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Exercise 1-Depresseion

1. was overcome with the urge to sit in a corner and weep/barely managed to reach
our flat before bursting into tears
2. overwhelming, unexplained feelings frightened me
3. by the time I was 16, these outbursts were happening about once a month
4. my mind seemed to take a life of its own
5. everything became a reason/incidents twisted my mind into something horrible
6. a little voice in my mind kept telling me how worthless, hopeless and stupid I was
7. I was scared/perplexed
8. I couldn’t find the right words to express myself
9. eventually gave up
10. denied anything was wrong
11. concluded that the only way to stop my suffering was simply not to feel anything
12. realised that there was a vast emptiness in my heart/could feel no emotions
13. became afraid of being by myself
14. decided to end my life

Exercise 2-Jet Li

No. Points Lines Task

1 to help the victims 22 What Jet Li
has done to
2 donated money / 23
help victims
donated money to the victims of 28-29 of disaster
tsunami in January 2005
3 set out to create an organisation 23-24
4 to make a genuine difference 24
5 to draw upon the power of 24-25
individuals around the world
6 used a large sum to start a 30 The
7 set up One Foundation 28
8 idea is : think big by thinking small 34
9 raise one yuan from every person 35-36/
each month 38
10 it will add up to billions of dollars 38-39 organisation
of One
11 teamed up with the corporate 39-40 Foundation
sector Jet Li has
12 raised nearly $16 million in 18 41 set up
13 has helped disaster relief efforts 42
14 is involved in long-term projects 44-45
15 programme that promotes mental 45-46
health education and consultation
centres (in Chinese schools)
16 organises seminars and courses 47
in universities around China

Exercise 3-Sungai Batik

1. the lack of recognition of their land rights / land rights are not clear / land rights
have never been adequately defined
2. logging is being carried out indiscriminately on the customary land of the Dayaks
3. some of their land given to private companies to develop them into plantations
4. the government has acquired land as site for the pulp and mill
5. land has been taken to develop hotels and resorts with golf courses
6. Dayak lifestyles are being treated merely as tourist attractions / their culture is being
systematically violated and abused
7. extensive destruction of forest resources / developers are cutting down forests to put
Up buildings and roads
8. jungle resources have drastically been reduced
9. contractors collect harvests of honey, petai, durian and other fruits
10. Dayaks harassed, assaulted and arrested / their human rights have been violated
11. their children not going to school
12. low number of Dayaks enrolled in tertiary education and skill-training institutions
13. the Dayaks have no knowledge of computers
Exercise 4-Crab

1. purchased every March

2. the fries are put into a small pond to mature
3. in December / nine-month old crabs are relocated to an enclosed pen
by the lake

4. left to hibernate / hibernate

5. in May / the one-year old crabs are relocated again to bigger pens in
the middle of the lake
6. fed small fishes, corn, spirulina and garlic
7. crabs are harvested / caught in October and November
8. taken to factory (for packaging and exporting)
9. (factory workers) bind them
10. pack in styrofoam boxes
11. placed (boxes) in huge chilller for a day to hibernate
12. boxes are filled with ice
13. each box is individually tagged

Exercise 5-Tony Fernandes

1. an Easy Jet television advertisement and was interested in the concept of

low-cost carriers
2. called his wife and mortgaged his house
3. rallied a team of his buddies
4. set up Tune Air Sdn.Bhd
5. met former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and was told to buy an airline
6. bought the airline for RM1.00
7. inherited RM40 million worth of debt
8. took 250 employees and two ageing Boeing 737 planes flying to one destination
9. rented aircrafts (and saved money)
10. hired experienced staff at lower costs
11. everyone has access to the boss
12. removed office bureaucracy
13. tried his hand working in different departments
14. get to the ground to see real problems and needs and spot potential stars in
the company
15. sponsored their training
Exercise 6-Test

The benefits of laughter

C1 – it exercises the muscles in your face, shoulders, diaphragm and abdomen
C2 – it is good for the heart
C3 – it relieves stress
C4 – it improves our sense of ridiculous
C5 - it promote relationships and sharing

Why adults tend to laugh less than children

C5 – they take life seriously
C6 – they experience bad moods more frequently
C7 – few occasions to have good laugh
C8 – because of hectic lifestyles and pressures
C9 – too many down days
C10 – interfering with work, relationships and home life
C11 – Women tend to get depressed more than men
C12 – women think more on what makes them happy compared to men, who are
better at distracting themselves

Exercise 7-Sickness

1 Made the (420-mile round) trip to Manila for life-saving blood transfusions
2 Begged for passes from the National Railway
3 Begged for passes from a bus company
4 (Walked to Malacanang / the presidential palace and) pleaded for a red card (that
allowed free laboratory tests for Caesar at government hospitals)
5 Knocked on doors
6 Stood in hallways
7 A newspaper editor published a picture of Caesar
8 A television celebrity (visited Caesar in the hospital, bringing him gifts and) helped
Erma with money for expenses
9 A lady (secretary in a government department) helped Erma to find a job (in the
tax office near her home)
10 Erma decided to write to the president (to ask for help)
11 A children’s hospital (in Memphis, Tennessee informed her that the hospital) was
willing to treat Caesar for free
12 and could provide air transportation (within the United States)
13 (as well as) accommodation (in Memphis)
14 Celebrity friend arranged free airplane tickets (to the United States)
Exercise 8-Hardship

1 spill the food

2 stay on the side of the road
3 look both ways before crossing the street.
4 do not stop to talk to strangers.
5 come back straight to the house after they have delivered the food.
6 do not stop anywhere along the way.
7 ducked down / stayed low and took cover
8 bent so low (that she actually dragged her face along the ground) as she ran
9 squatted at the side of the road
10 covered their heads
11 duckwalked down the road
12 tried all the manoeuvres that could save their lives
13 ran from side to side / ran in a zigzag / ran wildly back and forth across the road

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