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DICO Technologies Solution Plc

Where DIverse
DI Ideas COnverge
CO for your solution


August 2010
DICO comprises of youthful energy with young engineers and well experienced
professional staffs. It was established with an objective to provide complete solutions in
Telecommunications, Power and IT. DICO technologies provide smooth operation, by
providing high quality innovative services meeting the most stringent requirements of
customers and the prevailing market. The entire staff at DICO technologies is comprised
of professionals with extensive technology deployment expertise and a proven track
record of successfully completing wide projects for many satisfied clients.

“Where DIverse ideas COnverge for your solution”
• Adaptive and Creative Institute that drives the technological transformation in
Power, Communication and Electronics services in the country at the frontline.
• Provide services with good quality, reasonable price and acceptable delivery time
• Value customer’s requirement and Strive to exceed customer’s expectation
• Create conducive working environment for young engineers and Technician to
exercise their skill and knowledge
• Share experience and exchange technologies with peer partners in the industry.
• Customer
• Time and Quality
• Honesty, Commitment and fairness

1. Human Resource
Our company has twenty One full time working staffs. Most of our employees are
graduates with a bachelor’s degree in the field of Electrical and Civil Engineering. While
the remaining have a diploma with huge practical experience in their respective field. In
addition to their degree they are certified by various organizations, such as CCNA, ABB,
Microsoft and IBM management courses.

The company organizes the human resource in a more efficient and high capacity to meet
the organization goals and satisfy our customer. In order to achieve high customer
satisfaction from projects; we have enabled our company structure to put more emphasis
on the project managers who meet the customers on a daily basis, rather than only the
management who engage in back office routine work of the company.

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General Manager

Finance Human Resource

Engineering Dept Sales and Marketing Administration


Civil Works Power & Civil Procurement

Project manager Mkt. Manager

Power Telecommunication & Warehouse/Logistics

Project Manager IT Mkt. Manager

Telecommunication & IT Trading Account Transportation

Project Manager Manager

Quality Control and


2. Trading
DICO Technologies Solution Plc is impressed by our ability, credentials and marketing
capabilities in assisting global companies. DICO facilitates and promotes international
business development, through sales representation (agent) using our marketing and
business expertise through our local network in the country.

Our service includes but not limited to

• Searching and uncover business opportunities

• Tender information delivery to our clients, represent companies with minimum
cost and assist to succeed in the bid.
• Providing local laws, regulations and customs advisory services and so on.
• Providing local knowledge and experience of commercial activities, such as local
investment information, price factors.

In the competitive market it is important to find the right partner for an overseas company
to succeed. A few reasons for our company being the ideal partner are:

• Credibility: DICO is legally registered company and licensed to do business in the

service and trading sector. we have accomplished many private and governmental
project with high success and earning good reputation

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• Familiarity with business: we are an engineering service company with trading in
similar field. Because of our understanding the technical aspects of the project. It
will be easier to communicate with our partners as well as our client.
• Understanding the market: due to our vast contact network and much experience
in this sector we are enrich of marketing tools leading projects to success.

3. Project Management
DICO Technologies provides comprehensive, flexible project management to ensure
information technology projects are completed on time and within budget, resulting in
more effective delivery of technology solutions to our customers. Leveraging the
experience of numerous projects and highly skilled working staff, our project
management services combine seasoned project management professional expertise,
client resources, and appropriate tools to make your project a success.

This unique management provides us and the customer the following benefits:

• Effective planning, scheduling, and controlling of all of the resources necessary to

successfully execute your project.
• Status information throughout the project via regular written reporting systems.
• Calculation of the effect of proposed changes on cost and schedule
• Identification of project risks and the information to enable you to make the right
business decisions to manage the risks.

3. Engineering Services
DICO technologies Solution PLC provides various ranges of services in the field of
Telecom, power and IT solutions. In the telecom services we can provide an end to end
solution starting from the foundation of the shelter to the erection of towers and
construction of shelters. We are capable of installing the BTS and microwave along with
their commission and integration. In the field of Optical Fiber we have worked in over
100kms.We are well equipped in terms of human as well as tools to take several projects
in the power field. We constructed Medium and Low Voltage networks. In terms of IT
solution, we provide technical consultancy as well as installation of WAN, LAN and PC


The dynamic complex nature of wireless communication industry today requires a

capability to understand the client’s requirement and simultaneously possess a wide
experience and knowledge in implementing a flexible solution in a very short span of
time and with satisfactory quality that meets the industry standard. DICO possesses teams
consisting of skilled engineers and technicians, having expertise on various equipments.

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3.1.1. Installation and Commissioning of BTS/Microwave
DICO Technologies undertakes turnkey installation for complete telecom networks. Our
installation Teams have experience on various telecom equipment from vendors such as
Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE etc.

