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1. Prepare a Résumé
• You will need all the information included on your résumé to complete your application
• Pick up a résumé sample from the Office of Career Services to help you

2. Make a list of the Universities/Colleges you intend to apply to; make sure to include the following
• University/College Name
• University/College Website
• Degree Program offered
• University/College Mailing Address
• Admissions Officers’ contact details (Telephone & E-mail address)

3. Log onto the University/College on-line application OR Download the PDF Application and review for:
• Admissions requirements (i.e. Cumulative GPA, Secondary School GPA, work experience, etc)
• Personal statement specifications (i.e. topics to be addressed, word count limitation, etc)
• Referee Forms & guidelines

4. Draft a checklist of the supporting documents you will need to support your application (i.e. proof of
English proficiency, official transcripts, reference letters or forms, etc)

5. Contact your referees and let them know how many reference forms or letters you will need and when
you will need them.
• Make sure you don’t ask for your references to be prepared too early; you can contact your
referees as early as you’d like, but ask them to have your references ready a month before you
start sending out your applications

6. Write the first draft of your Personal Statement according to the guidelines provided in the
• You can ask for samples from the Office of Career Services to give you an indication of what a
personal statement looks like.

7. Visit the Student Success Center

One month before sending your application to request:
Certification of English Proficiency
To obtain this certification you must:
• have received a passing grade in EN1010, EN1111, EN1212 and SP2200 and have a CI of 2.0/4.0
or above
• fill in a request form and wait three working days to receive it
Copies of your unofficial Transcript
• Remember to ask for as many copies as the number of universities to which you are applying
One week before sending your application to request
Official Transcripts
• to be sent to the Universities/Colleges to which you are applying

8. Fill in the on-line application form and gather all the supporting hard copy documentation (reference
forms, transcripts, etc)
• use the electronic version of your résumé to complete the corresponding sections of your online
application (copy/paste)
• use the checklist you prepared in step 4 to be sure your application is complete

9. Print hard copies of your electronic applications, copy all paper applications and supporting documents
and make a record of the contact persons in each University/College to which you are sending your

10. Send all online applications, paper applications and supporting documents to the Universities/Colleges
on the same day, at least a week before the earliest deadline.


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