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get2Clouds® is the only completely secure application with

which you can encrypt cloud files, sync to your cloud and transfer large files via email or
encrypted messenger. Commented [I1]: I thought Press Releases should take this
format? (I just copied from the original press release draft which we

Take back your cloud!

Keep your Sensitive Data Safe with get2Clouds®

London, XX-XX-2017 – Like most people nowadays, you probably store documents, pictures, videos
and more in a cloud. Smart, because you can access your information from anywhere in the world
and all those files don’t clog up your device. But are you aware that you’re also taking a huge security
risk? Most cloud providers scan and use your information for their own (mostly advertising)

We believe that your files should always stay your own, and that’s why we came up with
get2Clouds®: an app that takes care of your online security, so you don’t have to.

Boasting secure file transfers of unlimited size, secure cloud sync, an end-to-end encrypted
messenger and more, this easy-to-use application quickly and safely gets your data to whom it needs
to go. And you can do it all on the go and all without leaving the secure environment of get2Clouds®,
where every action is encrypted.

With get2clouds® you can keep using your cloud as usual, the app simply deconstructs your
information and turns it into unreadable data, which can only be changed back into its original state
with a password known only to you (and whomever you choose to give it to). So, even if your files do
fall into the wrong hands, they can’t be read. Not even the cloud provider can take a peek anymore.
Remember ‘Celebgate’ back in 2014? With get2Clouds® those personal pictures would’ve been safe.

get2Clouds® in a Nutshell
- Fast, secure file transfers of unlimited size and of all kinds on the go
- Transfer either via the integrated encrypted messenger or email
- Set the time you want your files to be sent (great for time differences)
- Compatible with many well-known cloud providers Commented [I2]: Would it be better to name them?
- Optional self-destructing messages
- Separate corporate and private cloud profiles

About NOSApps
NOSApps, a division of NOS Microsystems Ltd., creates fun, innovative and useful apps for a wide variety of
users, without obtrusive ads and using minimal device resources. Founded in 2001, NOS Microsystems Ltd. is a
specialist in electronic software distribution. As a market leader in download management technology, large
data and cloud transfers, and software compression, the company service over 1 billion digital transfers

get2Clouds® began life as a Windows application, and has been available since 2011 via

get2Clouds® for Android is available on Google Play, Amazon, Samsung Galaxy Store, Xiaomi and Opera.
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