We provide high quality service in BTS and Microwave outdoor and indoor work:


• Fixing of cable ladder for supporting

• Outdoor work consists of fixing of RF antenna and Microwave antenna
• Routing of cables
• Clamping
• Ground / Earthing
• Alignment of Antenna as per specifications


• Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS) or BTS

• Installation of Tx. Rack
• Fixing of cable ladder
• Grounding of equipments
• Installation of rectifier and battery bank

3.1.2. Antenna Installation

The installation of antenna mounting pipes associated with mechanical arrangement will
be examined and where necessary corrected to ensure the following: -

• Installing of the antenna poles

• Desired Orientation
• Desired Height
• Grounding
• Lighting Protection

3.1.3. Optical Fiber

DICO Technologies Solution PLC an experienced contractor in Ethiopia in the field of

Optical Fiber. We have a well trained staff and well equipped in terms of tools to
undertake large projects at the same time. Optical Fiber services are mainly oriented to
building backbone systems for telecommunication companies. We provide both direct
buried and aerial cable installation services. We have been involved in several OFC
Projects with the leading vendors in the world. The services we include in our Optical
fiber deployment are listed below:

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 Construction Services


• Underground conduit construction

• Manhole Construction
• Trenching, Sieving Of Soil
• Pipe Roding And Cable Pulling
• Crossing Roads (Via Directional Boring, Pipe Pushing And Tunneling)
• Site Cleaning And Rehabilitation


• Pole Foundations
• Erection Of Poles
• Aerial Cable Placement & Pole Setting
• Laying and stringing Cable

 Installation & Cabling Fiber

• Installation
• Cabling Fiber
• FO Cable Installation, Splicing And Termination
• ODF Fitting ,Wall Or Rack Mounted Cabinets
• Laying The Warning Tape Plastic And Optical Fiber
• Fiber Termination
• Testing, Certification And Commissioning

3.2. POWER

In the power sector we provide services such as installation of overhead and underground
MV/ LV distribution lines, testing and commission by our expert team of engineers and

3.2.1. MV/ LV Distribution Lines Installation

With the assistance of an excellent project management, we are able to, install, test and
commission distribution lines of 33/15-0.4 KV. Currently, we are on the verge of
completing the electrification of 30 towns having 314km distribution line network for
Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo).

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Following are some of the services catered by us:

 Over Head lines construction

• survey and planning

• construction of over head lines with bare conductors
 pole foundations
 erection of poles
 Fixing of accessories
 stringing of conductors
• Transformer installation
• clearance

 Underground Cable Lying

• Underground conduit construction

• Arrange proper soil for cable laying /PVC laying
• cable laying
• termination and joint work ,total switch gear work
• laying of warning tape
• backfill
• Site Cleaning And Rehabilitation

3.2.2. Transmission Lines

As explained later in the civil works section we have experience in the foundation work
of Tower and shelters, as well as erection of towers, having the necessary tools and huge
taskforce. We have the ability to under take large Transmission Lines construction

The services we can provide are:

• Foundation work for Towers

• Erection of Towers
• Fixing of accessories

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DICO Technologies Sol provides a comprehensive range of LAN, WAN and PBX
systems, all based on equipment from leading manufacturers. We can supply routers,
switches, Gigabit Ethernet, network security, cabling and all other LAN and WAN
components. Our LAN and WAN services include the following:

3.3.1. Consultation/Troubleshooting:

This is easily one of our most heavily used .Suppose your workstation fails to boot up
one morning or when it comes up it displays an error you've never seen before. You can
give the Help Desk a call, and we will dispatch one of our technicians to determine what
the problem is and provide immediate solution.

3.3.2. Procurement Assistance:

If you need some assistance trying to determine what is the best hardware or software for
your needs, we can help. We will let you know what software we recommend, as well as
providing reasonable pricing. We can also help you pick out the best hardware for your
budget, whether it is an entire network infrastructure, a workstation, or an internal
component, or an external device.

3.3.3. Software Installation:

Installing software has become a much more straightforward process than it used to be,
but sometimes you still need a hand or you just don't have time to load the software you
need. Communications software, in particular, is often a bit troublesome for people to
figure out on their own. We can install your software for you, providing it is something
we support and it is licensed to you.

3.3.4. Hardware Installation:

We can also install your hardware for you. We install and configure new workstations
and connect them to a variety of networks from Microsoft to Linux. If the new
workstation is replacing an older machine, we can transfer data files and re-install
compatible applications from the old to the new.

3.3.5. LAN Administration:

Many departments are interested in having the benefits of a local area network, such as
the ability to share files, printers, and software applications. We have a service designed
to help in situations such as these. We will administer your network for you for a modest
fee based on the size of your LAN.

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Along with the above mentioned work scopes, we also actively carry out many civil
works. This enables us to provide full turnkey services, these services are mentioned

3.4.1. TOWER

We carry out the erection of various towers for our clients. We can install heavy as well
as light towers, ranging from 30mt to 80mt.These are being done by our qualified
professionals who work as per the client’s requirements and industrial standards. The
depth of knowledge and years of experience in both our crews and management team, as
well as our commitment to work with our customers to complete projects on time and
within budget, gives us greater flexibility, efficiency and control over our projects.

