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From The Fox Searchlight Film, “THE BROTHERS McMULLEN” | WILL REMEMBER YOU Words and Music by SARAH McLACHLAN, SEAMUS EGAN and DAVE MERENDA Slowly J=72 A Dmajp Ama A Daj 5 in ; zy ath He — re-mem - ber you. Will you se-mem - ber me?__ A Dire ANE, Bm A D aT i ie ry let your life pass you by, weep not for Verse: Alo) A DgVEE fo Lm so tired, — 2, See additional lyrics |W Remember You 4-1 (© 1995 TCF MUSIC PUBLISHING, INC, TYDE MUSIC, SEAMUS EGAN MUSIC and SONY SONGS, INC. ‘igs on Beha at Te MUSIC Adnnstared by SONY SONGS, INC. Fights cn etal of SEAMUS EGAN MUSIC Adrsnistered by FOX FILM MUSIC CORP. ‘AL Rigs Reserved | BE 1 can't sleep, A Dmajo Fim 191 Ba fH —, edge “- stand-in’ on the of something much too deep... é * Dina fa = <> 7? so much_ saya but we — can-not ¥ DEVE $ Chorus: A a re- mem - ber - can’t be A heard. — you. inet DEVE AE, A ir TH] if ay Te = Don't Tet your life pass. you by, fh AG) majo Amaj9 eI > 1a. cal Covad Dmaig Ey A) 2 A DS ee I yat Remember You=$-3