call: choked off private sector investment, 18th Legislative District What concerned me was Buy 1 tire, get a free flu shot.
where it was. Buy 2, get your teeth cleaned.
540.683.9197 leaving small businesses afraid to create
new jobs for fear that the Federal Gov-
Virginia House of Delegates
At the grocery store? Buy 3 or more, get your eyes
No. checked.
At the drug store? I could only shake my head in
No. amazement. Who would actu-
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Lost Class of ‘59 Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

Lost class, lost Wildcat teams that could have been

from that 1953 Little League
team through 1959 and beyond.
And not to let us down, Cooksey
brought out some old clippings,
not of the WCHS teams of 1959,
but of the remnants of those
teams that gathered throughout

that lost season to play “unoffi-
cial” games against some of the
regions best teams. Cooksey be-
gan with the basketball team that
came together under the banner N EW S A S H!
of the Warren County Education- The Government says the
al Foundation to play teams from
Manassas to Harrisonburg. recession is over...
“We had no team pictures, no
uniforms and no schedule to But it doesn’t feel like it to me!
begin with,” Cooksey remem-
bered. He recalled how a make- So, if you’re interested in saving
Sam Cooksey pulls out old press clippings chronicling
the season of Front Royal’s “Lost Athletic Teams of
shift schedule was assembled in
games that were considered “ex-
money, come in and talk to us.
1959”. Those lost “Wildcat” teams included, among
others, members of the 1953 FR Little League All
hibitions” by the public school
teams willing to add a game to
Skyline Insurance can help you save
Star team that finished third in the World Series in
Williamsport six years earlier.
accommodate Front Royal’s lost
boys. For most it was mistake as
$$ on your home and auto insurance.
By Roger Bianchini That’s right, Cooksey told us. the town’s gypsy hoopsters went CALL US & COMPARE
Warren County Report Then the man we have come to 16-2. They avenged one of their
know as the archivist of those losses to then unbeaten, 12-0
The theme of loss was preva- youthful team sports days told us Osbourn with an 82-71 victory. OPEN MON-FRI 9-7 • SATURDAY 10-1
lent at the Warren County High to check with him in a few days. Cooksey showed us other clip- TOLL FREE 1-877-845-0584

School Class of 1959 graduation In fact, Janice Miller, widow of pings reflecting a 56-48 win over
ceremony of Oct. 16, 2010. Class the Class of ’59’s Warren Miller, Harrisonburg, a 79-68 win over
President Mike Berryman set the told us following the Oct. 16 Episcopal Alexandria, a 78-72 win On the Corner of 4th & Commerce (the Bypass)
tone with some emotional ob- graduation ceremony at which over Shenandoah, not to mention
servations about impacts on his she and her daughter’s picked up a 70-43 thumping of Luray.
classmates (see related story). Warren’s diploma, that the eve- “Ten of the teams we beat were
One aspect of that loss jumped ning after the class was gathered undefeated when we beat them,”
out at us as we talked to Berry- in the WCHS auditorium and Cooksey remembered. “Osbourn
man and his fellow 1959 class- told their 1959 school year was beat us the first time by one point
mate Sam Cooksey. – “Hey, you over, the school’s football team and was ranked number 5 in the
guys were teammates on that played one last game, with Berry- Metro area when we got them Lessons:
1953 Front Royal Little League man scoring several touchdowns back. Harrisonburg only lost two
All Star team that finished third in a rout of Broadway, she hesi- games that year, one to us. And Your home or my spot in Linden
in the World Series at William- tated – “Yes, I think it was Broad- Shenandoah won their district.
sport, Pa., weren’t you?!?” I re-
called. So, many of those young
Several days later we got back to
But we lost five players from what
would have been the high school
Bill Dykes
athletes were also seniors of that
Class of 1959.
Cooksey, a teammate of Warren
Miller’s on many playing fields
team, who went to other schools.
Three of those would have been 540 631 4188
or cell: 703 536 6929
Front Royal Warren County Airport

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for so many that fateful year, one to the mix. and Tommy Nolan.
is left to wonder what could have And Cooksey reminded us that Missing from that year’s ath-
been if the adults at so many lev- the county’s gypsy “jayvee” bas- letic mix due to various personal
els across the state and the com- ketball team went 14-0 that year. reasons were Hans Carter, Bill
munity itself had just gotten out Included on that team were “Ju- Corwin, Billy LeHew and Dun-
of the way and let their children nior” Allison, Jimmy Smith, Mike can Walton.
have their day in school and on Barnett, Don Ellis, Butch Wertz
that school’s playing fields. Like

Bennett’s Chapel UMC

Class President Berryman said,
“I think if it had been left to us
students, we had enough leader-
ship in that class that we would
have policed it, and would have
Annual Fall Bazaar
made it work without too much
Sat. Nov. 6th
9:00AM - 2:00PM
Lunch: Country Ham Sandwich,
Included among those 1959
This was one of Sam’s favorite clippings, care of Front Royal gypsy athletes were Vegetable Soup, Hot Dog and BBQ
The Warren Sentinel. It shows Cooksey’s teammate
“Cowboy” Henry officiating a junior game at halftime
“Long John” Marlow, “Cowboy” Platter
Henry, Kenny Meirs, Bill Gil-
of a Wildcat alumni game at the old Union Hall court liam, Keith Overstreet, Stu Ri- 839 Rivermont Dr.
that became known as the Wildcat’s Den due to its ley, Dwayne Fletcher, Dennis
close quarters. I bet those kids didn’t grouse with the Reed, Phil Stiner, Charles Sawyer,
Call for more info: (540) 636-7867
official more than once. Hunter Vaught, Bobby Sealock,
starters on that team. Most of us us and we were all one big fam- Jack Lowe, Charlie Harrison, Joe
had been playing baseball and ily.” McDaniel, Freddy Moore, War- revealed later.
basketball together since we were It’s too bad that family was bro- ren Miller and Sam Cooksey … LIBRA (September 23 to October
eight years old. So we were a very ken up that senior year of 1959. and heck, who knows what some 22) While you’re to be admired for
close-knit team anyway. Then As on so many educational fronts of the new kids might have added how you handled recent workplace
what happened and some of the problems, be careful not to react the
things that were said about us same way to a new situation until all
made us that much closer. And it the facts are in.
wasn’t just us out there – we felt
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Your SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem-
we were also representing a thou-
honesty continues to impress every- ber 21) Rely on your keen instincts as • On N
sand or more students who were
one who needs reassurance about a well as the facts at hand when dealing Douglas
going through a bad time through
project. But be careful you don’t lose with a troubling situation. Be patient. mer bor
patience with those who are still not Take things one step at a time as you Leonids
no fault of their own.”
ready to act. work through it. off the
Cooksey recalled that basket-
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to nal entry
ball team’s home court with some
Pushing others too hard to do things December 21) Your curiosity leads meteor s
your way could cause resentment and you to ask questions. However, the • On N
“They used to pack the Union
raise more doubts. Instead, take more answers might not be what you hoped Patton, o
Hall where we played and peo-
time to explain why your methods will to hear. Don’t reject them without erals of
ple would have to move if there
work. checking them out. Gabriel,
was an inbounds play because
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Be CAPRICORN (December 22 to most co
it was so tight up against the
more considerate of those close to you January 19) Be careful not to tackle a manders
walls. Some of those coaches
before making a decision that could problem without sufficient facts. Even claims t
that brought their teams in there
have a serious effect on their lives. sure-footed Goats need to know where of great
started calling it the Wildcats’
Explain your intentions and ask for they’ll land before leaping off a moun- through
Den. We would have 400, 500
their advice. tain path. • On N
people packed in there.
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- Conrad
“In the last few years we have
might have to defend a workplace ary 18) Appearances can be deceiv- person
been called the Lost Class and in a
decision you plan to make. Colleagues ing. You need to do more investigating discove
lot of ways I guess we were. But as
might back you up on this, but it’s the before investing your time, let alone his Wu
I look back now the most impor-
facts that will ultimately win the day your money, in something that might he was
tant thing was the love the town
for you. Good luck. have some hidden flaws. could pa
always showed us kids. There Now Available at Prospect Hill Cemetery: Monuments, Cremation Urns, LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big PISCES (February 19 to March 20) • On N
were people like Claude Stokes, Cremation Niches, In Ground Vases, Bronze Flag Holders and Monument Cleaning Cat’s co-workers might not be doing Your recent stand on an issue could the acto
Guy Marlow, Mr. Silek that had enough to help get that project fin- make you the focus of more attention the polic
Frank’s clothing store on Main ished. Your roars might stir things up, than you would like. But you’ll regain terrorize
Street, Adam Frisky, Rubin Brady but gentle purrr-suasion will prove to your privacy, as well as more time with movie “
and others. And it wasn’t just that be more effective. loved ones, by week’s end. “Jaws,”
year and those teams, but they al- VIRGO (August 23 to September BORN THIS WEEK: You’re a became
ways supported us through the 22) Someone you care for needs help good friend and a trusted confidante.
years and all the teams that came Prospect Hill Cemetery Association, Inc. with a problem. Give it lovingly and You would be a wonderful teacher and
gross m
before us. Today I think we kids 200 W. Prospect Street • Front Royal, VA 22630 • 540-635-5468 • On N
without judging the situation. What- a respected member of the clergy. romanti
were never really lost because All ‘D’series memorial art property of Design Mart. Copyright © 1978-2005 Design Mart. ever you feel you should know will be © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
this small town always embraced Used with permission. All other rights reserved. License #L 0010002 and dir
makes i
first tim
Page 18 • Warren County Report • Early November, 2010 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

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Partisan politics turn ugly as Election Day approaches

Democrats report political sign burnings in Barnett supporter’s yards
concerned residents in the area. being destroyed or stolen but the Wolf ’s Campaign Manager Dan immediately – no questions asked.
“Warren County Democratic Warren County Democratic Com- Scandling agreed and had a scath- Campaigns spend too much time
Committee member (and former mittee office on Main Street in ing appraisal of such campaign tac- and money on getting their mes-
Front Royal mayor) George Banks Front Royal had residents come in tics. sage out to tolerate this kind of
also contacted the Front Royal Po- daily to pick up replacement signs “It is intolerable and reprehensi- thing,” Scandling said.
lice Department upon discovering when theirs were removed by our ble and no one should do that. But “Although I don’t agree with Mr.
that his own Jeff Barnett yard signs opponents in that 2008 race. Some I think everybody sees it. We have Barnett we have to respect the
had been vandalized by arsonists residents were angry and frustrated a stack of Wolf signs in our office democratic process and property
sometime between 2 a.m. and 7 with the foul play but we carried now that have been cut in half with rights. If true it’s shameful and the
a.m. that morning,” we were told. on and simply replaced our Obama razor blades. Anybody that comes responsible parties should be held
Tenth District Democrat- Barnett is the Democratic candi- signs over and over again. We knew to work for me is told immediately accountable,” local Republican Bret
ic Congressional candi- date challenging long-time incum- the thefts were the acts of cowardly that anyone who steals, damages or
bent U.S. 10th District Republican bullies and we weren’t going to be touches an opponent’s sign is fired See ELECTION, pg 32
date Jeff Barnett’s signs
Representative Frank Wolf. While silenced into hiding our support
have been targeted by ar-
sonists in Warren County.
Let’s play nice, kids, no
Wolf has conducted a gentleman’s
campaign and engaged in two
for Barack Obama. Now he is the
Come play the best 9 hole course in the Valley!
public debates with his opponent “But there is an added level of at-
matter who you are sup- – something many entrenched in- tempted intimidation in the act of Front Royal Golf Club brings back the 4-hour round of golf. It’s a fun and
porting. cumbents refuse to do – it seems burning a sign in someone’s lawn. excellent test of golf you’re sure to enjoy. Conveniently located just off I-66 at
Exit 6, on Country Club Road in the beautiful and historic Shenandoah Valley.
By Roger Bianchini some are less generous in the ex- These culprits are cowards and the Warren County Residents Discount
Warren County Report pression of their political opinions. use of intimidation, burning the Warren County residents receive a 10% discount
We asked county Democratic signs instead of stealing them, is on greens and cart fees. Bring your driver’s
Committee Chair Kelli Hart about reprehensible. I am confident that license or other proof of residency for discount.
Local Democrats alerted us last
the disturbing events. Unfortunate- the Front Royal Police Department $20.00/18 holes include cart & green fees,
week of some disturbing events re- Monday through Thursday after 3:00pm.
ly she told us it seems to be an es- is doing everything they can to find
lated to the 10th District Congres-
sional campaign as it is playing out calation of someone’s 2008 political the criminals involved and I hope (540) 636-9061
in Warren County. tactics in this county. they are apprehended soon,” Hart
“In the very early hours of Thurs- “Democrats in Warren County concluded.
day, Oct. 21st someone set fire to got used to our signs being stolen
throughout the 2008 Presidential
Hart later added that she did not
believe Congressman Wolf would
Creative Touch
Jeff Barnett signs in people’s yards “Quality
election,” Hart said. “I can’t recall condone such activities in his sup- Family Owned
in the North River precinct. The Work, at a
ever hearing about a McCain sign port. & Operated
Fire Department was contacted by price you can
Since 1995

