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Managing an Employee’s Career Path



Does your organization want to assess,
manage, and develop talent effectively?
Hogan Assessment Systems can:

Help Employees understand:

• What they are good at
• How they can develop
• How others perceive them

Help Managers do their jobs better with:

• Good hiring decisions
• Tips for managing new hires
• Tips for coaching new hires
• Useful management feedback

Help Organizations:
• Place talent correctly
• Minimize unnecessary personnel costs
• Maximize employee productivity
• Be proactive about succession planning

Personality assessment is not only an

important starting point for developing
employees and leaders, but also can be
used as a complete system to facilitate
strategic staffing in your organization.
Hogan Assessment Systems has developed research-based
psychometric procedures that can help you select, manage, develop,
and career path employees. Historically, career pathing and
development have been provided to upper level managers and
high-potentials. Although important, mid and lower level employees
and individual contributors can also benefit from these programs.

Our assessments can help you identify employees who:

• Perform well in fast-paced and stressful environments

• Follow corporate policies, procedures, and rules
• Show initiative, energy, and enthusiasm
• Get along with others, and establish solid working relationships
with supervisors and peers
• Think strategically and approach problems head-on

Why use Hogan Assessment Systems after recruiting and

selecting employees?

• The information gained during the hiring process is typically filed

away and not used to develop and “on-board” new employees
• On-boarding refers to providing immediate developmental feedback
to employees regardless of their level or position
• Managers and Supervisors can have immediate access to reports
that allow them to adapt their management styles to fit new
employees’ characteristics
• Talent Managers can use the assessment data to identify high
potentials or future mid-level managers at the start, thus increasing
their ability to develop future leaders

What assessment instruments are available?

• Hogan Personality Inventory - an inventory of the characteristics

needed for success
• Hogan Development Survey - an inventory of the characteristics
that can derail success
• Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory - an inventory of core
values associated with satisfaction
• Other commercially available
assessment tools
Hogan Talent Management System

This system allows an organization to build specific systems from

these modules to satisfy their selection, performance management,
and career pathing needs. The modules effortlessly integrate with
current people management, HRIS, and other tracking systems.
The core system is:

• Easily configured to meet your specific needs

• Flexible and scaleable for large volumes
• Secured with the latest hardware and software devices
• A managed solution that is updated and maintained externally
What are the System Modules?

Recruitment - Hogan partners with a leading edge recruitment and

applicant management company to deploy a recruitment package,
or we can link with existing recruiting systems using standard data
transfer protocols.

Selection / Assessment - The key to the system is a valid and

defensible selection system. Using specific assessment tools and
other skill based measures, we identify a customized profile for the
job (or jobs) in your organization. This profile is used to screen future
applicants for a specific job or for multiple jobs.

On-Boarding - The on-boarding module provides high-impact

development information on the behavioral tendencies likely to affect
job performance. These reports are the fastest, most cost-effective
tools currently available for “on-boarding” new employees or assisting
current employees with their development.

Development Plan - Using information from the selection module

(assessment data) and the performance management activities,
employees receive an on-line development plan. This plan is cus-
tomized to fit the nomenclature of the organization and includes
action reminders, automated feedback requests from stakeholders,
and tracking of past accomplishments and activities. For executives
and high potentials, the Leadership Forecast SeriesTM is integrated
into the development plan.

Performance Management - Perhaps the most widely used term

in organizations; performance management takes many forms. Our
performance management module accepts the most complicated
3600 performance reviews, as well as more straightforward supervisory
evaluation forms. The system automatically notifies a manager when
a performance review is scheduled. Responses are entered directly
into the system and customized summary evaluations are produced
for target employees.

Career Pathing - Talent Managers often need a searchable solution

to manage their internal employment needs. Using the Career Pathing
module, managers can search for employees who meet job profiles,
have specific qualifications, match training and experience requirements,
or are enrolled in a specific development plan that fast tracks an
employee into a consideration pool. The Career Pathing module interacts
with the Recruiting module to manage internal applicants and job
postings through a common interface for internal managers.
Hogan Assessment Systems Overview

Hogan Assessment Systems is a human resources consulting firm

that specializes in employee selection and development. The history
of our firm dates back to the 1930’s, when assessment centers were
used to select individuals for dangerous wartime assignments. Rooted
in this tradition, we developed the Hogan Personality Inventory in
the 1970’s as the first measure of normal personality designed
specifically for business applications. We have spent more than
30 years demonstrating that the inventory predicts job performance.
The first commercial use of the inventory began in 1982. In 1987,
we founded Hogan Assessment Systems to take the message to the
business community.

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