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DIESEL Diesel’s communication has always been cool and

HATE inspiring, but its coolness was not translating into
sales for the brand. Diesel was often times perceived
COUTURE as a static and dusty denim brand, known but not
Creative Strategy:
We took the negative comments Diesel was receiving
online and turned them into a subversive comeback
for the brand. Our territory became online hate. But
instead of tackling cyberbullying through a social
campaign, as any other brand would have done, we
brought the Diesel twist onto it.
- Insight: exposing the negativity you get through
self-irony, makes it lose its power to hurt. This led us
to the creative idea: The more hate you wear, the less
you care.
- Product: we redesigned the entire collection with
hate comments received by the brand (ex. Diesel is
dead, Diesel is not cool anymore) and by celebrities.

500 mil. People reached, 3 mil $ PR value
Campaign of the week on Contagious

What was my contribution:

Insight generation which led to the hate territory,
product transformation, campaign strategy.
DIESEL X Diesel wanted to make a big splash at Bread&Butter,
MUSTAFA the hottest urban fashion event which took place
every year in Berlin. We knew we had to be original in
KEBAB a space where every fashion brand was trying to
achieve this same thing.

Creative Strategy:
We took the conformity of fashion collabs and put a
spin on it. If Levi's was partnering with Supreme in the
hopes that Supreme's coolness would rub off on them,
Diesel was brave enough to do things differently.
We did our own fashion collab, with a one of a kind
urban icon. Together with the most notorious kebab in
Berlin - Mustafa Gemüse. we produced a capsule
collection that reflected the eclectic spirit of Berlin.


What was my contribution:

Listing the conformities related to fashion trends and
collaborations, which led to the creative angle.
COCA COLA Problem:
Coca Cola wanted to tackle the after-hours socializing
SOCIALIZING space. Being one of the most well-known brands in the
(2018) world, was this time our disadvantage, as the category
was run by cool, hipster, less mainstream brands.
Although everyone knew Coke, not many were
thinking of drinking it after sunset.

Creative Strategy:
We turned our disadvantage into our insight.
It's the ones you know best that can surprise you the
most. The friends you thought you knew so well, when
you see them in a different context, reveal a surprising
side to them. The same goes for Coca Cola, the most
familiar drink on the planet which becomes surprising
in the night time context.

What was my contribution:

Insight generation, defining the role of the brand, role
of the product, defining the tension, deploying the
global toolkit into local markets.
SPECIAL The Special Olympics team was taking part in the LA
OLYMPICS Olympics. They needed supporters, but they were
struggling to gather a crowd. On the other hand,
<DONATE A sports like football and tennis were attracting
countless fans. How could we use this to our
FAN> advantage?
Creative Strategy:
"Every sports player deserves to have supporters."
This was our strategic mantra. We needed to treat
Special Olympics players like anyone else. So we
involved famous sports stars and asked for their
donations. Instead of money, we asked for visibility.
3 weeks before the Special Olympic World Games, we
asked famous Romanian athletes to DONATE A FAN,
by posting a short video announcing the cause and
nominating other fellow sports players.

38 sports players joined the cause, free of charge
1.000.000 people have seen the campaign, most of
them coming from organic sources.

What was my contribution:

Identifying the problem and the link with the sports
fans, defining our strategic mantra.
JACOBS 3in1 coffee mixes is a very impulse driven category,
3IN1 where only price and availability matter. Thus creating
a program that would keep Millennials loyal for a
LOYALTY longer time was quite the challenge.

GAME Creative Strategy:

(2014) INSIGHT: Youngsters' attention span doesn't last that
long, except when it comes to playing video games.
We created a loyalty program as a game in which our
target's job was to follow their passion using fuel
produced from entering product codes..
Not only did we encourage young consumers to
experiment with their passion – be it music,
photography, fashion or sports – but we rewarded
them with coins in the game.

·       80.000 created accounts using over 1.000.000
codes, three times more than in a regular promo
·       11.000 referrals – this is how many users accepted
other players’ invitation to join the game
·       6.700.000 page views, with more then 2 thirds of
users returning to play (67%)

What was my contribution:

Closely worked with game designers and ran focus
groups to ensure the relevancy of storyline and

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