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Recall and consolidation initiatives still pending

Front Royal Town Council faces ongoing citizen scrutiny over actions
on municipal and personal reality · Implications of the town charter can “move on” beyond Graham’s fir-
– but we’re getting used to that by directives – which she pointed out ing as it has publicly expressed a de-
now. As one sage observer of politics can only be altered with approval sire to do, a council-approved writ-
once said, no matter how many times of the state General Assembly – on ten statement prepared by the town
something is repeated on the politi- town manager terminations if they attorney asserting Graham’s termina-
cal stage, that doesn’t make it true. conflict with a specific contract; tion was legal on all the above raised
However, despite the reduced gal- · And whether Graham’s contract points must be presented to the pub-
lery, perhaps 15 including town staff, was developed in conflict with town lic.
one citizen alerted the mayor and codes on a town manager’s termina- “We need confirmation, in writing,
council that the issues raised two tion for cause. that public officials did not act in a
weeks earlier over the manner and Hobson told council that before it manner that was legally unjustified,
legality of the firing of former Town
Manager Michael Graham have not
gone away.
Retired federal Energy Department
employee Tina Hobson has been at
Reliance Woods
the point of citizen criticism of the
Choice home sites
Consolidation or bust - attorney David Silek holds up town’s dealing with both the origi-
nal solar energy proposal generated available at drastic price
a petition he plans on circulating asking citizens to
out of the town manager’s office and reductions to savvy
support a move to consolidate the governments of
the town manager’s termination. On buyers who act quickly.
Front Royal and Warren County. dB
ture uilde
Oct. 25, she asked council for a direct ea

By Roger Bianchini gruntled citizens for personal slan- response to her assertion it acted ille- Build now or later using
Warren County Report ders of the local media’s attempt to gally by its own charter and/or codes our suggested builders
hold her husband accountable for his regarding the firing of a town man- or yours. All lots have
Relatively speaking it was an un- public words and actions. ager in Graham’s case.
eventful meeting of the Front Roy- Yes, there was that husband’s oblig-
approved perc sites and
Among the points to which Hob-
al Town Council on Oct. 25 – no atory bi-monthly Checker’s Speech son is seeking specific answers are: are ready to go.
full house of disgruntled citizens, of rambling self-justification and · The town attorney’s role in inform-
not even an enraged “Real Politi- outrage that certain media outlets ing council of the terms, including Connie Smallwood
cal Housewife of Front Royal” being won’t serve as his personal press sec- severance package, of Graham’s con- • 540.551.2162
hooted off the podium by those dis- retary to forward his tenuous grasp tract;

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harmful or contrary to law. This is not room move on Graham allowed him timated 4,000 total signatures would voters. Silek said the 15 percent of of its leadership, since he is a direct
a personnel issue – this is a contract to collect an extra six months salary be required on petitions to move the county’s registered voters should descendent of Richard Pomeroy, one
issue of public responsibility and law. on a contract that would have expired consolidation effort forward. That come from non-town residents. of the signers of the original charter
We look forward to receiving your in one year. number equates to 15 percent of the Silek pointed out during his Oct. 12 that incorporated the town.
statement,” Hobson concluded. Also present at the Oct. 25 meet- registered voters of both the town remarks that he found it somewhat One pivotal factor in Silek’s consol-
The answers Hobson and those 190 ing, though he did not speak, was and county. Determining those num- ironic that he now felt compelled to idation effort is likely to be proving
citizens who signed the letter of attorney David Silek. Following the bers is complicated somewhat by the lead an effort to dissolve the Town of
protest presented to council over meeting Silek notified the media he fact that town voters are also county Front Royal due to the incompetence See TOWN, pg 32
Graham’s termination on Oct. 12 had filed his Dissolution of the Town
receive to these questions will likely of Front Royal Charter and consoli-
determine how the threatened re- dation with the county government
call drive against several councilmen documents to the Warren County
proceeds. Circuit Court Clerk’s Office as of
That council has decided not to Oct. 22.
fight the severance clause of Gra-
ham’s contract, allowing him to leave
The completed petition with the
required number of signatures must
with an 18-month, $174,319 package be filed with the court within nine FROM HARMFUL CELL PHONE RADIATION
would seem to indicate whatever the months of the receipt of certificate of
resolution of the controversial firing, receipt by the court or the deadline
it will not include Graham’s rein- required for the next applicable elec-
statement. Council’s Sept. 27 behind- tion – we calculate that as around
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Brew & Blues Festival a rollicking success

Wham, bam, Pfau and Oates - from Cat Burglars to Mudcats, WOW!!
and Terry Oates own aggressive gui-
tar playing and that singer’s super-
emotive vocals.
These two bands were equally hot in
their own distinct styles and a perfect
counterbalance to the other. The only
thing that could have made it better
would have been if one had covered
one of those John Lee Hooker songs I
was listening to in my car on the way
down to get “In the Mood” – actually
one of the Hooker titles, along with
“Send Me Your Pillow” and “Drug
Store Woman” – “That ain’t what I
want fellows; I ain’t gonna have me
no drug store woman with all that
lipstick and powder – NOO-YAH!!!”
I was so cranked up when I got
home I never did get that Saturday
afternoon nap I was aiming for … of
course neither did I get out to hear
Paul Pfau gets ready to take a bite out of his searing, Terry Oates and singer Eddie Gumm shared the front any live music I’d planned on check-
Hendrix-influenced blues-rock sound. man duties for the Mudcat show. ing out that night – it was college
By Roger Bianchini set of Hendrix-style blues rock. football and baseball playoffs vegging
Chicago Blues opening featuring su- worked for ‘The Commitments’ gor-
Warren County Report Okay, okay, I’m awake now. out on the couch after that one-two
per smooth “Mudcat-ettes” backup geous backup trio of singers), a horn
Who are these guys? I asked a Blues punch of blues on top of history right
singers (I made that name up but it section, wailing blues harp – oh yea,
Brew & Blues - now that’s what I Brothers theme clad observer, stage
call a FESTIVAL!!! left.
Hot on the heels of the emotional That’s a mouthful, I replied to the
and historically rewarding Gradu- answer, “Paul Pfau and the Smooth
ation of the Warren County High
School Class of 1959 (see story in this
Cat Burglars”.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get you a card
A career you can count on.
issue), I wandered into downtown when they’re done,” my source an- As a State Farm agent, you run your business your way and have the chance to earn a

Front Royal for the obligatory festi- swered. great living. With so many unknowns in life, your career shouldn’t be one of them.
val photo assignment ready for a nap How’s the next band going to fol-
after the usual bi-monthly, three-day low this, I silently wondered. BECOME A STATE FARM AGENT.
WC Report deadline run – that was Little did I know my source was the Learn more: Melicca Lerman
until I heard the first notes of young lead singer for that next band, Terry Agency Recruiter
guitar phenom Paul Pfau leading his Oates and the Mudcats. And how
(434)872-5423 or (800)727-0255
485 South St.
Smooth Cat Burglars into a rousing they followed it was with a rousing An Equal Opportunity Employer State Farm, Bloomington, IL PO97075 540-636-3400

437-A South Royal Avenue

Front Royal, VA 22630 Lucky Star Front Royal’s Saturday

540-635-9808 MUSIC VENUE Halloween party

and costume • Fax: 540-635-7128 • Toll Free: 800-292-3548 Oct. 29 - Sean Loomis contest!
Have a Ghoulishly
Oct. 30
299 WHORTON HOLLOW RD. CASTLETON,VA Lounge Good time & win the
Nature Lovers Retreat. prize for best costume
Starring Eye Soar
Great bargain for Rappa-
hannock County priced Open Nov. 1 - Ralph Fortune
Monday Night
under assessment. The Monday Nov. 2 - TBA
Trivia at 8pm
perfect getaway cabin in through Nov. 3 - Mark T
the woods.Surrounded by friday Nov. 4 - TBA
natural beauty.Wood burn- at 11 AM Nov. 5 - John Landes Band
ing stove warms the entire Saturday Nov. 6 - TBA Join us every
cabin. Complete kitchen 2 at 1 Nov. 8 - Dave LaFleur THURSDAY for
Bedrooms 1 Bath family Lunch and Dinner Specials Nov. 9 - Ricky Wilkins
room. Screened in side porch to enjoy those perfect Rap- and Live Entertainment
pahannock suppers. Wildlife abounds.All species of birds. 205A East Main Street, Front Royal
Grass covered driveway. All wheel drive recommended. Patio
MLS#RP7424379 • $250,000 Dining Visit us online at
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Kids and snakes and their adult “caretakers” all seemed to enjoy the bands - but
do kids and snakes get “the blues”??
here in River City. good time was had by all,” the cham- Kitchen, Noble & Noble Financial
The following Monday we got a ber PR said. Associates, Patrick Nolan, Jean’s Jew-
press release from the Front Royal- The chamber also acknowledged elers, Woodward House on Manor “I got a feeling the blues is going to be my only way”
Warren County Chamber of Com- the festival’s sponsors: B. J. Sager, Grade,, Shen – beat-up suitcase and guitars (with a lyrical nod to
merce stating that “The Brew & Blues Inc., Blake & Co. Hair Spa, and Valley Web Hosting and The Apple
legendary 1960’s British Blues singer-songwriter-gui-
Festival was a success thanks to the Weichert Realtors – Clint Pierpoint, House.
hundreds of people who attended as The River 95.3FM and 99.3 The Fox & Let me add my own gratitude as tarist Peter Green).
well as our generous sponsors and Blue Ridge Arts Council.  Beer spon- well to both the chamber and those
volunteers. Throughout the day, you sors:  Bret Hrbek – Edward Jones In- sponsors for a great addition to the
could dance to fantastic blues music, vestments, Aire Serv, Charlie’s Auto local festival scene, indeed … Hey
hear the clinking of tasting glasses Repair, Culligan of Front Royal, Sha- Nikki and Pam, can we have anoth-
and smell the wonderful food. A ron Boyles – CBM Mortgage, Main er one next week before it gets too
Street Book Company/Around Your cold?

Beth Medved
Ivy Lodge Waller, Inc

Gift Shop

Top Producer, 2009
101 Chester Street
Front Royal, VA #1 in Sales
(540) 636-1446 #1 in Listings Sold
Open Mon-Fri 9:30 am - 4 pm
Great Gift Ideas, including: DON’T LET THIS MARKET
Books, Pewter, Brass & Pottery PASS YOU BUY!
‘Chick’ back-up singers and saxes – now that’s a com-
Locally Handcrafted Gift Items Please log online to pliment to the Chicago sound for me.
& Much More And commit to donating $1 per week, $52 per year to help 12 local nonprofits: The
American Red Cross, Blue Ridge Legal Services, Blue Ridge Opportunities, Boy
Proceeds benefit the Warren Heritage Society Scouts, Community Transitional Housing Program, Concern Hotline, Front Royal
Women’s Resource Center, Girl Scouts, Harmony Place, Healthy Families of Warren
County, House of Hope and St. Luke Community Clinic

A Gift to Your Loved One

The Boyles Family has given this to their mother.
The Family Agrees...
The first time we walked into Hidden Springs was such a positive experience for all of us! We were greeted with
a warm hello and smile by the owners Vicki and Daryl Davidson and their professional staff who genuinely
enjoy what they do. When we left, they made us feel as if we had spent the afternoon with “family.” Hidden
Springs is a beautiful, small community setting with all the comforts and warmth of home which afford an en-
joyable lifestyle with peace of mind for our family. The staff has been most respectful, caring and friendly which
are qualities you would expect from professinals. Hidden Springs is nestled atop a gorgeous mountain setting
with spectacular views, but this retirement community offers so much more than the beauty of the Shenandoah
Valley. They offer a safe, carefree, fun lifestyle with the oppurtunity to make new friends that quickly become
family. This community is designed with the needs of the residents in mind and the professional staff is com-
mited daily to maintain an enhanced quiality of life for the residents while remaining independent. Hidden
Springs is our “second family” and we are so blessed to be a part of this community!

