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Renewable energy plays an increasingly crucial role in ensuring the energy security of
world. Due to a large area of agricultural land, and well-developed agrifood industry, the main
source of renewable energy in world (3rd world country mainly) is agricultural biomass. The study
focuses on the development of agricultural biogas production. The main purpose of the
considerations was to present the current state of development of the agricultural biogas market,
including technological aspects. In order to provide a clear guidance for bio gas development in
rural area, the progress and current status of rural biogas, critical factor influencing biogas
development in rural areas, and probable biogas transformations are discussed in this paper.
Rural biogas in China experiences rapid development in the past fifteen years and sub sideband
policies from Chinese government are two main driving forces for promoting this development.
For the recent days, the growth rate of household biogas decreased and that of Medium-to-large
biogas projects (MLBPs) obviously increased. Several survey showed that the utilization rate of
household biogas greatly decreased and more and more digesters were discontinued. The underlay
in greases for these changes come from the development to large-scale live stock farms,
agricultural modernization and urbanization, which deeply affect the agricultural and social
environment in rural area. The development of these agricultural and social factors all create
positive conditions for MLBPs, but they negatively affect household biogas project sin term so for
biomass supply and the participation in modern agricultural processes.