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Contemporary World
First Semester| SY 2018-2019

God’s Not Dead:

Evidence for God in an age of Uncertainty

Book Report

Submitted by:
Cantada, Carlo L.

Bachelor of Science in Major in Legal Management

Submitted to:

Mr. Jude Escano


November 27, 2018

Title: God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an age of Uncertainty

Author: Rice Broocks

Genre: Christian Literature

Year Published: 2013

God was neither dead nor did he left and went somewhere else. It was the irrationality of
the “atheist thing” that leads to the idea of a godless world. It was the will of the so-called
atheists the denial of the existence of Supreme Being which is considered to be the ultimate
designer. According to Apostle Paul, suppress the truth in unrighteousness; meaning, they
couldn’t abide to God‘s rules. It is solely for their benefit. The book specified the authentic
meaning of “God is back” which was written back in 2009; in contrary with the words of the
followers of Charles Darwin which were “God is dead”. The phrase “God is back” really implies
that faith among people is back; the kind of faith that is considered to be genuine. Not just a
belief that could be blind and unreasonable but faith that is well grounded in evidence.
It was the arrogance of many atheists that inspired the composition of the book; skeptics
that are blinded with their hatred in many religions may be because of their personal experiences
among it. Their bound delusion that was specified in the book and it was corrected in the book;
like their idea of heavenless world, it would be a world with an unfeeling people because there
will be no system or moral that will lead the world. There will be no ultimate reward or ultimate
punishment. The book deduced that if God is dead, then man is dead as well.

It is the earth as a whole that is being addressed as the setting in this Christian literature
due to its conflict among belief systems. It can be deduced that the situation occur in the modern
times, in the twenty-first century.
Chapter I: God’s Not Dead
Chapter II: Real Faith Isn’t Blind
Chapter III: Good and Evil Are No Illusions
Chapter IV: There Was A Beginning
Chapter V: Life Is No Accident
Chapter VI: Life Has Meaning and Purpose
Chapter VII: Jesus and the Resurrection
Chapter VIII: The Witness of Scripture
Chapter IX: The Grace Effect
Chapter X: Living Proof

Weak minded people are the usual target by persuasive people for their agenda of talking
people out of their religion. These atheists are considered persuasive as they use logical
reasoning and scientific analysis for the dissolution of one’s view point on a religion. They might
sound like as if they are rational, who are incredibly intellect but they still have flaws with their
arguments if it was scrutinized carefully with the help of philosophy. They may include
empirical data and a utopic world if there are no religions, but they are as irrational as people
with unreasonable belief systems.

Suggested solution
According to Broocks (2013), the essence of this book is simply to sustain an
improvement among its readers. To strengthen faith until it can be considered as genuine and
credible; until one is strong enough to help others that are in the same page, others that have faith
to God. Broocks believes that there is an overwhelming proof for the existence of an Ultimate
designer, and that ultimate designer is the God that is mentioned in the bible of Christians, and
lastly, that God revealed his nature through his son, Jesus Christ.
There were some times that I doubt my beliefs in my religion, it includes my faith to God.
It felt like all of the traditions passed by my ancestors were just a result of some mythologies.
Yes, I spent my studies in Catholic Schools, but I hardly understood the lessons being taught in
theology classes during my Junior High school years. I questioned myself, “What is the point of
believing, and celebrating masses?”. I began skipping sabbath day as a consequence of lack of
interests; even I attend some, I didn’t really listened to every word during the celebration. During
prayers, I only recited the formulated prayers without engraving it to my heart. It was like a
meaningless act of devotion.
After I read the book, I have realized reasoning among things can be persuasive. Some
people can justify many things through an intellect way without letting somebody realize that it
still invalid. I can consider that as a skill; a skill of persuasion. In the way they expressed their
viewpoints, they can manipulate someone’s mind; solely for their agenda. It is their
dissatisfaction or disagreement that drove them to contradict different belief systems. According
to the author, it was the arrogance of many atheists that inspired the composition of the book;
skeptics that are blinded with their hatred in many religions may be because of their personal
experiences among it. I cannot agree more with such statement. They argue that it is only the
emotions that are sparking in a religion, but they keep on denying the fact that are themselves are
emotional and irrational as well.
I can deduced that by reading the book, it made me realize more that I should devote more
of myself to God; with objective reasoning. My faith in God should be both intellectually
satisfying and spiritually fulfilling. The book was an eye opener with a critical issue that needs
more attention in the modern times. In relation with our course, the contemporary world can be
considered as liberal as ever; because of that, various belief systems and that includes atheism. I
believed that it is being influenced from one region to another, as globalization occurs. I strive to
learn for the truth in which will fulfill me spiritually and intellectually. I have to investigate for
the truth objectively.