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How to Write


A guide by Ray Schrager & Mariah deFreitas

What components make up an outcome?

Target Class - Class

where you first
learned the Additional Experiences- classes, Tip
clubs, jobs, etc. where you Detailed Description- Remember to include
information evidence for each
applied the outcome or other demonstrate your outcome. Indicate the
- Example: HDF190, places you learned the outcome understanding of the theory corresponding
HDF415, COM100 through detailed numbered evidence at
- Examples: Tour guide, explanation and examples the end of your
description notes like:
Rotaract club, Greek Life, to back it up if you have
Leadership Institute, additional experiences See Evidence #12
COM100 listed
What information should be included?
● If an outcome wants you to “demonstrate”, provide examples where you
actually used the theory or model and how it connects to the outcome

● Make sure you are thoroughly answering the question with ample support but
also writing concisely

● Write explanations under the impression that the readers (Allie/Robert) have
no previous knowledge of the theories

● CITE YOUR SOURCES in APA format at the bottom of the outcome

○ Most handouts and powerpoints have citations included on the last slide,
just copy & paste those theories into the appropriate outcome
What can be used as evidence?
● Evidence can be anything that can prove you learned the theory or demonstrated
the outcome.

● Evidence CANNOT be 3D! If you want to use something that is 3D as evidence, take a
picture of it and use the picture.

● You can have multiple pieces of evidence for once outcome

● Examples of what can be used as evidence:

➔ Notes taken in class

➔ Pictures

➔ Handouts

➔ Any other ideas?

Critique this outcome:

What did the student do well?

What could be improved on?
What suggestions do you have to strengthen or correct the outcome?
Example of a good
Now let’s practice!
Everyone take out their computers
and go to outcome #37

Using the information you now have,

try to properly work on doing this

Feel free to ask your peer leaders if

you have any questions
Outcome #37
37. Students will demonstrate
knowledge of the “4 V’s”
theory of leadership by
Grace (Center for Ethical
As of now, you have the knowledge to
complete outcomes #6, 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 27,
28, 37, 38, 43, 44, 109, 110, 138, 139
20 outcomes are due at the end of the
Tip: Keep up with outcomes, don’t wait
until the last minute to do them