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Having a roof over your head or a bed

Another way to incentivize informal settlers to live in the suburbs is by making these places viable areas to
live and work in.

However, the term has been applied to those in danger areas (e.g., along riverbanks, railways,
under the bridge, sidewalks

it does not only show the conditions or the pressing problems in the ph but also the lack of govt
attention in resolving the issue of homelessness.
They would rather be homeless and have a job, rather than having a house but no job. And so
many of them still leave the housing units.

In a relocation site in Calauan, Laguna, some 500 housing units are unoccupied or have been
abandoned by the relocatees. Residents say many of those who left can’t find work in their
new community. They don’t even have enough money to buy food for a single meal for the
family each day; much more, for the monthly amortization.

Even if where they live is illegal, at least half of informal settlers hold legit jobs.

Every person deserves to have a humane living conditions.

In the Philippines, most public housing projects are built in remote locations, and are
hard to commute from. They do not address the common need to be close to offices
and schools, a need so important it makes people OK with living near garbage and
excrement-lined pathways. So it’s no surprise that when informal settlers are forcibly
relocated to these tenements, they find their way back into the city.

In order to determine whether the policy formulated was effective or not,

Identify homeless/illegal settlers, consult with them about the relocation/ resettle process,
provide them with basic necessities, and educate them about livelihood
Hence will prevent them from leaving their homes to go back to manila in search for a job.

Not only lessen pollution in urban areas

Housing Problem- Because of poverty, it is hard for many people to find a good and decent
place to live in. Because of the false promises of stable jobs and proper living conditions in Manila,
many people have lived in slums, where basic necessities such as clean water and a bed are not
present. They build "houses" made of woods on lands they do not own. The Bible tells us that
land is a public property and should not be owned by a private individual. The film showed to us
the dilemma faced by people living in the sum, that they are being evicted because the
company is claiming its land. The Church responds to this by opening the Churches so that these
people would have a place to sleep and rest. The church tells us to provide shelter and comfort to
the homeless. Every person is deserving to live in a place with healthy environment and peaceful

The operative words are “affordable and accessible.” Informal settlers insist on
occupying lands in the urban centers because it is where job opportunities, schools
and other amenities are accessible. However, lands in urban centers are not affordable.
On the other hand, sites in the “boondocks” are not acceptable to the informal settlers
because they are not accessible.