Our Services include:

• Microwave, BTS and Transmission Tower Erection.

• Antenna Installation.
• Tower Inspections and maintenance.
• Painting
• Grounding
• Aviation Light


We have the experience of installing all types of foundations for towers, equipment
buildings as well as for generators or access equipments.

All foundations are put in exactly to manufacturer's specifications, and any deviation
needed from the original design is always approved via the client before continuing. We
take care of acquiring all rebar, and ensuring the right mix design needed, and can
operate our own equipment to give you a professional and quality foundation installation.

Whether you require a slab, pad & pedestal, or pier type foundation, rest assured that we
can give you the results you are looking for in a foundation complete with any and all
concrete testing required.


We have huge experience in shelter construction in Ethiopia. Our teams are highly
capable and with excellent tools and team management. DICO can carry out large
number of shelter installation at the same time without compromising the quality as well
as meeting your tight schedule.

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No. Description Quantity
1 drill machine 19
2 Generator 8
3 power extension box 6
4 Grinder 7
5 laptop and desktops 5+7
6 wood pole climbing shoes 6
7 steel pole climbing shoes 4
8 electricians pliers, augers and test light Max. stock
9 safety belt 25
0 wire cutter Max. stock
11 wire strainer 5
12 aerial cable guide 3
13 hinger connector 2
14 auger bit Max. stock
15 Stamper Max. stock
16 Trowel, spade, crow bar, axe and pick axe Max. stock
17 lifting pike 3
18 Pail Max. stock
19 silicon gun Max. stock
20 rivet puncher 13
21 Cutter Max. stock
22 screw drivers sets 9
23 Helmet 40
24 hydraulic crimper 2
25 Hammer 12
26 Mallet 13
27 open/close wrench sets Max. stock
28 soldering iron Max. stock
29 Ladders 8
30 gym pole 6
31 pulleys for straight line 5
32 pulleys for angle line 8

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5. Quality Policy
In DICO technologies Solution Quality is not just a motto but a practiced art. We
continuously improve our efficiency in performance of our work. DICO has developed
various unique processes and procedures that produce quality and consistent performance
according to our customer needs. All our functions are continuously analyzed and
refined, with ongoing improvements in the areas of Quality, cost, time and productivity
that ultimately benefit all our customers.


Safety is along with quality is the core value of our company. It permeates every activity
we do, every thought we have, every process we build, and every discussion we have.
The emphasis on safety is simple to understand, our people and the people who we work
with and for are the most important assets our company has. We have the responsibility
to make sure that we protect them by providing them with the tools, training, guidance,
and methods to work safely and productively every day. Since most of our project
include climbing high towers and working with high voltage wires. All our staffs are
trained and supervised on the measures they take to avoid causing any harm to
themselves as well as other persons around them.

Even tough prevention is always the best possible way to avoid any accidents. There is
always a chance an accident might occur during the work progress. Hence our staffs are
trained to handle small minor injuries with the first aid kit that is available to them. And
for injuries that require medical attention. Our transport cars or city transportation cars
will be used to take the injured to the hospital to receive medical attention.

7. Experience Summary
DICO Technologies Sol PLC is a young company with many experienced staffs in the
field of Telecommunications, Power, Civil and Networking. Even before it’s inception to
the business world, it has acted as consultant and provided project management for
various projects. Over the past few years, it has worked with many big
telecommunications suppliers in Ethiopia.

In this field we have installed commissioned and integrated Ericsson mobile network.
Ericsson Mobile project was one of several big Mobile telecommunication expansions
the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation undertook. In this project it was our
responsibility to collect the materials from the central warehouse in Addis Ababa and
transport it to the sites; mainly our sites were located in southern Ethiopia safely and on
time. After which we were responsible for installation of the equipment as well as
integrating it to the existing network and commissioning the sites.

We are also involved in several projects which were undertaken by ZTE. We have done
several types of projects for the foreign main contractors of ZTE namely Li Yong

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Telecom and Dawn Engineering. Optical fiber deployment along the Dilla Yirga chafe
route. We have Installed BTS and Microwave equipments both indoor and outdoor,
erection of towers ranging from 35-45 meters in Addis Ababa, Dire Dewa, Harar, Jijiga
and Construction of Shelters. We have also produced around 2,000 marking stones to be
placed along the optical fiber route. At the moment we are constructing foundation for
the Multi Service Access Gateway (MSAG) around Addis ketema in Addis Ababa.

We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients who depend upon us to
complete their initiatives by delivering responsive, high quality services on time and
within budget. Our solution based approach combined with our flexibility to adapt to
individual needs has proved to be a winning combination for our clients; we have
attached a few examples.

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