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Gargoule THE HETEROSEXUALITY ISSUE volume sixty-four, issue twelve i ‘Satta sors &s Masthead (outgoing /ncoming) citrine ani tsang /an isang A avneet sharma sofia champion Editor's Address production manager ‘You have been April fooled, this is not the heterosexuality issue at sofa champion /loeas huntsman merkur a oo ee Everyone in the Gargoyle gay and gays cant read so it's surprise that we've been able to sustain a newspaper for this long, We owe ruc to the straights for trasating ou incompechensible key ‘mashes into articulate journalism. Ifyou ead it untranslated, it ‘would be lke this dnoafewotawoDaf waoif awojfawo awont Avsafaodnsaofnaewofwao woatf ewoahriebadsfdsa fewout ee ‘weuhg ae sil svavdovwadanwav: eodvhsaosh, ddniela mahmou arts & culture anita mabmoudi /emma kelly & maya morgan In this sue, you wil finda intervie with an actual seat person, poems about having sex with gis, some beautiful at, and Some introductions from your new setion heads, We still have Spots open onthe masthead, Stay tunedin the fl fo. Drelectons (haha). avant gare Isobel camegie Stars parker / liam p. bryant &isobel carmesio politics sofia champion / sofa champion os sour last issue ofthe year, we have some heartfelt words for you: visuywkendghsdlvms ese fesjsesicing esajesachd owatheaowebsiwkdnaaewnsfvoaew vhodwa vdta voawihy oeawsh ‘doisav dovahi oawhsidv oasnodwai ovhweh voew, y'know? polities associate noone / mattea reach ae Slay yar, 35, Iwas huntsman merkur 22 An Li Tsang & Avneet Sharma Baitors-in-Chiet alice yang 2? illustrator ji enteneler/ 222 copy editor emma kelly /abbie moser front cover, jodi eutencier ack cover Joti euteneier staff emeritus taryn parker avnet share stat dra cotin Tit keaton race kovaes| charlie wagner-chazalon by corgi &shelagh fox els fenb people sho have sex with gels 4 ‘isle riches About us. ‘Te Gargoyle is University College's greasiest student newspaper that publishes every two weeks Weare a paper that believes that sometimes you should be angry, and that sometimes you should ‘be loud, and if you have not had a voice before, you deserve a vee. We donot give print space to bigots and we do not feign neutrality on iss of soil justice. At this momen, everthing ino oie submissionseucgargoyleca ‘wowanegargoyleca wih Gargovte (April Fools, G 1 Big Gay Issi