Elna Boyles, long-time resident of Front Royal, Call today to schedule your personal tour!
has inBoyles, long-time
turn given her resident
children peace of mind
of Front Royal, inhas
for her well-being in turn
her coming given
years! (540) 636-2008
her children peace of mind for her 8 miles south of Front Royal off
well-being in her coming years! scenic 340
973 Buck Mt. Rd., Bentonville, Va.

Call today to schedule your personal tour!

(540) 636-2008
8 miles south of the Skyline Drive entrance
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Town, county look toward a shared future

Water, growth, shared cleanup expenses on the table
By Carol Ballard Catlett Mountain Landfill Clean- Power Plant project. The Virginia uses that much. We want to make significance of the remains of the
Warren County Report up Electric Power Company (VE- sure it will not affect other the us- house,” according to a rezoning ap-
PCO), an arm of Dominion Power ers in the corridor.” plication/proffer which requests
Front Royal and Warren County First on the schedule was a re- is to be located on 39 acres on the The Dominion/VEPCO has pro- rezoning the 12.623-acre property
officials attended a Liaison meeting port on the progress of the Catlett county’s 522 North Corridor off jected peak water usage of just near the intersection of Reliance
on Oct. 21. At the meeting, held in Mountain Landfill Cleanup. Ac- Kelley Drive. over 600,000 gallons per day, with Road and U.S. 340-522 (Winchester
the Warren County Government cording to Interim Town Manager According to Burke, Dominion average daily use estimated at over Road), from Agricultural/Residen-
Building, several hot issues were Steve Burke, the Town is still wait- hired consultants to construct a 350,000 gallons per day. tial to Commercial.
discussed and it was decided that a ing for reports from the Depart- model of an out-of-town utility re- The Warren County Planning
joint town and county meeting will ment of Environmental Quality and quest. He also said that the town Robert J. McKay property Commission will hold a public
be held sometime in November to will start advertising for bids on the has concerns with Dominion’s hearing at 7 p.m. on Nov. 10 re-
go into details. grading when that happens. The es- consultant’s report. The town plans In another discussion, Warren garding this request.
timated cost of the Phase Two work to hire its own consultant to review County Administrator Doug Stan-
is $120,000, which the county will Dominion’s model, which indicated ley updated the officials on prog- Happy Creek Area

Access fund to get the project moving for-

ward. Burke said, “This grading was
they couldn’t account for 300,000
gallons of water and theorized that
ress on a rezoning proposal con-
cerning the historic former Robert Urban Development areas – Ac-

Dry Cleaners not anticipated in the development

of the current budget, but the town
there could be a leak between the
pump station and tank.
J. McKay property.
Front Royal and Warren County
cording to a fact sheet provided
by Warren County Administrator
29 E. Jackson St. will fully repay the county.” Burke said, “Dominion’s VEPCO
will need 600,000 gallons of water
officials want “to ensure the pres-
ervation, restoration and/or inter-
Doug Stanley, Warren County had
a population increase of 20.82 per
Front Royal Dominion power plant project a day. The town’s water treatment pretation of the site and structures, cent from the 1990 Census to the
(540) 631-9300 plant now has the capacity with the and to incorporate the remaining 2000 census and will therefore need
Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm Also under discussion was the existing infrastructure to supply elements into the eventual devel- to add one or more Urban Develop-
Sat 9am-12pm town’s role in providing water and current needs, but we don’t have opment of the site, to respect and ment Areas to its Comprehensive
sewer to the proposed Dominion anyone else in the corridor that recognize the historic value and Plan by July 1, 2011. A charrette

We do
COME ONE COME ALL ON NOV. 6 The dine to donate fliers are at CBM Mortgage in Royal Plaza
Shopping Center and TLC Settlements on Chester Street
(Call for details) FOR STEVE FIELDS FAMILY.
Bringing the World to You FIRST BIKE OUT AT 11:00 AM. LAST BIKE OUT AT 12:00




540 974 0923
$15.00 COUPLE-$10.00 SINGLE Every Mon & Wed in Nov. 2010
GRAND PRIZES include- at 45 Riverton Commons Plaza
• One night stay at Foster Harris House Bed and Breakfast-Washington, Va.
• Dinner for 2 at Blue Rock Inn-Sperryville, Va.
124 E Main Street • Bottle of Wine from Rappahannock cellars AND A
Front Royal, VA • 5 DAY 4 NIGHT Cruise from Skyline Ranch Resort


(Aka Rappahannock National Bank)
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- or design collaboration- between Doug Stanley said, “This is defi- proval and get all information to ment District was mentioned and Liaison meeting attendees: Front
the Town of Front Royal and War- nitely a model, but [we] don’t know the Planning Commission by June the county administrator said this Royal Mayor Timothy Darr, Town
ren County for the Happy Creek if we want to continue with it. It 30, 2011.If there’s no urban devel- would be discussed in more detail Councilman Shae Parker, Front
Road Area between Interstate 66 to [UDA] could be in several different opment areas, there’s the potential at the town and county’s next joint Royal Town Manager Steve Burke,
the north and Sixth Street-Happy areas.” An area in the 522 north cor- to lose state money for transporta- meeting. Chairman of Board of Supervisors
Creek Road to the south, was sub- ridor near the Blue Ridge Shadows tion.” The town and county will have a and Fork Supervisor Archie Fox,
mitted in January of 2005. This area development could also be used. joint meeting in November to dis- and Shenandoah County District
includes about 700 acres within the According to Stanley, it’s better to Swan Farm (Estates) cuss the Fair Funding Formula and Supervisor Richard Traczyk, War-
town corporate limits and another locate a UDA nearer to the town the Swan Estates Development. ren County Administrator Doug
1000 acres in the county. Timo- for water and sewer availability. The issue of rezoning the 98.2 The date has not been set. Stanley.
thy W. Darr, Richard Traczyk and Stanley said, “We have to desig- acre Anna Swan Farm (Estates)
Douglas Stanley were involved in nate an Urban Development Area, from Suburban Residential to
the charrette. get the Board of Supervisors ap- Planned Neighborhood Develop-
At the Liaison meeting, there was
some discussion as to whether this
study “should be picked up, dusted
off, updated and completed.”
King Features Weekly Service
October 25, 2010

mired for
react the
until all

stincts as • On Nov. 12, 1799, Andrew Ellicott
n dealing Douglass, an early American astrono-
e patient. mer born in Vermont, witnesses the
me as you Leonids meteor shower from a ship
off the Florida Keys. Douglass’ jour-
er 22 to
ity leads
ever, the
nal entry is the first known record of a
meteor shower in North America. 540-545-7001
• On Nov. 11, 1885, George Smith
ou hoped Patton, one of the great American gen-
without erals of World War II, is born in San
Gabriel, Calif. Patton was one of the

free skateboards
r 22 to
o tackle a
most controversial of the U.S. com- H
manders, known to make eccentric
cts. Even claims that he was a direct descendant By Samantha Mazzotta Ano
ow where of great military leaders of the past has be
a moun- through reincarnation. Comparing Traditional or bright white is a good choice. For
reading, choose natural or daylight.
• On Nov. 8, 1895, physicist Wilhelm
o Febru- Conrad Rontgen becomes the first Light Bulbs to CFLs CFLs, like other bulbs, do burn out and th
e deceiv- fare fi
person to observe X-rays. Rontgen’s What is the difference and can break if dropped or mishan-
stigating discovery occurred accidentally in of tim
between a regular light bulb dled. So be sure to screw the bulb in
let alone
hat might
his Wurzburg, Germany, lab, where 214 east jackson street and one of those new energy-saving by its base, not by holding the bulb. cessed
he was testing whether cathode rays CFLs contain a very small amount of on the
March 20)
could pass through glass. 540 636 4974 bulbs? If I want to replace a 75-
watt regular bulb with a new type, mercury, so if a bulb breaks, be care- while
• On Nov. 10, 1932, Roy Scheider,
ue could the actor best known for his role as is the wattage the same? — Gladys ful not to handle it during cleanup.
When a CFL bulb burns out, dispose
attention the police chief of a beach community in Philadelphia
of it according to your city or town’s respon
’ll regain terrorized by a killer shark in the 1975 Compact fluorescent light
ime with fluorescent-light disposal instruc- claim
movie “Jaws,” is born in Orange, N.J. bulbs (CFLs) are considered The
Shenandoah University
“Jaws,” directed by Steven Spielberg,
You’re a the new standard for energy-effi- phrase
became the first movie in history to cient lighting, as they reportedly use
nfidante. gross more than $100 million.
es. Th
75 percent less energy than standard Be wary of “class
acher and • On Nov. 14, 1941, “Suspicion,” a CFL bulbs
Earn a
rgy. incandescent bulbs to produce the indivi
romantic thriller starring Cary Grant same amount of light. They last up that sell for
and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, claim
to 10 times longer as well. It’s esti- significantly Here’s
Virginia Teachers License
makes its debut. The film marked the mated that a CFL bulb can save more less than other
first time that Grant and Hitchcock long p
than $40 in electricity costs over its CFLs. Look • Th
worked together. The two would later for the Ener-
in six months
collaborate on “Notorious,” “To Catch lifetime. And if you live in a hot cli- claim
mate, CFLs produce about 75 percent gy Star label, which certifies the obviou
a Thief” and “North by Northwest.”
• On Nov. 13, 1974, 28-year-old Kar- less heat, so they can cut energy costs bulbs as meeting energy efficiency claim
en Silkwood, a technician at a plutoni- If you have associated with air conditioning. standards. • Th
um plant operated by the Kerr-McGee • A bachelor’s degree One of the first things you’ll notice averag
Corporation, is killed in a suspicious • Five years work or equivalent experience on a CFL bulb is that the wattage is The Energy Star website (www. happe
car accident near Crescent, Okla. She much lower. So, how do you com- offers a fairly com- • Th
was on her way to a meeting with a You can qualify for the Career Switcher pare the brightness to your standard plete guide to CFLs and tips on buy- cessin
reporter for The New York Times, light bulb? If you’re replacing a 75- ing them. injury
reportedly with a folder full of docu- Program at Shenandoah University watt incandescent bulb, you’ll want • Th
ments that proved that Kerr-McGee to select an 18-to-25 watt CFL. Most Send your home repair and main-
with a
was acting negligently when it came to Winchester Campus - Bowman Bldg. CFL bulb boxes have the equivalent tenance questions to ask@thisi-
worker safety at the plant. wattage printed on them. Dimmers,, or write This Is a
• On Nov. 9, 1989, East German offi- To schedule an appointment or Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly works
three-way lights and other specialty days —
cials open the Berlin Wall, allowing for more information contact: CFLs also are available. Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando,
travel from East to West Berlin. The FL 32853-6475. Remember, when in Whi
Ron Say Another consideration is the color of way th
following day, celebrating Germans light produced by a CFL. If you want doubt as to whether you can safely or
out wi
began to tear down the wall, reducing
it to rubble that was quickly snatched
540-287-1911 the warm glow of your old incandes- effectively complete a project, con-
cent bulbs, choose warm white or sult a professional contractor.
up by souvenir hunters. soft white. For kitchens, cool white © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
ries, th
© 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. 1460 University Drive, Winchester, VA | Go to
—21— vice-c
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ABC privatization Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
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VRF endorses principle of ABC privatization

Retailers seek changes allowing small businesses to participate
Richmond, Va. – As the repre- to include merchants with less founded in order to provide a bal- retailers.  We look forward to a tatives and chapters that access
sentative of more than 3,000 Vir- than 3,000 square feet or fewer anced voice for all retailers in the legislative process that embraces grass-root retail communities
ginia-based, independent retail- than 50 employees Commonwealth, both large and the diverse interests of all Virgin- throughout Virginia.
ers, the Virginia Retail Federation · Early auction and distribution small. For that reason, we will ia retail businesses, their employ-
(VRF) has voted to endorse the of tier four licenses for beta test- move very deliberately and cau- ees and customers.” (From Oct. 15 & 22 press re-
principle of privatizing the sale of ing tiously when considering legisla- leases)
distilled spirits in the Common-   tion of this magnitude and conse- About the VRF
wealth; and will work closely with “Because there are many more quence.”
Governor Bob McDonnell’s staff
and General Assembly members
independent merchants in Vir-
ginia than there are national re- Small grocers jump in
The Virginia Retail Federation
is the advocacy arm of the Retail
to modify the bill that is likely to
be presented in the upcoming
tail chains, we believe that the
number of tier four licenses must One week after the above VRF’s
Alliance and the Retail Merchants
Association.  The Federation’s Cookie
months. The VRF’s official posi-
tion on the matter is as follows:
be far greater than those granted
to national competitors,” says Re-
press release was issued on Oct.
15, the Virginia Petroleum Con-
mission is to advocate on behalf
of local and regional independent Jars FOR SALE!
Virginia Retail Federation sup- tail Alliance President and CEO venience and Grocery Associa- retailers, as well as franchise and
ports the principle of privatiza-
tion if the transition process is
Susan Milhoan. “We have com-
mitted to the Governor’s office
tion jumped into the fray:
“We are pleased that Gover-
national retailers through a net-
work of locally focused represen-
open to the public for input, if that we will work closely with nor McDonnell recognizes the

