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Pietro Lombardi Multimedia journalist

Professional Experience
October 2016 - Present
The Wall Street Journal - Dow Jones Newswires, Reporter
I cover major banks and insurers in continental Europe for Dow Jones Newswires and
Honors & Scholarships

The Wall Street Journal. I recently covered the measles outbreak in Romania, the 2018
elections in Italy, the terror attack in Barcelona, the Catalan independence referendum • 2016: Society for
and the social and political unrest in the region Professional Journalists’
• I co-authored several front-page stories for The WSJ.
Research about Journalism
I joined the Journal for a 10-week internship and worked ten months as a Rome-based
reporter, covering Italy’s political crisis, the terror attack in Berlin, immigration, food,
• 2014: Fulbright scholarship
culture, human trafficking, breaking news and social issues • 2010: Erasmus grant at the
University of Malaga, Spain
April 2016 - October 2016
Thomson Reuters Foundation, Data Journalist
• Lead reporter and data journalist on a project on social enterprises worldwide Language
( I led a team of up to four interns; helped draft a survey;
analyzed the data; wrote the main story and fact-checked all the stories. I developed a
• Fluent in Italian, English
and Spanish
database of almost 900 experts in social enterprises, impact investing and related issues.
I liaised with the different teams, foreign correspondents and external partners involved Data Journalism
in the project • Excel spreadsheets
• I also covered immigration, aid, development, women’s rights and human trafficking

January - March 2016

• Data cleaning

CNN International, Digital producer - Intern • Basic knowledge of data

visualization, including
• As a digital producer, I wrote about 30 stories, most of which were published on the
online tools (e.g. Knight Lab)
home page, for several desks. I also wrote headlines; managed’s regional
pages (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas, Middle East); researched and edited pictures; •
Learning elementary
built galleries and stories in the CMS; used analytics tools to monitor and increase statistics and advanced data
traffic and engagement journalism skills, including
web scraping
August 2014 - September 2015
The Washington Post, Investigative Intern •
Suite Office: Word, Power
• I worked with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Sullivan and other members of the
Point, Excel
investigative unit
• I co-authored the front-page investigation “Probable Cause,” which looked at how • Adobe CS: InDesign,
police officers in Washington, D.C. secure and execute residential search warrants. It Illustrator, Premiere
was one of the best criminal justice stories in 2016, according to The Marshall Project • Audacity
• I contributed to two front-page investigations: “Broken by the Bubble,” part of a series • CMS management
looking at the plight of the black middle class; “Shaken Science – A Disputed Diagnosis • Hootsuite
Imprisons Parents,” which explains how murder cases were built on a disputed diagnosis
• I also published a story as a freelancer, “A Pie in the Face for McDonald’s,” and helped
• Social media management
The Post in its coverage of the Vatican • SurveyGizmo, Qualtrics
• Salesforce
Pietro Lombardi Multimedia journalist

August 2014 - September 2015 Research

Investigative Reporting Workshop, Graduate Fellow • Accurint
• Author of “New Journalism Ecosystem Thrives Worldwide,” a project to survey and • LexisNexis
study nonprofit newsrooms around the world. The work is a core part of “The New
• Pacer
Newsrooms,” which was awarded the 2016 Research about Journalism prize by the
Society of Professional Journalists • Advanced Internet search
• I Contributed to “Assault on Justice,” a five-month investigation that showed how often the tecniques
charge of assaulting a police officer was used in the District of Columbia, questioning its • Ability to mine public
potential for overuse particularly with minority men. For this story, my colleagues and I records
researched more than 2,000 cases of assaulting a police officer charges from January 2012 • FactSet
through December 2014, analyzed them and built a database. The report won several
national awards, including an AP award for Outstanding Enterprise Reporting and the Education
Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize. The investigation prompted a reform, which narrowed
the charge in DC August 2015

I also co-managed social media and wrote for the Workshop’s blog
Journalism and Public
April - August 2011
Corriere della Sera, Journalist American University,
• Intern, then journalist, on the international desk of the leading Italian newspaper. Washington, D.C.
I wrote articles, edited photos and created graphics; from the newsroom, wrote about
the war in Libya, the Arab Spring, the earthquake in Japan, Osama bin Laden’s death and July 2011
the British Riots
Master’s degree
Multimedia editing and
June 2007 - June 2014
new information professions
In this period, I had several professional and formative experiences. Among them: University La Sapienza,
• Wrote stories — including investigations into Neapolitan criminal networks and Rome, Italy
environmental crimes — for several Italian outlets, such as Corriere del Mezzogiorno Highest honors
• Worked as a communications specialist for institutions, businesses and events, such as

the UN-Habitat World Urban Forum July 2008

• Volunteered for Radio Siani, an anti-Mafia radio, as a radio author, reporter and presenter
Bachelor’s degree
I generated ideas for stories; prepared and presented material on air for pre-recorded Communication
and live pieces; identified guests and conducted both live and recorded interviews University Suor Orsola
• Wrote hundreds of articles for local newspaper Cronache di Napoli, covering politics and
Benincasa, Naples, Italy
culture Highest honors

• IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors, since June 2015

Ordine dei Giornalisti, the Italian association of journalists, since November 2009