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for Baking Bands

The ACTIVETRACK™ baking band tracking system's proactive design uses

both band speed and position to calculate required corrections. By tracking
to a set point (versus a targeted range), adjustments are only implemented
as required in small calculated increments to keep baking bands running
straight and true. Can be used with all tight woven, articulated and
solid steel baking bands.
ACTIVETRACK™ for Baking Bands
Extend belt life with Ashworth’s Proactive Design - Ashworth’s ACTIVETRACK™ design is unique.
ACTIVETRACK™ baking band While other systems react once a belt is off track and make large
tracking system corrections to compensate, ACTIVETRACK™ makes small and
consistent bidirectional adjustments before the belt can stray. This
Features & Benefits:
 Proactive and consistent bidirectional
causes less stress and eliminates overcompensation. The non-contact
tracking sensor monitors belt waver and signals tracker to make adjustments;
 Uses both band speed and position to nothing ever touches the edges of the belts.
calculate required corrections
 Simplified tracking adjustments are
calculated in small precise increments
 Tracks to a set point, versus targeting
to a range
 Fail-safe air cylinder
 Non-contact sensor monitors belt waver
and signals tracker to make adjustments
 Self-diagnostic alarm system
 External heavy duty bearings and rollers
with adjustable center roll
 Optional high temperature bearings
(requires engineering review) er
air cylind
 Powder coated for corrosion resistance Fail-safe
na lly
and to provide ease of maintenance bidirectio
llers in
adjusts ro
 Ashworth stocks replacement parts rements
small inc
for quick delivery
 Custom installation services available Technical Specifications*
Tracking Target tracking within +/- 1/8" (3 mm)
Power Requires minimum air pressure 60 PSIG and 120 volts AC
Construction Heavy duty mounting plates
Non-contact sensor monitors the edge of the belt Maximum Band Width 63" (1600 mm)
(Consult factory for wider width applications)
Cleaning Self-cleaning sensors operate at a maximum temperature
of 925° Fahrenheit (495° Celsius)
Unit Unit consists of 3 rollers for return path
and 2 rollers for load path
Belt Types Can be used with all tight woven, articulated and
Note: Color is for
solid steel baking bands
illustrative * Technical Specifications are dependent upon individual applications and are subject to engineering review.
purposes only
Call Ashworth today at 1-800-682-4594 to see how the ACTIVETRACK™ baking band
tracking system can help keep your baking band running straighter, longer!

The ACTIVETRACK™ baking band tracking system Load Path Tracker** Return Path Tracker**

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