Copper Thefts
it is accomplished with due the Joint Legislative Audit and significant impact ABC priva-
consideration for merchants Review Commission and sug- tization may have on Virginia’s
of all sizes, and if it is approved gest a thorough market analysis independent merchants.  We all
through the legislative process to determine what that number agree that the sale of distilled
and includes proper regulatory should be.” spirits may well belong in the free
controls. “There are currently more than market. The Virginia Retail Fed- Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron of the Warren County Sheriff ’s Of-
Specifically, the VRF seeks the 6,600 businesses in Virginia li- eration and Virginia Petroleum fice advises that on October 24 at approximately 11:11 a.m. the
following modifications prior to censed to sell beer and wine off- Convenience and Grocery As- Sheriff ’s Office received a call in reference to a male and female
supporting any legislation: premises,” says Retail Merchants sociation feel strongly that any subject removing copper wire from a vacant residence located at
· Increase number of available li- Association President and CEO transition must provide equal op- 1764 Happy Creek Road.
censes Nancy Thomas. “Restricting the portunity to retailers of all sizes,” Upon arriving on scene and conducting an interview with the
· Significantly increase licenses sale of distilled spirits to such as the VCGA said in a joint Oct. 22 complainants and suspects, Sergeant Mickey Licklider took the
for small, independent retailers small percentage of these busi- press release. “We appreciate the two suspects into custody. The suspects were David Allan Tanks
· Reduce minimum starting bid nesses creates a serious com- Governor’s willingness to con- Jr., a 30-year-old male of Madison, Virginia who was charged
for tier four licenses to $25,000 petitive imbalance. The VRF was sider the needs of all Virginia’s with Petit Larceny, Destruction of Property and Entering Prop-
(paid over an extended period of erty with Intent to Damage; and Shannon Marie Wilhoite, a 30-
time) year-old female of Front Royal who was charged with Entering
· Modify tier four requirements Property with Intent to Damage. Wilhoite was released on an
unsecured bond and Tanks was held on a $2,500 secured bond.

Handyman for hire.

25+ years exp. Drywall,

Painting and Carpentry.
Quality work at reason-
able prices. Will also do
odd jobs.
Call Tony Hill
540 -671 -3366

“ONE Most
Clothing Items
Shirts - $1.25 -- 3 or more
Household Items Excluded
• Comforters $20 - ea.
• Down Comforters $30 - ea.
Crooked Run Cleaners
135 Crooked Run Plaza, Front Royal
(Target Shopping Center)
Open: Mon. - Fri. 7am - 7pm
Sat. 9am - 6pm • Closed Sunday
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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Planning
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Conservation Subdivision Design Presentation

tive site analysis then becomes the structure is as important as grey
development’s sketch plan. infrastructure.”
Who owns, insures, maintains David Vazzana of Front Royal
and pays taxes on the conserved Limited Partnership owns two of
land? Arendt suggested a variety Arendt’s books: a well thumbed
of mechanisms including a home copy of “Envisioning Better Com-
owners’ association; conservancy munities” and “Crossroads, Ham-
lots held in common; a land trust; let, Village, Town.” Arendt’s other
or, especially in the case of a gre- books include “Rural by Design:
enway, the town or county. He Maintaining Small Town Char-
said that insuring conserved land acter,” “Conservation Designs for
is inexpensive and that insurance Subdivisions: A Practical Guide to
claims are rare. Creating Open Space Networks”
The vision is achieved through and “Growing Greener: Putting
zoning that values density over lot Conservation into Local Plans
size. Arendt suggested writing an and Ordinances.” His latest book,
Front Royal and Warren County symposium attendees were, front, Chris Price, ordinance that trades development “Envisioning Better Communities:
Fred Andreae, Doug Stanley, Tina Hobson, Mike Graham, David Vazzana. Middle rights. Other elements of conser- Seeing More Options, Making
row: Jill Keihn, Taryn Logan, Sonja Carlborg, Mary Powers Ryan, Bruce Drum- vation design include low impact Wiser Choices,” is being published
mond, David Means, Rear, Joe Duggan, Sandy Wilson. Not pictured: Bill Barnett, storm water design and afford- by the APA and the Urban Land
Brevatta Jordan, Ernestine Jordan. able housing created by building Institute.
smaller homes. He recommended Front Royal resident Sonja Carl-
By Leslie Fiddler Arendt advocates designing with creating greenway thoroughfares. that locales “invent a density bo- borg noted “The planning process
Warren County Report nature. “Nature’s been here a long Arendt detailed a “boots on the nus that cannot be refused.” is about building a shared vision -
long time. Nature works. You mess ground” approach with a multi- “I was delighted to hear that Town and County staff were well
Several members of Warren with nature you pay for the conse- disciplinary team walking the de- Randall Arendt thought trees were represented at the event, and it was
County’s development commu- quences.” Applying this philoso- velopment site and collaborating a major consideration in planning great to see some local developers
nity attended the Virginia Chap- phy towards subdivision develop- to produce a detailed site analysis. any sort of development or com- there too, but I didn’t see anyone
ter of the American Planning ment, he described conservation The multidisciplinary team in- mercial corridor design in rural from the Town Council, Board of
Association’s fall symposium on subdivisions as developments cludes builders, architects, plan- communities” said Sandy Wilson, Supervisors, Planning Commis-
“Prospects for Growth and Devel- that prioritize open space conser- ners and voting members. During Member of the Front Royal/War- sions, or Board of Architectural
opment in Emerging Rural Com- vation and connect homes with a site walk this group identifies pri- ren County Tree Stewards. Arendt Review.  However perhaps they
munities” in Luray on Sept. 24 and greenways. Poorer soils become mary and secondary conservation recommended greening parking could check out the free down-
25. Sponsored by the Northern the platform for development. He areas and open space networks. lots by planting one tree for ev- loads on his website,
Shenandoah Valley Regional Dis- said that conservation subdivision The land’s significant features ery three cars. Locally the War-”
trict and the Town of Luray, the homes have higher values due to might include, for example, farm- ren County Soccerplex parking lot Landscape architect and former
event featured conservation plan- their proximity to conserved land land, streams, vernal pools, sig- follows this ideal. Arendt advised Front Royal Planning Commission
ning advocate Randall Arendt pre- and greenways and builders’ costs nificant trees, historical sites and planning for longer hotter sum- member Joe Duggan has worked
senting on “Conservation Design are lowered by minimizing grad- stone walls. The group’s collabora- mers, and said that “green infra- in his field for three decades. “It
and Commercial Corridors” plus ing. Over time, say 25-30 years, has taken 30 years for these ideas
several other workshops. subdivision greenways are linked, to move from the classroom to
the mainstream. The concept is

Mountain Fence
amazingly simple - work with the
land - tread as lightly as possible
- something taught to children in
We Install Fences Year Round! New Beginnings Community Greetings scouting. It is, however, an art as
much as a science, a ‘feel’ for what
“Introducing Your Business to
New Homeowners in our Community” works. And it takes a collaborative
*** effort between land owners, de-
P.O. Box 1025 signers and government agencies.
Call today • Wood Front Royal, VA 22630
It was heartening to see Warren
for a FREE 540 635-8660
County represented by members
estimate in • Vinyl of all three groups.
VA or
• Aluminum Diva Nails Spa Springfield
Valley “Discover the DIVA in you!!!” Computers
• Chain Link
PLEASE CALL Linda 540-635-DIVA or 540-635-3482 • PC & Mac
840 John Marshall Hwy Ste B, Front Royal Va 22630 • New & Used Sales
• In-Home Repairs
Nail Care • Pedicure • Manicure Waxing • Gel Pink & White and more!
Call: 540-635-9981 or
• In-Shop Repairs
New Winter hours- Please Call For Appointment 510 N. Royal Ave. • Front Royal
• Closed on Mondays •
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Letters Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
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Dear Editor: a town within an hour’s drive of the be compensated at a level sufficient ments, why they believe themselves ing and promoting our most talented
nation’s capital, and with all its won- to attract candidates with impressive to be qualified, and what they expect town residents to assume lead posi-
There’s been a goodly amount of derful natural and historical attrac- business, management, financial and to achieve while in office. Lastly, our tions in our community, we have no
controversy – of late – concern- tions is increasingly looking like a engineering backgrounds. The town local media should be encouraged to cause to complain about its short-
ing Front Royal’s Town Council and ghost town. should require interested candidates fulfill its responsibility to the public comings.
disputes among its members. Some Let’s get serious about selecting to possess minimal background and by verifying and validating the bona
prominent local citizens have even council members. They are required academic qualifications, including fides and backgrounds of the candi- Sincerely,
suggested doing away with the in- to attend numerous meetings and re- a written statement from each can- dates. George Woloshyn
stitution. That would be akin to view tons of reports, etc. They should didate as to their prior accomplish- Unless and until we begin encourag- Linden, VA
“throwing away the baby with the
bath water.”
What happens in Front Royal af-
fects all of Warren County. Front
Royal, despite its laid-back, small-
town appearance, is a complex orga-
nization of almost 15,000 residents
(42% of the total population of War-
ren County) and an annual budget of
$10 million. At the moment there
are only two elected institutions in
Front Royal – the Office of the May-
or and the Town Council. Without its
Town Council, the citizens of Front
Royal would have little or no control
or oversight of the Mayor, the bud-
get, and the town’s public service
staff … it would become a miniature
“Washington on the Shenandoah”.
The problem is not the Town
Council but the quality of its mem-
bers. Would any of us entrust our
assets or business to just anyone
who walked through the door with
little or no qualification or with a
questionable background? And yet,
that is precisely the way we elect our
Council members. It should come
as no surprise that this little gem of



Call Gary
We haul
metal for
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Consolidation - not the right answer to town’s problems
By Bret Hrbek privatizing it. So, we improved it. doah River to feed the growth
Through our portfolio of power appetite of Frederick County.
There are several ideas float- contracts and membership with The only thing preventing such
ing around to “fix” the Town of AMP the town electric depart- an agreement is the Town of
Front Royal. One is Council- ment will provide the users with Front Royal. The town controls
man Sayre’s flagrantly self-serv- cheaper power than in the pri- the water permit and decides
ing idea to reduce the number vate sector. What becomes of the which users outside of its politi-
of councilmen from six to four electric department in a merger? cal boundaries receive water. A
(notice the top four vote getters Are the assets sold to a private county controlled water system
in the last two May town elec- producer so their shareholders would be a blank check to Fred-
tions: Tharpe, Sayre, Holloway benefit from the infrastructure erick County for growth. The
and Lauder). But the one that has and contract agreements that people of Warren County would
grown legs and a life of its own the current shareholders (i.e. the give up our future growth for our
is David Silek’s proposal for the town utility user) paid to create? neighbors.
dissolution of the Town of Front This question must be resolved
Royal and merging its assets into before asking the town electric 3. The economic interest and fu-
Warren County. users to turn over the asset to the ture of the county lies in the 522
David and I have been friends county. corridor. Whether retail or in-
for a long time. We share many dustrial that is where the county
concerns about the direction of 2. Members of the county Board must pay attention. Although
our current leadership and I re- of Supervisors have publicly stat- small businesses make up the fla-
spect him. But in this case, David
is flat wrong.
ed that it would be a good idea
to, at minimum, explore the idea
vor of the community, especially
the downtown area, the big box
Master the Skills
Employers Want!
Normally, I’m a big proponent of selling water from the Shenan- retailers and industries pay the
of limiting government and the
amount of government. These
very pages often have referenced
my admiration for “the Gipper”
Middle Eastern Dinner Microsoft Office 2007
(Ronald Reagan). And although & Dance Show
a local government can over- Saturday, November 20, 2010
reach and be as authoritative
– and sometimes more so – than 4:00 – 8:00 pm
the folks in Washington, this is
not the case here in Front Royal. A Benefit for Blue Ridge Educational Center.
Over the past four years Front
Join us for our fifth annual exciting and exotic evening of
Royal has taken steps to be the
model of good governance. dining and dancing. Middle eastern dance performances by
Before signing the petition cir- local belly dancers. Exquisite middle eastern dinner catered
culating to place the question of by Cute’s Catering. Look for interesting and valuable items at
consolidation/dissolution on the our silent auction. Purchase or reserve your tickets early as
ballot, please consider the fol- we have sold out in previous years. Upcoming Classes in October and November Include:
Access 2007, Basic & Intermediate
1. When I came onto council I Excel 2007, Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
Calvary Episcopal Church
really wanted to privatize the 11 N. Royal Avenue Front Royal, VA Outlook 2007 for the Office
town electric department. As a Word 2007, Advanced
limited government conserva- RSVP BREC: 540-631-9503
tive I couldn’t wrap my mind Tickets: Adults $35 @ Door, $30 Adv.
around why the government
Children under 12 $7 w/adult
Register Today!
should be involved in a business
that competed with the private Donations are also welcome and are tax deductible.
sector. However, after exploring Mail to BREC, PO Box 1820, Front Royal, VA 22630 or call 540-868-7021
the marketable value of the de-
partment, I was disappointed to Photos courtesy of Warren Sentinel and Susan Loving

