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Extensive study on Role of victims in criminal proceedings


Aims and Objectives

The aim of this project is to explore and analyse the role of the victim during criminal
proceedings. The project aims at analyzing the interaction of the victims with the constituent
elements of the criminal justice system ie. the police, lawyers and courts and the role played by
him at each stage of the criminal process. Objectives of this project include looking at victims of
sexual offences and their special needs and role and also analysing the concept of compensation
to victims. The project suggests remedial measures to enhance the role of victims during criminal
proceedings and to sensitise the criminal justice system to the needs and expectations of the

Nature of Project

The project is analytical as well as descriptive in nature. However majority of the project is
analytical in nature.

Sources of Data

The sources of data used are secondary in nature. A host of leading textbooks on criminal
procedure and victimology have been referred to. Articles from leading journals like Criminal
Law Journal, Criminal Law Review, Cochin University Law Review etc. have been used. Case
reporters like All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases and Criminal Law Journal have also been
referred to.

Scope and Limitation

The scope of this project is limited to studying the role of the victim in criminal proceedings
from the point of view of the law of criminal procedure, analysing the flaws in the system which
prevent the victim from playing an effective role in the criminal justice system and to suggest
remedies to enhance the role of the victim in the criminal process. The project does not look at
the role of the victim in criminal proceedings in the USA and also does not explore
victimological theories relating to victims and types of victims etc.
Research Questions

The following are the research questions:

 Why is the study of the victim and his role during criminal proceedings important in
criminal law?
 How has the role of the victim in criminal law evolved?
 How does the victim interact with the various elements of the criminal justice system and
what is his role during the various stages of the criminal process?
 What are the special needs and rights of victims of sexual offences?
 How and why is compensation to victims awarded?
 Are the present schemes for victim compensation in India adequate? If not how can they
be improved?
 How can the Criminal Justice System be sensitized to the rights and needs of the victims?
 How can the role of the victim during criminal proceedings be enhanced and made more
effective so as to help facilitate the development and improvement of the criminal justice