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BOYS Category


As we can see in the picture, there is a flood. What could be the cause of it? Probably garbages which were not properly
disposed of which clogged the canals. Waters are unable to pass through causing them to gather resulting to flood.
What should we do then? The very least we can do to help minimize the problem is by throwing our garbages properly.
Even if most people do not do it, this small gesture will make a big difference in the end.

Manny Pacquiao

We can see Manny Pacquiao who is considered to be the pride of the Philippines. Manny’s effort in making our country
great has influenced our fellow Filipinos to also do great. We can say that Filipinos are united especially during the fights
of Manny. His image should be something that we should also aim for not just for us to be great but for our country to
be also great.

Cleaning in the Beach

We can see in the picture people working together to clean the seashore with garbages. A lot of people due to our own
nature of laziness, throw their garbages without even a little care in the world what would be its effect not just to the
environment but also to own self. Working alone will not be enough to make a visible difference but with the
collaboration of many, great things will be achieved.

Marriage proposal (debt weight)

In this picture we can see a man with a weight chained on his leg proposing to a woman. This picture could mean than
there are men with debt who is willing to propose to the woman they love. The question now is that, will this man truly
bear to witness the woman he loves going through hardship that he will cause her? As a man, I would not allow my wife-
to be to suffer because of the problem I created. Before I will propose to the woman I love, I will make sure that she will
be treated like a queen and not suffer.

Sr. Sto. Nino

The picture shows the celebration of the Feast of Sr. Sto. Nino. It shows how we Filipinos are very engage with our
culture through participating in such festivities for it defines who we are. In order for us to preserve such heritage, we
must allow ourselves to participate in such activities so that we will not forget who we are as Filipinos.

Marawi Bombing

The picture shows the aftermath of the bombing probably in Marawi. Many innocent lives were lost and many lost their
homes. How many more must suffer and risk their life because of the differences we have? We live in the same country
however, we treat ourselves as enemies. If we continue to treat each other in such a way, there will be a great possibility
that our nation will crumble.

Childhood smoking

We can see in this picture young children using cigarettes or smoking cigarettes. It is common knowledge that smoking is
bad to ones health and may cause complications. Parents play a crucial role in making sure that their children live
healthy and avoid such vices. In the end, its not just these children will suffer but their parents as well.


The picture shows graduates throwing their cap in the air. Education, as they say, is the only treasure that will never be
stolen from a person. Our education will help us achieve success in life thus will allow us to live a comfortable life. If we
want to life comfortably, we must do our best to achieve the education that we deserve and we must do our very best
to learn, because in the end, we will benefit from it.
GIRLS Category

Social Media

With the advent of technology in the present time, a lot of social media immerged. These media are very useful especially if used
properly such as being able to connect to our loved ones who are far from us or get updated to friends and acquaintances we are
unable to see for a long time. However, even though how great these social media are, if not properly used, will cause harm to
others such as cyberbullying. We should be literate on the use of these social media to be able to use them in their maximum
potential and be able to truly connect and not destroy relationships.

President Digong

Here in this picture we can see the current President of our country, President Rodrigo ”Digong” Roa Duterte. Our president has
been very dedicated in the elimination of drugs in the country through conducting operations to arrest guilty individuals. Others find
the ways of the president very harsh but I believe it is for the common good of our citizens. I believe that if we live a life of goodness,
no harm will come to us but if we live our lives dangerously then we will live a life always in danger.


The picture shows a very beautiful scenery of a beach. Being an archipelago, the Philippines is very rich with beaches and scenic
views allowing not just Filipinos to enjoy such paradise but tourists as well. That being said, we Filipinos should encourage each
other to visit such beautiful places thus allowing our country develop and promote what our country can offer.

Catriona Gray

The picture shows Ms. Catriona Gray, the reigning Ms. Universe who I am very proud to say is a Filipina. The Filipinos proved again
that we are a nation of great, outstanding and beautiful people. Beautiful not only in the physical sense but especially in a lot of
other senses. We love our country so much that we take pride in everything that our country strive for. Beautiful in a sense that we
do not lose hope and track of who we are and we are proud of who we are no matter what challenges we might face. We are
beautiful because we are proud of who we are and what we can become.

Native People

The picture, I believe shows the elders of Ifugao in Banawe in their traditional clothing. It is truly amusing how these elders are able
to preserve their culture despite the changing society where most teenagers are most likely forget and neglect due to
modernization. As part of the new generation, we must still be able to balance between preserving our culture which defines us and
modernization which will help us in the future. We must preserve our culture so that the future generations to come may still
experience this distinct and unique identity of ours.


The picture shows children in poverty sharing a bowl of food. It is quite alarming and concerning to see these children unable to get
the nutrition they need because probably of the lack of resources in their family or worst, the lack of family itself. Poverty is really an
issue we must be worried about and if possible, we would be able to minimize in the future. With cooperation and hard work on the
part of the people in authority, I believe this issue has a big chance of being minimized.

Procession of the Black Nazarene

The picture shows the procession of the devotees of the Black Nazarene. This shows how we Filipinos are very dedicated when it
comes to our beliefs, sacrificing time and effort to attend such celebrations. It shows how we put God, if possible, always in our lives
and how we are united in our beliefs.


The picture shows us an image of a destroyed mountain probably because of mining. The damage has been done. The question now
is what will we do make the situation better? I believe we can fix the problem if we work together and act on what should be done
to make mountains such as this one in the picture beautiful again. If we won’t things will get worse not just for the sake of the
environment but also for our own sake.