learn it was not enough to justify

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540-635-9007 ~ 121 E. 2nd Street, Front Royal, VA
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bills. With three new schools, a ing the Economic Development services. The obvious depart-
stadium, library and other capital Authority to help with the reno- ment to target is administra-
improvements the county must vation of the Afton Inn, an an- tion which makes up very little
direct their efforts on big rev- chor building of downtown and of the overall budget to run the
enue producers. This will leave the county refused. The only way town. The county would have to
our downtown and Main Street to protect and maintain our small absorb some of the finance de-
merchants as the Cinderella of businesses is for the town to keep partment to administer the bills 1- acre lot in Lake
the two step sisters of Riverton the economic engine going. for the utilities. We would still Front Royal, use for recreation or to build
Commons and Crooked Run. need the same number of feet on home. Enjoy the lake privileges for only

The town council even asked the 4. There isn’t very much overlap the ground for police protection
county to join them in encourag- between the town and county yet we would increase the power
Virginia Wright
Associate Broker, ABR, GRI
Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Greetings from your Delegate believe that the family of any totally disabled Virginia war hero Weichert Realtors • 67 W Lee Highway
to the Virginia General Assem- who has sacrificed for our Country should be exempted from the Warrenton, VA 20186
bly. On Election Day, Novem- burden of real estate taxes on their home.
ber 2, 2010, in addition to Ballot Question 3 would permit an increase in the permis-
federal offices, my constituents sible size of the State Rainy Day Fund from 10% to 15% of the 540-219-9531
throughout Fauquier, Frederick, Commonwealth’s annual tax revenues. I also co-patroned this
and Warren County will have an Constitutional Amendment last session because during the time I
opportunity to adopt or reject have served as your Delegate, Virginia tax revenues have both in- The Front Royal United Methodist Women’s

Annual Bazaar
three proposed amendments to creased and declined from year to year. As tax revenues increase,
Virginia’s Constitution. special interest groups rush to propose spending the additional
I co-sponsored all three Constitutional Amendments during money available on new programs. Conversely, as tax revenues
the last General Assembly Session and therefore encourage my decrease, those same special interest groups lobby to keep the
constituents to support Ballot Questions 1, 2, and 3 on Election
new programs in place proposing large tax increases to prevent
“cuts” in spending. As someone who believes that a smaller
Friday, Nov 5th 4 to 8 PM dinner served 5:00
Ballot Question 1 asks you to decide whether Section 6 of
Article X of the Virginia Constitution should be amended to permit
government with lower taxes should be the model employed by
Virginia, I have consistently opposed increased spending as tax Saturday, Nov 6th 9 AM to 2 lunch served 10:30
local Town’s and Counties to establish their own income limita- revenues increase while opposing tax increases as revenues de- Fellowship Hall • Front Royal United Methodist Church
tions for a senior citizen to qualify for the tax relief for the elderly cline. I believe that by mandating that a larger portion of revenue On corner of Royal Avenue and Main Street.
program. be applied to the State Rainy Day Fund during times in which
Currently, the Virginia Constitution requires a citizen 65 years of revenues increase, we can better avoid the unnecessary growth Our Theme is
age or older to prove that they are bearing an extraordinary real of government programs and the unsustainable spending which “Growing in Mission through the (58) years”
estate tax burden on their home in relation to their income and accompanies that philosophy. In addition, a larger Rainy Day
financial worth in order to qualify for the State’s tax relief for the Fund available for use when annual State tax revenue dramatically
Profits will be going to Mission, local and away!
elderly program. The current one size fits all approach leads to decreases, strengthens the ability to prevent tax increases when Homemade Crafts • Bakery • Jewelry • Country
some senior citizens on fixed incomes being unable to utilize the revenue declines during recessions while permitting the mainte- Store with canned goods, Woodworks, Cutlery,
tax relief for the elderly program because the value of their home nance of necessary State spending priorities. By providing ad-
is too high, among other nonsensical reasons. The proposed ditional revenue stability through this Constitutional Amendment,
Hand painted Eggs, Silent Auction and Cake Walk
constitutional amendment would permit localities more flexibility
to grant elderly tax relief based upon the specific circumstances
we can best maintain spending stability in the core functions of
State government in a fiscally responsible manner. (635-2935) for further info
present in their County, Town, or City. As always, our family thanks you for the opportunity to serve.
Ballot Question 2 permits you to decide whether the Virginia Very Sincerely Yours, Come One, Come All!
Constitution should be amended to require the General Assembly All are welcome!!
to provide a real property tax exemption for the principal resi-
dent of a veteran, or his surviving spouse, if the veteran has a Delegate Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, Jr.

100 percent service connected, permanent, and total disability. 18th Legislative District
I sponsored this proposed amendment last session because I Virginia House of Delegates

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*APR=Annual percentage rate.

For more information visit: 540-635-7133
230 N Royal Avenue, Front Royal
113 South Street, Front Royal
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Donahoe’s FloristChristmas Opinion

Open House Register
Do for
Nov. 17th Refreshmor Prizes!
ents Serv
9a.m. to 5 p.m. ed! of the sheriff who is already the sued faster. nario would be the creation of an
Nov 20th most powerful constitutional of- urban service district to take care
9 a.m. to 5p.m.
20% Off Fall Arrangements! ficer in the county. The consolida- 5. Taxation: If, and that’s a big of the roads, etc of the former
tion of the planning departments if, the costs of the urban infra- town. This service district would
is the obvious benefit. However structure (i.e. roads, buildings, likely include a service district
$50 Centerpiece $25 Fresh Wreath the two departments are charged etc) where spread across the en- fee imposed on those who live
with different tasks and a less tire county population a town within the boundaries (i.e. the
$25 Gift Certificate for Loose Fresh Flowers drastic change than dissolution resident would see their taxes former town citizens). The for-
(In House Redeemable)

of a 200+ year old town would be reduced and the county resident mer town citizen will not see a
a better idea so a building permit would see an increase in taxes. net financial benefit but will have
Jean Rudacille,Owner and business license can be is- However, I believe the likely sce- less representation and seven less
205 South Royal Ave Front Royal, VA 22630 opportunities to vote.

Enjoy the Benefits of Working with a 6. Roads: See above. The town
Local Mortgage Company has a road infrastructure that in
• 100% financing Available
this economic climate it is hard
• Government Approved Lender to see that the Virginia Depart-
ment of Transportation would
Your Hometown Lender fully fund. It is more likely that
540-660-1333 • 540-635-1457
the county would have to impose the urban service district to pay
Friday,November 12,2010 Royal Plaza Shopping Center
Rich & Sally
for the shortfall in road funding.
Licensed by the Virginia State Spiewak The town—along with funds by
from 9 am- 8 pm Corporation Commission, MC-3749
the state—pays the road mainte-
nance now.
Your personalized jeweler cordially invites you to
a one day customer appreciation sale and social SPACIOUS Alternative
event. Please come and enjoy some light refresh- CONTEMPORARY
3500+ Square
ments. You must present your invitation at the I think the better solution to
Feet • 4.3 Acres
door in order to participate in this event, which is the challenges of our town lead-
of Gently Rolling
closed to the general public. ership is:
Wooded Land •
5 Bedrooms • 3
We look forward to seeing you there. 1. District the town council. We
Full Baths • Huge
Please come in or call if you would like to have too many of our elected offi-
Basement Rec
receive an invitation cials living in the same areas and
Room / Bar • Less
our town council is not represen-
than 2 miles from town • Paved Driveway • Mature Landscaping • Open
tative of many areas of town. Too
Floor Plan • Spacious Master with two sitting areas and double-sided fire-
many of our residents are disen-
place • Open Kitchen with Silestone Counters and Stainless Steel Appli-
franchised because a small group
ances • $415,000
of people can elect all six coun-
Great Properties, Competitive Prices, Aggressive Marketing
Sue Kinyon & Jeff Springfield, Realtors cilmen. If they were responsive
510 N. Royal Avenue – Front Royal, VA 22603
to their own districts you would
407 E. Main St., Front Royal  (540)622-6166 Sue’s Cell: 540-683-1014 • Jeff’s Cell: 540-551-2245
Sue: Jeff: find more diverse opinions and
less influence by outside forces.

2. Move the election to Novem-

ber to correspond with the na-
tional and state elections. This
would prevent a small group of
people who are well organized
from making sure their voters ar-
rive at the poll. In the 2006 Con-
gressional elections over 5,000
Offering: • Student Classroom 239 C. South Street town residents voted in Novem-
ber. In the May 2010 town elec-
• Behind-the-Wheel
• Re-Examinations Front Royal, VA 22630 tions 1,600 people voted. – It
doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
Sign up now for the November Phone: 540-635-6900 figure the impact of those num-
bers out.
36- hour Classroom!
New Students and Re-exams
Fax: 540-635-1900 Changes are needed in the
town’s political system but part
of being conservative is using the
Call for more info Now serving Deli sandwiches daily!!
Stop by for our weekly Specials!!
framework our ancestors left to
us. We were left with the Town
214 East Jackson Street • Front Royal, VA

of Front Royal and just because
it is behaving poorly at the mo- ment is not a reason to throw it
out after 200 years.
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Town Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
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TOWN, from pg 20 ELECTION, from pg 18 As for the hopefully tiny mi-

that the town’s current govern- Hrbek said of any attack on the nority of people engaged in such
ment has or is creating a finan- right to express one’s support on activities locally – lighten up will
cially untenable situation for the any side of the political aisle. you?!!? NO ONE involved at a
town’s survival as an independent Warren County Republican responsible level in the political
municipal entity. One might note Committee Chairman Dave Hen- process agrees with such tactics
that the town has begun borrow- (well there were some Germans,
derson concurred.
ing on its reserve funds to balance Italians and Spaniards in the
“I condemn any act of violence
its current budget to the tune of 1930’s and ’40’s)!!! You don’t have
against the person or property of
$600,000; and that despite rising to agree with someone’s politics
costs and past and coming expen-
any political candidate of any Par-
ty. Dirty political activities such but democratically-based systems
ditures of $50-million or more on of government require the right
water and wastewater infrastruc- as sign destruction have no place
in American politics. Whoever to openly express differing politi-
ture improvements, council has cal viewpoints and stances on is-
not raised either personal proper- burns, steals or destroys political
signs are not playing by the rules sues. If you don’t like that notion,
ty or real estate taxes in 11 years.
of fair play and if caught should be go somewhere else and start your
Those taxes have been described
prosecuted to the full extent of the own little, neo-fascist state – you
as among the lowest in the region.
law. I am distressed to hear that don’t belong in Warren County,
And it would seem from past
campaign and public statements such activities are occurring in the 10th Congressional District,
that the current council is occu- Warren County,” Henderson said. or America for that matter.
pied by a staunchly “no-new-tax”
Silek also confirmed that his con-
solidation initiative brought for-
ward at the Oct. 12 meeting had
led to his being interviewed and
photographed over the course of
that day by The Washington Post.
Silek said he believes the conse-
quent story will appear in either
a magazine section or special in-
terest section of The Post at some
point this weekend (Oct. 29-31).
Silek also represents SolAVerde
principals Greg Horton and Don-
nie Poe in a $30-million defama-
tion of character and tortuous
interference in a business con-
tract lawsuit against the town and
Councilmen Sayre, Lauder and
In scheduled business, coun c i l
unanimously approved an amend-
ment with the consultant, GHD,
formerly Stearns & Wheeler, that
is developing a model to allow the
town to comply with a state man-
dated DEQ order on the function
of its Sanitary Sewer System in-
flow and filtration systems.
It also unanimously approved a
request for a partial closing of the
parking lot off Laura Virginia Hale
Place for the 7th Annual “Christ-
kindlmart, a Storybook Christ-
mas” to be held Dec. 3, from 4
p.m. to 8 p.m. and Dec. 4, from 9
a.m. to 8 p.m.
Not since 1930, Harvey was
“Why are we still here talking Official Practice Test is November 6 & December 4
about this?” Harvey asked.
Then in a not unfamiliar turn- at 9:00 AM at Lord Fairfax Community College.
about, one month after attempt-
ing to kill the grant process to Walk-ins Welcome on Space Available Basis
enable the dam’s demolition at
minimal cost to town taxpayers, Must be 18 or older to participate/Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education
Councilman Sayre made the mo-
tion to accept the money. 667-9744 or 800-435-5945
Finally council passed that mo-
tion without opposition.
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Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce

