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Vision Mission


MABINI COLLEGES promotes quality
MABINI COLLEGES cultivate a instruction, research and extension service programs

GRADUATE SCHOOL at all educational levels as its monumental
contribution to national and global growth and

Gov. Panotes Avenue Daet Camarines Norte development.
Specifically, it transforms students into:
 God- fearing
 Nation – loving
 Earth – caring
 Law-abiding
 Productive, and
 Locally and globally competitive

Leadership is a difficult word to define and according to the Miriam-

Webster Dictionary leadership is the “office or position of a leader”. This

definition is definitely not one that I would ascribe to when discussing

leadership. My definition of leadership is “the ability of someone to motivate

and empower others to achieve a goal. It's not about the position but rather

it's about inspiration.” Some may add to this definition, others may discard it

altogether and have a completely different definition. In the end, leadership

takes on many different forms depending on who is doing and we end up

asking ourselves, what is leadership and why do we care? Leadership is very

important that a leader must understand first before leading others.

I was able to practice my leadership when I was hired as Customer

Assistant and Administrative Assistant for 2 years in Retail Industry, Super

Shopping Market Inc. SM Hypermarket Las Piñas after taking Licensure

Examination for Teachers. As Customer Assistant, I was assigned in different

departments such Food 1, Food 2, Nonfood, Fresh and frozen and

Merchandising Business Unit every six months. In every department I

handled merchandisers for example in Fresh and Frozen department there

are Meat world, Bounty, Magnolia, Pure foods, CDO, Selecta, Nestle and etc.

Those merchandisers rely on me when it comes to their products' display,

phasing, stocks monitoring, price update, promos and implementations. As

their leader in that department I did not tell them what to do instead I let

them practice their initiative by setting myself as an example. Then at the

end of the day, I saw them doing their jobs without waiting me to instruct

them, they simply asked me if there are confusions in their minds. I came

up to a realization that leadership is not just about instructing yout team

what to do, it's about modeling by doing or working also. On the other side,

being Administrative Assistant served as my training and prepared me to

become a leader. My Manager trusted me when it comes to paperworks,

reports and activities because they have high expectations to teachers. After

working there for almost 2 years , I realize that SM helped me to become a

better person and I believed that my experienced there will be useful and

great help for me in the near future specifically in educational setting.

Last October 6, 2017 to March 6, 2018, I volunteered as subject

teacher at Sunny Garden School for Kids. For a short period of time, I was

able to apply my learning and leadership inside the classroom and in school

activities. I know that my learning is not enough and I want to develop it,

that is why I want to expose and explore in order to improve myself as a

Teacher and of course as preparation to become a leader someday.

And If I were given a chance to become a leader, it is very important

to create a vision first because it helps to focus on what is really important

and help member to remember what is important as you go about doing

your daily work. And if I were given a chance to become a School Head, my

vision for my school will be: to become a productive school of education

recognized for its transformation, development, known for excellence in

teaching, and learning by: providing high quality effective teachers and

administrators; participating and involving of the entire community in the

learning process; and school committed to excellence in education and

aware of its responsibilities.

I will also practice Instructional leadership by having the qualities such

as visionary leader, community builder and emotional intelligent. I will be a

visionary leader through talking and walking the school's vision. My actions

consistently align with it. I also have a plan for how to implement this vision

and every day takes actions towards leading all stakeholders towards this

vision. The vision is consistently acted up, all initiatives align to it. I know

that as community builder I cannot implement the school's vision alone. I

know that high-functioning teams are essential in our organization. I know

that a healthy community and with harmonious relationship will contribute a

lot to success of that school. I know that human beings crave connection

and deep bonds with other human beings. You will know if you're entering a

healthy community by the way you are greeted as you arrive on campus --

by security guards, office staff, children and parents. Just register how many

smiling faces you see. That'll give you a big insight into the health of

communities at the school. Find yourself a healthy community and you'll see

your happiness increase, your health improve, and your professional practice

reach new levels of excellence. The third quality of a great leader is one who

is emotionally intelligent. It is my ability to understand and manage my own

emotions and recognize, understand and manage the emotions of others. An

emotionally intelligent leader is usually calm and grounded, empathetic, and

is able to deal with conflict between people. Another important quality of an

emotionally intelligent leader is the ability to take care of her -- to manage

her stress, health, relationships, and so on.