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A Research Proposal by Pranav Abraham

4th March 2019


Harmful influence of pollution on the environment is undeniable and it keeps causing more and more
trouble to individuals and households all around the world. Acid rains, pulmonary diseases, climate
change and overall warming are part of the problems which are caused by gaseous oxides that pollute
are environment. Polluting particles consist of fug and hydrocarbons which can cause health effects.
Inhaling these hydrocarbons can cause irritation; it is a major contributor to eye and
respiratory irritation. Crops can be injured when exposed to high concentrations of various air
pollutants. Injury ranges from visible markings on crop leaves, to reduced growth and yield, to
premature death. This research has been created to give an overview on the influence of pollution on
farming. Understanding these effects and causes may contribute to the improvement of ecology and
situation in agricultural sector.

Problem: Impact of pollution on agriculture

Air pollution affects all the aspects of our lives and every item of our agricultural system is currently
under attack. The influence of air pollution on various agricultural aspects has been described below:

 Plants are influenced by air pollution in multiple ways: yellow leaves, slower growth, foliage
damage and even total loss of harvest. Such effect is caused by photochemical smog, which
also reduces yield.

 Climate changes, which can cause rainfalls or droughts, can be very harmful for the harvest.
The main enemy of the climate is chlorofluorocarbon, which is released to the air and causes
the damage of the ozone layer.

 Soil: Agriculture totally depends on the soil and its quality is a crucial element of the whole
agricultural system. Various oxides, like sulfur and nitrogen can be a cause of acid rain, which
changes soil PH and eliminates important nutrients for crops to grow.

A detailed research will be created to give an overview on the influence of pollution on farming to
answer any questions regarding the same. The research would give an understanding of the effects and
causes of pollution and will contribute to the improvement of ecology and the current situation of the
agricultural sector.


Air pollution has unquestionable influence on agriculture and can impact all spheres of the agricultural
system. It damages plants, soil and crops, influences animals and climate, which lead to harvest decline.
Main air pollutants include greenhouse gases, various particles and oxides. The greenhouse effect
greatly contributes to the global warming and climate changes. This research would help us understand
all these effects of pollution. All information based on the research will be analyzed and appropriate
tables and charts will be developed. Conclusions would be drawn as to how we can overcome the
problem of pollution to save our ecosystem and agricultural system.