LUNCH AND LEARN to maintenance work being completed. Detour of Reiki and its benefits. In Front Royal: Oc- help first-time homebuyers prepare to make before, our shelves will be stocked with differ-
signs will be in effect. Please plan your travel tober 28 6:00pm to 7:30pm or in Winchester: the important choices related to homeowner- ent products as they become available. First
Join us for our next Lunch and Learn on Tues- accordingly. If you have any questions about November 10 6pm to 7:30pm. Registration is ship. We will go over Personal Finances, Credit on the shelf will be our Original Non-Alcoholic
day, October 26th, Noon – 1pm at the Chamber this project, please contact the Department of requested. To register, contact Andrea Boyd at Reports, Role of the Lender, Working with your Sparkling Cider which so many have known
office. Mike Noble, Noble & Noble Financial As- Public Works at 540-635-7819. 540-635-0739 or Real Estate Agent, Home Inspections and Clos- since the inception of Alpenglow in the late
sociates, will present “81 Days Until Tax Season ing you Mortgage Loan. For Reservation call 70’s. Come taste Alpenglow and many of the
- What Do I Do?” Be sure to attend and start The Town of Front Royal will observe Halloween Humans and their furry four legged friends are 540-622-2711. specialty wines we now have for your next spe-
planning for the end of the year, and kick off the on Sunday, October 31 from 6:30pm to 9pm. invited to become a part of the Front Royal / cial occasion. Our Virginia Roast coffee will set
New Year on a positive note. Space is limited The Town advises parents to accompany chil- Warren County Inaugural Bark For Life. The Around Your Kitchen announces the First An- your taste buds scrambling with pleasure as
and RSVP’s are required. Please RSVP to the dren and recommends group activities. Parents event to be held on Saturday October 30th , nual Gingerbread House Contest. Entry forms you make these remarkable cups of goodness.
Chamber at 540-635-3185 or info@frontroyal- and children are advised to carry flashlights and 2010 from 10am - 2pm at Randolph Macon are available in the store. No cost to enter but Right now we are promoting our ice cream Bring your lunch … and learn! to only go to those homes where porch lights Academy (near the middle school) . Bark For entries must follow rules and regulations as Espresso cone and dips, mmmm’ oh so creamy
are on. All trick-or-treaters are asked to be off Life is a fundraising event for the American Can- stated on entry form. All entries will be placed and good. Pull up your boot straps and come
ETHICS SEMINAR VOLUNTEERS NEEDED the streets by 9pm. Please note that it is illegal cer Society that honors the care giving qualities in our display windows for the community to on down for all the great tastes and delicious
for children ages 16 and over to wear masks of our canine companions. This event takes enjoy and place votes for their favorite house smells when you enter our door. Fall is here
The Education Committee is planning the Eth- in public. Dr. Dan Carrier, Carrier Chiropractic place to acknowledge our dogs for their loyalty, during the Holiday season. First prize: $100 and it is just “beautiful”. Our great staff is here
ics Workshop for Thursday, November 18 from Center invites treat-or-treaters and their par- friendship, unwavering love and support they gift certificate, Second Prize: $50 gift certificate, to help you enjoy your day.
8:30 – 11am (for Skyline High School students) ents to have candy and treats x-rayed, free of provide us with. Registration cost is $25. The Third Prize: Holiday cake from Cakes by Ruth.
and Noon – 2:30pm (for Warren County High charge, at his office. Dr. Carrier’s office is lo- first 50 dogs registered will receive a signature Not sure where to start? Attend the Ginger- It’s time to print the next edition of the official
School students). The Ethics Workshop will cated at 307 South Street, next to Martin’s Food Bark For Life bandanna & the first 50 owners will bread House Class on Saturday, November 6, Front Royal – Warren County Visitors Guide!
bring seniors from Warren County & Skyline Store. He will be open from 6:30pm – 9pm as receive a Bark For Life bracelet. All dogs will re- 1:30 p.m. Around Your Kitchen is also offering Make sure you are a part of the premier pro-
High Schools to Bowling Green Country Club well. Additional police officers will be on duty ceive a doggy goody bag with Petco goodies in Holiday Afternoon Tea on Sunday, December motional piece for Front Royal. The Visitors
to work through a series of ethical dilemmas de- throughout the evening. it. You can register for the event online at www. 5 & Sunday, December 19 at 12:30 p.m. Af- Guide is the first resource that many visitors use
signed to help them learn more about decision . All dogs must have ternoon Tea is a special way to celebrate the when planning a trip to our area so your ad will
making. Volunteers will be assigned to a table VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AS- current dog tags or current vaccination records. holiday season. Enjoy traditional scones, tea reach a highly targeted and interested market
of eight students and will present the students SISTANCE We encourage participants to bring supplies for sandwiches and sweets while sipping Tea Forte’ that wants to spend money at your business!
with the ethical dilemmas provided and facilitate the Warren County Humane Society as we will tea from collected antique tea cups! Have some The Front Royal Tourism Department and Visi-
a discussion of possible solutions. You may The Virginia Jobs Investment Program, a unit stuff the van with pet food and other supplies for fun and don your favorite Afternoon Tea attire! tors Center will once again be partnering with
volunteer for one or both sessions. The Eth- of the Virginia Department of Business Assis- the kennel. Bark For Life is open to the public Guests will vote on their choice of the Most Lunar Cow, a destination marketing expert,
ics Workshop is sponsored by the Front Royal tance, is committed to working to promote eco- to participate as visitors (free) or they can also Fabulous Tea Hat and the winner will receive for the production of the 2011 Visitors Guide.
Rotary Club. Contact the Chamber at 540- nomic growth in Warren County. Companies register on site to walk in the event. Registration a $25.00 gift certificate. Stop in and see the Advantages of advertising include: Being part
635-3185 or to can receive assistance from the Virginia Jobs begins at 9am and we will kick off the event at set-up, review the menu & make your reserva- of the100,000 copies of the guide that will be
volunteer. Investment Program. This investment is used to 10am with our survivors leading the way. The tion! $20.00 per person. Around Your Kitchen, distributed at all 12 Virginia Welcome Centers,
reduce the up-front human resource develop- Bark For Life will host a costume contest, dog- The Home Chef Store, 126 E Main Street, Front Shenandoah National Park, advertising leads,
BUSINESS AFTER HOURS ment costs of newly created jobs and the re- gie contests, fun dog games, and all dogs will Royal 540.635.5971 www.aroundyourkitchen. 24 Consumer travel shows and local and re-
training of existing jobs by providing consulting get a doggie goody bag! If you are interested com gional lodging, attractions and businesses
Join us, Wednesday, November 10th from services, organizational development, electron- in being a sponsor, vendor or would like to host (including exposure for Shenandoah National
5:30pm – 7pm at Loving Arms Rest Home for ic media services, and funding. This economic a team fundraiser please contact Maria Bolton Wakefield Country Day School invites all fami- Park’s 75th Anniversary Celebration and for the
food, fun and the power of networking. Meet development incentive is performance based, at or 540-327-2680 lies to come for a tour and enjoy some refresh- Civil War Sesquicentennial) ; Your ad will be in-
your next new client or catch up with an old and no funding is disbursed until the required or Tim Grove at 540-667-2315 or tim.grove@ ments on November 7 from 1pm – 3pm. WCDS cluded in the interactive version of our Visitors
one – but don’t miss this great opportunity to capital investment has been made and jobs is a private college preparatory PS-12th grade Guide on; Your ad
get out and just meet! Loving Arms is located created by the company. The goal of the Vir- day school offering a rigorous classical educa- is linked directly to your website; Your ad is cir-
at 103 Lee Burke Road. RSVP to the chamber ginia Jobs Investment Program is to recover the Join us at Downtown Front Royal’s 2nd Annual tion focusing on both character and intellect. culated for an entire year! Look for rate cards in
by calling 540-635-3185 or email to priffle@ Commonwealth’s investment within one year Hometown Halloween Festival, Sunday, Octo- We have an unbroken tradition of 100% 4-year your mailbox soon or call Jennifer Keck at 540- Don’t forget your busi- through income and sales taxes paid by each ber 31st, from 6pm to 9pm on E. Main Street. college acceptance and our 23 2010 graduates 635-5788 for detailed information.
ness cards!!!! new job created. If you have any questions, Main Street will be blocked off for a safe and received over $1.5 million in merit scholarship
please feel free to contact Acting Director, Cath- spooky evening of trick or treating. Visit the offers. Come see what a Wakefield Country An immediate opening for a Hotel Maintenance
CONSIDERING EXPORTING? ALREADY EX- erine Hart, at Warren County Sheriff’s Office Haunted Bus. Day School education could mean for your Worker at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Front
PORTING? or Vicki Humphreys at vicki.humphreys@vdba. Stop by and see the Warren County Fire and child. WCDS is located at 1059 Zachary Taylor Royal Blue Ridge Shadows located at 111 Hos- Rescue Fire Truck. Merchants will be in cos- Highway, Flint Hill, VA 22627 ~ 540-635-8555 pitality Drive in Front Royal, VA 22630 (Hotel
Then plan to attend the following: A seminar will tume handing out candy. Local musicians will ext. 227 ~ ~ bus service Phone: 540-631-3050). Interested candidates
be presented by the Department of Commerce’s MEMBER NEWS be performing along Main Street. Kids, come available from 8 area counties. should submit their resume and salary require-
April Redmon, Senior International Trade Spe- by and get your fortunes read. In addition to ments to: Marty Flaherty, Director of Mainte-
cialist with the International Trade Administra- Harmony Place will host a Peacekeepers Din- candy for the kids, there will be a variety of fam- Jean’s Jewelers at 407 E. Main Street is pleased nance, Coakley & Williams Hotel Management
tion, on Friday, November 12, 2010 from 10am ner and Candlelight Vigil on Tuesday, October ily beverages and food for purchase, including to announce their One-Day Customer Apprecia- Company, 7501 Greenway Center Drive, Suite
til noon at the National College, 1515 Country 26th, 6:00 pm at the First Baptist Church. On kettle corn, hot dogs, sodas and pizza. This tion Sale and Social Event on Friday, November 400, Greenbelt, MD 20770
Club Road, Harrisonburg, VA. The Interna- Wednesday, October 27th, 6:30 pm, Royal year we’re asking participants to bring a canned 12 from 9am – 8pm. Invitations are required and Direct Line: 301-614-8822, E-mail: mflaherty@
tional Trade Administration (ITA) strengthens Cinemas a viewing of “Telling Amy’s Story,” a good to drop off at one of the designated loca- can be obtained by calling 540-622-6166., Website:
the competitiveness of U.S. industry, promotes documentary that chronicles the life and death tions along Main Street to help support C-Cap View us on YouTube:
trade and investment, and insures fair trade of Amy Homan McGee, a victim of domestic vio- and the good work they perform for our commu- The Blue Ridge Educational Center invites you tels. If you have any questions regarding this
through the rigorous enforcement of our trade lence. NO CHARGE FOR ADMISSION. For in- nity. For more information, please contact the to their Middleastern Dinner and Dance Show job posting, please contact Marty Flaherty di-
laws and agreements. ITA works to improve the formation or to RSVP please contact Harmony Downtown Front Royal office at 540-631-0099 on Saturday, November 20th, 4pm – 8pm at the rectly at or call him at
global business environment and helps U.S. Place. 540-635-9194. or send an email to info@downtownfrontroyal. Calvary Episcopal Church. Join them for their 301-614-8822. Thank you.
organizations compete at home and aboard. org. fifth annual exciting and exotic evening of dining
This seminar will provide companies and entre- Baked To Perfection is now offering oversized and dancing. Tickets are adults $35 at the door An immediate opening for a qualified Director of
preneurs an opportunity to gain knowledge and cupcakes every Friday and Saturday at Around Please join us at Mountain Laurel Montessori or $30 in advance. Children under 12 $7 with Sales at the Holiday Inn & Suites Front Royal
ask questions on how to access the growing Your Kitchen on Main Street in Front Royal. School in Front Royal and Mountain Laurel an adult. For more information call 540-631- Blue Ridge Shadows located at 111 Hospitality
international market. It will focus particularly on Each week there will be two new flavors. This Montessori Farm School in Flint Hill from 10am 9503 or visit Drive in Front Royal, VA 22630 (Hotel Phone:
the opportunities and challenges of small and week’s flavors will be Orange Cake with Butter- til Noon on Tuesday, November 2 for an Open 540-631-3050). Interested candidates with at
medium sized firms wishing to export for the cream Frosting with a milk chocolate pumpkin House. Meet the teachers, observe in the class- Didn’t take a vacation in 2010? Start 2011 off least 3 years experience should submit their
first time or to expand into additional overseas on top, and Pumpkin Pecan Cake with Cream rooms, tour the school, and enjoy lunch with right with a 7-night cruise to the Bahamas! De- resume and salary requirements to: Michael
markets. There is no charge, but pre-registra- Cheese Frosting. Also, we will be giving away Mountain Laurel staff. RSVP to MLM123@ part from Baltimore with Passages Travel and Parent, Vice President of Sales and Market-
tion is encouraged by emailing your name, and a Halloween cake on Club Clickit. It will be a or 540-636-4257. Mountain Laurel Royal Oak Computers on the Carnival Pride!! ing, Coakley & Williams Hotel Management
organization to: This Ghost Boo orange flavored cake, and will be students gain knowledge through experience, Return on January 9th, so no need to miss col- Company, 7501 Greenway Center Drive, Suite
seminar is co-sponsored by: The Front Royal/ available the weekend of Halloween. Just go confidence through leadership, and compas- lege classes that start on the 10th! Have fun 400, Greenbelt, MD 20770 . Direct Line: 301-
Warren County Chamber of Commerce, the onto to sign up for the free sion through community service. Please join and get away for a great price! Balcony cabins 204-2893, E-mail:,
Front Royal/Warren County Economic Develop- cake. us at our Open House to witness Montessori are being held now at $723 per person, based Website: View us on You-
ment Authority, the Lord Fairfax Small Business education in action! Visit MountainLaurelMon- on double occupancy. For more information Tube: If you have
Development Center and SCORE. Opportunity for an introduction to Reiki! If you for more information. call Craig or Debbie at Royal Oak Computers, any questions regarding this job posting, please
know someone who is interested in knowing 540-635-7064, or call Maria at Passages Travel contact Michael Parent directly at mparent@
FRONT ROYAL POLICE DEPARTMENT more about Reiki, please let them know about Blue Ridge Housing Network is hosting a free 540-636-1402. or call him at 301-204-2893.
these upcoming dates. The events are free VHDA Homeownership Education Class on No-
The Department of Public Works will have the and open to all. Introduction to Reiki: Discover- vember 3 & 10, 2010 from 6pm – 9pm in Front The Apple House is proud to again sell AL- TOWN OF FRONT ROYAL
bridge at Prospect Street closed to thru traffic ing the Power in Your Hands to Heal. Learn to Royal. This program is designed to take the PENGLOW Sparkling Cider this week after an Monday, October 25th, 7 p.m. at the Govern-
from October 25 to November 19, 2010 due sense your energy field, learn about the history mystery out of the home buying process and 8 month shut-down. Still located in Linden, as ment Center
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Fri Oct 29, 2010 ference Room. For a copy of the Fri Nov 5, 2010 or older. Call Rick Novak at (540) from Far Away
agenda please contact the Clerk of 660-9597 or Kelley Miller at (540)
Forecast for 22630 (59° | 35°) Council at (540) 635-8007 or check 1:30pm - 2:30pm Education Com- 631-4339 for tickets. 3:30pm - 5pm Chamber Board
2pm - 4pm Vino E Formaggio Wine the Town of Front Royal Website at mittee. Chamber Office Meeting. Chamber Office
Tasting. 124 E. Main Street. Always Public is in- Calendar: Front Royal- Warren Sun Nov 7, 2010
Free, Always Fun! www.vinoeforma- vited. County Chamber of Commerce Thu Nov 11, 2010 (540) 635-2812. Daylight Saving Time Ends
Tue Nov 2, 2010 5pm - 10pm Hunter Education VETERANS DAY Town of Front
Sat Oct 30, 2010 Course. Warren County Govern- 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair Royal. Town business offices will
ELECTION DAY. Town of Front ment Center in Front Royal. The Flea Market. Warren County Fair- be CLOSED today in observance of
Forecast for 22630 (66° | 39°) Royal, Virginia. You are encour- Hunter Education Course - Warren grounds. For moreinformation: 540- Veteran’sDay. Trash/Recycling will
8am - 4pm Warren County Fair aged to VOTE! County Region - IV 2010 will be 635-5827 http://www.warrencounty- be picked up on Wednesday, No-
Flea Market. Warren County Fair- held today. Wine Tastings 1 vember 10, 2010.There will be no
grounds. For more information: 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. For all ages, those 8 years and un- - 4 pm Always free and always fun! yard waste pick up this week.
(540) 635-5827 http://www.warren- 95.3 - the River radio station. Hear der must be accompanied by an the latest tourism related news and adult. Pre-registration is Mon Nov 8, 2010 10am - 11am Samuels Public Li-
events every Tuesday at 12:30! required. For more information or to brary Front Royal. Today is Toddler
9am - 1pm Farmers Market. Main If you can’t listen live check out register call Art Kasson @ 540-622- 7pm - 8pm Council Meeting. Coun- Story Time. Theme: Tales from Far
Street Front Royal. The Front Royal the podcasts at http://www.theriv- 6103. Cost: FREE ty of Warren Government Center Away
Farmers Market begins today and
will be open until October 30. More Sat Nov 6, 2010 Tue Nov 9, 2010 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Li-
Information at www.frontroyalfarm- 2pm - 3pm Ambassador’s Club. brary Front Royal. Today is Pre- Chamber Office. 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. school Story Time. Theme: Tales
Flea Market. Warren County Fair- 95.3 - the River radio station. Hear from Far Away
Sun Oct 31, 2010 Wed Nov 3, 2010 grounds. For more information: the latest tourism related news and
540-635-5827 http://www.warren- events every Tuesday at 12:30! 4:30pm - 5:30pm Samuels Public
Forecast for 22630 (68° | 42°) 8:30am - 9:30am Small Business If you can’t listen live check out Library Front Royal, Virginia. To-
Halloween Committee. Chamber Office. the podcasts at http://www.theriv- day is Big Kid’s Story Time. Theme:
8am - 4pm Warren County Fair 9am - 3pm Hunter Education Tales from Far Away
Flea Market. Warren County Fair- 10am - 11am Samuels Public Li- Course. Warren County Govern-
grounds. For moreinformation: brary Front Royal. Today is Tod- ment Center in Front Royal, Virgin- 7pm - BAR Meeting. County of War- Sat Nov 13, 2010
(540) 635-5827 http://www.warren- dler Story Time. Theme: Feathered ia. The Hunter Education Course ren Government Center Front Roy- Friends. - Warren County Region - IV 2010 al, Virginia 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair
will beheld today. Flea Market. Warren County Fair-
12pm - 6pm Main Street Melodies. 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Li- For all ages, those 8 years and 7:30 pm - Monthly meeting of the grounds. For more information:
Main Street Front Royal. Listen brary Front Royal. Today is Pre- under must be accompaniedby an Warren County Democratic Com- 540-635-5827 http://www.warren-
to music at the Gazebo located at school Story Time. Theme: Feath- adult. Pre-registration is mittee at Warren County Govern-
Main Street/Chester Street; Down- ered Friends. required. For more information or ment Center, 220 North Commerce
town. toregister call Art Kasson @ 540- Ave., Front Royal. For information, 2pm - 3pm Samuels Public Library
12:30pm - 1pm Warren County 622-6103. Cost: FREE call 635-4860. Front Royal, Virginia. The Teen
6pm - 9pm Hometown Hallowen. Business On The River 95.3. On 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Li- Creative Writing Club meets today.
Main Street Front Royal. Trick or The River 95.3 brary Front Royal, Virginia. Town Its for ages 12 and up. Please reg-
Treat down Main Street with Front of Front Royal Event Calendar. The Wed Nov 10, 2010 ister.
Royal Merchants. The Town of 7pm - 8pm Lecture Series. Smith- Knitting Club meets today. It is for
Front Royal will observe Halloween sonian Conservation Biology In- ages 9 and up. Please register. 10am - 11am Samuels Public Li- Sun Nov 14, 2010
tonight. Parents are encouraged to stitute Front Royal, Virginia. Fall brary Front Royal. Today is Toddler
accompany their children. Group 2010 Community Lecture Series at 6:30pm - 11pm Front Royal Rotary Story Time. Theme: Tales from Far 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair
activities are recommended.Ev- the Simithsonian Conservation Biol- Club’s Vegas Night at the Holiday Away Flea Market. Warren County Fair-
eryone should carry flashlights for ogy Institute (formerly known as the Inn and Suites. 111 Hospitality grounds. For moreinformation:
safety and only approach houses Conservation Center). Journey with Drive in Front Royal. no ticket sales 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Li- 540-635-5827 http://www.warren-
that have porch lights on. It is ille- Smithsonian scentists as they travel at door. Many prizes, including a brary Front Royal. Today is Pre-
gal for children 16 years of age and the globe to study and protect spe- grand prize of $10,000. Must be 21 school Story Time. Theme: Tales
older to wear maskes inpublic. All cies and ecosystems. The lectures

