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Section I


This research was the product of curiosity and eagerness to try something new

and to offer the market a product that will not just satisfy the hungry stomach but also

to give or to add the body’s need for healthiness. An existing product which is the

muffin, to innovate the muffin we replaced the main ingredient which is the flour to

root crops. The said company is a manufacturing type of business and will be operated

and controlled by the partners who is behind the idea.

The researchers conducted a market survey to further understand the market

behavior, and the results of this research was indeed inevitable that people are

interested to try something new. Our target market audience are the students,

teachers, faculty, and staff of Eastern Visayas State University. If given the opportunity,

the company would also love to share the product they have outside the said school.

About the product since it is a new one, the company will be at hand on its promotion

strategies for it to be known in the market.

As to the price, each muffin will cost Php15.00 only. In the production of the

company’s product, we are very much concerned in the neatness of the product, as to

the ingredients needed, it is hassle free because all of the ingredient needed are easy

to find especially here in our region because we are very abundant in root crops. And

within less than an hour the product is ready to be consume. The company’s

organizational or management objectives are: Employee Motivation, Employee

Retention, Change Management, Customer Satisfaction, and Increased Profit.

The management will also be engaging or will give rewards and just

compensation, activities indoor or outdoor to develop the skills hidden in each of our

workers to its employees. The company also disseminate its rules and regulations to

outline the responsibilities of both parties, the employer and the employee.

On the financial projections of the business, each muffin is at the price of

Php15.00 only all flavors of muffin and must have at least 200 muffins sold per day to

gain a total amount of Php90,000 a month and a total of Php1,080,000.00 each year

and has an expected increase of 5% every year. On the marketing promotion it has an

expected increase of 3% every year so as to the salaries of employees and utilities

expected to increase every year of operation.

With regards to the possible external and internal risk the location, competition,

and calamities, lower sales level, failure in pricing strategies, and product shortage. To

solve this we are looking also a way to solve this problem by having a Plan B, and so if

Plan B fails we have Plan C and so on until this risk are solved.

As to the growth plan also we are more focused on the product and employee’s

acceptability and readiness for change, a change for growth. And this positive changes

will be faced with best and effective leadership of the management. Every year of the

business operation the company make sure that each year has an improvement may it

be in the profit, utilities, equipment, wages and etc. the company is also looking

forward to have branch outside the city, locally and internationally.