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I Boe aa eo) Bernard Tschumi Essays by K. Michael Hays and Giovanni Damiani Interview by Marco De Michelis Acclaimed as one of the world’s foremost modein architects, Bemard Tschumi achieved carly fame by winning the competition to design the Pare de la Villette on the northeast edge of Paris, featuring bright red ‘deconstructivist’ pavilions. Tschumi is widely credited with leading the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation ‘at New York's Columbia University into the digital age and positioning the school at the forefront of the architectural vanguard. During his fifteen-year tenure, Tschumi has continued to build and the results are amply illustrated in the first monograph to document Tschumi’s full career. Projects include Le Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing, France; Columbia University’s Lemer Hall Student Center; Mame-La-Vallée School of Architecture, Paris; the Interface Flon, a bus, train, and subway station and pedestrian bridge in Lausanne, Switzerland; a Concert Hall and Exhibition Complex in Rouen, France; the Florida Intemational University School of Architecture in Miami, Florida; the Museum for African Art in New York; and the New Acropolis ‘Museum in Athens, Greece. with 170 colour illustrations Front cover: Concert Hall and Exhibition Center. Rouen, France, 1998-2001 Back cover: Pare de La Villette. Paris, France, 1982-1997 Designed by Marcello Francone Bernard Tschumi edited by Giovanni Damiani @ Thames & Hudson