Blue Ridge Ops clothing drive on Oct. 30

trick-or-treaters are requested to be are FREE and open to the public
off the streets by 9:00pm. The Front and held in the training center. Seat-
Royal Police Department will have ing is limited so please arrive early.
additional officers on patrol to en-
sure safety.
Tonight is: “The Gulf-Interagency
Joint Resonse to the Oil Spill in
‘Because clothing doesn’t grow, but kids sure do’
Louisiana” by Dr. Luis Padilla. Come on Warren County - Get up and clean out your closet! Use the stuff your kids can’t wear from
6:30pm - 7:30pm Trunk or Treat. last year to outfit them this year. Bring your gently used children’s clothes to Blue Ridge Opportuni-
Front Royal United Methodist. Chil- Thu Nov 4, 2010 ties located at 37 Water St. Front Royal, VA on Saturday October 30th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
dren can go trick-or-treating in the
parking lot of Front Royal United 9am - 10am Tourism Committee.
1. Clothing must be reasonably “in-style”, gently used, clean, with no stains, rips, or tears.
Methodist Church, Maddox Funeral Chamber Office
Home and the Community Parking
Lot. 10am - 11am Samuels Public Li- 2. For every one item of clothing you contribute, you will be given one ticket and then are welcome
brary Front Royal. Today is Tod- to take one item from the table.
Mon Nov 1, 2010 dler Story Time. Theme: Feathered
Friends. 3. If two or more people see an item they want at the same time, desperately want it and negotiations
10:30am - 11:30am Samuels Public are at a standstill, they must draw straws for the item, the winner gets the long straw.
Library Front Royal. Today is Pre- 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Li-
school Story Time. Theme: Feath- brary Front Royal. Today is Pre-
ered Friends. school Story Time. Theme: Feath- 4. Whatever is left over on the table (people should only take what they really want) will be donated
ered Friends. to C-CAP.
7pm - 8pm Work Session. Town
Hall, 16 N. Royal Avenue, Front 4:30pm - 5:30pm Samuels Public Items may be dropped off prior to the event. All donations are very much appreciated, regardless
Royal. Tonight is the Town Coun- Library Front Royal. Today is Big of participation. 20 item limit. For More Information Contact Ani Wright, Skyline Cap Head Start,
cil’s Informal Work Session. It is Kid’s Story Time. Theme: Feathered 635-2362.
held in the 2nd floor Town Hall Con- Friends.
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Dear Stewart, is what gives leaves their usual green col- fore, the trees intentionally shed their The Front Royal/Warren County Tree
Why do leaves change color in autumn or. This pigment stores the sugar the tree leaves so they do not freeze. Once the Steward program has been in exis-
and does it hurt the tree when the leaves makes after collecting sunlight. Now the leaves have been shed, the tree goes into
fall? tree has sugar to help keep it alive dur- a hibernation-like mode, much like many tence since 1997. With 24 certified
Signed, ing the frigid winter months. The second animals, and waits for the temperatures to tree stewards and 7new interns, they
Curious pigment, carotenoids, produces yellows, rise once more. When the temperature are volunteers dedicated to improving
oranges, and browns. Bananas, carrots, does rise, you will see the familiar buds of the health of trees by providing educa-
Dear Curious, and corn all contain carotenoids. Finally, spring.
It has taken scientists many years to un- anthocyanins generate the deep reds and Here is something you might not know: tional programs, tree planting and care
derstand why leaves change colors in the purples seen in more than just leaves. leaves that fall off trees are still helping the demonstrations, and tree maintenance
fall. Even after those years of study, sci- Cranberries, concord grapes, cherries, earth. Fallen leaves decompose and be- assistance throughout the commu-
entists still do not know all of the reasons and strawberries all contain this pigment. come nutrients for the soil. Many times nity. Through classroom training and
why leaves change. Apparently it is quite Quiz yourself the next time you see a tree the leaves fall directly under a tree, so they
a complex process! However, we have with colored leaves. Ask yourself which provide nutrients for the tree from which hands-on practice, Tree Stewards learn
learned that the cooler weather, combined of the pigments that tree contains: either they fell! Also, fallen leaves provide food the basics of tree biology and physiol-
with pigments (the parts of the leaf that chlorophyll, carotenoids, or anthocya- for countless soil organisms. ogy, tree identification, planting, and
produce color), cause the leaves to change nins. We live in an area blessed with gor- maintenance techniques. Tree Stew-

