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Christian Aid in Myanmar

Our programme in 2014

A young girl outside a house at the Eh Thu Hta camp for internally displaced people in eastern Myanmar. Christian Aid
partner The Border Consortium (TBC) supports displaced Myanmar people to be independent and self-reliant.

Christian Aid Christian Aid in Myanmar

Christian Aid is a UK-based international Christian Aid has worked in Myanmar for more
development organisation that insists the world can than 25 years and is one of the few agencies
and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone fostering collaboration between organisations based
can live a full life, free from poverty and inequality. inside and outside the country. This approach is
increasingly relevant as political reforms increase the
We have an integrated approach to poverty
space for development.
eradication, working worldwide on humanitarian
relief, long-term development, advocacy and Our programme has expertise in civil society
campaigns to expose the scandal of poverty by strengthening, accountable governance, community-
challenging and changing systems and institutions led healthcare, secure livelihoods and humanitarian
that favour the rich and powerful over the poor response and recovery. Christian Aid has also
and marginalised. played a key role in shifting UK policy on Myanmar
and advocating for the rights of its refugees and
Christian Aid works in some of the world’s poorest
internally displaced people (IDPs).
communities, supporting projects on the basis of
need, not religion, ethnicity, gender or nationality. Our goals in Myanmar
Last year, Christian Aid gave grants and/or technical 1. By 2017, we will strengthen civil society’s
support to more than 800 partner organisations in capacity to influence and hold the powerful
46 countries across the world. Our total income was to account, demand good governance and
£95.4m (US$153.7m). uphold respect for human rights. With our
partners, we will raise awareness around human
rights, democracy, state-citizen relations and conflict
transformation. We will also support human rights
training and community monitoring mechanisms,
challenging inequality, especially around gender.
2. Christian Aid Myanmar will promote resilient • 
Health Poverty Action (HPA) creates a
livelihoods and build community capacity supportive environment for reducing HIV-related
to prepare for and respond to humanitarian risk, vulnerability and impact for people most
crises. We will support community organisation, at risk.
access to information, and the participation of
Karen Baptist Convention (KBC) works
IDPs and refugees in planning and decision-
to reduce the vulnerability of marginalised
making around resettlement. We will provide
communities in eastern Myanmar through access
agricultural and other technical training and
to health and livelihood development.
mentoring, and support income-generation
activities, small business enterprise development, • 
Knowledge and Dedication to Nationhood
the creation of farmer associations and (KDN) promotes the understanding of democratic
cooperatives and micro-finance initiatives. processes in Myanmar among marginalised
Alongside local partners, we will also provide ethnic communities. KDN supports a national
food and other aid to IDPs inside Myanmar and network of people trained to manage community
refugees in border areas. organisations and projects. They are also part
of our health programme.
3. We will increase the access of marginalised
communities to high-quality health and HIV • 
Metta Development Foundation reduces
services. With our partners, we will provide HIV poverty and promotes diversified livelihoods.
prevention, care and support services, tackle Metta also supports people living with HIV/AIDS
stigma and discrimination among people living and community members in harm reduction
with HIV and AIDS, drug users, commercial activities and addressing behaviour patterns
sex workers, migrants, orphans and vulnerable of vulnerable groups.
children. We will build the technical capacity of
Myanmar Council of Churches (MCC)
partners and staff around key health issues and
develops the sustainable livelihoods of
support rights-based approaches and universal
disadvantaged people. It strengthens the
access to culturally appropriate healthcare. Our
competence of churches, communities and
health programme is an entry point to gender
civil society in tackling HIV.
equality and peace-building.
Paung Ku builds the capacity of civil society
Our partners organisations, supporting networking and
Christian Aid works with partners in Myanmar joined-up advocacy towards political actors.
and in the Thai and China border areas to meet
the needs of the most vulnerable communities • 
The Border Consortium (TBC) supports
and to advocate for and secure the rights and displaced Myanmar people to be independent
aspirations of all Myanmar people. We also and self-reliant.
support campaigning and advocacy work in the Where we work
UK. Our partners and projects include the following.
We aim to work with the poorest and most
Backpack Health Worker Team (BPHWT) and vulnerable communities and we prioritise the ethnic
Burma Relief Center (BRC) promote increased states of Kachin, Shan, Kayah, Kayin and Mon. With
access to and involvement in community our partners, we support work in more than 50
healthcare in conflict-affected areas in eastern townships in these states and eight other states and
Myanmar. Global Health Access Programme regions, including Bago and Tanintharyi.
(GHAP) and Friends for Health provide the
technical expertise. Contact us
Jonathan Burton, Country Manager
Burma Campaign (BC-UK) tackles human rights Christian Aid – Myanmar
issues around rape and sexual violence, political 2nd Flr, Bishops Home
prisoners and land confiscation. 44 Pyay Road
Gender and Development Initiative (GDI) Dagon Township
empowers civil society organisations to advocate Yangon
for gender integration in the peace process and T: +95 (0) 1 376078
the post-conflict reconstruction in Myanmar. M: +95 (0) 942 0105222

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Photograph: Christian Aid/Anjali Kwatra