to the majestic reds, fiery oranges, and To answer the second part of your geous fall colors. Take a walk around
radiant yellows we are seeing around us. question, Curious, the tree is not harmed your neighborhood and really appreciate ards make a commitment to improving
As the days shorten and the cooler night when its leaves fall. In fact, trees lose the pigments that are revealing their sea- and protecting their community for-
air lengthens, the pigments react to the their leaves on purpose. When the frigid sonal glory. I know how much fun it is to est. Each month Steward will answer a

change in temperature. That is when winter months come, most tree leaves are chase a falling leaf and attempt to catch it question from our readers. If you have
leaves begin to change from green to the too fragile to withstand the wintry air. If in your paws (or hands...but I have paws).
other colors we associate with autumn. the leaves stayed on the trees, they would The next time you scurry after a descend- a questions regarding tree planting,
There are three pigments in leaves: freeze and harm the tree. The leaves freeze ing leaf, remember how beneficial it is for care or maintenance, please forward it
chlorophyll, carotenoids, and anthocya- from the liquid and sap stored in them. the tree, both on and off the tree.  to “Stewart” in care of frwctreestew-
nins. I know those are big words, but you Tree leaf cells are delicate and are not used and we may publish
see these pigments everyday! Chlorophyll to the drastic temperature change. There- Stewart it in a future issue.

Humane Society of Warren County

Monday thru Sunday 10 am to 4 pm- Closed Wednesdays • 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal, VA • 540-635-4734 •
Please ask about our low cost spay and neuter program. Please be sure your pets at home are spayed/neutered
and up to date on vaccinations. Check out our other adoptable pets on
540 635-4734

Levi is a male 6-8 month old Pit- Chloe is a female Husky/Shep- Edison is a male Lab/Pit mix
Tori is a female 1-2 year old Bel-
bull who was found as a stray. He herd mix who is about 4 months who was found as a stray. He is
gian Malinois mix who was found
as a stray. She loves to play fetch, is super friendly and energetic. old. She was found as a stray and good with everyone, and loves
and is good with dogs and cats. Loves people! Just wants to play. is good with dogs, cats and kids. attention.
She knows sit. He knows how to sit.

Tori’s ad sponsored by: Levi’s ad sponsored by: Chloe’s ad sponsored by: Edison’s ad sponsored by:

Little Red Dog The Thom Miller

Wanda Snead Pet Services Team
Martins Foods Property Management 1 FREE lesson w/adoption, call for info. Weichert Realtors®
409 South St. Serving the area for 16 years Andrea Coats Buyer, Seller and Troubled Loan Speicalist

Front Royal
Sam Snead Realty Certified Dog Trainer FRONTROYALHOMESALES.COM
540-635-2249 540-551-0994 540-974-2554
If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, the adoption fee is $145 and includes the spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, flea/tick treatment and deworming. Thank you for your support of the
Humane Society. With your help we have been able to place thousands of animals in good homes. Contact Alison @ 540-551-2072 if you would like to become a pet sponsor too!
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‘Together We Can Make a Difference’

Jennerations goes ‘pink’ for Breast Cancer Awareness
on hand to inspire donations, some
of which were brought by Rose-
mary Vogt of Parker’s Automotive.
Cakes by Ruth provided pink-frost-
ed cupcakes. Nashville Recording
Artist Bobby Cunningham’s music
was playing, and he has donated $2
from each of his CDs sold this year
and he gave them a $100 check for
this event. Jennerations’ staff was
on hand to donate time and fun
energy and Jennifer stated that
$800 was raised so far in October
with over $600 raised at the event
on Oct. 16. Although this event is
set for the third Saturday in Octo-
ber every year, the staff will attach
pink hair extensions and paint pink
nail polish for $5 each for the entire
month of October.
Three-time breast cancer survivor, third from left-Te- J.J. Pack and his wife Tasha, both race car drivers
resa Johnson Hale, with daughter Taylor Hale, friend and friends of Jennifer, volunteered to show their
Jenna Helmick and Jennifer Nicholson. race car at the event.
By Carol Ballard year.” Teresa has had radiation to happy to be helping out. He said, crew participate in the Super Cup
Warren County Report fight breast cancer twice. First di- “We’ve done pretty good so far. It’s Series, an East coast car racing cir-
agnosed in 2003 when she was 32, a great event to do and the girls cuit. Pack said,” I like to support Main Street • Front Royal, VA
Pink hair extensions, pink nails, she found the lump herself and have a fantastic time doing it.” Jen- breast cancer awareness because I
Showtimes: 622-9997
10-minute seated chair massages, a presented it to a family physician. nifer added, “We wouldn’t be doing think it’s a good cause.”
raffle and lots of pink frosted cup- “It took the doctors 3 months to di- this if it weren’t for him. I wouldn’t Sweet home-baked items were
cakes were offered to make Jenne- agnose it,” she said. have the opportunity, because he
* Birthday Parties! *
rations Hair Studio’s Breast Cancer In December of 2006, the cancer bought the shop for me. It affects

Awareness Day a fun and spec- came back. She now goes to spe- so many women and being a wom-
tacular event on Saturday, October cialists in a medical center in Char- an myself, I’d like there to be some- Hair Studio
16th. lottesville for treatment and check- one there for me.” Now
That bright autumn day was the ups. She said, “I feel better going to Also attending the event and Salon, Spa & Barber services Showing
day set for bringing in folks to play a cancer specialist. They’re more displaying his 4-cylinder race car
a part in manager Jennifer Nich- aware and you’re not just a number. which he built from the chassis on
Royal Plaza
olson’s drive to contribute to the When I call, they’re more compas- up was Jennifer’s friend and race
Shopping Center
cause. She said, “Usually the money sionate and aware of my needs.” car driver, J.J. Pack, and his racing Front Royal
raised goes directly to the Ameri- She included this advice to any- team, including his wife Tasha, who
can Cancer Society, but this year,
the money we raise goes to sponsor
one who believes they have a medi-
cal issue that needs to be checked
also races; and all-around helper
Art Hayes. Jennifer’s shop is one of
three-time breast cancer survivor out. “They thought I was too young his racing sponsors as he and his Coming
Teresa Johnson Hale as she partici- to have cancer. I learned the hard Soon
pates in the Susan G. Komen Walk way. I’m very persistent now. If
for The Cure.
Teresa, who has beaten breast
cancer three times, was excited
you think something is wrong, you
know your body and if it doesn’t
feel right, get it taken care of.”
WE BUY USED CARS!!! Megamind

about the event and praised Jenni-

fer’s enthusiasm. She said, “I think
Jennifer Nicholson’s Harley-rid-
ing father Russell Payne also came Ready to sell your nice used vehicle? Coming
it’s awesome. Jennifer does it every to the event and appeared very Give us a chance to bid on it. Soon
We pay market value. Harry Potter

449 South Street and the
(Royal Plaza Shopping Center)
Phone# 540-622-6828
We are looking for nice, clean cars and trucks. Hollows
“Gently Used, But New2You” Hours: Mon-Fri 9-7
(540) 635-2156
Tag Sale!! Come & See what
90% 50% Fu r n i t u r e w e n o w h a v e i n
the Store!!!
75% 25%
Owners: Michelle Phillips & Melissa Ramsey 9 Commerce Avenue • Front Royal, VA 22630
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15.00 OFF Buy one Oil & Filter change, for $29.95
And Get the Next 3 For
4-wheel FREE!!! battery charge
alignmentExpires Nov. 30, 2010
Oil change coupons expire 24 months from the date of the original lube, oil & filter purchase at participating Chrys-
ler Group LLC dealers only. (Up to 5 quarts only. Additional charges may be applied for HEMI® and fluid disposal.)
Service Contract Essential Care oil change offer is made by the dealer, who is solely responsible for it. Plan offered
on 1983 to current year vehicles (excluding Crossfire, Viper, Prowler, Diesels, SRT10® and all other vehicles that
require synthetic or semi-synthetic oils.) Competetive makes also apply.
Expires Nov. 30, 2010
& system test
Expires Nov. 30, 2010

Nitro-Fill Cooling System ROTATE & All Three Services

SPECIAL Service BALANCE & One Extra-Low Price 1

39.95 34.95 + Tax

Drain/Replace $
$54.95+ Tax Includes: Oil & Filter change • Wiper
Fill All Tires with Nitrogen, Includes
+ Tax
Includes: Inspection of hoses & belts • Mopar®
BRAKE CHECK Blades • 16-point Vehicle Checkup
Plus a 10% discount on any needed
12 mos. Road Side Assistance, Road

repair or service 2
Hazard Protection, Free Pressure antifreeze replacement (1-gal max) • Pressure test
1 - Includes oil replacement up to 5 qt., new Mopar oil filter, 2 front wiper blades, 16-point vehicle checkup, and dealer

Checks, Tire Replacement & Much system • Diesel engines and additional parts/labor parts, installation and labor. Additional charges may be applied for diesel, V10, HEMI V8, fluid disposal, synthetic oils.
Special wheels/specialty vehicles slightly higher. Price does not include repairs that might be required after inspection.

More. Helps Increase Fuel Economy, extra • Vehicles requiring longer-life antifreeze or 2
Offer valid only for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Plymouth & Eagle vehicles except Chrysler Crossfire. Must present

Extend Tire Life, Improves Handling, or more gallons are higher

+ Tax coupon when order is written. Customer is responsible for local tax.

2 - Redeemable at this dealership only. Not applicable to previous charges or old accounts. Offer valid for a single
vehicle following the 16-point Vehicle Checkup. Discount valid for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Plymouth & Eagle
Reduces Pressure Fluctuations vehicles. Not redeemable for cash or body shop repairs. Cannot be used with any other advertised specials, rebates

Expires Nov. 30, 2010 Expires Nov. 30, 2010 or like services.
Expires Nov. 30, 2010
Expires Nov. 30, 2010

DETAIL SPECIAL Mopar Value Line Brake


Reg. $149.99 WE SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS! Pad or Shoe Replacement


$ Dodge Truck

+ Tax
Hand Wash & Wax Exterior
OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY TO SERVE YOU! Includes: Front or rear disc brake pad or shoe
replacement with Mopar® Value Line Brakes
• Vacuum & Shampoo Interior (semimetallic) • Inspect rotor, drum and caliper
• Clean & Protect Leather (refacing/machining extra) • Check brake fluid
level • Road test vehicle • Ram heavy Duty

(If equipped)
Clean Engine • Clean Trunk
Take advantage of any three of our current 4x4/2500/3500 trucks higher • Vehicles not
covered by Mopar Value Line Brakes are higher
• Treat All Exterior Trim service specials and receive the complete detail *Limited lifetime Warranty on Value Line Brake
Pads and Shoes
special for $49.95. Over $110.00 in savings!
Expires Nov. 30, 2010 Expires Nov. 30, 2010

2008 Dodge 2010 Jeep

Charger Commander Sport
22,198 Miles 16,407 Miles
# A835A #U841A


$16,248 $26,995
2007 Dodge Nitro 2004 Ford F-150
SLT XLT Supercab
38,817 Miles 58,241 Miles
#A822A #U860A


$16,840 $19,995
$17,746 $18,995